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Teaching step daughter-in-law what her cunt and mouth are really for

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Dirty Fucking 23 year old and making her cum for the first time and then teaching her to suck cock and swallow.

The wedding and following reception was going to be on Saturday1:30 – 4 PM and since I was not going, decided to call my long time friend Vickie to see what she was doing. As good luck would have it, her husband was working on an offshore rig and she was free to suck cock and fuck.She reminded me she wanted “It All” which was her way of telling me she expected me to butt fuck her which was not my favorite. I was planning on dropping off the wife, mother-in-law, step daughter-in-law Sue and her 2-1/2 year old son who was part of the wedding and then enjoying Vickie whom I had not been with in 3 years. I was not going to the wedding as the wife’s ex and I did not get along.

The plan was for them to be there at 11 AM to help set up for my wife’s daughter’s wedding who was a very good looking 22 year old with big tits like her momma. I had actually nailed her cunt and mouth when she was 17 and gotten knocked up gangbanging in high school and needed an abortion. She stole her dad’s driver license and I pretended to be him and sign for the procedure – after I had spend the previous afternoon getting my rewards for doing so. I had not tried to do her after this even though it was offered a number of times. over the years All of this was taking place at the coast about 110miles from where they all lived except us and we were from out of state making the trip to visit them 3-4 times a year. The wife’s son actually lived where the wedding was taking place and worked with the folks hired to catered it while he was going to college.

We had traveled over the day before and hosted a dinner the night before and I noticed the step daughter-in-law Sue had one glass of wine and was snookered to the point she could hardly talk. When I mentioned this later was told she gets that way every time she has a drink and it passes in a couple of hours. When we went to pick her up the next morning about 10 AM, she was in a panic as she had just gotten a call that her mother was taken to the hospital with a heart attack. Sue’s husband had their only car setting up for the wedding and she is such a scatterbrain, should not be driving under these conditions. It was decided – without my input – I would drive them to the wedding place and then take Sue to where her mother was – leaving the son with his grandmother since he was part of the wedding. No meeting with Vickey that quick and I was a little ticked off but kept my mouth closed . So off we go for the 110 mile drive.

Sue was 23 at the time about 4’10” and maybe 90 lbs. Skinny as a rail with straight blonde hair down to her shoulders and looked like a 12 year old. she was wearing loose shorts due to the warmer weather and a stripped tee shirt and did not need a bra as she has no tits but had one on to cover her nipples. Off we go and she is playing some kind of a game on a cellphone sitting in the seat with her kegs under her like a kid would. We get 60 miles down the road and her cell phone rings and it’s the sister telling Sue her mother is fine and just had a panic attack when the sister told the mother (very religious) that she was knocked up and did not really know who the daddy was. No need for Sue to come see the mother.

It was lunch time so I pulled into a wine tasting place that made sandwiches and told Sue to wait in the car as I would get a couple and something to drink. and we could eat on the way. It took about 20 minutes and when I got to the car she was not there. I found her at the free wine tasting and yes, she had tried 2 glasses and was drunk as a skunk. So much for my latest plan to still see Vickie after dropping her at the wedding site.

From my earlier days of regularly making this drive when working in the area, I knew of a secluded place where there was a picnic table off the beaten path and decided to take her there while we had lunch and she sobered up. I knew of this place as many years before on my way to an oil pumping station, I had been flagged down by a local cowboy whose girlfriend he was fucking there had gotten the car stuck and she need pulled out. Turns out the girlfriend was Shelia, a wife of one of the operators at the oil pumping station and I knew her. The next day I was the one fucking her at the picnic table and did so for the next 5 years but that’s another story.

The picnic table bench was rough wood so I took the floor mats out of the rental car for us to sit on while we had lunch, hoping that would speed up Sue getting sober. She took her mat and put it on the table top to sit and folded her legs under her and in doing so, I caught a glimpse of her panty crouch and yes my cock reacted so I thought what the heck – she is drunk and would probably not remember what was said and by this time I was a little pissed as my time with Vickie was a thing of the past. She was jumping around with her shorts flashing her panties so I told her to sit still and eat her sandwich or I was going to pull her panties down and fuck her. She told me “we can’t do that Silly because it’s not dark”.. So I ask – you have never been fucked in the daylight and she said NO and it hurts too much anyway. I know her husband is not hung too well so it confused me as to why she said it hurt unless he was ass fucking her or something. But she was not the least bit upset that I was telling her I was going to fuck her – or it never registered. So I decided to keep on talking about it.

So I said well it won’t hurt when I fuck you and she said it always does. I said how do you know it would because I have never fucked you and she repeated it always hurts. She was right at the end of the table so I stood up, walked to the end and turned her around so she was facing me at the end and I told her to lay back and lift her ass up so I could get her shorts and panties off. She said it will hurt me but was laying down and lifting her ass up at the same time so I slipped her shorts and panties off that quick. Her bush was very little blonde hair and her slit was very small. She was saying please don’t hurt me and I promised to stop the minute she said to if it hurt her. I put my finger in her slit and it was SO DRY, so no wonder it hurt her. I told her to open her legs and when she did I started using my tongue to wet her up. I was slowly parting her slit as I licked and spitting in it and found her cum button at the top of her slit and started to lick it. She had been tensed up and immediately just relaxed opening her legs more to make it easy for me to get to her cunt. She began to move on my mouth so I asked if she liked having her pussy eaten before and she said no one had ever done it before. I ask was it hurting her and should I stop and she said loudly -PLEASE DON”T STOP. I did not want to bring her off for her first time ever with my tongue and remembered I had a small tube of Silk Lube to use on Vickie when I ass fucked her as it was something she insisted on even though it was not my favorite..

While I was tonguing Sue I got the tube out of my shirt pocket and dropped my pants/shorts and lubed my cock – 7-1/4 X 1-3/4 up real good. I then stopped eating Sue’s little pussy and told her to let me know if this hurt and very slowly slipped my well lubed cock into her tight little cunt. It was the best I ever felt and got it all in her and then ask was it hurting and should I stop. She SCREAMED “No – don’t stop” and started moving her ass like a hundred dollar whore. She was ohhh and ahhhh from the very start and I knew she was going to be easy to bring off. I pushed up her tee shirt and bra and started lightly pinching her nipples as I long stroked in the hot little love hole of hers. Within 3-4 minutes she went wild hugging me and humping like crazy and came off for her first time and then passed out. I stopped stroking and waited a couple of minutes as she came around and then I started stroking in her again slowly. She asked was happened to her and I said you tell me. She then said it was so good she could not stand it so I asked if she wanted me to do it some more. She said – Please keep doing it to me and I said you mean keep on fucking you and she nodded yes. I told her to tell me what she wanted me to do to her and she said please keep on fucking me so I did and she immediately came off again when I pinched her nipples. I asked if she enjoyed cumming and she ask what that was so I told her it was what you do when you fuck and what she was doing that felt so good to her. I told her to tell me the next time she was going to cum and she replied – “I am right now” and yes she did. I have never know anyone that I could make cum off so easy. I was fucking her with her legs opened up but then put her feet up over my shoulder’s to make it easier to long stroke in her cunt. This had to be the worlds greatest pussy. I used my thumb on her cum button and with a couple of minutes she was telling me she was cumming again.

I just could not wait any longer and unloaded in her big time. I cum over 2 ounces and my first wife who was a dedicated cocksucker since she was 13 and a cum swallowing addict once stroked me off into a shot glass which overfilled and told me it was the most cum of any guys she had sucked off. She then then took the glass to her mouth and swallowed it saying she was not going to waste it – but that too is another story – maybe later.

Cumming in Sue lubed her up nicely and with my cock still hard and I was still hard. I asked if she liked it dog fashion, since her pelvic bone was rubbing me raw because she was so skinny and fucking me so hard. She did not know what that was so I turned her over on her hands and knees and spread he legs so she was just the right height for me to mount her that way. Cum was dripping out of her cunt as I slipped it in her and I told her to tell me if it hurt her and I would stop and she replied – Please don’t stop. It did not take very long before she was cuming again and I knew right then I had it made as this was one hot woman. It took me about 15 minutes to cum off the second time as I kept stopping when I felt it building and when I finally let go, it filled her cunt with a double load of cum – something else my first wife had taught me after it was taught to her. She loved huge loads of cum to swallow and would actually eat it out of her pussy after she got fucked – another story for later.

Since I need a break, I told her we were going to go and she asked if we could stay so I could do it to her some more. I asked Do What and made her tell me she wanted me to fuck her some more. I told her she was going to get all the fucking she wanted and more. She said what is more and I told her she was going to do some cocksucking I and asked did she like it. She did not know what it was so I just dropped it thinking how much fun it was going to be breaking her in, and she was the dumbest cunt I ever met.. I wiped Sue up the best I could with the lunch napkins and stuffed her panties in her cunt and she slipped her shorts back on so she would not drip on the seat and we took off back to her place. She appeared to go to sleep until we got to her apartment.

I told her to take a shower and wash her cunt out as I was not finished with it yet – and she said GOOD – she was loving what I was doing to her. After we both showered I put her on the couch and then used my tongue to bring her off again – it was easy to do and her telling me she was cumming. Then I told her she was going to suck me off and swallow my load as her reward – she had no idea what that was. I told her I was going to make her into a Number ! cocksucker and she would love it. So I told her she was going to fuck my cock with her mouth and when I came, to swallow her reward. She had never had a cock in her mouth but got right into it like a natural cocksucker and when I asked if she like doing it she nodded YES. I gave her some instructions which she picked up on that quick and even licking on the head after I told her the first time to do it as I liked it. When the juice ran out she licked it up without me telling her to. After about 14-15minutes I told her I could feel mu cum building and when I came it was going to be a lot but just to swallow without taking her mouth off it me and try not to gag. And that’s what she did and YES – she Loved it. I kissed her after she had swallowed and she showed me the empty mouth and told her she was really good and had made me very happy. I ask did she like me fucking her and she said she had thought about it for years – she never believed it could be so good.

It was now 3 PM so I told her to get some fresh panties but not put them on and away went to the wedding location which was about 20 minutes away. Knowing the weeding was scheduled to end at 4 and the clean-up would take a hour or so, I figured we had time for another go around but I was not going to be able to dump another load of cum in her as she would be too messy. I pulled into a secluded location and told her to take off the shorts and then laid her on the front car bench seat and enjoyed eating her pussy while she came off twice and told me each time before she did – she was a quick learner. Then I told her to do her cocksucking thing again and swallow it all so she did not get it on her clothes. She got right into it and after a couple of minutes I had her get on all fours on the car seat while she sucked me off and I used my thumb on her cum button. We both came off but not at the same time. After about 10 minutes I did and she managed to swallow it all with no problem. I was still fingering her cum button which brought her off. I then told her she was great at sucking cock and I was going to want more of it and that sweet little cunt of hers. She said OK – I could do anything I wanted to her anytime.

I told her to say we got as far as Shafter before getting the call and turning around and then we stopped for lunch. That filled the time we spent fucking and her sucking my cock off twice. as she learned what her mouth and cunt are really for. What happened 2 days later is another story soon to follow.

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  • Reply watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

    Excellent story that I can relate too. I met a woman, like this one. Married 15 years, never had an orgasm, never sucked a cock, sex ALWAYS HURT her, she was so dry and he just shoved it in.
    But like this woman this wife was very orgasmic with me. My roommate named her Puddles because of how wet she made my bed and other furniture. She had LOTS of orgasms and was very very eager for sex with me. I MISS HER A LOT.

  • Reply Someguy ID:1wr4nim0

    I couldn’t finish it because its so, ummm, idk, I guess to just be blunt, it reads so fake. To the point that I barely made it to half way through. Take out all the silly sounding “but that’s another story” bs and just worry about selling this completely unbelievable story before adding snippets of other completely unbelievable stories that detract from this one. And the whole exact measurements of your dick, really? More fake sounding bs you should leave out of anything new. I’ve gotten used to the awful grammar in these stories, but when they go all over the place like this one does, its just not believable at all, and to be honest, it had the exact opposite effect that it was supposed to. Hence me writing this and not rubbing my dick anymore lol. E for effort tho nonetheless!

    • Silver Lady ID:2yw37w5qra

      I agree with you. I stopped reading after she came 12 or 13 times. Give me a break.

  • Reply Doug ID:2zicu2b9hm

    This is a true story just the way it happened

    • Southernbaby98 ID:fzq364zrc

      Wow I’m dripping wet reading this omg

  • Reply Catchall ID:7zv39tad9k

    Hot as hell! Love to hear more!

    • Doug ID:2zicu2b9hm

      I could not believe how easy she was to make cum multiple time and how her cunt would squeeze on my cock when I stopped stroking in her. She is not butt ugly but someone I never thought about fucking but now have been doing it 19 years every time I am there. Have to say she is the best fucking of many I have had. I am overly fond of getting my cock sucked off by a gal and she can deep throat with the best of them. My experience has been most gals will fuck if given the chance and you can get all of them with few exceptions to suck cock. I have been lucky enough to know 4 cocksuckers that would cum off sucking and swallowing – the mark of a real cocksucker. My first wife was one of the 4.