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Watching my shy wife going wild

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Watching my wife bouncing on a latino dick for the first time

It’s been a while that I was discussing with my wife (Rhea) to have a 3 sum but she never agreed with me. Although we had a nice swapping experience earlier. I was trying to make her feel how exciting it can be and how much pleasure will it be for her. Lately I started feeling that she was becoming receptive of the idea but not ready yet. She is a very sober and shy woman. And very picky. After sometime while I was trying to convince her she asked ‘ whom do you think you can invite?’. I can’t say how I felt but surely I understood she is probably open for some fun now. I asked her if she is okay I will start looking in the web and she said that she wanted someone who is sober decent and most importantly clean. I started looking for a single guy immediately in an adult dating site. I short listed few but she liked none. My hunt for the right man went on. One day I came across a profile who is Hispanic by birth not that great looking but decent. Amazing thing about this guy was that he had great reviews from other couples with whom he had played earlier. I wasn’t sure and I showed his pic to my wife and she was kind of okay. Then I showed her all the reviews and that opened up her eyes. She probably realized that this guy can give her pleasure and by the way he had a thick long organ that most of the woman would love to play with. She wanted to do a video chat to get comfy. I contacted the guy his name was Lexx and he responded immediately. I told him that my wife wanted to do a video call and he was fine. We had the call few days later and guy was very well spoken and sober. It was a short call but the amazing thing was that she said yes. Now it was time to plan the D day. So we decided one Sat night to invite Lexx. We wanted to play in our basement so I had lit up some nice candles to have a horny atmosphere. It was around 11 PM that Lexx arrived. He was wearing a white denim and an off white shirt. I took him down to our basement. We both sat on the couch and started talking. He was a pretty nice guy and never got a feeling that he was hungry for sex. After a while I texted my wife to come down. She was wearing a body hugging T and her favorite skirt and obviously she was wearing her glasses. Her breasts were bulging out and nipples were clearly visible. She has a very cute face and by all means she is curvy & voluptuous. Any men will fall in love with her silky & sexy thighs. Lexx shaked her hand and we chatted for a while. I went upstairs to get drinks for them to give them some space and when I came back they were sitting as is and chatting. It was well over an hour and I finally realized we don’t have any other topics to talk. So I decided to take the lead. I started rubbing her thighs and pulled her skirts and started kissing her. I saw Lexx’s eyes got lighted up. I kept rubbing her thighs and now he could see her panties. I squeezed her boobs and then asked her sit between me and Lexx. I saw Lex touched her from back. She didn’t respond but after he kissed her neck she turned at her. They started kissing and I saw Lexx’s hands in her bra. After few minutes she was completely occupied by Lexx and she was rubbing his dick. She was half nude and her skirt was up T was up showing her sexy belly. I finally pulled towards me and took off her clothes. She likes sucking my dick and started doing the same. Lexx took off his clothes and she sucked her dick. I went up to get a drink and when I came down I heard loud moaning and he was licking her pussy. I brought my dick near her face and she sucked but I realized she didn’t like 2 men at the same time. After a while I was surprised to see that I my wife asked Lexx that if he wants to fuck. I knew his answer. My wife likes the missionary pose and laid down for it. I saw Lexx slowly inserted his thick dick and finally gave a push which made her moan. That’s was a moment. He started pounding her softly and she moaned. After a while the pounding was getting harder. He pounded her real hard and she kept moaning. Time for a change and he fucked in doggy style. After a while I felt she is tired so they stopped. I gave her some more wine and she sipped lazily. We talked for few minutes and after that she went closer to him asking him to fuck her. She laid down facing and laying her face in a pillow. Her waist was on the bed and Lexx was over her and was struggling to insert. Final he did as then again started pounding her hard. I realized that Lex is going to cum now and he pulled his dick out and threw on her ass. She was tired but it was time for me now. I fucked her in missionary and cummed inside her. It was so great that we all were sweating. After 15 minutes I saw Lexx’s dick again getting harder and my wife suggested that he should fuck as he seemed to be excited again. Lexx was kind of shy may he thought it was too much for her. I went up get some paper towels and when I came back I saw my wife riding Lexx. I never realized how horny my wife could be and any men won’t be able to resist her seductive looks. She rode for a while then she was thrown in bed by Lexx and started pounding her madly. It was so loud but so horny. He pounded her and rubbed her boobs and finally cumm in his vagina although he was wearing a condom. We talked for several minutes after that and finally it was 2 AM and Lexx left. I saw my wife very satisfied and we always talk about that night and she mentions how much she liked making love with both of us.

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