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Wife Ruined

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Chris couldn’t wait for him and his wife Jamie’s hot date tonight. They had planned it all week for their fifth wedding anniversary. They were going to a club dancing and having a few drinks, but most of all he couldn’t wait to take her back and fuck the shit out of her. They had always had a very active sex life, his wife was a slut in bed. Every time they made love it was like the first time. She was his trophy wife. She loved sex, she was experimental, she had the tightest pussy he had ever had, and most of all his was the only cock she had ever felt. She was his spectacle that everyone was jealous of. He loved her short blonde hair framing her face in her black rimmed glasses. Her pert and supple 36Cs, and her sexy thin waist that extenuated her nice firm ass. For a 37 year old she didn’t look a day past 25, which was much more than Chris could say about himself. Now he sat downstairs in his nice outfit waiting for his wife to get ready. He couldn’t wait to see what she was wearing, she had teased him all week about what she had bought for the occasion.

Upstairs as Jamie was getting ready to go she talked on her phone with her best friend Claire. Claire had given her the hottest idea she had heard a few weeks earlier, and couldn’t wait for her husband to have fun with her when they got back.

“Now you took the two rolls I gave you right?”

“Yes Claire, when I get back we’re going to fuck all night. He has no clue that I even am doing this, he’s going to have so much fun tonight treating me like a slut when we get home.” Jamie said as she finished putting the rest of her makeup on.

“Hey I have to go, it’s time for me and Chris to hit the clubs.”

“Have fun don’t get into to much trouble.” Claire said with a giggle before hanging up.

By the time Chris and Jamie had arrived at the club Jamie was starting to feel the ecstasy kick in. Everything seemed to feel amazing as she slid her hands over the soft leather of Chris’ luxury sedan.

Entering the club Chris could tell something was different with Jamie, she had been more flirty than usual with him. Brushing it off as nothing he remember how she told him she had been playing with herself all day waiting for tonight, and attributed it to her just being overly horny for him.

An hours had passed, they had danced and had a few drinks. The ecstasy had now overpowered Jamie. Her pussy was throbbing between her legs, and her panties were entirely soaked. She wanted to take her man home and get the fucking she needed, but she kept her mouth shut, knowing that Chris would want to stay for at least another hour and have a few drinks. They quietly sat down at a back table to have a few drinks.

Chris hadn’t notice his wife’s state of intoxication, mostly because of his own already. They had a few drinks before they danced and he just assumed that she was really tipsy. They flirted with each other, her sipping on her fuzzy navel, him with his Budweiser. After about thirty minutes Jamie was ready to leave, but before she could say anything they were approached by a man. He was nicely dressed in a suit and tie, as he looked at the couple and said “May I join you?”

Jamie was staring at Chris with her no way look, but Chris didn’t notice. Realizing all the seats were taken Chris responded “Sure pull up a chair.” The man introduced himself as Reginald Marks. He came here to meet his friend who apparently owned the club. Chris and Reginald chatted as they sat there drinking. Jamie had remained mostly quiet as she tried to keep her attention off the amazing feeling covering her body, and the every growing excitement in between her legs.

After about another thirty minutes of drinking the ecstasy had completely kicked in for Jamie, Claire had warned her that it was slow, but the most potent she had ever had. Chris hadn’t even noticed her shallow breathing or her blushed face as he continued to talk politics with their new friend Reginald. It wasn’t long before Reginald’s phone rang, answering it he had a short conversation before putting it away.

“how would you guys like to go to the VIP room?” Reginald said with excitement in his voice.

“YES” Chris shouted out before Jamie could step in and stop him. He had never been in a VIP but how could he resist something as distinguished as being a VIP at a club. They walked through the crowd, his hand on Jamie’s guiding her through following Reginald toward a back room guarded by two large black guys.

Entering the room Chris and Jamie were introduced to Barry, the owner of the club, and his friend Mark. The VIP room was amazing, it had a pool table, a full bar, works of art that probably cost thousands. They sat around a large table round table, Jamie couldn’t believe this was going the way it was as she looked in anger at Chris who continued his debate with Reginald. She couldn’t stand it any longer. Her body felt so good and her pussy was aching for it, but she bit her tongue as she tried to bare it for a little while longer. She hoped they wouldn’t stay long, she had lost track of what was happening around her other than her desire. Almost 15 minutes had passed before she realized that she was sandwiched in between Barry and Mark.

Chris had finally ended the discussion about an hour after they entered the VIP room and he looked at his sexy wife and knew something was wrong. Her face was entirely flushed, her eyes glassed over, and she was almost panting. He realized then that Barry and Mark had managed to move her to the far end of the table.

“Hey babe it’s time to go.” he said, but she didn’t respond. “Hey Jamie come on, it’s time to leave”

This time she did respond. She snapped back harshly “Shut up or leave”

At this point Chris stood to see Barry and Mark’s hands massaging his wife’s legs, and her hands were rocking slowly up and down on the biggest, blackest, cocks he had ever seen. He started to protest at the site but the two guards from outside had entered the room, and each put a hand on his shoulders. Reginald grinned at him and said in an arrogant voice. “I believe your wife told you to do something. Now you can either jerk off watching your wife have some fun, or you can leave and jerk off alone.” Quietly Chris sat back down humiliated, humbled, and disgraced that his wife would do this to him. It was at this point the guards lifted the table and moved it out of the way to expose what Mark and Barry were doing to her on the other end. Jamie’s sexy black skirt had been lifted, but her panties were still on. The sexy black panties that she had put on just for him were now sopping wet, to the point that you could see every contour of her swollen, horny, pussy. Her peaked through the material, a button begging to be pushed as Barry and Mark hand continued to slide up her legs, then up her toned belly and rested on her large mounds. She let out a sigh as the two hands started to tease her pert nipples that were now clearly visible behind her strapless dress. Her hands continuing to caress those eight inch black cocks. Barry reach behind her unzipping her dress, he slipped it down her body exposing her white large breasts. Jamie inhaled sharply as the cold air hit her erect nipples.

Barry continued to pinch and tease her mounds with both his hand as Mark’s fingers slid up and down the crotch of her now slick panties. Biting her lip to suppress a moan she shivered as the dark hands began to lightly brush against her begging clit. Chris sat there diverting his eyes as he used his hands to try and hide his now clearly visible erection. Reginald smiled at him.

“Man your woman is a slut isn’t she. Why don’t you jerk off to her, she’s about to be useless to you anyway so you might enjoy one last good time.” Reginald chided at him.

Chris’ eyes looked sad as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his six inch cock. Barry and Mark snickered as he stroked it.

“Damn no wonder your woman needs a real cock” Mark said as Chris walked closer to his defiled wife. Jamie took her hands off Barry’s cock and started to reach out for her husbands less endowed manhood, but Barry snapped. “No bitch, if you want any of this you can’t touch him, and he can’t touch you.”

Jamie withdrew her hand immediately giggling. “Sorry hun, looks like you’re on your own tonight. I really need these, they’re so much bigger than you. I have to feel them in me.”

With these words Chris had been completely humiliated. He could hear Reginald’s laughter behind him. The humiliation set him on fire as his tiny dick got even harder, he began to stroke it. The look of pleasure on his wife’s face. A look he had never seen while they were making love was plastered in his mind as he continued to stroke in front of her. He was focused on her, her breathing, her whimpering. It sent him over the edge as he watched his trophy wife lean over and take the head of Mark’s eight inch cock in her mouth. He ejaculated, his jizm landing on the floor directly in front of him. Almost immediately one of the bouncers were pulling his pants up for him and Reginald smiled.

“We’re going to take your wife for a ride, don’t worry you’ll be able to pick her tomorrow.”

“But she said I could stay if I was quiet” Chris objected. Reginald just smiled and shook his head.

“She doesn’t make the rules here.”

Chris took one last look over his shoulder at his slut of a wife. His pride broke he watched as she was now in a doggy style, her beautiful blond hair waving back and forth as she bobbed her head on Mark’s cock. Walking through the door he heard her squeal in a way he had never heard and then he was shut out.

Outside the VIP room was the second bouncer. He was on his cell phone as he was escorted by.

“Hey Eric it’s Steve. Man you gotta get over to the club, we got this bitch in here and we need you to stretch her out right. Yeah, yeah, see you then”

Once in his car Chris couldn’t help but cry knowing that on his 5th wedding anniversary his wife was going to be taking a different cock than his. Multiple cocks that wasn’t his. Cocks that were thicker, longer and most of all belonged to black men. Slowly he cranked his car and headed home humiliated, and without his wife.

* * *

Back in the VIP room Jamie was sucking Mark wildly. The ecstasy was still in affect, the feeling of that large cock thrusting against her mouth was unbearable. Silvia was now dripping down her chin on to the floor below her. She didn’t even stop as Barry slid the black thong she had worn for her husband off her hips and down to her knees. Barry began to rub slowly between her lips and slick thighs, and getting as close as he could to the clit without touching it. Jamie was going crazy in her mind, each time his finger came close she would suck harder and faster in anticipation, and each time Barry’s finger backed away disappointment would wash over her, but her desire was heightening with every caress. It wasn’t till the fifth time he teased he brushed her button slightly sending a streak of pleasure through her entire body causing her to moan around Mark’s hard cock. Barry’s gruff laugh sounded behind her as she ripped Mark’s cock out of her mouth.

“GODDAMNIT FUCKING DO IT!” She cried her pussy juices now running down her leg. Her body shaking from the arousal.

“Damn bitch, you better learn some fucking manners if you want any of this. Now beg for it bitch.”

Jamie blushed, the feeling of submission caused her pussy to throb.

“please…..please touch my clit.”

Once her plea had left her mouth mark slid his cock back in her mouth and she whimpered as she felt the thick shaft hit the back of her throat.

Barry smiled “That’s better slut.” Looking at Mark he said “You ready for this?”

Mark just nodded and Barry slide two fingers into her dripping tight snatch, and burried his thumb onto here hard erect clitoris. Her moan was loud even around Marks cock that was currently stretching out her mouth. Her throat opened as pleasure forced her sound of approval into the air. Mark took this opportunity to show her how to suck a real dick as he placed his hands on the back of her head and slid the rest of his cock deep down her throat. She gagged around his hard member but she didn’t care. The ecstasy was working and every bit of touch to her body sent pleasure coursing through it directly to her throbbing clit. It was so hard now it was painful, but it was a good pain. Her moans were now a distant background noise as she fell deeper into pleasure.

As she fell deeper into pleasure she couldn’t help but think about her husband. How the ecstasy was for him. She never thought she would be sucking a black man’s cock on her wedding anniversary. She would make it up to him, but right now she needed those big cocks. She needed to know what it felt like with bigger men. She knew they existed and if it wasn’t for the ecstasy she would have never taken the chance tonight. With each thought of those big dicks and how they were going to fill her tight pussy, each thrust of Mark’s cock deep into her throat, and Barry’s fingers thrust deep into her well lubricated snatch she felt a pressure building between her legs, and finally she snapped back into reality with a scream of complete excitement around Mark’s cock. Her pussy clenched around Marks fingers. Her throat tightened around Mark’s cock. She heard him yell “oh shit” as she felt river after river running down her throat. Barry managed to pull his dick out in time for the last thick sticky stream to drench her face.

“Damn girl, I didn’t know you were a squirter.” said Barry as he looked at the pool now sitting under her. She had collapsed with her ass still in the air. She was exhausted, but still horny. It took her a second to realize that Reginald was snapping picture of her with her own phone.

“Wait what are you doing?” she asked as he continued to snap pictures of her spent body.

“Don’t worry slut, we can’t leave your hubby high and dry can we.”

She smirked as she thought about how her husband was home not getting any except his hand. She repeated to herself. “I’ll make it up to him”

* * *

Back at the house Chris had finally let his anger out. He had been humiliated, his wife was being used by a bunch of black men. It was a miracle he heard his cell phone through his ravings and wall punching. He picked up the phone to view the text messages that he had received. The massage read: “We sure are enjoying your wife, no hard feelings she really needed this. – Reginald” He looked at the picture with it and saw his wife on all fours. Marks cock was crammed all the way in her mouth and a stream was coming from between her legs where Barry’s hand was positioned. He could tell by the arch in her back she was cumming. He cried as he saw her cum in a way he never would be able to. He couldn’t understand how this happened. He looked at the second picture now, his wife was waving at the camera. Her ass in the air her face drenched with cum. He couldn’t believe it, his wife was now a slut for a bunch of big black men. The thought his wife was getting more pleasure than he could provide ever started getting his cock hard. He felt entirely humiliated when he read the message that came with the last picture. “Jamie wants you to know she’s ready for a real cock now – Reginald” and he just sat down in the chair and sobbed as he waited for more jerking on his small cock.

* * *

“Alright slut, me and Barry are gonna have to give you one huge workout. You see our pal Eric is coming by and he has a cock like you wouldn’t believe. So we’re gonna have to get you ready for it, cause your husbands cock is just to small to make that pussy fuckable.”

Jamie grinned as he said this “You mean I’m going to have a cock bigger than yours?”

“Yeah babe we’re gonna turn you into a class A slut, but first we’re gonna have to give you something to make our cocks not hurt. You ever done ecstasy?”

“Yeah I’m on it right now, why do you think I’m so horny?” She blushed, starting to lose inpatients as she couldn’t wait to have Mark or Barry’s cock inside her.

“Well babe would you like more? I’ll make you feel better.” as Barry held out his hand presenting her with a small red pill. She smiled as she took it and downed it in one gulp.

Barry smiled “that’s good babe, real good. Now it’s time for some fun. Stick your butt back up into the air. Now my man Mark is gonna make you cum again since he hasn’t been able to let off his load yet.”

With these words Jamie’s pussy was dripping again, Her clit painfully erect again, she needed this cock inside her. Mark placed the head of his cock against her wet hole and almost immediately she pushed back against it. Mark retreated with her push.

“Woah, woah, slut if I don’t slowly work you in you’re gonna get hurt.”

She bit her lip in anticipation as she felt mark lightly poke the tip of his big black cock inside her white love canal. He was right though, it did hurt a little as she felt her pussy open to a size she had never felt. She had never had anything bigger than her husband inside her tight snatch and she started to pant as her lips were being stretched out to accommodate this huge black cock invading her pussy. Slowly inch by inch she squealed as it filled her finally reaching it’s destination, it bumped on her cervix and she gasped out.

“Oh god…..my husband……my husband has never been this deep”

Jamie gasped for air as Mark sat there waiting for her to get accustomed to her new size. That’s when Jamie realized.

“Wait, what about a condom.”

Mark looked down at her from her doggystyle position and said. “Listen bitch you can either take this our way or you can leave a slut that didn’t get shit.”

“But I’ll get pregnant” Jamie pleaded.

“Look that’s the chance you gotta take, do you really want to give this up?” Said mark as he pulled in the pumped slowly back inside her stretched hole. Jamie just gasped and pressed backwards as they started to fuck slowly.

“oh god……..oh god……..I need this………….I want to risk it.” she moaned out into the air. Her juices were covering her inner thigh as Mark pounded away at her snatch. He was able to move faster now as her pussy was stretching to that of a used slut. She could feel the second hit of ecstasy kicking in now, although this one felt different. It didn’t give her full body euphoria, it just made her more lightheaded and her pussy began to throb. With each thrust she screamed out. Mark gave it two more hard thrusts before pulling out. Her snatch was now a gaping, swollen, drenched hole.

“NO NO NO NO…….. I need it inside me.” she moaned as she felt it leave her begging pussy.

“Damn slut, relax we’re just changing positions.” Mark climbed up on the chair behind them and pointed to his erect cock. “Now sit on it bitch, and face me when you do.”

Jamie climbed up between Mark’s legs and guided his cock to her gaping pussy. She was surprised out how easy it was to slide it back up in there and squealed once it hit her cervix again. Once in this position Barry walked up behind her and put both hands on her hips. Thoughts of being DPed raced through her mind, she had never even let her husband do her in the ass, this was going to hurt. She was surprised to find Barry’s cock now pressed roughly against her taint. He pushed hard and she realized that he wasn’t going to put it in her ass. The though made her pussy ache for more stimulation. It took a little while but eventually Barry’s cock was also slammed to the hilt inside her pussy. What use to be tight for her husbands six inch cock was now loose enough to fit two eight inch studs. She lost it her mind blowing. Her pussy started to tighten as she pushed back onto the two dicks buried in her now wasted snatch. She didn’t care if her husbands dick wouldn’t fit anymore, she needed black dick, most of all these black studs dicks.

Mark and Barry started to thrust in and out now that her snatch was use to being spread that far. With each motion she let out a squeal. Their hands caressing her naked body felt so good. Mark had proceeded to pinch and suck on her rock hard nipples. His teeth raking across slowly before biting them lightly. Squealing between her clenched teeth, the pain felt amazing. Her eyes shot open as she started to pant, Mark and Barry were now alternating thrusts stimulating her stretched pussy constantly with their hard black cocks. Looking up she saw that Reginald was filming her.

“What do you want to say to your hubby baby?” He said softly

“Mmmmm this is so good……… I’m sorry……uuuuuuh gooooood. I’m sorry.” She moaned into the camera reaching forward and tugging on Reginald’s belt buckle. “I need it…… I need your black cock inside me UUUUUUH GOD” and with one final tug Reginald’s 12 inch monster sprung forward from his pants, Mark and Barry continuing their barrage on her sopping, stretched pussy. Without any hesitation she cupped Reginald’s balls and slid six inches of his shaft into her mouth with a moan of pleasure.

* * *

Back at the house Chris was now sobbing quietly while jerking off to the pictures on the phone. He couldn’t believe his wife had done this to him. He was hoping and praying she would call, he had to know what they were doing to her. He came again for the third time since he had gotten home, he couldn’t get the sound of her moans out of his mind. He had never heard her moan like that, and he couldn’t believe that she was out fucking other men. His beautiful trophy wife, that had only had his cock up until now was out fucking men, men that were way bigger than her, big black men of all people. The thoughts of his humiliation played out in his head he almost didn’t’ notice his phone ring. It was Jamie, he answered it quickly.

“Please please come home” he sobbed instantly as he put the phone to her ear

“Oh I’m sorry Chris, were you expecting your slut to answer? Well would you like to talk to her?” Reginald said in his arrogant tone. Chris could sense his asinine grin in the tone of his voice.

“yes please.” Chris begged, but before he could get the words out of his mouth he could hear her. Reginald had obviously put the phone right up to her ear.


Chris was now sobbing over the phone, it didn’t help that he heard one of the men in the background.

“Damn bitch what if you get pregnant.”

“I DON’T CARE………….. I NEED BIG DICKS!” Screamed back into Chris’ ear. At this comment his heart shattered. Fear began to well up inside him, his wife had stopped using birth control last year after his vasectomy.

Reginald was now back on the phone. “What’s the matter? You don’t like knowing your wife is having more pleasure than she has ever had? It’s pretty tough knowing that you can never be the lover that she longs for.” With a snicker Reginald hung up. Almost immediately two more text messages showed up on his phone. The first one was a close up of his wife’s snatch being filled by two large black cocks. The second was his wife sucking an even bigger dick taking from above. It was obvious his wife was now sucking Reginald off. He collapsed in front of the couch sobbing, feeling his dick grow harder knowing that he could never please his wife this way.

* * *

Back in the VIP room Jamie never even knew she was on the phone. The only thing she knew was she was in complete ecstasy. She was burning with desire, her pussy stinging with pain and pleasure. The taste of Reginald’s giant chocolate stick in her mouth was driving her wild.

“Please…..fill me with your cum……..I need it.”

Those words were all it took for Mark and Barry. They both filled her pussy up as far as they could with their dicks and released their seed in to her snatch. The feeling of that hot liquid filling her womb sent Jamie over the edge.

“UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH GOD.” She screamed around Reginald’s cock, her girl come covering Mark’s chest. Mark and Barry both slid out of her pussy, their slick white jizz running out of her onto the chair. She climbed down onto her knees on the floor, never missing a beat as she continued to bob Reginald’s cock in and out of her mouth. She was awestruck by the orgasm she had. She had never experienced female ejaculation, she figured that only certain people could do it. She didn’t think that all she needed was a few hits of ecstasy and bigger cock. Pulling Reginald’s cock out of her mouth she started to lick the shaft before putting his balls in her mouth. Jamie reached down to feel her quivering begging cunt. At the slightest touch a shiver went up her body before she slid her fingers inside her. She moaned as she felt her gaping hole. Two fingers were not enough anymore, she could barely feel them inside her.

“Damn babe, you suck a mean dick, but are you ready to for me to get that ass ready?” Reginald said with a smile.

Without a word Jamie remove his balls from her mouth, turned around on all fours and pushed her ass up in the air. She was to far gone to answer, all she knew was she needed to feel him inside her.

“Have you ever done anal before?” Asked Reginald, the only response he got was Jamie shaking her head weakly no. He reached down and pulling a few fingers of the slick juices oozing from her pussy and rubbed it across her puckered asshole. Then lubed his own cock with the remaining. He placed the tip of his 12 inch stick against her asshole and poked at it slightly. With each slight push he was able to pry her brown eye slightly open a little more. Jamie was now biting her lips in an effort to keep from screaming as her virgin asshole’s cherry was popped. With a grunt the head of Reginald’s cock was pushed into her resisting anus. She groaned as she felt it slide along slowly. If it wasn’t for the drugs she would never be able to take the pain. She felt it, her ass splitting to his enormous member, but each spike in pain drove her farther into lust for his giant stick, pushing back against it. Reginald was now all the way in, her asshole stretched around his meat rod. Jamie gasped as she felt her ass tight up against his pelvis, the grip of his hands on her hips sent waves of pleasure across her body before ending in her erect clit. She moaned in complete lust as Reginald slowly pump his shaft all the way out, and back into her stretched asshole. The lust in her body was welling up, she needed her pussy filled too. She slipped her fingers into her stretched, and used snatch. Even with four inside of her it wasn’t enough, she needed to be filled again.

“uuuuuuh……..uuuuuuh…….god I need dick in my pussy.” she moaned as Reginald’s cock slid in and out of her asshole.

“Don’t worry slut you’ll get it filled with more than you can handle soon enough.” Mark said as him and Barry watch Reginald pillage her asshole. Reginald then slid his 12 inch shaft out of her asshole, leaving it gaping wide.

“uuuuuuh no put it back” Jamie said in a moan, but Reginald had a better idea. Walking in front of here he looked down at her and stared directly into her broken eyes.

“So you like this big black cock slut?”


“Do you want more of it?”

“yes please put it in me” begged Jamie. Reginald reached out pulling her head up placing the tip of his cock on her lips. She didn’t need an invitation, she sucked the cock that was not one minute ago buried deep in her ass down her throat. She was so excited she didn’t care, she couldn’t wait to take his load as she slid the dick all the way down her throat and bob her head on his black monster.

“WHAT A SLUT, she doesn’t even think she just takes it ass to mouth.” Reginald shouted placing his hand on the back of her head pushing her all the way down on his shaft. She moaned around his cock as his balls slapped her chin, and continued to slide her fingers in and out of her worn out cunt almost fisting it herself. She whimpered as she felt Reginald’s cock start to throb in her mouth, knowing he was about to cum she sucked harder. She wanted his cum in her stomach, thoughts of what a slut she was raced through her head making her own juices leak out on to the floor. Reginald pushed hard on the back of her head, and with one final thrust he emptied his load down her awaiting throat. Jamie moaned wildly around his cock as she felt the streams of his jizm fill up her stomach sending her into her third orgasm. Sliding his cock out of her mouth, she laid back on the floor and continued to finger fuck herself.

* * *

Chris was sitting on the couch staring at his phone waiting for another call. Through all the humiliation the thought of his wife betraying him like this caused amazing arousal and at the same time shame. He needed to know what was happening to his slut of a wife and he needed to know soon. As if the phone was reading his mind two more text messages popped up on the screen. The first one was a picture of Reginald with his cock buried in her asshole while giving the thumbs up sign to the camera, and he was immediately filled with rage. No one had ever taken his wife’s asshole, and even though he had begged her many times she had always refused. They had stolen his wife’s anal virginity, something that belonged to him. The next picture Reginald was in the same pose, but this time his cock was buried in his wife’s mouth. The text message read “Ass to mouth slut” and with this he sobbed as a churning feeling dug through his stomach. His wife was sucking a filthy cock that had been in her ass.

* * *

Back at the club his wife still laid in the middle of the floor fingering herself as she looked at the three black studs standing around laughing. She stared at Mark who was closest to her, his dick hanging just feet away.

“please” she whispered as she started at his beautiful cock. Mark just ignored her as he stood there drinking a beer. Moments later the door swung open and a thuggish black man walked in. He seemed out of place with the previous three who sported suits in ties.

“Erik, Come fuck this bitch in heat.” Barry said, as Erik smoothly walked up to Jamie on the floor. Her fingers continuing to thrust in her used snatch. She looked up dazed at Erik drooling on herself.

“please” she whispered.

“Well slut, if you want this so bad you better come get it.”

Jamie climbed up on to her knees, her hand never leaving her snatch as she rubbed it vigorously. She used her other hand to unfasten Erik’s belt. Sliding her hand in she gasped as she pulled a thick 16 inch black snake from his pants. She stared at it as the size hypnotized her. It was long, thick, and heavy in her hand, but most of all it wasn’t even hard yet. Without any instruction Jamie opened her mouth allowing the head of his cock inside. Erik’s cock stiffened as Jamie sucked on it, her hand jacking him off in her mouth. Erik laughed when he saw her wedding ring around her finger.

“Damn bitch your husband know you’re a slut like this?”

Jamie didn’t respond, she just kept sucking his dick and jerking him off.

“No dude get this, she totally starts fucking us with her husband in the room.” Barry said “This stupid bitch came here on ecstasy and ended up fucking us instead of her husband.”

Jamie was turning beat red as she realized that was exactly what she did. She didn’t care at the time she needed to be fucked so bad. Now the first hit of ecstasy was wearing off. Second hit was different it made her so horny but it didn’t affect her the same way, all she knew that it was still working and her pussy was throbbing for more dick. She just kept telling herself “I’m sorry Chris, I’ll make this up to you.” as she continued to suck and jerk on Erik’s massive shaft. His cock was now fully hard in her mouth, sliding it out he walked around behind her and she lifted her ass into the air giving it to Erik’s 16 inch monster. Looking at her gaping holes Erik said in a sarcastic voice

“Damn bitch they really got you ready for me, after this you’re husband will be an after thought. You’ll only want dick as big as mine.” Erik placed the head of his cock on the entranced of her completely soaked gash. Jamie immediately pushed back against his member, and with a little force managed to get the head in. She couldn’t believe that even after being stretched so far his cock wouldn’t easily slide in. What made her even more aroused was realizing that her pussy was about to be stretched even farther. She groaned at Erik’s log slid farther into her wet hole. She squealed when she felt Erik’s dick slide up kissing the back of her cunt. Erik began to pump her pussy, almost turning her inside out.

“uh-uh-uh” escaped Jamie’s mouth as her abused pussy was being plowed. “I need……I need your cum” she managed to say between gasps. Erik’s balls were now tight and he was ready to explode, it would only be a few more thrusts before he erupted in this fertile cunt. Erik leaned down next to her ear whispering as he continued to pump her snatch.

“Remember that hit of ecstasy we gave you? It wasn’t X it was a fertility drug. Your gonna have a baby now bitch”

Shame filled her hearing this, it fueled her arousal as Erik’s cock exploded deep in her pussy. She came as the flood of jizz made it into her womb and she started to pant.

“oh…..god no……..I can’t……my husband” she moaned between gasps as the most amazing orgasm of her life hit her body. Shame, guilt, fueled her arousal as she slide face first to the floor passing out, her ass still stuck up in the air. The four black men spent the rest of the night abusing her as she lay passed out, she moaned in her sleep as her pussy overflowed.

* * *

It was morning now, her husband was at the back door waiting for his wife to come out. He didn’t dare look into the bouncers eyes as they all snickered at him waiting for his slut to come out. Dressed only in a jacket from the club she weakly walked out. Chris helped her to the car and put her inside. Before he could get in the car Reginald walked up to him.

“Hey Chris, thanks for letting us destroy your wife.” as he handed him a DVD. Written in black sharpie read “Why your wife doesn’t like your cock anymore.” Chris turned beat read and got in his car without saying word.

When they got home He helped Jamie inside and to bed. She was exhausted and barely conscious, slowly regaining her senses once the ecstasy driven lust had worn off. She felt so ashamed as she lay in bed thinking about how she had betrayed her husband. Her body was still covered in dried cum from her ordeal, as she felt the stickiness in her hair she started to panic as she remembered the fertility drug. She couldn’t have a black baby, how could she face her friends and family, how could she tell her husband. She could only hope and pray that it didn’t work. Those were her final thoughts as she drifted off to sleep.

While she was sleeping she dreamed about the events that happened the night before. It was ground breaking for her, she dreamed of how amazing she felt with her pussy so full and how she had her anal virginity taken, and when she awoke later that evening she could feel the arousal between her legs. Even after the shower her fingers would not stop her ever moistening pussy, she needed to be fucked

Chris was easily persuaded to fuck his wife, he needed to reclaim his dominance over her. The humiliation had been more than he could bare. Chris sucked her nipples and Jamie responded immediately. His slut wife didn’t need any foreplay this time so he immediately started pulling her gown off her body. She climbed into a doggy style position and pointed her as up the air at him. Chris had only fucked his wife a few times like these, usually when she was really horny. Grabbing her by the hips he slide his cock right into her snatch. His first thoughts as he entered her was how loose she was. Chris knew his wife’s pussy was destroyed, he would have to get use to fucking this loose cunt that use to be the tightest pussy he had ever had.

He stared into his wife’s eyes as she looked over her shoulder at him with lustful eyes. He had been completely humiliated, and was so now knowing that four black men had cum in her just hours before, but he wasn’t completely broken until his wife sighed and said

“Please hun stop teasing me and put the rest of your cock in.”

He pulled out of her stretched hole and laid down next to her crying, knowing he would never be able to please his wife again. She held him and comforted him, reminding Chris that she still loved him, and she this was just a set back they could still be together. It wasn’t until two months later that she found out she was pregnant with twins, she didn’t know how to tell her husband, but every weekend she would go back to the club to feel the excitement she did that first night. She ever brought along Claire a few times who had always been disappointment with her husbands cock size.

By cukydreams

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