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Breeding At Will Chapter 2

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Tyler has enjoyed his new stud card so far, allowing him to breed any female he wants…

*For those wondering, this story is not stolen. I am the author of the story, I am simply reposting it here as well.

The next day he woke up and felt great. He knew this new life would be easy to get used to. He hurried into the shower and got cleaned up and dressed for the day. His phone buzzed and he checked it to see he had a text. Not surprisingly it was from Chloe, and she wanted Tyler to pick up her friend Tessa. He shrugged and texted back that it’d be no problem.

A short while later he was in front of her house and sent a quick text to her. He looked at the neighborhood as he waited for her. The neighborhood was not one of post code envy and after covid most of the building were abandoned which did nothing to help it’s appearance. But Tessa lived here with her mother and father. Her older brother has already moved out.

She walked out the door slowly and robotically. Undoubtedly she was high. It was sort of her routine to get high to start the day. However, she was beautiful, like a gem amongst the decrepit street. Her brown hair had the slightest hints of curls and bounced around her shoulders. She wore a simple pale blue skirt with a matching tank top. She didn’t have the largest breasts but they were noticeable in the tight top she had on. It hung low giving the appearance they were bigger than they really were. Despite the rest seemingly plain, her hips were the real asset that had guys staring. She had wide hips that gave her close to an hourglass figure that also gave her ass a nice look.

He’d never considered dating her before as she had a boyfriend for a while and they’d recently broken up. But his new privileges were inducing all sorts of thought he’d never entertained prior. He even caught himself staring at her waist as she shuffled to the car robotically.

She opened the door and plunked down on the passenger side. She smiled back at him and stared for a while before finally saying, “Hi.”

He laughed. “You’re high as Hell, aren’t you?”

She giggled for a moment. “Yeah.”

He gave a smile. “Open the glove department.”

She opened it and saw a pastry in there. It wasn’t exactly a Pop-tart since they no longer made them. However, the look alike tasted just as good. And Tyler generally always brought one when he picked up Tessa. In her high state she always got the munchies.

He pulled out and began heading towards Chloe’s house. The drive was fairly quiet for a while. Tess spent most of the time staring out the window while slowly chewing on her breakfast. Tyler spent the time thinking and wondering how he should go with his newfound privilege and powers. The right to impregnate, no breed, any female he wanted.

“So I was looking online and they have this new thing,” Tessa suddenly said out of nowhere. “There are these guys that can have sex with anyone they want.”

Tyler felt shocked and knew he made a guilty face. “Ahh you heard about that?”

“Yeah, it’s crazy. Guess we need to make the world’s population greater. Imagine if you could do that.”

He snickered. “Well could I tell you a secret? I know one of the guys who was chosen.”

Tessa’s head whipped around. “Really? Who is it?”

“I’ll tell you but you can’t tell anyone else. Not even Chloe or her mom.”

“Aww, really?”

“Nope,” he affirmed. “You cannot tell a single soul or else I can’t tell you.” He said as they got close to Chloe’s house.

She crossed her arms in a mock pouting gesture, but her smirk made it clear she was amused. “Okay I won’t tell anyone. Who is it? I bet it’s John from work!”

It was Tyler’s turn to smirk. “It’s me.”

The shock on her face wasn’t pretend at all. “No way! Are you serious?”

He grinned and nodded, still staring at the road.

“Oh my God. So who are you going to do it with? Or did you sleep with anyone yet?”

“I’m not sure who I’m going to do it with. I haven’t thought about it too much,” he lied.

“So can you really just do whatever you want? How will people know you’re the one?”

He fished out his wallet and handed it to her. “Check the right pocket.”

She opened it and pulled out his card. “Oh wow. You have an official card!”

“It’s my stud card,” he replied.

“That’s so lame.” She closed it and handed it back. “Are there like rules or anything you have to follow?”

“Yes, but I haven’t really looked at the app much,” He replied.

“How much do you get paid for it?” She asked.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Tessa was scrolling through her phone. “It says you get paid for anyone you get pregnant.”

“Hold on, I get paid?” Tyler didn’t know this information when he signed up. He just thought having sex with whoever he wanted would be good enough.

“That’s what it says on Facebook.,” she said. “There’s some article on it.”

He pulled into Chloe an dJulia’s driveway and left the car running. “Hold on, let me check this out. I got an app for it.”

“Oh tell me what it says,” She replied, excitedly. Clearly the high was wearing off and she was becoming her giggly, childish self.

He rolled his eyes and pulled out phone while they idled in the driveway. He opened the app and navigated until he found the rules and regulations. “Here it is,” he said. Tyler then proceeded to read it outloud:

The chosen male will hereby be designated the creator as they will create life.
The creator is allowed to engage in sexual intercourse with any female for the purpose of impregnating or breeding said female.
As long as a female is able to become pregnant, the creator may demand sex from that female. Creator cannot be held responsible for sex with a female when done in good faith for the purpose of procreation.
The female must comply with a creator at all times if they initiate sex
The creator may still engage in sexual acts that do not result in breeding if it is consensual with the female
If a female refuses or resists, they may be reported for doing so. See Restraining Center or click here for more information on making a formal report
Creators may engage in sexual intercourse after a female has been impregnated. Studies have shown sex during pregnancy helps result in healthy childbirth.
As it’s known that procreation does not always happen within each encounter, creator’s may continue to demand sex from the same female until said female has birthed a child
Creators may demand oral sex as this has shown to increase fertility when trying to impregnate a female
The creator will not be responsible for their offspring. While they may take part in the resulting offspring’s life if they choose, they are not required to do so.
In addition to current government grants, the breeding female will receive additional monthly stipends to help pay for and care for the offspring.
Each creator will earn $250 for each female they impregnate. Creators will be paid biweekly on Thursdays of the week, following Federal pay cycles.
When females see doctors regarding their pregnancy, DNA tests will be performed to ensure the creator is credited his rightful payment. If a female is not seeing a doctor, the creator may fill out one of the forms found on the appropriate tab to receive credit.

“Holy cow!” Tessa exclaimed. “You get 250 dollars for each woman? Damn I wish I had a penis.”

Tyler was astounded. He could make a full time living doing that. “That’s amazing,” he exclaimed. “I can’t believe I get that much!”

Tessa started laughing. “You’re going to pick up as many chicks as you can.”

“Hmm I could start now,” he suggested looking at Tessa.

She laughed nervously. “Uhmm no, especially in their driveway.”

“I can do it anywhere I want. I could take you right now.”

She moved back a bit. “No, not now.”

He laughed. “I’m kidding.”

Tessa breathed a sigh of relief and laughed. “We should probably go in. They’ll start wondering why we’ve been sitting here in the drive.”

“Good point,” he replied and shut the car off. “But remember, you can’t tell anyone.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” she replied, sounding disappointed.

They got out and headed inside. Chloe and her mother Julie were sitting on the couch watching a rerun for a tv show. Upon entering they both got up and immediately came over.

“Thanks for picking her up,” Chloe said.

“No problem,” he replied.

“I already know what you want to do,” Chloe told Tessa excitedly. “Tyler you coming with us?”

“To where?”

“Trampoline!” Tessa shouted running towards the front door.

“Yes that,” Chloe laughed following. “Join us Tyler!”

He watched them go out the front door. He turned around to Julie. “How are things going?”

“They’re alright. Just been a little hectic. It was much easier with Bud around,” she explained, referring to her late boyfriend.

Bud was Tyler’s good friend and started dating Julie, even though she had several kids. Chloe was from one father, while the twins and her brother were from another. He was largely out of the picture figuring paying child support was easier than doing any actual support otherwise. Like many individuals, Bud was taken away when Covid was in its late years and extremely deadly. Because of new decrees for single mothers, Julie received money from the government and some from Bud’s job in life insurance. Though the life insurance had largely dried up and at this point it was mostly from the government. Unfortunately, her eldest daughter was 19 and no money was received for her. Additionally her son, though not an adult, was older and above the cut off for further government assistance.

“Well you got four kids, I’m not surprised,” he replied.

“Honestly, I wish they’d let Chloe work full time so she could bring home a little more. At least her college is paid for.”

He nodded. “I understand. I tried putting in a good word for her, but they’re claiming they can’t afford to promote her full time.”

“Everyone seems to be hurting for money these days it seems,” she said. “But anyway, go ahead and head out with them. I know you love the trampoline just as much.”

“Well I’ll be back in and we can hang out. Maybe some Mario Kart later.”

She smiled and headed back to the couch as he headed outside. The house had a rear door, but there was some construction that’d never gotten finished and it was much easier to walk around the house. The house itself was very large. Originally Bud had his parents living there which was like its own apartment. There was only one door inside the house to those rooms with its own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. It also had a door leading outside on the side of the house. It’d been the perfect setup, but felt like empty space when they passed. After Bud died as well, it only made the whole house seem far too big. The house was nearly paid off, but there was still more to pay, which was easier when Bud was around.

Tyler shook off the thoughts as he started around the house. He only got so far when the twins started walking up to him. They were thirteen and about 5’2” in height. Aya and Mirandawere both fairly skinny and like most teens excitable. Aya was more the fairy pink unicorn type girl while Mirandawore dark clothes and had a darker sense of humor. Aya’s hair was blonde with a few pink stripes. Her hair always alternated color over time. Meanwhile Miranda’s was black with dark green in it. She also had drawings on her wrists, something she tended to do. Miranda was also an artist type and more athletic than her sister. When it came time for gym class in school, Aya complained while Miranda tried to show off. As such, while both were skinny, Miranda was more lean.

“Guess what we were doing?” Aya asked without a hello or anything else.

“What?” Tyler responded kindly.

“We cleaned the whole tree house!” Miranda answered for her sister. It was a habit they had.

“Really the whole thing?” Tyler asked in mock surprise.

“Yep but look, I got a scratch on my elbow.” Aya said proudly displaying the reddened area.

“That’s nothing,” Miranda replied. “I got this huge cut in gym the other day. Look!” She lifted her left pant leg to display a small scratch.

“I bet your mother will be proud you cleaned up the whole fort.” Tyler remarked. Bud had built them a tree house. It was actually fairly large and had a roof over it. He’d put a carpet in too and it was pretty nice. The girl loved to play there stating it was their house away from home. Several times they begged Tyler to go up there and help decorate by putting lights up sometimes and once he built a small shelf in the corner.

“Well it’s mostly clean,” Aya suddenly added. “But we still have the sketch books on the floor there.”

“Aya, come on!” Miranda exclaimed hurrying towards the front door.

For what reason, Tyler didn’t know. But it must’ve been important to them as Aya took off in a rush without a goodbye. He strode on to the trampoline where Tessa and Chloe were already jumping. Tessa did so with what seemed boundless energy, while Chloe was more moderate. But he knew how this played out, Tessa would go full force, running, jumping, and screaming on it until she was tired. Then she’d do it some more until finally she collapsed and laid there for a while.

“You’re gonna wear her out,” Tyler told Chloe as he got onto the trampoline himself.

They both laughed and Tyler joined them on the trampoline. For a while they all jumped, making ridiculous poses and attempted to bounce each other. They talked about work and college for Tessa and Chloe. Chloe was studying some biochemical complicated thing that was too complicated for Tyler to follow. Tessa was studying general arts, however, she often skipped classes or entire days even. She admitted she was not doing well and was likely going to withdraw from college soon. She was just afraid she’d be forced to pay back all of her financial aid she’d received.

After too long they all grew tired. Chloe and Tyler sat on the trampoline. Tessa, as usual, continued running around and bouncing despite her own energy levels. It was a common thing and both Tyler and Chloe ignored it for a while. Whether it was the lack of attention or boredom, Tessa began purposefully bouncing near Tyler.

“Keep it up Tessa,” Chloe said, “and you bounce over Tyler and he’ll see more than you want him to.”

Out of breath, Tessa merely panted, “nothing. He. Hasn’t. Seen. Before.”

Chloe gave Tyler an inquisitive look. He shrugged and said, “I don’t think she means I’ve seen her naked, but other girls.”

“Yes,” Tessa managed to breathe.

“However, if she keeps it up, I’m gonna take her down.” He warned, referring to the play fights they had in the past. Tessa grew up with an older brother and rough housing wasn’t something she was unfamiliar with. She’d purposefully provoke Tyler until eventually he’d wrestle her to the ground, typically in an arm lock or until she was pinned. Both of them seemed to enjoy the game while Chloe would sometimes help Tessa and other times would film it for laughs.

True to her nature Tessa continued bouncing around Tyler as he tried to rest. He reached out a few times to try and trip her onto the trampoline. It had the net around it so he wasn’t concerned about her actually getting hurt. He managed to grasp her ankle once but she was in mid bounce and pulled away. Instead Tyler began to feign a lack of interest and appeared unbothered by her attempts to bounce him. This caused her to come close and closer, bouncing him higher each time.

He waited until finally she was close enough and bounced him high enough. Once in mid air he reached out and grabbed her! Tyler tackled her to the trampoline floor. Tessa made a loud squeal of delight as Tyler tried to get his body on top of her. Chloe laughed and watched as Tessa struggled fruitlessly to get away. Tyler slowly climbed up her body, keeping her down. Tessa tried to bring her arms behind her to push Tyler away, but he grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the trampoline floor.

“Chloe, help!” Tessa cried out, unable to keep the laughter out of her voice.

“Chloe, can’t you help you now,” Tyler told her. “You wanted to play, now we’ll play.”

“No, you can’t keep me down,” she called back. Though in truth they both knew that was not the case. She tried wriggling her body to shake him off, but it had never worked before and it didn’t now.

“Just admit you lost,” Tyler chided.


“Alright then,” he said, pushing his whole body down against hers. “Then you’ll be stuck until I-”

“Chloe!” Miranda suddenly yelled out from the side of the house. “You’re needed!”

They all stopped on the trampoline and looked. “What?” Chloe yelled back.

“Mom said to call you!”

“Ugh,” Chloe made a noise. “I’ll be back. You got this Tessa.”

“Yeah, I got you,” She exclaimed, and then made an, “oof,” sound as Tyler pushed her down.

As Chloe was walking away, he said, “I think you’re done.”

“No, I’m not,” she strained struggling to throw him off of her. But she was pinned and unable to do much more than squirm beneath Tyler. As she did, it only excited him more. Blood already pumping after his conquest, her moving around and rubbing against him led his mind down a different path.

‘But why not?’ He thought to himself. He now had every right and she was certainly attractive. If he was honest with himself, for $250 he’d probably do some pretty ugly women out there.

He slammed her hands down on the trampoline. It didn’t hurt given the elastic floor, but made a point. “You’re definitely done.”

Tessa stopped struggling and sighed. “Fine, you win.”

“Now I get my prize,” he added, unable to keep the smile out of his voice.

“What are you talking about?” She asked, very confused. This was not normally part of their game. She would admit defeat and then he’d let her go.

“You are my prize,” he replied. He fished into his back pocket and his wallet with his left hand, still holding her right wrist. He slipped out his stud card and threw it down in front of her.

“Wait what?” Tessa asked, perplexed. “You’re kidding.”

“No, not really,” he answered.

“No,” she whispered sharply. “You can’t do that. Not here! People will see.”

“I am allowed to do it anywhere I want. But there are no windows facing here and no one is going to know what I’m doing to you if they’re walking around the house anyway.”

“No, you’re not going to fuck me!” She cried.

“Shhh, do you want them to hear you?” He whispered in her ear.

Tessa stopped for a moment, she definitely didn’t want anyone to hear. Then she felt his hand moving her panties to the side. As they’d fallen forward her skirt had hitched up a bit. Not above her waist, but enough that he could easily gain access to her body. The worst part was that her body was already reacting. Whether it was because she’d miss having sex or being dominated by a guy, was something she always liked. Her ex boyfriend had always been more dominant and aggressive, which she liked. However, outside the bedroom it became too much and inevitably led to their break up.

“You can’t do this,” she said.

“Fuck you or get impregnate you?” He asked, knowing he could do both.

“Impregnate me?!?” She exclaimed. Tessa hadn’t even considered that. She missed birth control. She’d been in her mid teens when she began taking birth control and a few short years later it was outlawed. Only condoms existed now and she highly doubted Tyler had any on him. “You can’t do that! I’m still a child.”

”You’re 19, more than old enough to breed,” Tyler scoffed. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” He promised her, as he found her entrance and probed it with a single finger. He found it was already moist inside and chuckled. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? Dominated and taken advantage of.”

“No,” she whispered. “Stop it.” Despite her protest her body shivered as the second finger entered her pussy. “I can’t take care of a kid,” she said, her voice wavering.

He leaned down to her ear and whispered, “Tessa, this is what you’re for, breeding and child rearing.” He removed his fingers quickly, causing her to gasp.

Despite how her body felt, Tessa’s mind was reeling. Tyler was just a friend, he wasn’t unattractive, but she never thought of him romantically or sexually. She was terrified at the thought of getting pregnant. Child birth scared her and the thought of her body morphing and breaking was equally terrifying. Much like a piercing, pregnancy and childbirth caused irreversible changes she never wanted to go through. That’s why she always made sure her ex wore a condom no matter what.

“Please,” Tessa pleaded. Her voice was calm but got more frantic as she felt the head of his cock rubbing against her entrance. “Don’t do this, find another girl. You can have anyone you want. Just go out and find someone else.”

“Nah, this is too perfect,” he whispered back, and slowly slid inside of her. There wasn’t much resistance and despite their positioning, it was easy to get inside. Her body had provided plenty of its own lubrication. “Besides, I can have you and any other girls I want.”

“No,” she whispered, he worked her over. She tried to keep her legs closed, but he had already worked his knee and legs between hers holding her open, making her feel very exposed. His arms held onto her wrists pinning them down. His body on top of hers held her in place. She felt like an animal being mounted and bred like some livestock.

As he felt him pierce her cunt, and slide through her body, she quivered. As a last act, she desperately said, “this is rape. You don’t rape people Tyler.”

“This isn’t rape, it’s sanctioned by law,” he said, sliding in all the way. He paused for a moment relishing the feeling of her walls clenched around his cock. “Oh God yes,” he hissed, sliding out slowly before ramming himself back in.

Tyler immediately realized there was going to be a problem with a trampoline ground. Despite having her pinned, they both still bounced. Tyler continued thrusting into her and had trouble at first. The trampoline caused her to bounce which made it hard to find a rhythm. After a few seconds he finally started working with the trampoline. His thrusts were met by her rear bouncing back allowing him to go deeper faster.

Tessa felt powerless, completely dominated and gave up struggling. There was no point and she couldn’t lie saying she hated the physical feeling. It felt good, far better than it should. However, she hated it, being used like this. Terms like slut, whore, and even cum dumpster came to mind. She hated herself for it and hated it even more that her body was enjoying it. Each time her body bounced it was met with a vicious thrust from Tyler. It didn’t hurt exactly, if anything it was the opposite.

“Please,” Tessa managed between breaths, ”you need to stop.” She said, even as her body seemed to buck back against him.

“Oh you’re enjoying it,” he goaded.

She realized she was reacting impulsively. Her body liked it, so it was second hand nature to throw her body back into it. She hated that she liked it. “Please stop,” she said again.

“Very soon,” he said. Tyler knew he may not have much time. He wanted to enjoy this moment as long as possible, but the fear of someone coming back and not finishing would be far worse. Of course it’s not like he’d get in trouble, but for now he wanted to keep his secret. Otherwise people might avoid him and it’d be harder to find girls if they all avoided him. “I’ll stop in a moment,” he panted.

“No,” she whispered back sharply. “Not inside me! Take it out, take it out.” Her voice became more frantic with each word. She resumed struggling again but the sheer weight of Tyler kept her in place.

“It’s okay, almost there,” he grunted.

She desperately tried to move her ass and pussy to slip his dick out as he continued his relentless assault. But he never pulled out far enough for her to dislodge him.

“There,” he groaned as millions of sperm flooded her body. He pushed in deep as he could as he unloaded a torrent of cum inside near her cervix. All the rough housing and dominating her had helped him build up a remarkable amount. Tessa struggled harder, but the most she could do was push herself into the trampoline and Tyler only followed her down.

“No, no, no,” was all she whimpered, realizing she’d been bred and there was nothing that could be done. The morning after pill was extinct as far as anyone was concerned. Instead she had a womb filled with seed just waiting to fertilize her. Tessa was smart enough to know there was never any way to truly get it all out. In fact most methods to get it out often push more of it deeper into your body. She felt a single tear roll down one of her eyes.

He released her right wrist and began gently petting her head. “There, there,” he cooed. “That’s a good girl. You took that load like a champ. That might’ve been the best I’ve had yet. You’ll be a great mother. Plus you have great hips for breeding.” He chuckled. “Kind of what turned me onto you anyways.

“I fucking hate you,” she swore.

He remained on top of her enjoying the afterglow and staying inside her. If even a drop came out, he wanted to make sure it ended up in her. “You couldn’t hate it too much. You were bucking your hips right into that dick. If anything, you just wanted it harder.”

Tessa was about to respond, when suddenly Chloe called out from the side of the house. “Hey guys, sorry about that.”

It happened so quickly, Tessa could barely tell. Tyler pulled himself out and moved her panties back into place while zipping himself up. Tessa would be happy about not being exposed except a part of her knew the panties would be getting soaking wet and, if anything, kept his cum inside of her. She felt disgusting knowing his sperm was swimming around in her body right now.

Tyler felt elated right now. He put her panties back hoping that’d keep some of him from leaking out of her pussy. Tyler knew that probably wouldn’t do anything, but he still enjoyed it. He wasn’t sure what it was, but raw dogging another girl and shooting up inside her was an amazing feeling. He absolutely felt completely satisfied and elated afterwards knowing his sperm were floating around ready to impregnate her at any moment.

“Chloe,” Tyler yelled back to her. “Where’d you go? You weren’t here to save Tessa?”

Tessa made a snorting noise. Certainly Chloe would think it was a joke of them wrestling, but Tessa knew what it really meant.

“Well I’m here now,” Chloe replied as she got closer.

“Too late,” Tyler joked. “I’ve already won. Tessa is mine and I claimed her,” he said getting off of her.

Tessa didn’t get up and stand, she merely pushed up to a sitting position. Tessa, unlike Tyler, was completely unaffected and did not notice that Chloe had brought someone with her.

Chloe had stopped at the entrance of the trampoline and looked at Tessa. “You alright?”

Tyler spoke up for her. “She said her stomach was bothering her. So she wanted to stop bouncing, maybe ate something bad or got something in it.” Tessa turned and flashed Tyler a murderous look.

That was when Jaylen walked around the house, “Chloe? You back here?”

Tyler looked up and their eyes met.

“Hello Jaylen,” Tyler said, grinning. “Long time no see.”

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