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Part 4: 6 People, 2 Dogs, The Final Chapter… of this part.

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Part 1: Losing My Virginity to a Great Dane & Boxer!

Part 2: An Awkward Re-encounter with my Great Dane & Boxer!

Part 3: My Dogs Strike Again!

Part 4: Feb. 24, 2017:

The Final Chapter:

It was February Vacation, which was another time to relax! I was 14 and almost 7 months old. I had my friends over (Angelina, Angela, Maxine (females), Ken, & Daniel (males)). Angelina has natural breasts, with a bubble butt (age 14, 5 months at this time), Angela is a virgin, with a desire for sex, with big breasts (age 14, 5 months at this time), Maxine is a flirtatious girl, who is bisexual, and is very beautiful (age 14, 3 months at this time), Ken is, like me, a kind human being, but, is also a bisexual as well (age 15, 7 months at this time), and Daniel is the same way, kind, but, when he’s turned on, he expects everyone to get ready (age 14, almost 6 and a half months old at this time). The girls admired my dogs, where they always play around with them when they come over. Out of the blue, Angelina & Angela talk to me, in private, asking if it could be possible that they could be f-ed by the dogs. I’m surprised to hear so, as they squeal in excitement, and I say “I’ll show you something first”. The safety precautions, of possible diseases. They’re also healthy, so are my dogs, so, i agree to this. Maxine, and the boys are in the living room, chatting. I bring the 2 girls & dogs up to my room, and then once there, i also tell them that 1. I’ve experienced them 6 times, 3 said, 3 not said, because the 3 said are my biggest ones. Anyways, 2. That they have a bulbus glandis, a knot that locks inside their pussy. They are concerned, but, they still want to. They then call me over, and I go “Wait, what?”, then I do so, and the girls pull me down, turns me face up, and start kissing me. I grab them, joining along, then, they invite the dogs over, and pull their undies down. Scott took Angela, Chomp took Angelina. They soon, weirdly, go mouth to mouth with the dogs, moaning in pleasure, without remorse. They do the same to me, but then, they take my cloths off, and Angelina sucks my cock. Angela turns over, and lip-locks (kiss) me like,there’s no tomorrow. Scott knots Angela, and she moans loudly. A minute and a half later, Chomp knots Angelina, who moans the same amount of loud. At this time, The 3 others were approaching my room. They go in, and their jaws dropped, i mean, dropped. Their reaction was priceless, lol! Anyways, i try to explain, but, Ken cuts me off, then walks over, and joins the fun. The other 2 did the same, and here’s how it went: Daniel-Angela (after un-knotted by Scott), Ken-Chomp (after un-knotting Angelina), Me-Angelina, Scott-Maxine.
We all went to different rooms. I stayed in the bedroom, D & A went to my parents room (another vacation), K & C went to the bathroom, and S & M went to the guest bedroom. For my story then, Me and Angelina had so much sex, moaning, etc, it felt like we made a baby, and was in a 1 hour porn movie, but no, that baby part did not happen. We then went to 2 different group: Me, Angelina, Scott, and Chomp – Ken, Daniel, Angela, & Maxine. My dogs gave us, especially Angelina, the pounding of our lives. While we were knotted, we did what, i assume, no one ever did before: Have dog cum in our pussies, were knotted with dogs (for 55 minutes (me) & 58 (Angela)), and a human making out with another human, at the same time!! It was the best of the best i’ve ever went through. Angelina, and the others, think the same!! Angelina & Angela are sisters, and i’m Angelina’s GF! We all did it again, but in less timing, and in different groups.
It was a HUGE blast!! Please let me know what you thought, and I do have stories with my GF, and I still have love with my pets. We are all good friends. We didn’t say a word, especially to parents, so, i place all of the stories here!

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      I love it and want to join in . Yummy

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    I always love a good fucking from my mastiff, myself! I think part two of this story was more enjoying! It made me want to do it with my dog!

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      Can I come over and help

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      Me to

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    The movie (porn) part did not happen, as well.