Football Fever

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A married white woman volunteered to go to the out of town football playoff game to see that the kids behaved themselves and stayed out of trouble. She made a mistake and promised a...

A married white woman volunteered to go to the out of town football playoff game to see that the kids behaved themselves and stayed out of trouble. She made a mistake and promised a young black player “anything” if he scored four touchdowns during the game. Little did she know what he would ask for.

Anything to win! Winning is everything! Losers never win! All of these things and more come into play when the championship is on the line in any sport. This applies double in football in the Texas towns where footfall is king. It is easy to get caught up in the football fever and get carried away on bets, promises, overstatements and whatever. This is one of those times when the winner takes all.

Excitement was everywhere in town as our high school football team was headed to the playoffs with high hopes of winning. We were facing the only unbeaten team in our division and they were good and we were trying everything to get our players hyped up and playing above themselves. We had to win!

Hubby and I decided to volunteer to be a part of the adults who would go on the trip by bus and help with the players, cheerleaders and things. We were sort of like chaperones to see that they behaved themselves and didn’t get into trouble. The trip was an overnight trip where we had to stay two nights at a hotel and the trip promised to be a lot of fun.

I really didn’t know how much fun it was going to be. There were spontaneous things and unplanned events that took place. Innocent remarks would prove to add to my pleasure as much as winning, well perhaps winning was a part of it, and after all it was I who got carried away on some off hand comments made to one of the players. A championship game is intoxicating and one may say things they didn’t intend to. When the team wins, one will loose their head and do things they normally would not do.

Now to get on with the story. Hubby got a call from his boss at the last minute that he had a project to work on and this meant that he would not be able to go on the trip. He suggested that I continue on with the trip being that we had already reserved space and a room at the hotel and I enjoy a good football game anyway. The buss was loaded and as the seats filled up there was one seat by me when “Flash” (a player who was very fast, nicknamed Flash) arrived on the scene and decided to sit by me.

Flash was a 6′, 160-pound wide receiver, very black and had a great attitude. I was pleased he had decided to take the seat. Of course we talked about the game and Flash was saying what he was going to do and all. He said he was going to be at his best and outrun the defense and have the quarterback throw him touchdown passes.

He predicted that he would make four or more touchdowns and we would win. I got caught up in the excitement and told Flash that if he made four touchdowns and we won that I would give him anything he wanted. We high-fived on that one. He said, Miss Brenda, that is a deal, anything I want?”

“Yes,” I said, “Anything I can afford to give you.” I was thinking money and stuff.

Flash said, “I’m not going to let you down, Miss Brenda. I will make at least four touchdowns and we will win and I will think of something I want that you can afford,” as he gave a little chuckle and smiled at me. I still was not suspicious of what he might have in mind, after all, I was a married white woman old enough to be his mom, and he was a young black guy who was handsome and probably had a nice girlfriend who gave him all he needed.

These thought were not in my mind at the time, they are just my thoughts now that I recall the events of this story. I was thinking of a new CD, T-shirt, sneakers or whatever.

We checked into the hotel that afternoon, my room was very nice and spacious and only me in the room being that my husband had to cancel out at the last moment. I went to the lobby and picked up a local paper to read and there was a sports column predicting a win of 21 to 7 in favor of the local team. Flash walked up and spoke as I handed him the paper and I said, “Look at this”!

Flash read the article and remarked, “Well I now have an added incentive to win and to make those four touchdowns and baby I’m going to do it and cash in on your promise to boot.. I can taste this win already and it is going to be the sweetest one yet, one that I will remember all my life.”

“That’s a deal, Flash. You only get one chance at this game so be good and play hard Go for it. Make me pay off. It would be great to win this one, I will give anything to win,” I said in excitement not realizing I was really getting myself into hot water. I still did not realize what Flash may have been having visions of. To me it was just a lot of hype we were giving each other and me especially to get him to play hard and win the game.

Arriving at the football stadium, there was plenty of hollering, cheering, and excitement and everyone was predicting the score of the game as well as the outcome. One man said three touchdowns will win, and I told him that I already had a promise of four touchdowns. All of a sudden flash was in my mind and I could not get him out. I looked around at the young girls with their boyfriends and looked at the players on the field warming up for the game.

I was having flashbacks of my days in high school and dating and being obsessed with boys as I looked for Flash. Oh there he is I thought. Oh gee, I wish I was young again and could go meet him when he comes out of the locker room after the win and congratulate him with a big hug and kiss and maybe go out with him later, as I giggled and thought of what we might do in the car. Of course I knew those days were gone and I was now well beyond those years and being with Flash after the game was out of the question.

The game started and as the first quarter ended, the score was 7 to 7 and Flash had not scored as of yet. At the beginning of the second quarter I was watching flash as he raced down the field and was thinking of his nice young black body and watching his nice butt wiggle as he ran wishing I could feel his body next to me when suddenly I realized he had caught a ball and was crossing the goal line. “That’s great, Flash. You are the best. Three more to go and I will give you anything,” I shouted.

A black lady next to me laughed and said, “Better watch out sugar what you say, that young black stud might just decide he wants some of your sweet ass.” I was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say as I sat back down wondering if Flash would really want to sample what I had at my age.

Half time came and we were trailing 21 to 14. I had watched Flash race down the field many times without catching the football. He seemed to be well covered on most plays. I was enjoying the fantasy of being in high school again and watching my favorite player win or loose.

As the game went on and as I watched Flash, I began to have visions of what I would do with him if I were back in high school. I would be after his body for sure. OK, Brenda, stop it. This is not reality I was thinking. You are driving yourself crazy for no reason. Well, I though, it is so nice to have these little thoughts. What I would give to be in bed with this young black player? Anything?

Then it dawned on me. What if we win and Flash makes the four touchdowns. I wonder what he will ask for? Wish he would ask for my white married ass and he could join me in the big old hotel bed. Stop it Brenda! It will never happen.

It was unbelievable, but just like Flash had predicted. I watched his nice black butt race down the field two more times in the third quarter beating the defense for two touchdowns. The score as now 28 to 28, with a quarter left to play. Flash had scored three of the four he promised.

Late in the fourth quarter the opponents kicked a field goal to go ahead by three points. It looked dismal as they got the ball with only 45 seconds left to play. I looked over at the sidelines at my hero, Flash. He had a dejected look and I wanted to hug him and cheer him up and tell him he was my hero win or loose. Just then the quarterback fumbled the ball and our offense went on the field. Three plays later it was fourth down and 5 seconds on the clock when Flash broke the huddle, looked up where I was sitting and smiled.

I knew he had gotten the call. I watched intently as his young black body raced down the sideline getting behind his defender and as he crossed the goal line, caught the ball on his fingertips. He raced over in front of me and threw the ball my direction. I shouted, “You get anything you want Flash” I think he heard me as he smiled and raced off the field. WE WON! FLASH had WON as well.

I went to the dressing room area as fast as I could and met Flash as he came out and gave him a big hug and kissed him on the lips. He said, “Miss Brenda, remember that you promised me anything you could give me.”

I was wondering what it would be and was having some thoughts of what it might be, however I had to remind myself to not think too much on the matter because I was not a young chick and was likely not attractive to this young black stud who I had grown to admire in more ways than one in the last two days.

After eating and returning to the room, I found the message light was blinking so I called my message box and heard this message, “Hi Miss Brenda, This is Flash. How did you like the game? I did what I promised. I hope you will do the same. I will be over later to collect.”

Yes it had to be! He wanted me! What am I going to do? I decided that if he wanted me I was going to be ready. There was a little boutique down the street and off I went. I found some lacy, sheer black panties and bra and a sheer red gown. Oh wow! I knew I would look hot just in case. I hoped that he would not disappoint me. I went back to my room and waited and waited and waited……………….10 Pm and I heard the phone ring. I was in my sheer things with that ready for bed look Flash said, “Hi, can I come over and collect now?”

“OHHH yes, sure. I will be waiting for you Flash, Great game!”

Hearing a soft knock, I opened the door for Flash. As he came in and saw me, he said, “Wow, Miss Brenda, you look hot! I guess you are wondering what I have decided I want for making good on my promise. Hope you will not be mad at me,” as his eyes moved up and down my 5′ 9″ frame. I could see that he was suddenly in a state of sexual arousal as I looked down at the front of his white jogging suit. The bulge left little to the imagination, and little doubt that he was hot for me. I was sure he was so worked up he would not be denied even if I tried to get out of it.

“No Flash, I will not be angry, after all I did promise anything I could give you and I am sure you would not ask me for something I could not give. I hope that I have not been mistaken in my thoughts about what you might want,” I blinked my eyes and gave him a coy smile as I moved toward him, lifting my lips to meet his. Without a word more, we kissed passionately. We both came up for air breathing heavily and just looked at each other.

We both knew that we wanted each other and there was no turning back. He told me that he was thinking of me all through the game and wanted to make good on his promise so he could have this moment with me. We then wrapped our arms around each other as I told him that he had been the focus of my fantasies of being in high school again and being with him. We started kissing again as I slipped my gown off and let it drop to the floor. I was now in my sheer black panties and bra as he let his hands explore my body, kissing and breathing heavily.

I was very aware of his black manhood now at it was standing tall and erect, brushing me through his jogging suit and my panties. I wanted to see my reward for encouraging him to do his best, I reached into his pants and as I felt his rod I almost had an orgasm as I let my mind take me back to high school and I became a young girl again wanting to explore all the sexual things again.

As I let my fantasies continue, I was thinking that this is the man I want to give myself to. I want to be his. He has won me by playing so well in a hero’s game of football. I held onto his pole as I counted the touchdowns that Flash had made, one by one with a squeeze.

Flash was now feeling of my white lobes through my sheer black bra, as the nips hardened to his touch, I whispered to him, “Please unhook my bra so you can really play with your toys. He responded and as I let my bra fall to the floor, Flash started kissing my neck and kissed down to my nips and took them into his mouth one by one, sucking like a baby. I unzipped his jacket and as it went to the floor. I moved my hands all over his hairy chest gently rubbing his manly nips, and all over his back.

I slipped my hands inside his bottoms and I felt his sexy hard butt that I had watched twist and squirm all through the game, wishing I could do what I was now doing. Now they were mine for the moment! I started pulling his bottoms down to free his beautiful ebony rod. I fell to my knees and took a moment to admire this sweet young hard pole that was obviously responding to my presence. I was making it pay attention to me.

It was so beautiful and I gently kissed it and licked the clear liquid that was seeping from the seed canal. I knew that is was getting prepared to send the contents of those nice black balls deep inside my white canal when I would opened wide and welcomed all he could give. I played with his black balls thinking of the pleasure I was having and was yet to come.

Flash was moaning and pushing into my mouth. He was ready now for me and I knew that I needed to let him play some with my husband’s hairy pussy. I moved to the bed and whispered to Flash to pull my black panties off and look at the prize he had worked so hard for and had won.

He pulled my panties off as I lifted my hips. He carefully parted my lips and kissed me deeply, sending his tongue deep inside, almost making me have an orgasm knowing that a young black man was realizing a dream that only a few his age had experienced. He licked my clittie and sucked it making me squirm and moan in pleasure.

I gently pulled his head making it known that I was ready and opened my thighs inviting him to do the final act so important to a man, that of planting their seed. Flash was so sexed up now that he was up and into me in a “FLASH.” He soon was pumping hard and fast as I met every stroke with a thrust as I moved my hips in a circular motion seeking all he had to give. We were both breathing hard and tugging and pulling and holding on for all it was worth as we exploded at the same time.

I laid there as I felt his black rod pumping and throbbing and spurting the contents of his back balls deep inside my husband’s private place. My canal was having spasms pulling the seed toward their final destination as I had a huge orgasm caused by my young black stud as he planted his black seed deep in his white prize. The only one that could welcome another into my husband’s playpen was I and I wanted Flash and now I had him.

I was so pleased and satisfied. I was glad that I had promised “anything I could give.” I was young again, at least young enough to have and please a horny young black guy who had the ‘hots’ for me and was playing so hard to win his reward, ME!

We laid there without a word for a long time holding and gently moving our hands over each other, giving a little peck to one another now and then. Flash finally spoke up and said, “Just thought you might like to know, you are my first white woman, and you have really pleased me. I am sure happy that we won. I knew it would be good but didn’t know it was this good. Just think what I would have missed,” and he chuckled.

I responded, “Yes, Flash, I didn’t know that this was in my promise originally but I am glad you thought it was. Of course if we had not won, we may not have ever know this moment. You have really made this a memorable win! It makes me feel really special to know that you were playing hard to win…to get ME.”

I laid there remembering every detail of the evening, as I moved my hand down between my legs and felt Flashe’s black seed as they over flowed covering my lips and making my pubic hair matt and feel guey. I was wishing that we could do this another time, well maybe we can…

I was soon asleep and when I woke, Flash was not in the room. Thank goodness he knew to go back to his room so we would not be found out and get into trouble, after all I was supposed to keep an eye on the students and see that they behaved themselves. What do you expect when adults think they’re teenagers again?


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