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Routines, who says they are boring

Its 7:30 Saturday morning and I’m in my recliner sipping my morning coffee. I’ve been up about an hour. Long enough to do my morning things of getting showered and shaved. Had a small bite of breakfast. Now I can relax with my morning coffee, anticipating the coming day. Without really watching it I have Kali’s favorite cartoon program on the TV.

Upstairs on the second floor I hear the shower shut off and a few minutes later the voice of my wife call out, “Hurry up, we need to leave in 20 minutes.”

Saturday mornings have almost become a regular routine. Now understand some routines are more enjoyable than others. In a routine you know pretty much what will happen. What to expect. Some routines are dull and boring, others…

I’ve just finished my coffee when Kali comes shuffling into the family room. Her black hair hanging straight to the top of her shoulders. She’s just about four and half feet tall. Weighs maybe 70 lbs. She usually has a big smile on her face, except first thing in the morning. Kali is wearing her bunny print cotton nightie. It’s a little too small for her. She’s had it a couple of years, but she loves it. A pair of bunny slippers completes her attire for this morning.

Kali shuffles in dragging an afghan in her right hand with her left thumb embedded in her mouth. Even though old but she still has to have that thumb whenever she is tired. It has to be the left one. The right thumb just doesn’t taste right.

“Good morning, my Bunny Rabbit. How are you this morning?” She gives me a big smile, never taking that thumb out of mouth. She does two little bunny hops then continues to my chair.

She kicks off her slippers, climbs over the arm up onto my lap. First of all she lays on her back as we are reclined in the chair. Then she covers herself and me with the afghan. Next she rolls over onto her left side, sticks her left thumb into her mouth, opens the front of my robe and puts her right hand on my chest.

Kali loves the touch of skin. She likes to rub her hands through the course hair of my chest. With only her head showing out of the afghan, her left thumb in her mouth and her right hand rubbing my chest she settles in for her morning with daddy.

Kali is our youngest. She was a surprise package. But, my, what a surprise. Her mother, Karen, and I have another daughter, Kristen. Just starting to bud into womanhood. You can see just the very beginnings of breasts forming as well as her hips just starting to broaden. Kris has her gymnastics this morning. She and I also have our specials times together, but those stories are for another time.

I love the smell of my daughter’s hair. I love the smell and touch of her body. It is impossible for me to love her any more . I love to touch her neck. I take the fingers of my left hand very lightly and run them from the back nape of her neck around to the front gently massaging the exposed skin. When I come to the two buttons in the front of her nightie, I open them. I run my fingers around to the back of her neck again. I feel the silky black hair of her head. Then run my hand over her right shoulder and down the front of her nightie. I love the touch of her skin. My fingertips brush over her young nipples. Kali just seems to purr a little.

Right now her breasts are unformed. But I can imagine what they will be like. Kali looks so much like her mother. Karen’s breast are a little on the small size. Actually just how I like them. I’ve never been a fan of big boobs. I like a small well formed hand full of a breast.

My left hand continues roaming, massaging caressing her face, neck and upper chest. Meanwhile my right hand slips under the afghan and finds her feet. As I said she is laying on her left side, with her knees bent. Still covered from shoulder to below my knees with the afghan.

Kali’s feet are dainty even for her size. I love to rub them. Run my hand over the tops to the soles and back. Rubbing the bottom of her soles and then down to the toes. I pull and massage each one. First individually, then all the toes on each foot together. Then my hand starts to slip up her right calf. Again I marvel at how soft yet firm her body is. I hold her knee for a couple of minutes then start to work up her thigh. First on the side, then around to the front. My hand gently and slowly moves from her knee up to her hip, then back down, around to the front of her knee, then up to the hem of her panties. I love this little bunny.

As my thumb and fore finger reach the hem at top of her legs my finger tips just brush against that lush pubic mound. I don’t linger there just yet. My hand goes back to her knee then down to her ankle. My breathing is becoming a little heavier. She may be young, but, oh my, how exciting she can be. I feel the stirrings in my loins.

Kali’s left thigh is resting across my member. She can feel it start to stir. As she does, her hand leaves my chest and goes down to the lump under her leg. She moves back a little. I’m sure it isn’t comfortable to lay upon it. Her hand goes inside my boxers and finds the shaft. She puts her little hand around it and just holds it. She likes to feel it grow.

My right hand now goes between her calves. I gently hold the inside of her left calf and start the same routine of moving up and down the calf. I feel the weight of her right leg on the back of my hand as I move up to her knee. She lifts her knee an inch or so to permit my hand to travel to her inner thigh.

My hand again moves up and down in gentle swirls as I slowly work my way up from her knees. At last my thumb reaches that soft mound of female form. That precious area that in future years will bring forth new life. With my hand firmly on her inside of her left thigh, my left thumb firmly against the cotton covering her lower lips, she closes her right leg on top of my hand and squeezes it.

I feel the warmth of her even through the cotton. With her legs closed I cannot feel her slit from outside her panties. Just the soft warmth of her.

I withdraw my right hand enough to free my thumb. With it I find the hem of her panties. I slip under the hem and run my thumb over the back of her right cheek. My thumb rubs her cheek then follows the edge of the hem back towards her front. She obligingly lifts her right knee several inches to permit the passage. When the back of my thumb reaches and touches the length of her slit she closes her legs again. I press the cotton material between my thumb and forefinger, close my fingers back over her left inner thigh and feel that wonderful soft slit against the back of my thumb.

So there we are, under the afghan. My left hand massaging her neck and upper body. She’s sucking her left thumb, holding my organ with her right hand and holding my right hand with her legs. My beautiful, beautiful daughter. Again I take a deep breath, taking in Kali’s aroma from the top of her head and as I exhale I whisper in her ear, “I love you, Bunny Rabbit.”

She responds with a gentle squeeze of my organ.

We hear the footsteps of Karen and Krissy as they approach the family room. I place my left arm on the arm of the recliner. My right hand stays where it is, my elbow resting on the chair arm, my hand underneath the blanket, between her legs, thumb resting against her crack.

“We’re leaving now,” Karen says.

She has to open our store at the mall. She works the store from 9 to 3, I take over at 3 until closing at 9 pm. Krissy has gymnastics about another three miles down the road from the mall. She’ll help Karen set up, then Karen will drive her over while our part time help watches the store for the 20 minutes it will take.

“What time should I pick you up, Krissy?”

“I should be ready about 11:00,” she tells me.

Kali’s left thumb remains in her mouth. Her right hand has stayed in my shorts, holding my organ. My right thumb against her slit.

As we say goodbye to them I whisper, “On your back?”

Kali lets go of me and starts to roll over on her back. As she do I lift her nightie up over her hips. She settles down against my stomach and chest. She lifts her knees to form a small tent. Her feet resting on the top of my thighs. Her panties against my shorts, her bare back against my bare stomach and chest.

My right hand finds the flat of her stomach. She’s so smooth and soft. It travels up over her chest to her neck, then back down over her panties and I gently touch the top her mound. I take my index and middle fingers and follow the contour of her mound, then down between her legs to the tip of her cheeks. As my fingers move down she opens her knees. I now put my left hand down between her legs as well. With my forefinger I trace her lips. First around the outer edges back to the mound then down the middle, my left finger tracing her left lip, then my right finger tracing her right lip.

We hear the side door close. I find the leg openings and slip my forefingers in. I’m now touching that baby smooth, soft skin. I trace the slit with both forefingers. Now can feel those inner lips. It’s amazing how soft and pliant they are. You can move them any which way. They never resist. They never complain.

The car doors close and the engine starts. I place both hand on her sides, hooking my thumbs in the top elastic of her panties. We hear the sound of the car as it travels down the gravel drive. I push the cotton panties down as she lifts her hips. They slide over her bottom. She brings her knees up to her chest as the panties travel down the thighs to the knees.

Through the window we see our car start down the road to the mall. First the left foot is removed, then the right. I take the little piece of cotton, I could have guessed, her bunny print panties, and put them in the right pocket of my robe. I don’t want them getting lost in my chair.

I’m really getting hot now. We don’t have any neighbors near by, so I pull the afghan off us and drop it on the floor. I open the front of my robe, take a deep breath and exhale loudly. My member is just throbbing in my shorts.

She straightens out her legs, placing them outside mine. I take my fingertips and put them on the insides of her knees. My left fingers caressing her left leg, my right fingers on her right leg. Slowly I bring them up to her crotch. As the outsides of my fore fingers reaches her lips she first of all closes her legs on my hands, then brings her feet up to her bottom, crosses them at her ankles and opens her knees as wide as they go.

I cup her crotch with my right hand. I feel both outer lips as well as the inner lips against my fingers. Being as young as she is she doesn’t get wet like a woman. So I moisten my fingers with my mouth and place them in the open crack. I have a forefinger on each side of the inner lips. I then start to alternately push one finger down her slit while the other moves up. Like me, she is taking shallow fast breaths. Again I lick my right forefinger and this time brings it down on her inner lips. I spread them slightly then start to rub up and down on the lips, making sure the length of my finger caresses the end of her little clit. She loves it when I run the length of my finger up and down over the end of her clit. I do this several times.

I put my hands on the top of my shorts. She places her feet on the tops of my knees with her knees together. I pull the top of my shorts down, freeing my rock hard member. It slaps against the back sides of her legs. Kali giggles. She then opens her knees again and reaches with both hands. She cups the bottom side of my shaft and brings it to her. The top of my shaft rests against the length of her crack. She lowers her legs and closes them around my shaft. I take my boxers and put them in the other pocket of my robe.

I feel the length of her bare back side along the length of my bare chest, hips and legs. I could stay this way forever.

“Do you have a kiss for Peter?” She bends over and kisses my tip. Then she opens her mouth, closes her lips around the exposed portion, and swirls her tongue around the tip of Peter.

I almost cum right there. Instead take another deep breath. Let it out and say, “Let’s go upstairs.”

I bring the chair up to a sitting position. Kali sits on the arm while I stand up. With my robe open I face her. She comes to me, I put my arm under her nightie with my hand around her bare waist. With my bare forearm on her bottom I lift her up. She wraps her legs around my body. Her pussy is plastered against my stomach. She wraps both arms around my neck and buries her face in my chest. I hold her bottom by cupping my right hand over both cheeks. My middle finger finds her crack and I hold her this way as I walk out of the room, down the hall and up the stairs.

As we pass the bathroom I stop by the hamper and take out the towel I used this morning for my shower. We come to her room, the one with bunny wall paper. She has a small desk against one wall, her bed and night stand against the opposite wall.

We go to her unmade bed. I set her down. As she sits on the edge of the bed I lift her nightie up. She raises her arms and it comes off. I drop it on the floor, take her panties from my pocket and drop them on top of the nightie. She lays on her back cross wise with her legs slightly spread. As I look at her I can see her inner lips just protruding. It’s almost like she’s sticking the tip of her tongue out at me. I look down at myself and see a large drop oozing out of the end of my member. I drop my robe on the floor and lay down beside her.

With the tip of my right index finger, I collect the drop. I place it on her crack and start to work it in. I say, “Close.”

She closes her legs. I don’t want this honey drip to evaporate too quickly. With this lubricant between her lips I explore every nook and crevice of her womanhood. It amazes me still how easily these lips part. They couldn’t offer any resistance even if she wanted to. My fingers follow the slit from tip to her bottom. I explore between the inner and outer lips. Then begin to separate the inner lips. My finger enters her to the second digit. She takes a deep breath and sighs. I withdraw to the first digit then probe the full length of my finger in her. Her lips surround my finger and hold it firmly. Again I marvel at how tight, soft, firm and smooth a woman’s love box is. I feel her gripping my finger, yet it is so soft.

Finally the lubricant dries out. I get up and kneel on the floor in from of her. Placing both hands under her cheeks I bring her body to my face. She spreads her legs and places them on my shoulders. I take a deep breath again, savoring her aroma. I bend over and gently kiss her pubic lips. I look at her “mound of Venus” and think how some day it will support her lover.

I grip the bottoms of her legs next to he cheeks. My thumbs are between her legs resting on her lips. I spread them and look at her inner lips. Then put my tongue on them. She has a mixture of tastes. Slightly salty from perspiration, slightly tart from her pee. And a different saltiness from my lubricant.

I prefer a fresh washed area. I love to eat her right after a shower. Then all I taste is her womanhood.

My tongue moves swiftly over her entire area. It travels up one side of the inner lips then down the other. I suck in as much of her vagina as possible. Then move my tongue up and down the sides of her clit. All the while I have a hand rubbing her chest, her bottom, her sides, her neck, and her face.

I lean back to take a breath. As I look at her, her lips are flushed. Who says girls doesn’t get excited. I look at her nipples. They are tiny, but they’re hard, with little tiny pimples around areolas.

I look at her and ask, “Do you want a bunny ride?”

She smiles. I reach over to her bed stand and take out the bottle of baby oil. I place the towel on the bed, sit on it and then lay back. My Bunny Rabbit then stands over my hips, and sits down on my upper legs. As she kneels I feel her thighs on my sides. I take a few drops of baby oil and rub it into the bottom of my shaft. She crawls forward and pushes Peter against my belly. She then sits on him placing her hands on my chest. I reach down and spread her outer lips over my shaft. She then starts to slide back and forth over it, rubbing her little clitoris along its length. She’s taking short deep breaths. Then she tenses up and holds her breath for a few seconds. I feel the strength of her small legs against me. Then she relaxes a little and again starts to rub her clit up and down my shaft.

By the time her third Bunny Ride is over I’m almost out of my mind with excitement. I’m ready to BLOW. I look into her eyes and say, “Peter’s turn.”

She looks at me, giggles and gives me a big smile.

I lift my knees to a 45% angle. She sits up and rests her bottom against my thighs, still on her knees. I push my throbbing shaft towards her, she lowers her self enough for the tip to touch her lips. Again I’m full of honey drip. I rub my tip into her lips. Again they are incapable of refusing. The lips easily spread over the head of my organ. I take a deep breath and just moan. I rub back and forth. She’s still too small to try to enter her. I don’t want to take the chance of doing any damage to her body. I rub the shaft in and around those glorious outer lips until I can’t stand it any more.

I burst. It seems like the spasms and seed will never stop. I’ve splashed her bottom, her belly and her legs. She seems to drip my seed. Some of it drips out from her lips.

She sits down on top of me, again with my member between her legs, between those lips. Kali also likes to feel it shrink.

After a few minutes, I tell her it’s time to start getting ready to go. I pull the towel out from underneath me and wipe her down. I then wipe myself off. Kali gets up and heads for the bathroom to get her shower.

As I said, some routines are dull and boring, others…

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