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Moms lips, ooo..omg

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When i was 12 dad worked nites,,and mom was different,until she snuck into my room while i was asleep.

When i was 12 a big change happened,we moved and dad got a new job working nites.about a month into these changes i noticed mom was different,,glum..down,,different until one nite as i was in bed for an hour or so,i heard my door creak open in my bedroom,,mom never came in my room or even opened the door,i just layed their fake sleeping,,markie mom said?? Markie..nothing from me ,she eases into my room as the lite from the hall shined around her,,omg she in just her pantys ,,over to my bed she crept,,again..markie,,nothing from me,, mom takes the edge of my blanket and eases it down to my knees,im thinking.,,,,whats mom doing? As the thought came to me she was already slipping her hand into my boxers,,mom moves fast,she had my stiffening dick in her mouth and was fingering her pussy as fast as i got hard..thinking i was asleep i kept the act but the way she was working my cock over she and i both knew i was doomed fast, mom tensed up just as my 12 yr old fully loaded nuts tightened up,,boom as mom blew her nut i shot a half gallon of cum down her throat mom took it like a hoover as she madly beat her wet pussy to a massive climax,she slow pumped it with her mouth getting every drop,as she licked her lips ,looking at me she whispered ..dam you sleep deep,,tomorrow nights gona be great,god your young cocks great and your babby cums perfect as she got up and tiptoed out of my room i smiled,,thinking..dam shes got a great ass,,and tomorrow shes gona fuck me thinking im sleeping..i roll over on my side thinking …dam moms mouth was great,,wonder if her pussy tight? At 12 me and 2 of my friends had stockpiles of porn..i knew it all,,just never had it all,,Yet…

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  • Reply watcher ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    This is probably just a story. A hot make believe story.
    But this really does happen. Incest is everywhere. Hidden.
    Incest has been around for thousands of years.
    It is not going away. Laws and prejudice against it, make those who do it just hide.

  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    This is true your mom has some brains to come into your room in the middle of the night to f*** you. I know my mom would not do that I can do the bed and not get f***** by my own mother. My little sister walked in on me when I was asleep nakedI didn’t do anything about it because I didn’t care and I heard this when she was talking on the phone to a friend. If it wasn’t such a big riskI was at Panthers strip down and jump in bed with me.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:hd33yte5h

    lying fuck

    • Sam ID:x90krgd2

      Wow,,there called Storie.s….duhhh do you understand???

  • Reply Nikola ID:82e7lwo58l

    Hmu [email protected]

    • Sam ID:x90krgd2

      Thanks from sam..more stories to follow

  • Reply Fox ID:7b6ovisk0j

    You could go on with the story and you would have created a magnificent story.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:fx7ita942

    This story people was written by a grown up,it’s bull shit.most of these under age incest stories are.

    • Sam ID:x90krgd2

      Glad to see that you figured out the site..stories..duh

    • My name is Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

      Yes you’re right about the underage but it does happen every once in awhile behind closed doors and it still is happening behind closed doors so you can’t say it’s bulshit you know what I mean and that’s when incest get started when their kids or teenagers depending on who’s writing the story or who’s in the video know what I mean I understand where you’re coming from but you all so need to understand where I’m coming from you got to look at it from both sides you know what I mean