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Passed-Around-Tonie (A Shared wifes true accounts)

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By now I had just turned fourteen and had been fucking for 2 years, regularly. I ate pussy for six months regularly, had constant anal sex, was fucked in too many orgies to count,

Hello readers, I really love this venue of communicating to other like-minded people. I’ve been married to a “Stag Cuckold” before it became popular, and Dennis, my husband, loves and has always loved sharing me, so the swinging lifestyle became his preference for us and quickly became my preference once he introduced me to it. My husband and I are from Kentucky and just about an hour away from a major city. Both of us grew up about 2 hours away from where we now live and it’s our place of comfort to be close to where we both grew up, I say this to let you readers know about how we were raised and the people and environment that shaped our lives. I grew up as an ignorant racist, even-though I had never seen a black person, as a matter of fact the only people who were cruel, mean or down right disrespectful were whites, anyway, my husband also felt the same way, but now we are different people and don’t think that way any more, and that’s why we live 2 hours from where we grew up.
To give you a quick review of what your going to read, I’ll start off by saying that I’m now 52 and my husband is 61. I am Tonie and he is Dennis, I was influenced by a writer on this website named Deborah, she goes by “Debs,” and she’s a real person whom I’ve spoken with on the phone and emailed, and have also met, in person and she’s a sweetheart, her life mirrored my life, because my husband Dennis has been sharing me since I was 14 and he was 23. He new me from when my family moved to his town, in Kentucky and I 9 years old at the time and we had moved to his town, from a nearby town only 30 miles away, anyway, Dennis entered the marines on his nineteenth birthday and didn’t return home until 2 days after his twenty third birthday, and his family threw a huge party, where we met. Dennis thought I was somewhere between 19 or 21 and flirted with me or better yet I should say, he let me know that he was attracted to me, I melted when he kissed me, he was like a hero to the whole town, he was and still is very handsome and manly, with a ripped body, not like the young men in town and he is still that way. We flirted all night at the party, until his uncle Todd, whom I’d been letting fuck me for almost 6 months, said he needed to talk to me, and took me to the pond and he fucked me with his friend Anthony, while I told them how much I love their “Nigger dicks.” It’s what they wanted to hear while they fucked me and I’d grown accustomed to saying it, sorry.
Dennis saw the whole thing, and was upset, but watched anyway as I stared at him while his uncle and Anthony finished fucking me, it was the first time I didn’t orgasm, I just wanted it to be over so I could explain to him what was going on. They finished, I kissed them and made out with the both of them for about 20 minutes, and went to find Dennis, he was in his room upstairs, and I was so uncomfortable but he asked me tons of questions and I answered all of them. Everyone thought I was older and had been approached sexually from the age of 12, because I was fully developed by the third month after my birthday in June, and although I hated it because of the teasing I got from girls my age, I did love the benefits of being appealing to the opposite sex, so just like my mother and her sister Aunt Bella, I became sexually active at a young age and enjoyed having sex with older men, so I took to almost every compliment as a sign of my beauty and it was always sexual. I was 5′ 8″ inches tall, curvy, and full breasted, I was a young blonde with green and hazel colored eyes, every guy that I had met wanted to fuck me, so I did, I let them fuck me. First I spread my legs for a college boy in the next town, in the bathroom at our CVS pharmacy, then, after a week, his two senior college friends, in a small get together at his buddies apartment, (he took me on a date, then went to watch a college football game at his friends’ apartment) where they all took turns fucking me, literally all night, and I truly enjoyed it. My parents thought I was at my best friends house, having a sleep over and they never questioned me, it was normal and my best friend from back home, always knew about it and kept my secret.
That night of having my boyfriend, Billy, share me with his buddies really opened my eyes to men wanting to share their women, or in this case girlfriends, sexually with their friends. They taught me how to suck cock, to talk dirty about what they wanted to hear, and slow anal sex. I enjoyed everything and started to practice at home, in the shower, actually everywhere, I trained myself on being a good lover. The next Tuesday, I let this older trucker fuck me, in his truck at the rest stop, and when I came out of the truck he gave me a tongue kiss goodbye and thanked me, I liked him but forgot his name, I really looked forward to seeing him and couldn’t wait for his scheduled arrival, he was always on time. I met him 12 more times, coming and going, when he decided to share me with a few of his friends, I thought it only natural, everyone wanted to share me, but this time when he shared me, we couldn’t fit in his truck so we went to the back of the rest stop where I had my first real orgy. A husband and wife trucker came with him and his loader buddy from California and we all had passionate sex. I ate pussy, her name was April but I forgot her husband’s name, she and I made out while the guys took turns with us, I faked liking it, but I saw that she wanted me even more than the men, she couldn’t keep her hands off of me. I also realized how my guy was mesmerized by me making out with April. They never new they were having an orgy with a 12 year old, and they never asked. We fucked every weekend for two months, and I ate pussy like a lesbian, but I definitely wasn’t. April was heavily bisexual, and prefer dominating women to eat her pussy, I loved eating her pussy while she dominated me, forcing me to do something I really didn’t want to was sexually mind blowing, THAT IS WHAT I LOVED, AND IT WAS AMAZING!
All of that was soon coming to an end, when Billy was in the next room at the motel, and he couldn’t sleep with all the noise we were making, so he came over, knocked on the door, my lover answered and he saw me getting fucked and eating pussy, well that was it. It was over, I finished with my lovers and told them that Billy was my boyfriend and they tried to console him, but Billy and I would be over in a few days, and so would my orgies with my truck driving 56 year old, married with lover, with two daughters older than me and one that was my age. I miss him even now, there was something about being a truck stop whore that was immensely appealing to me. Billy had me fuck his friends while he watched, and I performed for him, just for him, I cleaned my ass and was fully prepared for what he had in store for me, I thought, but instead it was his anger in me being a whore behind his back, and I swear I never thought that it would be a problem, since he regularly wanted his friends to fuck me, and it wasn’t in an orgy situation either, he gave them permission to have as much private time with me as possible, so I automatically assumed it would be okay with him, and boy did I think wrong.
During that time, after two days of breaking up with Billy, I went to the truck stop and saw the most beautiful older man I had ever seen, he looked like a male model. We spoke, he said that he lived in town, I’d never seen him before, he said he was married but needed lots of pussy, I was on-board immediately. We dated outside of town, away from the prying eyes of his wife, whom I met many times, as I was invited to his house for get togethers all the time, and she and I became friends, while her husband was fucking me recklessly and constantly, whenever he came home, which was about two weeks every month. Woody fucked me in the back of bars, stores, malls, his truck, and everywhere in his house, and as always and what I eventually expected, he started sharing me with random guys, that later became his friends. These were the guys from Dagger’s our local pub, I say the name because only the locals know it at Dagger’s however it publicly goes by another name. I was twelve, no one knew and I never thought about it, I was just having fun, experiencing what I liked and all the different things that men liked about me, and what they wanted me to say and do for them sexually. The youngest bar guy, was Craig a 40 year young machinist and married, and he wanted me to cheat on Woody but because of what happened with Billy, I wasn’t going to go through that again, so I just fantasized it with him until he wanted it to be real, I almost told or asked Woody if he wanted me to cheat on him with anyone, but before I asked he came up with the idea of letting a few of the guys fuck me and have them all to myself. I was so happy, I didn’t know what to say, he and I made love for an hour until his friend showed up and they shared me and passed me around, back and forth for almost 4 hours until I had my first squirting orgasm, and then I was hooked on orgasming, but I was embarrassed and the calmed me down and told me how much they loved it, and the both of them encouraged me to masturbate and I would put on shows for them, as I watched them masturbate to me, I felt like the prettiest, sexiest and most alluring girl in the world and I fucking loved fucking! As I said earlier, I was hooked, I was orgasming and squirting every chance I could. Woody pimped me out, only to the guys at the bar, again, he never knew my real age. They paid 70 bucks to fuck me, individually, at least up to 4 days a week, and Woody would give me 100 dollars or more a week, but when I started babysitting for Woody’s wife, he had me stay in the guest room in the basement for sleepovers, which my parents agreed to and it was like having my own place, so Woody fucked me when his wife was away or on a girls night out or visiting relatives, we fucked like real lovers and I felt like I lived on my own, it was amazing, and as soon as his wife asked for more dating time together. I had Craig come over to fuck me as often and as long as possible, we fucked and I cheated as often as I could and loved the art of cheating, I became addicted to it. Woody never said I was his girlfriend, plus he was married, with another child on the way, then I started to wonder why I never got pregnant, with all the sex I was having. I was still twelve and had 16 different sexual partners and one was a April a married bisexual wife. For some reason, because of my awareness of what could happen, I stopped everything for three weeks, I had my cycle already, but it was very inconsistent, sometimes every month, and then it would skip several months then only come for a day or two. While confiding in my mother, I found out from her gynecologist that I had a few issues and most likely it would be life-long. My mother had also confided in me that all the women in the family has had an extremely difficult time getting pregnant. I was angry, yet relieved, because I definitely wanted children, just not yet, so I resumed getting railed, as often as possible and yes, even more than before, I was fucking insatiable. I had gone with Craig to his relatives barbecue, two towns away, and when I got there I saw a sea of sexy older men, I was in heaven, I asked Craig to share me with all of his male relatives and he did, one by one, two by two and even four by four, they fucked me all day, and played a sex game Craig called “passed-around-Tonie,” where they would fuck me like they were raping me and quickly switch to another man to fuck me as hard and fast as possible, with slapping, choking, demeaning names, and aggressive anal, just a full on continuous rape. I had become so accustomed to being railed and raped over and over again, so often that I could take it, not knowing that most girls would be sore or “too put out, to put out.” That’s what people around my area would say, anyway I was fucked by all of his male relatives that night, and for several more months afterwards, by even his father and youngest brother Ben, who was sixteen, Ben was a machine, he fucked me like he was in love with me yet hated me…I mean he fucked me with direct eye contact the entire time. I would later date him for a year while cheating on Craig for 4 months with him. I fell in love with Ben and he was the only person who never shared me, he just wanted me to himself until his family moved away to Buffalo NY. It ended and I cried, and cried and cried. Woody started fucking me from time to time, secretly as usual, but no prostitution this time and Craig never said goodbye when he and his wife moved to Chicago.
By now I had just turned fourteen and had been fucking for 2 years, regularly. I ate pussy for six months regularly, had constant anal sex, was fucked in too many orgies to count, been shared so many times as a girlfriend I didn’t know where I started and someone else began, engaged in every fantasy that my men and one woman, April, could think of, squirted, continually cheated, and enjoyed a half year of prostitution and was only just turning 14. I became a whore and Woody agreed that he wanted me to just be a whore, so I did, I fucked and sucked everyone he sent my way, but never any boys my age, just fully grown men, I was traded, used, borrowed and trained until Dennis came along. My grades were shit, and I was failing and I started to look much older because of all the shit I was doing. Dennis and I talked and told his uncle what he’d seen and threatened him, so Woody and I stopped fucking, but just before Dennis came along Woody traded, and used me as his whore for 5 months until then. Dennis and I fucked after a month or two, until I asked if I could get a ride to school, he said yes, but I wasn’t thinking and when he realized where he was dropping off to, he asked my age and I told him and he was angry as fuck but came around two weeks later, after I called him religiously. That’s when I let all of my dirt out, I literally told him everything and everyone I slept with, and he was mortified, and not turned on in the least, in the back of my mind I assumed that he’d be turned on by it, but he wasn’t. I loved him like no other man, and I knew I wanted to marry him, so I became everything a woman should be for her man. I called him less, I gave him his space to think, I dressed sexy but not too whorish, I left my house dressed like a little girl but when I was around town, I sported my assets, I learned to cook and bake, I did it all. During that time Dennis treated me like a little girl and even a friend, he helped me with homework and I excelled, he made school easy for me, I really matured under him, so that when I got to high school I over performed, I was an over achieving whore, I even skipped two grades because of his tutelage. Before I turned 15 I knew I would be graduating high school at 16 years old instead of 18 and I would definitely be going into the military as Dennis did. In November of 1979 I seduced him with sexy lingerie and a few English and old dutch bestiality films, when he came home to his apartment. Dennis fucked me like never before, and I told him how much I love him and would do anything to keep him. He stopped fucking me and gave me a promise ring, saying that he’d marry me when I turned 18, I cried, he stopped the film reel and held me until 6 pm, we didn’t finish fucking and he drove me home as I gave him a blow job in the car, he came in my hand and I licked it up as I swallowed every drop like licking chocolate drippings from the palm of my hand. I lied to my parents about something, I really don’t remember what the lie was, but I was back at his apartment in two hours, to his surprise (I let Woody’s 48 year old friend Mr. Charles, who was a neighbor of mine, fuck me while I sucked off his horse for an hour and a half, (we would later fuck exclusively and privately for the next 3 years until two months after my eighteenth birthday). Mr. Charles drove me to Denni’s apartment, I had to lie to him too. Dennis was surprised, but we fucked like lovers, and all the while, as we fucked, I kept thinking about how I just fucked another man that I didn’t love and his horse. I got Dennis off of me, took out my bestiality porn out of my bag and we fucked while I watched a girl get nailed without mercy. He loved that I watched it, while he fucked me and when I turned to look at him, he said, ” don’t ever take your eyes off of the screen, you watch while I fuck you, I only want you to think of yourself getting fucked by that horse,” he said the same thing when she was getting fucked by the dog too. We fucked all night into the morning and I got off on nine of Woody’s bestiality movies, always thinking about being fucked by a horse or dog.
Dennis asked for me to be faithful until we got married, I didn’t because Charles blackmailed me, which I really didn’t mind anyway, actually, I loved it. Dennis and I spoke almost every week as he was sent to many places overseas and he really matured and became best friends with a black guy that looks like a stripper, he’s drop dead gorgeous! During the 3 years, Charles and I fucked while I graduated from sucking his horse to fucking it, and his dog too, it’s was a Great Dane. Charles was also married but his wife was frigid, and boring (he made me watch them one night). I heavily got into bestiality, but Charles’ cock was the only human cock to enter me for that time period. I really grew and learned way too much about sex and men, in general. So by the time Dennis returned in August of 1982, I left and told my parents goodbye and that I’d be off to our local college and living on campus. I was living with Dennis and we fucked daily. Bestiality was big in our sex life, as it became our regular visual fantasy, which led to what he had herd when he saw me fucking his uncle, of me only wanted to get fucked by “Nigger Cock.”
That led to me getting fucked by his army buddy Dale. At 6′ 6″ and muscular with a dick that dwarfs my husbands’, Dale is now 56 and looks like a 34 year old, and still has the body of an athlete. He’s a vegetarian born in Jamaica but has no accent because he’s been here most of his life, and has long thick dreadlocks, his eating habit has become ours, and I’ve regained my health, my youthful curves and so has my husband, hell Dennis’ hair, fully regrew. I’m a shared wife in a Polyamorous relationship with my husbands’ military buddy. When Dale comes to town, I’m all his and only his for the entire time until he leaves. Dales still in the Marines at Paris Island, and whenever he can, he makes sure to come and spend time with us, mainly me. I’ll describe our adventures in another online letter, but I wanted to thank Debs for her letters because they’ve encouraged me to put pen to paper and write all of my sexual experiences too. Oh, I need you to know that Dale also loves being called a “Nigger,” while fucking me. We make sure Dennis listens in on us, it’s something I had to get used to but I thoroughly enjoy it now, especially because Dale and Dennis have agreed to me having a privately exclusive lifestyle with Dale, so it’s allowed me to have lots of interracial gang-bangs, wife-sharing, mostly truck stop whoring with an occasional prostituting just outside of a few military bases, and lots of bestiality with Dale when he and I travel to Florida and this started on my 48th birthday, when he rudely started to read my diary in the basement, and from that day on I’ve been a horse fucking, dog fucking whore for the past 4 years and Dennis is completely unaware because Dale has exclusive rights to my privacy with him. The rules presented to me, so many years ago are: That I always have the freedom to be a whore, to always flirt and be promiscuous to turn on Dennis, to be a 100 percent shared-wife with Dale as I am with Dennis, to always have the freedom to have a jealous free environment without judgment, and that my life with Dale is without any strings attached if I were to fall in love with him and that my life with Dale is complete and full without the interference of prying eyes and judgment from Dennis, and finally my wish was to live out my sexual passion to always have the right, by both of my men to be “PASSED-AROUND-TONIE, whenever I wanted and with whom ever I wanted even if it was not with them.” They both agreed and it’s been a part of my private sex life and I usually do it as a cougar, yes, now that I’m in my fifties, I’ve been letting lots and lots of young high school and college boys fuck me and pass me around from friend to friend and team mate to team mate for over nine years, it’s one of my favorite things to do, and I have two great husbands that allow me to live-out my favorite kinky fetish.
I agreed to everything and more (the list gets very specific, very detailed and we all know and agree, and are very happy with our arrangement) and, again, that’s why I thank Deborah for detailing the accounts of her marital arrangement on this site, because it’s allowed me to describe my life, as it mirrors her own. Thanks Deb, I can’t wait to read more of your experiences, as I will also start to make an account of my own.

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    Wtf that story is sick 🀒

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    Omg… this is hot. I’m completely hard πŸ™‚
    Jeez this golden your like the ideal lady and girl for many of us guys. Well partially some but still I love this

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    Wow I can’t count how many times I have cummed while reading your story I can’t believe there are women like you and Debs I thoughts it was all fantasy
    I would really love to have a chit-chat and also hear your experience with the teenage boys in your fifties
    and ll your lesbians experiences

    • TonieAWhore4Hubby ID:11av8zgx49j

      Oh my gosh, thanks so much! I am so complemented by that. Yes, I’m real and so is Deborah and I’m so glad that everyone’s enjoying me journalizing my life, it’s not fantasy

    • BillMasci ID:1hftu2uj8ri

      Tell me more. Would love yo hear yur stories. I!m an old man who loves to read sexy stories.

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    Hi Tonie would love to hear your beastiality lesbian and your orgies . I love all forms of sex from animals to human I’m bisexual I started young have fun with my uncles cock and beastiality love horses and dogs l love licking pussy my X she loved all her filled with cum I use to tie her to the bed and use her body I have one of my experiences on here it’s called fucking my best friend it’s all true let me know what you think. And keep your stories coming because they make me cum

    • TonieAWhore4Hubby ID:11av8zgx49j

      oh wow, your a bad boy…i read your story, you’ve got some kinda friendship there my friend. I had a similar experience with a girlfriend but I didn’t like it, i’m way too selective in my bisexuality for women. i’ll make sure to update you on another one of my adventures, oh please write some more, i’d love to read some updates of yours, please.

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    wow , first DEBS and now you. i can not imagine how much you are into sex. wow

    • TonieAWhore4Hubby ID:1ao7grnq

      Thanks Mat, I am a very sexual woman and I do know how lucky I am to have a husband that prefers me this way. Debs was a huge influence on me, and now that she and I can communicate directly by phone, it’s really made the last two weeks of my sexual life very freeing, very liberating. Thanks for reading,

    • Mat ID:z35zzgzfi9

      good to hear that,
      i know how sex can change the life in better way.
      talking about it and share it with someone is also good.
      for me, when i talk about an adventure like you had enough to make me feel it again.
      i wish we can chat , share more of crazy experiences together directly.
      let me know if you like.

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    Loved your story gave such a hard on you are the perfect horny women

    • TonieAWhore4Hubby ID:1ao7grnq

      Thank you so much Kiwi, I really enjoy that it turns you on. Contacting Deb almost three weeks ago, from another site, and talking to her, then meeting her in Baltimore and then in Philadelphia where we got a chance to really open up and share conversations about our experiences. If you’d like a description of any of my experiences, please let me know by posting a comment, it could be about my lesbian experiences with her in Baltimore and Philly, my bestiality experiences, sex with my husband, my orgies or my time with Dale. I will honestly describe every detail. Debs is encouraging me to write about my affair with Ben’s son for the past 3 years, tell me what you think, I ask because you said that my story turned you on. Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it.

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      Love to read about teen girls fucking & sucking stories. Send more stories. Send me yur code I would love to talk to yu directly.