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My ex-uncle Jim

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I remember my childhood. Every summer my Aunt Heidi and her husband Jim would take me to the country for a week or so. Jim was everything to me. I adored him. I wanted to marry him as a child. He was actually only 7 years older than me. He was 18 when he married my Aunt. He was always loving to me. He was always very touchy/feely especially my butt. I loved when he kissed and touched me. One night when I was 13 he came into the guest room I was in.
He must have thought I was asleep. He positioned me on my back. I turned my face away from him so he could not see I was awake. He bent my legs and spread them. He lifted my pajama top and I felt his hand caressing my belly. It started moving lower. He lifted my underwear and he touched my pussy with one finger. He just started rubbing there and it felt wonderful. He found my little clit and moved his finger over it up and down. I tried to silence my moans as much as possible to not alarm my aunt. He pulled my underwear totally off and put his head between my legs. His tongue dancing on my clit was just wonderful. This feeling of ectasy just came over me as Jim gave me my first orgasm. He put my hand on his dick and started rocking it back and forth until he came. Weirdly nothing else happened that week. He never took it any farther. He and my aunt filed for divorce that year and I never saw him again growing up. I was heartbroken. Flash forward 16 years. I got married within that time, have a beautiful daughter with a deadbeat dad. Now divorced. I was tending bar at this place in my town. A man walks in. He looks familiar. So I asked for his ID. He laughed, “you serious babe?” He gave it to me anyway. My heart went all a flutter when I saw the name. You know who it was. I said, “Jim do you know who I am?” He came off with a one liner “that depends. Do I owe you money?” I said, “I am Crystal. Your neice. Well maybe ex-niece.” His eyes got wide and mouth dropped open. He hugged me. “No way! Damn! That cute little girl grew into a gorgeous woman!”, he said. I blushed. I took his drink order and gave it to him. We weren’t that busy so I talked to him. He suggested we get together after work and I agreed. We went to my property by the lake I got in the divorce. He met my 10 year old daughter. I got pregnant at 16. We got married after high school. Jim and I had a couple beers and watched the boats on the lake. I was getting tipsy and told him how much I missed him. How I totally loved him back then and was so hurt when he left. After a few beers each we were both feeling a little drunk. I told him how I knew about what he did when I was 13. He started to get defensive. I told him not to worry about it. I always wondered why he did not take it farther. Turns out my aunt knew what happened and that was the reason for the divorce. My old feelings started coming back. I came onto him. Flirting with him at first trying to get him to make the first move. Finally I kissed him. I was drunk and horny. My pussy was wet from just looking at him. It was dark out now and my kid had gone to bed. I flipped the button on his shorts and unzipped his zipper. Underneath those Fruit of the Looms was his beautiful dick. I started making circles around his cock with my tongue and deep throating it. He was moaning and breathing heavy. He said in mid gasp “what about your neighbors? What if they see us?” “Hope they do” I said and laughed. Fuck it. I was always an exibitionist. I continued and his muscles starting tightening. “Ah shit”, he said as he came. He started shooting his load into my mouth. He knees bent as he could hardly stand. I licked his dick totally clean. “That was fucking amazing” he exclaimed. “Cmon let me see what that little baldy you had turned into!” He said. I took off my shorts and underwear. He loved my trimmed red bush. I laid on top of the picnic table as he ate me out. I am bi-sexual but never had a chick eat me out the way he did. I found usually the girls were better than the guys at that. But he was amazing. He parted my lips and started rubbing my clit between his fingers. He fingered me and started rubbing my clit with thumb. My legs locked around his hand as I seized in ectasy from my orgasm. He suggested we go inside. I agreed. We had another drink and I sat on his lap. I put my head on his chest like I did as a kid. He told me how he would always fantasize about me when masturbating. I laughed because I would do the same sometimes. We were both still naked and I started jacking him off. Getting him hard again. He was rubbing my pussy. I laid down and he started to get on top of me. I watched as his big dick entered into me. I was so filled up as he penetrated me. He started rocking back and forth. He felt so good his cock rubbing against my wet walls. I could see he was about to orgasm and pulled his head down into my breasts. I could feel his juices flowing into me. He collapsed and he just kissed and we held each other as we fell asleep on the couch.

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