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My cousin and I part 2

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This is a continuation from part one😫😫

So I’m 15 and she’s 10. Ashley and I got further today . My aunt asked me to babysit her because she had to go do some errands and only me and her would be home alone . I told her yea because it would mean I could have her give me a blow job . My aunt left and it was just me and her I had her stop class and she agreed . I started making out with her and out of no where she told me if I could make her happy this time. I didn’t wanna take her virginity so I told her we would do it tru her butt she agreed I was so happy she gave me a blow job first then I went crazy and came in her mouth . And once we were ready she bent over and I shoved my dick slowely so I wouldn’t hurt her. But as soon as I was about to cum my aunt came home she caught us . I was so scared and didn’t know what to do . She told me with a smile it’s ok she always knew I wanted her . My aunt then came and told me to take Ashley virginity I agreed and we went slow but Ashley cried like crazy my aunt ended up making me fuck her too . It was fun till my cousin said she was coming over . That’s part 2 is it weird I now wanna fuck my other cousin she’s 14 has small tits but a big ass?

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    Part 3

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    Short, sweet and straight to the point just the way I like my essays

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    Part 3