Wife and a stray dog

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My wife Tracy and I had only been married a short time and like newly married couples sex was always there just waiting for an opportunity.
We had been walking on the waterfront when this stray dog came out of the parking lot and he looked half starved and Tracy said oh the poor thing looks hungry and I had been chewing on an energy bar so I tossed it over to him and he sniffed it then he quickly devoured it in one gulp and stood there looking at us forlornly and that was all we had so feeling guilty we not knowing just what to do we headed home and he followed us hopefully .
I opened the ate and I got him a couple hot dogs and I went back out and he had came into the yard and watched me carefully but as soon as he smelled the meat he devoured it and looked again up at me wagging his tail and so Tracy and I agreed to fed him and call the SPCA .
I combed him out getting a mass of fleas off of him and he let me take a hose and wash him down happy for the attention and he was not much more than a pup and he was very friendly so we kept him with us without making plans to keep him but not neglecting him either and days passed Tracy called him Duke and he began to answer to it and he had freedom of the house to because we felt sorry for him.
One evening well late afternoon we had been planting roses in the back yard and we were both filthy so we showered together and we got carried away and wound up in our bed making love then I had to pee and I went into the bathroom and all of a sudden I heard her Scream and I dashed out and and Duke was on the bed with her trying to sniff her pussy and she was yelling get him off me trying to fend him off with her hands and she looked so funny that I started laughing she was laughing to and Duke managed to get in between her legs and she shrieked when his tongue licked her twat and she looked indignantly at me and demanded get him out of her trying not to laugh but all of a sudden I waned to see what he would do so I said relax babe and see what he dose she said my god Jim he is a dog for Christs sake he wants to lick me dammit but I sat there on the side of the bed and it looked interesting so I said let him do it hell you might like it and his tongue made a full swipe through her slit and her body convulsed then she gasped laughing and said if you ever tell anyone I will kill you and she relaxed some but her body jerked every time his tongue licked her I watched silently as Duke licked her and after a short while her body began to respond and I asked how dose it feel and she grunted her upper body almost came off the bed and she oh fuck it feels great then he had his head in between her legs and his tongue looked like it was going inside of her and Tracy was breathing raggedly now trying not to cum and I said relax baby and she laughed again and said I cant let a fucking dog make me cum but her body said otherwise her nipples were hard and her breasts and chest were flushed Tracy laid back her head on the pillow and closed her eyes tight her hands gripped the sheets tightly and her body began to undulate now and she said oh fuck OH FUCK and her body arched off the bed and she grabbed his head and held him there as his tongue licked inside of her drinking her orgasm .
He brought her to a second orgasm almost as good as the first then he let me take him outside .
Tracy was so weak from her orgasm that she was asleep when I came back in and I sat there wondering if maybe i could talk her into letting him fuck her that had been fantastic.

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