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Wife Pays for Husband’s Shortcomings – Chapter 1

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Jane Marlow was fretting over the monthly bills scattered on her desk. She scratched her head as she stared at the credit card statement. The amount owed was huge, and it was getting bigger each month as the interest piled onto their new charges. Frustrated, she tossed the statement aside and opened the next envelop. It was the mortgage. The house that her husband talked her into building was gorgeous, but much too large and extravagant for their means. When she had complained to her husband about the large mortgage it would take to afford the house he laughed and said she worried too much. And now she was comparing her current bills with her checkbook balance. She was definitely worrying.

When all the bills were paid, Jane sighed a false sense of relief. At least she made it through another month. Jane promised herself that she would put her foot down and tell her husband that they had to be more prudent. If nothing else, the credit card balance had to be brought to zero. The interest the bank charged was usury. But Jane knew her husband wouldn’t agree. He always said, “Let’s live for today, who knows what tomorrow will bring.” If Jane only knew how prophetic her husband’s statement was she would have felt even more anxious.

Other than the financial stress, Jane’s life was perfect. She loved her husband, and he did earn a sizable salary. She and her two children had everything they wanted. But there was nothing in their savings for a “rainy day.” Thinking about her children brought a smile to her face. Nineteen year old Mark was in college and doing well. Jenny, a year younger than her brother, would be graduating from high school this year and moving on to college. When Jane thought about a new set of college bills, the smile faded. Tuition and books were so expensive. At least Mark commuted from home, and Jenny was planning to do the same.

With the realization of Jenny going to college fresh on her mind, Jane was more determined to confront her husband on his recklessness. She only bothered him at work when it was an emergency, but this was an emergency. The distraught wife and mother dialed her husband.

“This is Ira Marlow. I can’t come to the phone right now so, at the beep…”

Jane slammed the phone down. “If he’s working late, why isn’t he at his desk?” she muttered to herself.

What Jane didn’t know was that her husband wasn’t working late like he had told her. In fact, it was his usual lie. Ira Marlow had another problem. He liked to gamble. At that very moment he was at the race track tearing up yet another losing ticket of a long shot that was accurately handicapped.

By the time Ira returned home Jane wasn’t as mad. And when she brought up the subject, her charming husband’s smile diffused any lingering anger. She loved him and knew he loved her. So what if he was extravagant? After all, a lot of it was spent on her and the children. And he worked so hard to provide the luxuries — like that very night.

“Shhh, the kids are in their rooms,” Jane whispered when her husband became frisky.

“So, I can’t fuck my wife?”

“Ira Marlow! Watch your language!”

“You know, someday I’m gonna have it out with your parents,” Ira said only half jokingly. “They raised a prude, you know.”

“That’s not funny. I’m not a prude.”

Ira looked at his beautiful wife — long dark hair, big eyes, high cheekbones, pale flawless skin, firm breasts with nipples that got real long, thin waist, full hips, round butt, and a model’s thin but curvy legs. His fingers traced the sensitive skin of her belly, unbelievably flat even after two pregnancies.

“Okay, let’s just say you’re conservative.”

“What does that mean?” Jane replied in a huff.

Ira was sorry he started this conversation. His wife was a prude when it came to making love and being sexy. She dressed conservatively and wasn’t adventurous in bed. Kissing, stroking, and fucking in the missionary position was acceptable to her. Occasionally, if Ira came up from behind, he could enter her that way — from behind, not in her behind. She complained that it was demeaning and she felt like an animal doing it that way, but sometimes gave in to her husband’s persistence. Early in their marriage Ira tried going down on her, but Jane went ballistic. She thought that area was dirty and couldn’t understand why he wanted to put his mouth there. When he suggested she use her mouth on him, Jane actually locked herself in the bathroom. He never asked again.

“Well, why do you say I’m conservative?” Jane continued. “Because I’m not a slut?”

“Let’s forget it.”

“No, you brought it up so I want to hear what you mean.”

“Well, you don’t try new things when it comes to sex.”

“I do my duty,” Jane said indignantly. “I’m a good wife and gave you two children.”

“I’m sorry, you’re right,” Ira relented. He tried to continue where they had left off when the argument began.

“I’m not in the mood anymore,” Jane said pushing his hand off her breast and getting out of bed. She put her nightgown on and climbed under the covers. “Give me a kiss goodnight.”

Ira understood his wife’s tone of voice and leaned over, giving her a peck on the lips. Jane rolled over, facing away from him, and closed her eyes. Ira went into the bathroom and jerked off, wondering why, after 20 years of marriage, he didn’t know better than to bring that subject up.

* * * *

Jane sat in the living room with the TV on, but she wasn’t watching it. She kept wringing her hands in her lap wondering what Ira’s boss wanted. Mr. Jones had called and asked if he could come over. He said it was very important. Jane thought it odd that her husband’s boss wanted to speak to her while Ira was away on business. To make matters worse, Mr. Jones always made Jane uncomfortable. He was a large domineering man, vulgar by Jane’s standards, but what could she say? Mr. Jones said he needed to talk to her… that it was important… and he was her husband’s boss. She was so engrossed in her thoughts and fretting over what Mr. Jones wanted to talk about that she jumped when the doorbell rang.

Jane rushed to the door and let the large man into her house. She led him to the living room where he sat down on the couch. Jane looked around and decided to sit on a chair. She sat upright, with her knees together and her hands in her lap. Jane anxiously waited for her husband’s boss to speak.

“How have you been?” Joe Jones asked.

Jane was surprised by the courteous question. The coarse man never seemed to be well-mannered. Her only contact with him was at company functions, so maybe he had always put on a rough front during those to impress people. Maybe she had judged him incorrectly. Jane felt more at ease and relaxed her clenched fists.

“Fine, thank you. And how about you and your lovely wife?” Jane answered in her most friendly voice.

“Just fine… and the missus too.” Jane saw Mr. Jones’ facial features harden and she felt nervous again. “You must be wondering why I wanted to see you?”

“Yes, I was kind of surprised by your call… especially with Ira out of town and all.”

“It’s better if he’s not here. I want to talk to you about him.”

“About Ira? Whatever could you want to talk about?”

“First, are you aware of your husband’s gambling problem?”

Jane was stunned, but after a few moments of uneasy silence she said, “Ira doesn’t have a gambling problem. He doesn’t even gamble.”

Mr. Jones opened the briefcase he had brought and pulled out a manila envelop. He blew into the open end to separate it, and thumbed through some sheets of paper, removing several. When he spread them out on the coffee table Jane saw that they were photographs. She sat silent.

“Look at these,” Mr. Jones said.

To Jane it sounded like an order which didn’t sit well with her. But she was now curious so she got up and took the few steps to the coffee table. She stared at a series of photographs of her husband at the race track, sometimes making a bet, sometimes tearing up his losing tickets, sometimes just with the horses in the background. Some of the other photographs were of Ira playing cards in a smoky room with what looked to Jane like a bunch of seedy men.

“Where’d you get these?” a perplexed Jane asked.

“That’s not important. You see, we’ve been investigating Ira.”

“What! Why?”

“I’m getting to that. Our auditors uncovered a large amount of theft so we began our investigation. After a thorough investigation, all wrongdoing pointed at Ira. So we had a private investigator, um, watch him.”

“They must be wrong. Ira wouldn’t steal. And Ira doesn’t gamble,” the exasperated woman said, feeling tears well up in her eyes.

“Well, as you can see, your husband does gamble.” Mr. Jones then partly pulled out more papers from the manila envelop and fanned them. “And I have the proof that he’s been stealing from us as well.”

Shocked, Jane sat open-mouthed listening to the accusations. All of a sudden the room began to spin and then went dark. When Jane opened her eyes she was lying on the couch with Mr. Jones standing over her.

“Would you like a drink of water?” the large man asked.

“What happened? Oh god, I remember. It can’t be. Ira isn’t like that. What are you going to do?”

“That’s why I’m here,” Joe Jones said. “I have a proposition for you.”

“For me? What can I do?”

Jane saw a wicked smile spread across Mr. Jones’ face. “Well, Mrs. Marlow… can I call you Jane?” When she nodded he continued. “Jane, you can help your husband out… your family too. I have enough evidence to send Ira to prison for a long time. During the investigation we looked into your personal finances.” Mr. Jones raised his hand to silence Jane. “Yeah, yeah, I know that’s illegal, but I’ll swear on a stack of bibles that we never did it. I’m just telling you because I want you to fully understand your situation. From what we found, you spend extravagantly.”

“No, Ira does!” Jane cried out in self-defense.

“My apologies, I stand corrected. Your husband spends recklessly. And, along with his gambling debts, I’m afraid you cannot afford for him to lose his job and go to prison.”

“My god, will that happen?! We’d lose the house! My children… what will happen to them?”

“Okay, that’s why I’m here. I’m not a vindictive man. I was very angry when I found out Ira was stealing from me. But then I remembered you and… well, I have a proposition for you.”

“What do you mean… a proposition?”

“Would you like to keep Ira from losing his job and going to prison?”

“Of course.”

“What would you be willing to do for that to happen?”


Of course Jane meant she’d somehow pay Mr. Jones back, even if she had to scrub floors to do it. So she was shocked when he continued.

“I’m glad you feel that way. You know, you are a very pretty woman.”

“Thank you, but can we please stay on the topic.”

“That’s exactly what I’m doing. If you want to help your family, listen carefully to what I have to say. I am a very wealthy man so I can forget about the money your husband stole from me if… if you are nice to me.”

“Mr. Jones, when have I ever not been nice to you?”

“Jane, you’ve been very polite to me. But I’m talking about being nice to me. Do you know what that means?”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t. I’m quite upset right now and not thinking clearly. You have stunned me and I guess I’m a little confused. What are you talking about?”

“Okay, I’ll be more straightforward. If you want me to forget about what your husband did, I expect you to have sex with me.”

Jane’s mouth opened and her hand covered it. The color from her face drained and she sat in the chair trembling. When she finally controlled her astonishment she yelled, “Get out of my house!”

Mr. Jones very carefully replaced the photographs in the manila envelop and put it in his briefcase. He slammed the briefcase shut so loudly that Jane jumped, then he stood up. Mr. Jones spun around and began walking towards the door. After about 10 feet he stopped and looked over his shoulder.

“This offer won’t be repeated,” Mr. Jones said. “If I walk out of this house without you accepting my offer the police will be notified immediately.”

Jane leapt from the chair yelling, “Wait! Please stop!” Jane was in turmoil. Her body was shaking and she couldn’t think. She didn’t know what to do. Jane blurted out, “Okay, you win.”

“Does that mean you’ll do whatever I say?”

Jane hesitated and then said in a low voice with her eyes lowered, “Yes, I don’t have a choice.”

“Good. Then let’s see what I’m getting.” Mr. Jones sat back on the couch and waited. When Jane stood motionless he ordered, “Strip.”

Jane’s shaking hands began unbuttoning her blouse. She saw the man’s eyes staring at her covered breasts, waiting for them to be exposed. She wanted to stop, but continued until her blouse was open and then slowly removed the garment. Her white bra was now all that covered her breasts from the leering man. She reached behind her back and unclasped it. With her bra hanging loosely in front of her breasts, Jane lost her nerve and wasn’t able to fully expose herself. She left the bra dangling, covering most of her breasts, while she opened her pants. After first kicking off her sandals, Jane leaned over to push her pants down. This caused the bra to fall away from her body, exposing her breasts to Mr. Jones. She pressed the bra to her chest while pushing her pants down with her other hand.

Joe Jones was enjoying the show. It was obvious to him how embarrassed the woman was, which added to his pleasure. When her tits came out of her bra he saw the long nipples, which he assumed was stiffened from the cool air. While Jane struggled to step out of her pants, using only one hand, Mr. Jones kept his eyes locked on her panties. They were plain white cotton panties, but even that added to his excitement. Evidently the woman undressing before him was modest. He surmised correctly that he was the only man, other than her husband, to see her in her underwear.

Jane stood trembling. She was standing almost completely naked in front of her husband’s boss. One hand was holding her loose bra to her breasts and the other was covering her crotch. In one quick motion she pulled the bra off and covered her now naked breasts with her hand. Then she froze.

Mr. Jones stared at the immobile woman enjoying her discomfort. But after a while he got impatient. He opened the briefcase and waved the manila envelop at Jane. She understood what he was implying and took a deep breath for courage. Jane pushed her panties down and off as quickly as she could, knowing her privates were visible until her hand returned to cover it. She was standing completely naked, trying her best to cover her tits and pussy.

“Put your arms at your sides,” Mr. Jones said coldly.

Jane knew this was the moment of truth. Could she display her nude body to the man? She thought of the consequence of not doing it and complied. Standing at attention, Jane was showing her body to a man other than her husband. She hated seeing the wanton look in his eyes as he scanned her nudity.

“Turn around… slowly,” Mr. Jones said.

Jane did as ordered, turning away from Mr. Jones, showing him her ass. Then she kept turning until she once again faced him.

“I didn’t mean all the way around,” he said.

Jane once again turned, but this time stopping with her back to him. The room was silent and it was even more painful not to be able to see him… to know what he was doing. For the modest wife and mother it seemed like an eternity.

“Spread your legs,” Mr. Jones said. “Good. Now bend at the waist and look at me from between your legs.”

Jane gasped when she saw the upside down figure. His pants and underwear were off and his hard cock was sticking up. Not only was it hard, but Mr. Jones’ cock looked much bigger — longer and thicker — than her husband’s thin five-incher. She was also very aware that her pussy was exposed, and the cool air told her that her pussy-lips had parted. No one, not even her husband, had ever viewed her genitals like that.

When Mr. Jones told her to come over to him, Jane gratefully stood up. But when she was standing next to him, totally naked, she blushed from embarrassment. Jane jumped back when Mr. Jones’ hand went between her legs.

“Get back over here and spread your legs.”

Jane shuffled back to the couch and did as she was told. When Mr. Jones’ hand slipped between her legs she tensed, but didn’t back away. She felt a finger push into her pussy.

“You’re dry. Rub your clit so you get lubricated.”

Jane didn’t know how much more humiliation she could take. Her husband’s boss had a finger inside her and told her to masturbate. Jane had learned to masturbate when she was a teenager. She had been taking a bath and washing her pussy. It felt good so she continued rubbing the top of it until her body shuddered in an orgasm. It became a regular bath time ritual until she learned in church that it was masturbation and a sin. Since then she had refrained from providing herself that pleasure. And now a stranger was telling her to do it in front of him.

Jane located her clit with her forefinger and began a slow rubbing motion. The embarrassed woman felt the man’s finger slightly moving in and out of her pussy while she masturbated for him. Jane didn’t know which was more embarrassing — when his eyes were staring at her finger or her face. Soon she felt the finger inside her moving more, now sliding in and out with ease as her natural lubricants were released.

Mr. Jones removed his finger and said, “Get on my lap.”

Jane was glad when he withdrew his finger and she was able to stop masturbating. As ladylike as possible, Jane sat on Mr. Jones’ lap sideways with her knees together, but was quickly told to straddle him. She stood up and lifted a knee across his lap and sat. She glanced down and saw his hard cock pointing up at her.

Mr. Jones smiled when he saw Jane quickly avert her eyes and said, “Put it inside you.”

“Please, I can’t do that. I’m married. It’s a sin,” Jane whined.

“Do it or else…”

Jane knew she didn’t have a choice. She shifted on Mr. Jones’ lap trying to impale herself on his cock without touching it. But it was a futile attempt. She gave in and grabbed his cock, angling it downward. Rising up a bit, Jane guided the hard dick to her opening and sat down. She felt his big, thick cock slide into her pussy. Then it was completely inside her as she sat on her husband’s boss’ lap while he stared at her.

Mr. Jones’ hands rose to Jane’s breasts, rubbing and squeezing them. His fingers found her nipples and pulled and twisted them. Jane was humiliated when they grew to their full size. She had always been embarrassed of her long nipples and hated it when they got large under her clothes for all to see. But now it was happening a foot away from the leering eyes of her husband’s boss, and it wasn’t the cold that was causing it. She tried to will them down, but to no avail.

Mr. Jones’ hands released her breasts, only to be replaced by his mouth. While he sucked on one tit, Jane felt his hands cup her ass, pulling her up and then pushing her down. After switching to her other breast, spending a lot of time on her nipple, Mr. Jones pulled his face away and extended his arms to his sides over the back of the couch.

“Now fuck me,” he ordered.

Jane couldn’t believe the shame, but she did as she was told. She realized she needed leverage so she put her hands on Mr. Jones’ shoulders and lifted up. When she thought his cock would slip out if she went any further, Jane reversed direction, sitting back down on his lap. Then she lifted up again.

Jane was fucking her husband’s boss. She was the one moving, although Mr. Jones would occasionally thrust his hips up to meet one of Jane’s downward movements. But it was she who was doing most of the work. She was fucking him! That was humiliating enough, but she was further shamed by the feeling inside her pussy. She had never felt so full and her sensitive nerve endings were letting her know how good it felt. Soon, her up and down movements became faster.

Mr. Jones watched the woman’s face change. It started off with a great deal of shame and emotional pain, but soon turned to lust. He knew she was enjoying his cock. It’s not that she wanted to fuck him, but her body was reaching pleasure from the coupling in spite of the fact that she was being forced against her will to do it.

Mr. Jones brought one hand between their bodies and located Jane’s clit. When he began rubbing it, Jane’s eyes got real big and stared at him in shock. But she kept moving up and down on his cock, and he kept rubbing her clit. Soon he felt her fingernails dig into his shoulders and then she began moving up and down so fast that his finger lost contact with her clit. Jane let out a moan, and her body came to rest. She had climaxed.

Mr. Jones waited for Jane to open her eyes and then he saw her blush when the recognition came to her. He told her to continue, so Jane once again began fucking him. Mr. Jones had waited for Jane to climax, but now only wanted his own orgasm. He grabbed Jane’s buttocks and guided her up and down his cock. He forcefully pulled her down onto his lap, jerking his hips up while holding her in place. Then he erupted.

Jane sat on her husband’s boss’ lap feeling his hot sperm enter her pussy. She felt so violated, but was even more disturbed that she had climaxed. Jane felt Mr. Jones’ cock throbbing inside her, spurting sperm into her. Although she had been forced to do it, it was still adultery. Thankfully she was on the Pill.

Jane sat in embarrassed silence while Mr. Jones recovered from his orgasm. She felt his cock shrink and then slip out while she sat on his thighs. In her spread position, Jane immediately felt the sperm leak from her gaping pussy as soon as the cock vacated it. But she was afraid to move, not knowing how her blackmailer would react. Only after Mr. Jones opened his eyes and smiled at her did he push her off his lap to the side.

Breathing hard, Mr. Jones said, “I’m glad we came to an agreement. As long as you continue to please me your husband will stay out of jail.”

Jane watched her husband’s boss put his clothes back on and stand up. She sat on the couch, not even thinking to cover her nudity. After all, she had just fucked the man and he had cum inside her. What difference did it make now if he saw her naked? Without uttering another word, Mr. Jones put the manila envelop into his briefcase and walked out of the house.

Chapter 2

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    A really nice story.
    Nice to know that there is a wife and mother willing to do what needs to be done to save her husband and lifestyle. Now, hopefully she can finally be a good loving wife to her husband as well.
    It always saddens me whenever I hear of a spouse that is unwilling or uninterested in having a good sexual relationship with the person that they married. Often some other person wakes them up sexually. Hopefully this boss will wake her up to the joys of sex, and she can become a good loving wife for her husband.

  • Reply Horneolman ID:4glp076id

    I loved the story right from the start. She did what was necessary to save not only her husband from prison but to save possibly her house and have money for other things. That is what a wife does to help out if she needs to. My ex sold herself a few times so we would have enough money to cover some bills as well as to get the thrill of having sex with someone different.

    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1cxk7pjngtnf

      Nice story…

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    It’s really amazing.
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    Some times you have to do to keep family together. My Husband got laid off,we were about to lose our house. I knew a few guys that wanted me and I was able to pay some bills, but losing the house was way more than I could sell myself for. There was one black guy who keep talking about our teen daughter. I finally told my daughter what I was doing. She understood and she wanted to help.
    Long story short I watch as this guy took her virginity. Our house was saved.
    My husband never knew ,he is back to work.
    But my daughter and I keep selling ourselves for raining day fund

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