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Mom sells her teen daughter to me

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Im David, 43, with a wife who has the same kinks as me. Lately we have been looking anywhere for a girl we can have some fun with, but with no luck. We have tried even making a kid of our own, incest to us is such a turn on. But we have had zero luck.
I decided to try looking around the streets where homeless people are seeing if anyone was desperate for money. Just to my luck as I was strolling down the streets casually, I saw my target. An obvious drug addict mom sitting next to a skinny little girl, 10. I walked passed them casually and…
“Excuse me sir, do you have any change?” The mom said as she smoked her cigarette. “Sure.” I took out a ten from my pocket. She got up and reached out to take it, but I pulled it closer to me and spoke into her ear. “I got more if your willing to let me have some time with your little girl.” I whispered.
“H-how much more..” she whispered back. “1000 dollars” I said with a smile. Her eyes lit up and she looked back at the girl before nodding. “Please take care of her, her names Olivia and she is 10” she told me as she turned to her daughter. “Honey get up you’re gonna go with this nice man okay?” She said sweetly to the kid. “Ok mommy” olivia replied.
And with that the 10 year old was mine.

We got home and my wife was completely enthusiastic. As soon as we got inside we took her to the bath and stripped her. My wife said she can help bath her but I just needed to see her naked body. I stood watching as my cock nearly ripped a hole in my pants. My wife rubbed her nipple and made a big deal of washing her tight little pussy. I groaned out loud and my wife looked at me with a smile. The girl seemed dumb as a rock and was like a human doll. “Get up and turn around and then spread your butt cheeks apart” I instructed.
Once she wasn’t facing me I got my cock out and started to stroke it. My wife noticed and came over to me and turned around dropping her pants for me. I slipped in easily since she was so fucking wet it was on her thighs.

My wife reached her arm out and put her fingers inside the little girls pussy. Her fingers moved in and out with my thrusts. The little girl started making noises but we were too horny to care, I just fucked her harder and harder till we both got off.
Even after my cock was still hard and I whispered “let me fuck her, hold her down” She giggled and grabbed the little girls arms, “stay still sweetie your new daddy needs some help.”
“Help with what?” She asked. “My stick hurts, I need help with it okay?”

With that I couldn’t wait anymore and thrusted in. She screamed but my wife swallowed it with her own mouth. It felt so fucking good to have her hot tight little pussy wrapped around my cock. “Good girl your helping your daddy out so nice” I groaned and kept fucking her. Not soon after I knew I was so close to cumming. “Fuck yes!” I yelled before I came deep inside her cunt.

Best 1000 dollars I have ever spent

Hi im f fourteen and love rape, incest, zoophilia basically anything and everything. If you want you can message me at [email protected] or my snap is reedjulia324. Love you guys!

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    Hello Julia good story [email protected]

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    Are you male or female

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    Wow such a sexy story you sound lovely Julia

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    Lovely was her lily tight

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    Good imagination for that age, I really enjoyed it Julia/David??. I am always up to see a zoo and watch my cock sink in that tight wet hole tickling her womb.
    Keep up the good work