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The beggining of my gay life and surprises

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After our spicy experience we had, Daniel and Carlos ride their bikes for their home while i was waiting my dad or mom coming to take me. My ass was hurtring me a lot, still i had the feeling of their cocks inside my ass, of course i couldnt forget Carlos mouth to suck me.
At house i had problem to sit and i was trying to hide it from my family something very difficult. A t night again i masturbate. Saturday afternoon finaly comes, we were all team in changing rooms, wearing teams clothes and waiting coach for the play plan and which players will play first. All of us anxious because was the first game of season but against previous season champions.
I was talking with my teammates when coach come inside, to my surprise he ask us all if we are ready for seremony of good luck and encouragment, all of teammates expect me aswer yes and get them, coach leave again, i ask them what ceremony and what to get, you will see soon Carlos say and one by one stand side by side. For example, Carlos next to me, i next to Daniel, Daniel next to Adam and it continue for others.

Coach return but not alone but with cheerleader , yes we had cheerleaders but what they were doing here, i feel embarrassment because i was with panties and i put my hands above me to cover my them, which make both boys and girls to laugh together and coach. Soon they explain me whats going on, cheerleaders are for encourage us while we play but here they encourage us and before the game giving us blowjobs.
I couldnt believe it what i was listening and sure all of you guys will wonder how i doesnt knew it i will explain. I was new on team and my family move here before 2,5years because of my dad job, he is working as police officer. At previous town we were i was playing in another basketball team without any ceremonies and we had our friends so this house move create us problems to make our life again, i write myself at team near end of season, i was lucky and because one of boys diagnosed with cancer and for unknown period would be out of team.
Present now, all of girls were of our school, most of them i knew them, they were almost the same ages with us. They were wearing one red and white one piece cheerleader uniform, their hair in ponytails,other in high pigtails. After the explanation of teammates i found it nice and hot besides with 2 of my teammates we have sexual experiences, simple i have to forget my embarrassment.

Soon each of girls come in frond of us, i had in frond of me Alexia, she was one of girls i doesnt knew good, because she was 10 and fourth class of elementary school while i was firth of elementary school. She was very beautifull with blonde and little red hair in high pigtails, brown eyes and braces, i see them when she smile to me.
She tell me that she like will suck new boy and soon girls fell to their knees in frond of us, she also tell me to calm down she have doing it many times from when she was 4yearsold and starting the cheerleading, her first time of blowjob was when she was 6years old and then boys basketball team. However my embarasment i had a hard on and my cock was ready to explode so she put down my panties and my hard cock jump in frond of her, nice big cock was her reaction and she sink her face in my special area.
Soon changing rooms was fill with moans for me and other boys, i had close my eyes and enjoying Alexis suck me, her warm mouth was so good and i could feel a little her braces but no problem. I dont know why maybe because of boys, i place my hand behind of her head and push so suck me more, i feel her to resist but i was stronger. I continue to enjoy her blowjob with eyes close and my hand always behind her head when i hear Daniel ask me if she is good.

I open my eyes and adwer him yes, i turn my head to him and iam seeing him to have catching his girl from pigtails and use her with no nice way, isnt it hurt her i ask him
Maybe but every time we meet she come with pigtails and always i use her like that so probably she love it. Your way isnt bad but when a girl is with pigtails i prefer them, you can try if you want with your girl.
Well this was truth i could try but i doesnt doing it, It doesnt take long and one by one boy was cuming in each girl mouth, i and Carlos were the last. The most incredible thing was when they drink it all, soon girls were again on they legs and after coach thanks them and girls us we stay alone with coach telling us how we will play, i was one of 5 first players.

Well the game was very tough but we make it very competitive, maybe ceremony really works. Well we win with 1point difference thanks to my 3points shoot 2 seconds before arbiter whistle the end of game, which make the bleacher with siblings of all of us to scream. I was the mvp. At changing rooms coach offer us all the sunday free, with boys we doesnt do something because our parents was waiting us but we close tomorow all the team date for sea, dives and swim.
Yes here to us untilend of october is like summer. There was waiting me another surprise, next part.

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