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wanna be turned into sissy mindless fucktoy

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so it all started back in 2019 when my gf never let me fuck her and just tease me one day i was naked rock hard with my 7 inch dick ready to please her when she pushed her finger in my ass and she started trusting in and out and i say wtf babe are u crazy you sayed we will fuck and she just smilled and sayed back u moaned like a slut when i fingered u a little and u cummed like little bitch ur not a men ur a sissy tommrow we go to sex store buy some toy for u my now ex boyfriend and now my sissy slave Samantha so thats how it all started

toys: bad dragon 6inch big 4 maybe 5 thick
3 black dick from 7,5 inch to 12 inch
and flashlight pussy
so after shopping she shaved my ass she called it pussy and my dick a clitty

so we hopped in the shower my ass-pussy shaved she sayes on ur knees slave and screams open ur mouth u whore i obayed she pied in my mouth make me swallow it then she sayed ass up face down sissy whore she spit on my asspussy and fuck me with the biggest dildo 12 inch i cryed and she sayed all sluts cry then moan and beg for more,…
Gf: screams beg for it Samantha u know that u will never be a men just become my fucktoy and serve me and any men i will bring.
Me (Samantha) : no enaugh im a men not ur bitch!!!!
Gf: if u were a men u would pin me down and fuck me pussy the last time u were hard but no u enjoyed beeing fingered so now say goodbye to ur ass say hello too ur asspussy!!
Me: no i wont allow it i dont want it get away with that monster dildo u will kill me with it ( i tried to run away but tripped and fall so bad i coudnt get up.)
Gf: see sissy like i sayed ass up face down here we go 3…2….1…. hehe whore u push ur ass on dildo i fucking knew it loser u wanna be sissy whore i will fuck u hard today and then u will never see me again.
Me: fuck stop it hurts its too big stop please bby…. oh mmm bby faster harder slap my ass mm bby fuck wtf i cummed…
Gf: its called sissy gasm no real men has assgasm first time geting fucked in the ass thats why i call it sissy gasm cuz ur sissy bitch and i opened ur eyes and u were so fun i will date u month or two just too fuck ur big ass hard and make u girly.
Me: i didnt have sissy gasm whats wrong with u but fuck fuck me more mommy…
Gf: see ur a bitch a whore a fucktoy…

months passed away me getinged fucked in the ass every day but when my dick˙(clitty) was hard she made me fuck flashlight pussy i alwayes cummed after she fucked me for 5-6 mins and made me eat my cum i cummed again and made me lick it.
then she just left on day she sayed it was fun my little Samantha but i need a real men…
I didnt say anything she smiled and sayed dont worry i wont tell anyone i fuck u and that ur beta men sissy bitch….

so the best part i think that i starts now im writing my first story fucking my ass and wishing dom women comes and kidnaps me,…
drugs me so hard and when i wake up again fully trained sissy fucktoy serving not only women but men too and have nice big boobs and have my clitty locked away… mmm fuck i love cum but i hate other dick… for now? if no body trains me and make me sissy whore i wanna be sissy whore i need to serve dildos maybe dicks too mm i cummed….
my kik is SissiSamantha69
come break my male ego whats left of it and turn me into bimbo fucktoy please or just kidnapp me and lock me away and train me i wish i would go too sleep woke up female…

i’m sorry for my bad english

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    lets chat you perverts!

  • Reply 111222333 ID:dbjqenxib

    good story it is a little hard to read.

    • Sissy Man ID:3vi2rjpvqrj

      I have some similar story I was menly person but over marriage was in a phase when she started earning way more and I become jobless she took the command.make his do all house stuff and then serve her like messages etc and after that she started pegging me bringing other men.

      And I was just a slave of my wife