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Wife Pays for Husband’s Shortcomings – Chapter 2

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Chapter 1… Jane sat in stunned silence for at least 10 minutes after Mr. Jones had left. Then she looked between her legs at the wetness on the couch where his sperm was leaking from her pussy. She jumped up and cupped her crotch with both hands, holding in the rest. With her hands between her legs, Jane wobbled to her bathroom and took a long, hot shower. She felt dirtier than she had ever felt in her entire life.

At dinner, Jane felt like her two children were able to tell she had committed adultery. At one point Jenny even asked her mother if something was wrong. Jane blushed and looked away. When she turned back both her children were staring at her. She told them everything was fine and she just missed their dad. Jane received the cutest smile from Jenny; Mark simply stabbed another chunk of steak and stuffed it into his mouth.

The next day, the children left for their respective schools and Jane tidied the kitchen. She took her morning shower and was about to blow dry her hair when the doorbell rang. She muttered something under her breath, threw on a robe, and ran to the door. Her hand covered her open mouth when she saw Joe Jones standing there.

“Now that’s convenient,” Mr. Jones said, nodding at Jane’s attire. “That should save some time.”

“Please, I have to dry my…”

Mr. Jones ignored Jane’s outburst and pushed past her into the house. She stood still, stunned at her husband’s boss’ presence so soon.

“If you don’t want your neighbors gossiping I suggest you close the door,” Mr. Jones said with a smirk. Jane quickly slammed the door shut. “That’s better. Now let’s see what you have on under that robe.”

“Mr. Jones, I would like to talk about this. I’ve been thinking and I know I can pay you back with interest. I’m sure we can come to an agreement that…”

“Jane, my dear, I expect you to pay me back… with interest. We already came to an agreement. Have you forgotten already?”

“But I can’t…”

“Yes you can. You proved you could yesterday. Let’s not waste any more time. Take off that robe.”

Jane was at a loss. Mr. Jones had already seen her naked and fucked her. She relented and opened the robe, letting it fall off her shoulders and slide silently down her nude body. She made up her mind that Mr. Jones was going to fuck her, so the sooner she got it over with the sooner he’d be gone.

Mr. Jones put his hands on Jane’s upper arms and held her at arm’s length. His eyes scanned up and down her body and then came to rest on her face. She wanted to turn away, but knew that would anger him so she stared into his eyes. They were eyes filled with lust. Then he pulled her towards him and pressed his lips against hers.

Jane jumped back. She didn’t expect something as intimate as a kiss. Jane expected him to use her body, not do anything as personal as kissing her. Mr. Jones pulled her to him again, more roughly this time. His right arm held her close causing her naked breasts to rub against his shirt. His other hand was at the back of her head, pressing her mouth to his. She felt his tongue pushing against her lips and parted them. Jane had to do whatever her husband’s boss wanted, so when his tongue began exploring her mouth she met it with her own tongue. For some reason this seemed more like cheating than fucking did. Fucking was a basic animal instinct, but kissing was something that humans in love did. Those thoughts passed through Jane’s mind while Mr. Jones smashed his mouth against hers, their tongues doing the dance of lovers… but they were not lovers.

When Mr. Jones pulled away, Jane found herself breathing hard. The kiss had been a very passionate one and, although she didn’t feel even warmth towards her husband’s boss, it took a lot out of her. In a daze-like state, Mr. Jones led Jane through her house by her hand. It wasn’t until he had located her bedroom did she realize where she was. This was the room she shared with her husband. Mr. Jones sat her down on her marital bed. She stared dumbly while Mr. Jones removed his clothes.

When Mr. Jones was naked, Jane again noticed how much bigger his cock was than her husband’s. She involuntarily clenched her vagina muscles when she remembered how it had filled her. But she quickly rid that thought from her mind. She had hated what Mr. Jones had made her do. Any pleasure she received from it was not emotional, just her body responding. It was her body, not her, that had succumbed. After all, it’s a person’s soul that makes them a human being. And she and Ira were soul mates. Her love belonged to her husband, not the blackmailer standing before her.

Jane came out of her deep, painful thoughts when Mr. Jones stepped up to her. He used his legs to push her knees apart and got even closer. Jane was now very close to the big cock that had consumed her thoughts a moment before.

“Put it in your mouth.”

Jane looked up at the man in shock. “Oh no, I can’t.”

“Sure you can… and you will.”

“Please, you didn’t say anything about doing that!”

“What the fuck did you expect? C’mon, suck my cock.”

“I’ll be sick. My god, I just can’t.”

Mr. Jones stared at the woman in disbelief, her face pale with fright. He knew she wasn’t acting. It actually scared her to do what he had said.

“Are you telling me you’ve never had a cock in your mouth?”

“Never! That’s disgusting!”

“Well, well. Ira doesn’t know what he’s been missing. Too bad for him it’ll be my cock you taste first. Now open your mouth and suck my cock!”

Jane panicked. She was sure she’d be sick if she did what Mr. Jones insisted. Instinct took over. Jane scooted back on the bed and obscenely spread her legs with her knees up.

“Do what you did yesterday. I know you’ll like it.”

“You want me to fuck you?” Mr. Jones said with a smirk.

Jane couldn’t believe her reply, “Yes.”

Mr. Jones grabbed Jane’s ankles and pulled her back to the edge of the bed. He yanked her into a sitting position by her hair. Jane let out a yelp from the pain, her hands going to her head. Mr. Jones didn’t let go though. With his fingers entwined in Jane’s hair, Mr. Jones pulled her face to his crotch and rubbed it on his cock. Jane felt the warm flesh all over her face, even on her lips and closed eyelids. When Mr. Jones finally released Jane’s head she opened her eyes and saw that his cock had stiffened a little and looked even more ominous.

“Now suck my cock!”

“I can’t.”

“We had a deal. Are you backing out on it?”

“You said you wanted to have sex with me. You never said you wanted me to do perverted stuff.”

“First of all, a blowjob isn’t perverted.” Mr. Jones held up his hand to silence Jane. “Look, I don’t know what planet you grew up on, but sex is much more than fucking. The deal was you would do whatever I want. That includes sucking my cock and a whole lot of other things. I should walk out right now and go to the police, but I really think you didn’t understand. So, I’ll make myself clear. I expect you to do whatever and everything I tell you to, whether you think it’s perverted or disgusting or anything else that you don’t like. Jane, think carefully before you answer. Your future… and your family’s future are at stake. You have one more chance of keeping Ira out of jail and financial ruin of your family. Do we have an understanding? Wait, I’ll be clearer. Will you do whatever I tell you to do, no matter what?”

Jane couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks. It was the first time in her life she wanted to be dead. But even killing herself wouldn’t help. Her family would still suffer. She looked up at Mr. Jones’ face, then averted her eyes. They came to rest on his cock, now back to its limp state. Her eyes locked on his again and then she painfully nodded her concurrence.

“No, I want to hear you say it,” Mr. Jones said. “I don’t want any disagreements later.”

“I agree.”

“Be more specific.”

“I will do whatever you say. I will do anything you tell me to.”

“And what are you going to do right now?”

Jane’s vocal cords froze and the knot in her stomach felt like it would turn her inside out. But she was beginning to understand her husband’s boss and knew what he expected of her.

“I will suck your c-cock,” she said, her lower lip trembling and her head hanging in shame.

Jane looked up and saw her Mr. Jones standing with his hands on his hips. He looked like the arrogant man she disliked. Jane knew he didn’t have patience so she lifted her shaking hand and took hold of his cock in her fingertips. While moving her head forward, Jane lifted the cock to her lips. She opened her mouth and was about to put it inside when Mr. Jones stopped her.

“Kiss it first.”

Jane’s watery eyes rose to see Mr. Jones staring down at her, smirking. She looked back at the piece of meat in her fingers and saw another eye. At least that’s how she saw the piss-slit, another arrogant eye looking at her. She puckered her lips and planted a kiss on the spongy head of her husband’s boss’ cock.

“Now lick it.”

Jane looked up again. Would her shame never end? Her eyes returned to the cock in her hand and then she licked the part above her fingers. When she saw the stern look on Mr. Jones’ face she knew he wasn’t satisfied. She licked his cock again and again, adjusting her grip as it began to grow.

“Now suck it.”

Jane looked at the cock now glistening with her saliva. She had to admit there hadn’t been much of a taste, other than a slightly salty flavor probably from sweat. She was relieved of that, but the thought of doing what she had to was still very demeaning to the straitlaced woman.

Jane opened her mouth and moved forward, then closed her lips around the warm meat. She felt it expand in her mouth but fought the urge to pull back. Jane sat on the side of the bed with her husband’s boss’ cock in her mouth, honestly not knowing what to do. She remembered that he had told her to lick his cock before so she did that. Jane flicked her tongue along the cock held between her lips. The cock continued to grow until reaching its full 8 inches.

Jane’s mouth was filling with saliva so she swallowed. In doing so, her mouth moved around Mr. Jones’ cock, eliciting a moan from him. Jane repeated it with the same result. Instinct took over and Jane sucked on the cock in addition to licking it. Mr. Jones grabbed her head and began moving it back and forth. Her lips were now dragging along his cock. When he let go, Jane continued to bob her head. Jane was giving her first blowjob, licking, sucking, and sliding her lips on the cock, making slurping noises.

Mr. Jones’ fingers grabbed Jane’s hair again. Jane tried to keep moving her head, but he held her still. She didn’t understand why he first wanted her to move her head and then stopped her when she was doing it. Confused, Jane kept the head of his cock in her mouth and continued sucking and licking it.

Suddenly, Jane froze when she felt something splash onto her tongue. It only took her a moment to realize Mr. Jones was climaxing, that it was his sperm she felt. Her eyes got real big as she looked up. Mr. Jones’ eyes were closed. Jane tried to pull back, but the fingers locked in her hair tightened and held her in place. Jane felt another spurt and then another. She accidentally swallowed, tasting the warm, slimy substance. But there was nothing she could do while Mr. Jones kept filling her mouth with his semen.

When Mr. Jones opened his eyes, he saw the sickened look on Jane’s face. His cock was still in her mouth, leaking the rest of his discharge. Jane’s cheeks were puffed out a little and her lips were pressed tightly around his cock. He knew she had a mouthful of cum. Mr. Jones moved forward, forcing Jane to lean back. All the while he held her firmly by the hair so that she couldn’t break free. He got his knees onto the bed and kept moving Jane backwards until she was lying on her back with his cock in her mouth. Jane felt the sperm slide to her throat and gulped it down. She swallowed several times until there was no more danger of drowning. It was only then that Mr. Jones pulled his cock from her mouth.

Jane instantly stuck her tongue out and rubbed the back of her hand against it, trying to rid the taste. She even spit several times, not caring that it was her own bed she was soiling. Mr. Jones propped his head on his hand, while lying on his side, and watched. He found it exhilarating to see a married woman who had never given a blowjob before reacting to his cumming in her mouth.

“That was disgusting. You’re a disgusting man. I’m gonna be sick,” Jane yelled at her husband’s boss.

“You better get used to it. I like blowjobs and I don’t pull out.”

Jane became sullen. What had she gotten into? What had her husband gotten her into? She was nothing more than a whore. At that moment she hated Ira more than Mr. Jones.

“Jane, you made me an offer before and I think it’s time to take you up on it.”

Jane was brought out of her thoughts. “What offer? What are you talking about?”

“You asked me to fuck you.”

“I only meant instead of… you know.”

“It doesn’t matter what you meant. You asked me to fuck you and I am going to do just that.”

“But you already had an orgasm.”

Jane was exacerbated. After Ira climaxed he was done.

“So, that doesn’t mean I’m dead. I’m ready for more. I’ll tell you what, though. I’m feeling generous today and since I enjoyed your blowjob so much I think I’ll give you something first.” Jane looked at him skeptically. “Get me some scissors.”

“You’re not going to hurt me, are you?” Jane said in a panic.

“Absolutely not. Go get the scissors.”

Jane left the bedroom and returned with the scissors. She handed them to Mr. Jones. He positioned her sitting against the headboard with her legs spread and knees up. When he got closer to her pussy, Jane snapped her legs together. Mr. Jones gave her a look that caused her to part them again. Jane gasped when he grabbed a clump of her pussy hair and snipped it off.

“STOP! My god, what are you doing?”

“You’re too hairy. I’m just giving you a trim.”

Jane’s protesting was overshadowed by the snipping of the scissors. She watched in awe while her pubic hairs were being shortened. Mr. Jones wasn’t very careful and just grabbed some hair and cut. From time to time Jane yelped as he pulled too hard, but he ignored her. When he was done, Mr. Jones moved to the side. Jane looked between her legs and gasped. She still had hair down there, but it was so short she could clearly see her slit. A pile of hair lay on the sheet that used to cover her pussy.

“Come with me.”

Mr. Jones grabbed Jane’s hand and pulled her off the bed. In a dazed state, she walked behind him as he led her to the bathroom. He turned on the sink’s hot faucet and went to the shower. Mr. Jones returned with a washcloth and wet it under the now warm water. He wrung it slightly and, without warning, began rubbing Jane’s pussy. She momentarily lost her balance and held onto Mr. Jones’ shoulder to keep from falling. Mr. Jones cleaned the area, making sure there were no loose hairs remaining. He then led the befuddled woman back to the bed in her bedroom, laying her on her back with her legs dangling over the side.

“I didn’t want a hair sandwich,” Mr. Jones said snickering.

Jane was about to ask him what he was talking about when he dropped to his knees and began licking her pussy. She tried to push his head away, thinking it was a dirty thing to do. But Mr. Jones was in place and not to be deterred.

Soon, Jane wasn’t pushing Mr. Jones’ head away. Her hands were still on it, but now holding it between her legs. She was experiencing feelings that she never had before. Jane felt her pussy-lips being pulled apart and was embarrassed, but when she felt the tongue licking between them she didn’t want it to stop. When Mr. Jones’ tongue entered her hole, Jane automatically jerked her hips. And when his tongue flicked in and out, Jane began moaning. Jane’s hips were really humping now, and then Mr. Jones used his thumbs to pry her labia apart, exposing her clit. He began furiously licking Jane’s clit and capturing it between his lips, sucking on it. Jane screamed as her head moved from side to side and her fists pounded the mattress. Then her legs shot straight up as her body shuddered. She had climaxed… the most intense one of her life. Jane’s legs dropped like fallen trees. Mr. Jones stepped back and watched the woman panting, her body still twitching.

“I told you you’d like that,” Mr. Jones said when Jane opened her eyes.

“That was wrong. It was disgusting.”

“You think everything is disgusting. Woman, what’s wrong with you?”

“Wrong with me? I’m the decent one here. There’s nothing wrong with me!”

“Never mind. It’s time to fuck. Stand up.”

Jane stood on wobbly legs. Her orgasm really took a lot out of her. She was only half aware of Mr. Jones turning her around and pushing her onto the bed, face first with her ass sticking up. It wasn’t until she felt his cock enter her from behind that she knew he was fucking her. Jane felt like a used whore lying face down while a man she didn’t like pounded his hard cock in and out of her pussy.

Mr. Jones’ cock was longer than Ira’s so it was reaching places no other cock ever had, especially since he was driving it in from the rear. Jane’s head was turned to the side, her cheek rubbing on the sheet with each thrust. Her eyes focused on the shorn pussy hairs lying near her face. Each time Mr. Jones rammed his cock really hard into Jane, she let out a puff of air from her mouth. She helplessly watched as that scattered the pubic hairs over her bed.

Mr. Jones was holding onto Jane’s hips while fucking her, but wanted to slow his pace. He leaned forward, laying on top of Jane’s back. He pushed her hair away and stuck his tongue inside her ear, wiggling it around. Jane muttered her disapproval. Mr. Jones then slid a hand under Jane’s body, cupping her breast. While he slowly fucked Jane, Mr. Jones squeezed her tit and played with her nipple. Tiring of that, Mr. Jones pulled his hand out and brought it to Jane’s face where he forced a finger inside her mouth. Jane obediently sucked his finger like she had his cock.

Mr. Jones pulled his finger from her mouth and slid his hand under her body, this time much lower. With his palm up, Mr. Jones placed his wet finger on Jane’s clit. While he fucked her, Mr. Jones rubbed Jane’s clit. She began grinding her pussy onto Mr. Jones’ hand.

When Mr. Jones pulled his hand out from under Jane he thought he heard a disappointed groan. He moved his hand back to her face and stuck his finger into her mouth. Automatically, Jane began sucking it like before. Then she tasted something different. It dawned on her she was tasting her own pussy and tried to spit the finger out. But Mr. Jones just wiggled it around in her mouth, against her tongue and the inside of her cheeks.

Mr. Jones felt like he would climax pretty soon so he pulled his finger from Jane’s mouth and lifted up, pushing on her back for support. Once again he grabbed her hips and began ramming into her with a great deal of force. Jane kept grunting from the pounding. When he was close to climaxing, Mr. Jones shifted his hands from Jane’s hips to her ass. He pulled her buttocks apart and pressed his still wet finger into Jane’s asshole. Jane gasped and clenched her anus but that didn’t stop Mr. Jones from pushing his finger into her ass to the second knuckle. With his finger embedded in her ass, Mr. Jones relentlessly fucked Jane from behind.

Jane couldn’t believe Mr. Jones had earlier licked her pussy with his tongue. That was so dirty. But now she felt his finger enter her ass. She tried to repel it, but he kept pushing until it was inside her. That was an area you didn’t even talk about, let alone touch. But Mr. Jones wasn’t a nice person and Jane had to endure his foulness. So she lay face down on her bed while the man fucked her from behind, with his finger in her ass.

Mr. Jones grunted as he climaxed. He leaned against Jane again with a finger in her ass as his cock spurted sperm into her pussy. He lay like that until his cock softened and slipped out. Only then did he pull his finger from her ass and roll onto his back on the bed next to Jane.

The two lay side by side breathing hard. Mr. Jones was thinking how lucky he was and how much fun he was going to have with Jane. Jane, on the other hand, was fretting over her current situation, wondering how long it was going to last and what other despicable things the evil man next to her was planning. She was also upset because he had made her climax several times. She didn’t want to, but her body had reacted to his stimulus anyway. Staring at the now scattered pubic hairs on the sheet, she also worried how she was going to explain her cropped pussy hair to her husband.

Mr. Jones rolled onto his side and began brushing Jane’s cheek with his fingertips. It was an affectionate gesture that was not welcomed by Jane. Mr. Jones could use her like a whore, but that’s the only place the relationship was going. She pushed his unwanted hand away.

The rare gentleness in Mr. Jones’ eyes quickly faded and they became cold again. He wanted to strike Jane for what she had just done, but thought of a better way to punish her. He rolled her onto her back and shoved his hand between her legs. Jane tried to close them, but Mr. Jones’ hand was already on her pussy. He immediately began rubbing her clit.

Jane kept her legs closed as long as she could, but Mr. Jones’ incessant finger kept rubbing her. At first she just began moving her hips, but then her thighs parted, giving him better access to her pussy. He took advantage of the new position and really attacked her clit, causing Jane to moan and move her lower body. She was now bucking hard, ready to climax when Mr. Jones pulled his hand away. Jane gasped, her hips moving in a fucking motion searching for the missing finger. Mr. Jones grabbed Jane’s hand and pulled it to her crotch.

“Finish yourself,” he told her.

Jane looked at Mr. Jones in shock. Her hand remained motionless, but didn’t pull away. Her hips were still jerking. Mr. Jones covered Jane’s hand with his and pressed it against her clit. Now when her hips pushed upwards, it forced her clit against her hand. She moaned each time. Mr. Jones then removed his hand. Jane kept her hand pressed against her pussy and humped it. Then Mr. Jones noticed her finger moving, rubbing her clit. And then, on her own, Jane brought her other hand between her legs and thrust a finger inside her pussy while really mauling her clit. Her lower body was jerking while both hands vigorously attacked her pussy. The sperm Mr. Jones had deposited inside Jane’s cunt was now being pulled out by her finger and spread all over her pussy and hands. It coated her other finger which now slid more easily over her sensitive clit. And then Jane’s legs snapped shut, trapping both hands between them, as her body shuddered in a massive orgasm.

When Jane came around she was devastated. Not only had she masturbated, which she believed was a sin, but she did it in front of her husband’s boss. And it was obvious to him that she enjoyed it. That was probably the most humiliating part. She was lying on her back breathing hard, somewhere between consciousness and a dreamlike state. So when Mr. Jones put his finger into her mouth she automatically sucked it. She was so out of it that she didn’t realize he was pulling her own hand to her mouth. When he pulled his fingers out of her mouth and pushed hers into it she just continued sucking. It took a while for her befuddled brain to recognize the taste in her mouth. She continued sucking while her mind cleared and then quickly yanked her fingers out. She was sucking the fingers that she had used to masturbate. They were covered in her juices and Mr. Jones’ sperm. Now, fully alert, Jane stared her husband’s boss’ smirking face.

“I’m glad you didn’t throw up from the taste. Just one more thing and I’ll be on my way. Suck my cock again.”

Jane automatically looked at Mr. Jones’ cock. It was covered in white sperm and her pussy juices as well. She frantically shook her head no. But when Mr. Jones told her that she had already sucked his cock and licked her fingers after they had been where his cock had been, it didn’t make any difference. It wasn’t until he repeated that he’d leave afterwards that the distraught woman agreed.

Jane scrambled onto her knees and lowered her face to Mr. Jones’ crotch. She could smell the sex reeking from it, as well as see the results of their recent fuck. She didn’t want to touch it so she opened her mouth and picked it off his body like one would an apple playing “dunking for apples.” Jane moved her lips, getting more and more of the soft, slimy dick into her mouth and then began sucking it. In its soft state she was able to capture it all in her mouth and use her tongue to lick it clean. Jane’s nose was pressed into Mr. Jones’ wet pubic hair while she sucked and licked his cock.

Jane was flabbergasted when the cock stiffened. As it grew, Jane backed away, preventing it from gagging her. She kept sucking the cock, now void of any fluids other than her saliva. When she felt Mr. Jones’ hand on her head she realized he wanted more than a cleaning. Jane began bobbing her head, giving her husband’s boss another blowjob. Mr. Jones’ hand dropped back to his side. He watched the woman’s mouth slide up and down his shaft. Having climaxed twice already, Mr. Jones was in no hurry.

Jane thought she would tire before Mr. Jones was satisfied. She was surprised he had gotten another erection, but thought he couldn’t climax for a third time. So she wondered how long he was going to make her suck his cock. Her jaw ached and her belly seemed full from all the air and saliva she had swallowed. She thought to ask him how much longer she was required to suck his cock, but didn’t want to antagonize him. Surely he’d get bored of her doing it and tell her to stop.

Jane was relieved when Mr. Jones yanked her head away from his cock. She was finally finished. But she was surprised at his roughness, throwing her onto her back. She watched him straddle her body, fisting his hard cock. He was grunting and masturbating right before her face. Jane opened her mouth to ask him what he was doing when the first rope of sperm flew her way. It hit her nose and then went into her mouth. Jane clamped her lips together, once again tasting semen. But she didn’t have time to think about it. Her face was splattered with another dose of hot sperm, and then another. She felt it all over her face, dripping down her cheeks and chin. Then one ejaculation landed in her eye, causing her to close it. She felt Mr. Jones move down her body and press her tits around his cock, squeezing the rest of his sperm out. Then he rubbed the last of it on, first, one nipple, and then the other. Only then did he climb off her.

Jane watched through one eye while Mr. Jones dressed. He kept shifting his eyes from her cum-covered face to her wet nipples to her well fucked pussy, also with his sperm all over it and leaking from the hole. His smile made her feel cheap, especially when he blew her a kiss as he walked out of the bedroom.

Jane continued to lay on her bed, confused and defiled. It wasn’t until she looked at the clock that she realized how many hours of abuse she had taken. Jenny would soon be home from school. Jane jumped out of bed and ran to the shower where she tried to cleanse the past hours from her body. While she was scrubbing her pussy, that feeling came back and before she realized it Jane was masturbating. She pulled her hand away, made a fist, and pounded the wall. She wondered what was becoming of her.

THE END (not yet) go to Chapter 3

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