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Sex with my deaf-blind brother

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Mom asked me to look after my brother while she popped out. I think I went above and beyond my responsibilities. But I did take care of him, sexually.

There are some things a horny teenage girl shouldn’t see, because it makes us do naughty things.

“Holly…” shouted mom, knocking on my door before entering, I was at my desk doing my homework, “…your dad’s cars broken down again and I need to go pick him up. Joshua has just got in the shower, can you watch him for me?” she asked.

“Yeah, sure.” I replied.

“Thanks, love.” She said, then she went downstairs put her coat on, grabbed her bag and car keys, “I’ll try not to be long.” She said, then she left.

I stood with my back against the wall next to the open bathroom door waiting for my brother Josh to finish showering, he’s 12 and sadly he’s deaf-blind so we need to keep an eye on him and help him do most things, he can communicate with touch and knows who we are by smell.

It’s hard to imagine what it must be like because if you’re just deaf then you can still see the world, people, and know what things look like. If you’re just blind you can still hear the world and people, but being both blind and deaf you don’t know where you are, who you are or what anything is, you’re just conscious in a world of total darkness and silence.

I heard the shower water stop flowing and then three taps on the shower door, that was his signal that he was finished, I went in to the bathroom and opened the door, he could smell me and I could tell he was surprised that I was there instead of mom, I turned around because his cock was erect, I panicked inside because I really shouldn’t be seeing that, I told myself to ignore it, keep looking up, I turned around and held his hands, “Come on, it’s alright.” I said, I knew he couldn’t hear me but I always spoke to him anyway, he can feel the sound waves from a person’s voice.

Lifting a towel off the rail I quickly swooped it around him, covering his cock, he grabbed a bunch of my hair and put it to his nose, he always liked smelling my hair for some reason, then I took him in to his bedroom and tapped him on the hand so he knew it was time to dry himself, I did turn away but I couldn’t resist looking over my shoulder occasionally hoping to catch a glimpse of his cock again, I know he’s my brother and I’m taking advantage but I really wanted to see it.

I gave up and just turned around and watched, he dropped the towel on the floor so I rushed over and picked it up, I decided to dry him myself, I began with his hair and face then worked my way down his arms and his torso, then I kneeled and dried his legs, his balls needed drying and I hesitated, then thought, “Fuck it.”, and I rubbed his balls with the towel, then I wrapped the end of the towel around his cock and rubbed it dry, I could feel it was really hard.

Josh smiled and hunched over a little, he was enjoying me rubbing his cock, I let the towel fall and I just rubbed it with my bare hand, he hunched over a little more and placed his hands on my shoulders for balance, his cock felt nice in my hand and it had an alluring scent, I could smell it, I licked my lips as I started to crave it, and I wanted to taste it.

I stood up and held his hand and guided him to sit on his bed, then I made him lay down with his legs handing over the side, I kneeled again and rubbed his cock some more, he liked it, I wondered if he knew what was happening, having never seen his own cock or knew what it was for, did he understand what I was doing, it didn’t really matter though, he looked very pleased with what I was doing anyway.

In a split second, a second of madness, I dropped my head and began sucking on it, he opened his mouth and let out a deep breath of air, my actions were pleasing him intensely, I enjoyed the taste of his cock for about 10 minutes and my panties were soaking wet, I could feel my pussy boiling with heat and my nipples were erect, I needed this, I wanted this.

I quickly and impatiently removed all of my clothes, swearing at my top when one of the buttons got stuck, “Fucking, come on, get off!”, naked hot and horny as hell, I jumped on top of Josh and I rubbed my pussy along his cock, I picked up his hands and placed them on my breasts, “Feel those, brother.”, I angled his cock and inserted it in to my waiting hole and I started to ride him while he played with my breasts.

“Oh, Josh – Oh, brother.” I moaned, his cock felt so good inside me.

He looked so happy with a big smile on his face and I couldn’t help smiling back at him, I rubbed my finger in my pussy juice and I rubbed my finger on his lips before pushing it in to his mouth to suck on, he was still exploring my breasts.

I could feel the pressure building within me, in an instant I looked to the ceiling, pushed myself down on to his cock really hard, so his cock went deep and then I screamed with orgasm when I came, I rode him for 5 minutes more and then I felt him come, his hot spunk filled me up then dripped out of me and down the length of his cock and on to his balls.

I brushed back my sweaty hair then go on to the floor, I lifted his cock and rubbed it as it was softening and I licked his spunk off his cock and balls until it was all gone.

I help him up and I got dressed, I helped him with his clothes then I sat beside him for a moment, gave him a hug and a kiss on the lips, we sat and stroked each other’s hair, he was happy, I was very satisfied, then mom and dad came home so we went downstairs to greet them.

Did I take advantage of my brother? – Possibly.

Was it really bad and naughty of me? – Definitely.

Was the sex totally amazing? – 100% yes.

Will I do it again? – Every chance I get.

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    Hey if you want to try with someone else….

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    One of the best stories I’ve read so far, please do more

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      Do it again or do anal or something with him more story’s dope