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The Hangover Part 1

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Previous: 6 People, 2 Dogs, The Final Chapter… for this part (Parts 1 & 2)

My dogs are also included, but, my friends are new to it, so technically, it is something different. Hope you enjoy my story!

The Next day after the 24th (Friday, Snow day. I brought my 5 friends over the day before, considering the school knew about severe snow. My parents went on vacation 2 days earlier, and were to return the next 2 days), we had a conversation about our dreams. Mine was re-imagining what happened the previous day. The others had the same thought. Then, we all took showers, then went to the bedroom, where the dogs were sleeping. Ken brings up an idea: Go back to sleep until they some up. When they did, both of them went to the door, because they had to pee. Afterward, they follow me back up, and to a weird surprise, everyone else is awake, naked, with Daniel saying, “Let’s do it again, plleeaaassseee?!” I immediately said, “Round 2 is now!” They, especially the girls actually, were so happy to hear so. Daniel wants all of us in the room. We all agree. Maxine then strips her clothing, exposing it for Chomp. Angela strips them for Ken & Daniel. Angelina strips them for me, & Scott. Angelina, then, just spears me down, holds me tight, but easy, and then, basically, Angela does the same thing to the other boys. Maxine goes on all 4’s. Angelina strips my clothing top to bottom, & just pulls me, & Scott, under my bed sheets, and we take a fun adventure. Maxine & Chomp were just over us, which Angelina was actually happy about. I could feel the dog cum drop from Maxine’s pussy, as she moans in more excitement. Angelina felt it too, then says to Maxine, “How’s it going up there?” Maxine moans, “SO GREAT, OOHHHH!” I reply, “Having a good time?” She replied, “YES, THANK YOU FOR THIS, OOHHHH, OHH!” Ken & Daniel said the same. Speaking of which, Daniel was covering Angela, with Ken going low, licking her pussy. Angela rolled over, which caused Daniel to bump on my left side of my arm. It was a funny moment. Chomp knotted Maxine, then, she pulled away the sheets, grabbed Angelina, and started kissing her. I leaned up, and started thrusting my cock into her pussy. Scott came up, and started mounting me. He thrusted faster, & faster. Finally, with 35 seconds, he knotted. Angelina scooped out, and started sucking my cock. She went higher, started kissing my mouth, locked lips again. Then, she went higher, and exposed her pussy to Scott. At this time, Chomp un-knotted Maxine, after 29 minutes, then, took a 1 minute break. During that, Angelina rolled Maxine over, then went to her pussy, and sucked it. Maxine started to cum. The girls then made out. Chomp came back over, and pulled them over to him, but went for Angelina this time. Maxine crawled over to Angela, and the boys, and went over Ken. Angela showed off her big boobs to Daniel. Daniel asked me, “How long has Scott been knotted to you?” I replied, “About 13 minutes. I expect a lot more.” Daniel says, “Just 13?” I said, “yeah, actually.” Angela says, flirtatiously, “I’m waiting!” Daniel jumps over, then plays with Angela. At the same time, Chomp knots Angelina, who moans loudly after feeling that pop, again. Angelina tells me, “Angela actually wants pregnancy with 1 of your dogs!!” I replied, “She has to keep doing it in order!” Angela hears me, replying, “Will do, *moans!!” I gighle, but, Angelina pulls my face over, and we kiss, again. I get un-knotted 31 minutes later, lasting 44 minutes. She gets un-knotted 8 minutes later, lasted 37 minutes with Chomp. I said “STOP, I have a better idea: Why not do this for almost the entire day?” They said, “YES!!!” 7 hours later, filled with dog cum, human cum, kiss marks, etc., We get our 2nd meal that Angela prepared, and re-filled the dogs’ bowlks for me, sweetly. Once done, we go back up. This is at 4:25 PM, and then, we have a 8-way, all in 1 bed. Scott went for Angela, Chomp went for Ken, Angelina went for Daniel, & Maxine went for me. The 2 pairs with the inclusion of dogs are over the sheets, the pairs without are below the sheets. Maxine rolls all over me, bouncing her butt up & down, left-right. “She asks me, “Are you enjoying the view?” Angelina says, “Don’t get too comfortable, *giggles” Maxine also giggles. 7 hours later, after more of the same things, it’s 11:00 PM. That’s it for that day, but, there was also the next say! A new one cumming (coming) up!

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    *Day, not say. My word suggestions are done! Anyways, i hope you enjoyed Part 1!