I Seduced My Father

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I was 18 and had lived with only my father since my mother deserted him and at 36 my Daddy was handsome as hell. My girls friends joked they’d love to go to bed with him. I wanted to go to bed with him, too. Of course until that fateful night I was afraid to ever approach him. It was a Thursday and I had gone to a friend’s house. I called my father and told him she and I were going to go out and get a hamburger and thick shake for supper and I wasn’t sure when I’d be home.  “Okay,” he said, “thanks for letting me know.”   What I told him was a lie. He knew I often had sex, but there was no need to rub it in. Our boyfriends had come over and we talked, drank wine and at least twice slipped up to a bedroom and fucked.
When I came home my father was sitting in the living room reading a news magazine and I sat opposite from him and began reading a book; there would be nothing on TV until 8 o’clock. I looked across at my Dad and a perverted desire rose in me. I had always lusted for him even though I knew this was unnatural, but tonight I was high on wine and recent sex, my desire for incest became intense.   “Fuck it!” I said to myself, “Why not put it out in the open.”   But even with the alcohol, I couldn’t get up the nerve to, out of the blue simply announce I wanted him to fuck me.   Daddy looked at his watch and said,   “Time for a drink.” and left the room to make one. It was always rum and Coca Cola, mostly rum. It was July and we were both wearing shorts so while he was gone I removed my panties. I was nervous as hell, but when he returned after a few moments I opened my legs, when he looked at me he’d get a view of my wet pussy. What would he do when he saw it? Would he tell me I wasn’t wearing panties and go put some on, or there was a chance I had inherited my desire for incest from him? Maybe Daddy had desired sex with me all these years, but did not dare reveal it. “I remarked,   “This damn book is dull as hell!”   I had never used words like that around me father and he looked at me sharply. Then he saw my exposed pussy and his eyes opened wide. He started to say something, but stopped. He stared at my cunt for a longer than he should and finally said,   “Honey, you’re not wearing any panties.”   I boldly replied,   “You might as well know it, I have an overwhelming desire to have you fuck me! I’m hoping you secretly feel the same way.”   Daddy looked stunned, then he hesitantly replied,  “O God, baby, I do, but I never thought you, I mean Incest is a terrible thing, it’s forbidden, it’s illegal, it’s perverted, it’s”   I interrupted,  “I don’t care. Yes, It’s terrible when a parent forces a child into it, probably scars them mentally for life. But not us, this would be consensual, Daddy, nature made us this way, we need to do it to be happy, to be fully ourselves.”  And I stood up, removed my tee shirt and stepped out of my shorts, standing in front of my Daddy completely naked. I’d seen myself in a mirror often enough, I knew I looked desirable. I was blonde, including my pubic hair, had small tits, but enough to fondle and suck, I was slender and I’d been told I had legs that ran up to my armpits.   “Sweet Jesus, Cindy, you’re magnificent!”  “Let me see you, Daddy.”   He removed his clothes. I thought his slim, athletic body was magnificent and I gasped when for the first time I saw him with an erection.   “Oh Daddy, you’ve got beautiful big cock!”   “Your mother always thought so, it’s slightly over 8 inches,” he laughed.  When I walked across the room and gripped it, sliding my hand up and down a few times; he had a spontaneous ejaculation! And I had an orgasm seeing those white spurts shooting from the end of his prick. I said, “Oh God, Daddy, let’s do it, let’s go up stairs and fuck.”  Daddy followed me up, reaching out and stroking my ass as we climbed the stairs; in the bedroom I lay on the bed with my legs spread.   “This is really wicked,” Daddy said, “you’re my own daughter, but, Baby, you’re irresistible!”  “Do it Daddy, push that lovely cock into you daughter’s cunt!”   I raised myself on my elbows so I could watch it slowly enter me and had an orgasm. Over the years my father had screwed thousands of times, he was a master fucker, When it was in all the way he slowly pulled it nearly out then pushed it back deep inside my slippery cunt. Suddenly I was happier than I ever had been before, this is what nature intended us to do.  I began to have non-stop orgasms as Daddy moved his prick in and out, stopped, removed his cock, and used it to vigorously massage my cunt then slid it back in.   “Yes, yes Daddy, ooooh, ooooh, don’t stop, I’m having the biggest orgasms of my life!”   Suddenly I felt spurts of cum filling my cunt.   “Oh God, Daddy, incest is so wickedly wonderful!”  Then I realized fucking his own daughter had kept Daddy hard as a rock.   “Yes, Daddy, do it again, ooohhh, ooooh, fill my cunt to overflowing!”  When he came for the second time my cunt was so filled with my Daddy’s cum it began running from my pussy down the crack of my ass onto his balls. When Daddy’s prick softened and popped from my cunt he collapsed, his full weight was on me, his prick pressed between us. I pulled his head down and began to kiss him on his lips. I opened my mouth and when he responded our tongues entwined. It was as if my tongue and my fathers were locked in an embrace. It was a forbidden kiss, one that no father and daughter should ever engage in, not one of love, but of passion and lust! Daddy’s soft cock was flat against me and it suddenly hardened, shooting white spurts onto our stomachs, giving me a powerful orgasm.   My father had been on top of me, our bodies pressed together so his cock was crushed between us. We were kissing in a way no father no daughter should ever kiss; our tongues thrusting into each other’s mouth; it was a kiss not of love, but a forbidden kiss of passion and lust. My father shot a load of cum between our bodies, coating both our stomachs with lovely white jizz.   When we finally sat up, I said,   “Daddy, I knew incest would be exciting, but never as much as this!”   “I know baby, fucking my own daughter was far and away the best fuck I’ve had in my life. This seems like a dream. Oh God, I’ve got to fuck you again.”   This time Daddy hammered me.  ‘That’s it, Daddy, fuck me as if I were a $10 dollar whore!”  After he had filled me with what felt like a gallon of cum he suddenly whorepushed me down on my back, knelt between my wide spread legs, pushed his face into my pubic hair and began licking my cunt, sucking up the leaking cum. As he did I moaned,   “Yes, Daddy, oooohh, eat me Daddy!”   I used my hands to spread my cunt wide and he began to lick all that expanse of pink flesh from top to bottom, from side to side. Then he did what no boy had ever done, he began licking my asshole! Oh God, what an orgasm I had. I pushed my asshole open and Daddy’s tongue was inside, he began running it around the rim of it.   “Oh Daddy, this is so wicked, licking my asshole. I love you Daddy, I love you!”   As Daddy’s tongue returned vigorously licking my cunt, I had several more orgasms.  When my father sat up he smiled,   “I’ve never licked an asshole in my life, but you’re my precious little girl, there’s no part of you I wouldn’t use my tongue to taste!”   “I’m not a little girl.” I laughed.  “I know you’re a women, but to your father you’ll always be my sweet, innocent little girl.” I said,   “Alright, your precious little girl wants a mouthful of her Daddy’s cum.”   He lay on his back and I moved my head within inches of his prick and I looked at Daddy’s big cock, it was irresistible! I took as much as I could into my mouth, ran my lips up and down the length of it, pausing to concentrate my tongue on its dark pink head. Daddy was softly saying,   “Mmmmm, mmmm,” while he stroked my hair, running his fingers through it.   Then I surprised him, I did what one of my boyfriends taught me, I removed my mouth and began to run my tongue up and down the length of my fathers prick, moving it so I could lick all sides of it. When I did the underside I went down until I could lick each of his balls. Then I did something new, I ran my tongue around and around his asshole. Daddy cried,   “Quick, put it back in your mouth!”   I did it just in time to have his ejaculation fill it. And it was my own father’s cum giving me a magnificent orgasm. When I had it all, I put my head back, opened my mouth so he could see it full of his white nectar, so much it was running from the corners, down my chin. “Daddy said,   “I’ve never seen such a raunchy sight, it’s beautiful!”   Then I rolled it around, savoring its taste and swallowed. It had been a really delicious act of incest.   My father and I were far too turned on to stop now.   “Let’s fuck again.” I said.   Daddy used his cock to lightly massage my swollen pussy lips, moved it down and ran it over my asshole and when he did I had an instant orgasm. Then he slowly entered my cunt and I thought, what could be more excitingly perverted than a 36-year-old father inserting his prick into his own 18-year-old daughter? It carried me to a sexual high. I was consumed with lust for him and I came off, sending a cascade of cunt juice around Daddy’s cock. I exclaimed,  ‘That’s it Daddy, screw me, hammer me, fuck me as hard as you can. Fuck me as if I was a $10 dollar whore.”   His pace was slow to prolong the feeling of my wet cunt on his prick, but each time he pulled all of it out until only the head remained then he rammed it in as hard as he could, his balls slapping against my ass. It was electrifying! Waves of pleasure flowed through my body.  “Cum in me, Daddy,” I shouted, ” I want my father’s semen in me!”   A few seconds later he gave me what I wanted. When his cock exploded and pulled out I plunge my fingers into my cunt and brought out gobs of the cum I craved, and reveled in the taste of the forbidden liquid.   “Eat your baby’s cunt,” I commanded and he quickly had his head between my legs.   He licked eagerly, sucking up the leaking cum. We were both panting when we finally lay on our backs. I asked,   “Daddy, what is the most wicked sex we can have?”   Without a moments hesitation he said,   “What I’m going to do now, shove 8-inches of cock up my daughters ass!”   Hearing my farther say those erotic words brought me off. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d gotten on my hands and knees for what was coming. I’d been fucked up my ass before, but this was different, it was my own father’s cock that would be going in. I lowered my head and shoulders onto the mattress and thrust my round ass up. My father starred at me,   “Holy shit, Cindy, that’s the most provocative pose I’ve ever seen. Your lovely young ass waiting to be fucked.”   And suddenly he ejaculated onto the bed.   I gasped,   “Seeing my father shooting cum is pretty provocative, too. I wish I had a video of it. I could have an orgasm every time I watched it.”   Daddy moved behind me and when his cock touched my asshole. I pushed hard opening it wide. Daddy slowly slid the head of his prick through my asshole; then I let it close tightly to squeeze the long shaft that followed. My whole body was consumed by incestual lust.   “Fuck my ass, Daddy. There’s nothing more wonderfully perverted than a Father with his cock up his own daughter ass!”   He pulled his prick out so only the dark pink head remained inside then thrust in until his balls slapped my ass. Each stroke of his long, fat prick sent a thrills sweeping through me.   “Hammer my ass, Daddy! Ooohhh, oooohh, my fathers in my ass. I love you, Daddy, ooohhhh, cum in me, Daddy, fill your daughter’s ass with your semen.”   When he did, it shot far up it and I was in ecstasy, waves of pleasure swept through me. And my father wasn’t done with my ass.   What my father did next was obscene. He lowered his body and I felt his mouth against my asshole, his tongue probing it and I immediately opened it. A stream of ass cum flowed out into my father’s mouth.   “Oooohhh, my Daddy’s sucking my ass!”   He continued licking and sucking up the cum until he had consumed it all.   We slept together from that night on until I married and moved out. I have 2 lovely children, a boy and a girl and husband who I dearly love, one who enjoys adventurous sex as much as I do. But my Daddy and I still find opportunities to enjoy the special thrill of father and daughter incest.   Readers may find it difficult to believe that Incest sex is many, many more times exciting and pleasurable than normal sex, but it is. It’s the difference between a piece of bread and butter and a gourmet meal. Have any of you experienced it? Write to me if you have.  Cindy

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    Loved it when daddy rubbed me through my shorts or panties

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    My dad used to love sucking my little titties. He said he liked to do that so they would swell and plump up more. He would suckling, nibble & gently chew them til they were raw, purple, swollen and sore. I loved it. Then he would stick his dick in me, and pump me full of his incestuous sperm. It felt so good. Sore tits and a sore pussy.

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      Daddy first licked me off when I was 4. I still remember that orgasm It blew my mind. Just after my 7th birthday, he gave me my first fuck. at first, it hurt. However, after a few minutes I began to enjoy having Daddy’s cock sliding up and down inside my young cunt. I;m married now, and I often fuck my 14-year-old son when his father is not around.

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    Hey ReeRee, you’re spot on about incest sex it’s fucking awesome hot. I’d love to chat about my relationship with my dad

    • Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

      I probably would’ve love getting pregnant. That way, he & our baby could suck my full titties.

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    I’ve been fucking my dad several years. Two days after I turned 13 he made me pregnant. I’m 23 now and pregnant again with his baby. Incest is so fucking intense HOT, just knowing his cum created me,now that same cum created his babies in me makes me to cum just thinking about it.

    • [email protected] ID:814qk9nzrj

      Good girl. You have only second child from him?

    • Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20b

      This will be my 2nd child with my biological dad. I had my first before 14

    • [email protected] ID:814qk9nzrj

      Lauren, you are very good woman and daughter. You created life from your own father, thereby continuing your lineage and preserving all the genes within the family. But why didn’t you bear from him a few more times? At 16 or 20, for example?

    • Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

      True. Incest sex. Is FANTASTIC!!! I grew to love it. Being pounded hard & squirted in, licked and nibbled was great. We both loved when he would cum in me & my sweet little cunt would milk his dick dry. But unfortunately, l never had his baby. It was a lot of fun trying. For real!!!

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    This was such a hot story the way she enjoyed it as much as he did reminds me of when my 14 yr old daughter was in her nightgown and showed me her pussy 10 years ago I was so turned on I could not resist fucking her right there on the couch and coming inside her we fucked for a yr before she got pregnant and had my baby

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      It’s with my wife’s blessing. Only time I can cum in them is on their safe days, as my wife teaching them the rhythm method. I know it’s only a matter of time and I won’t pull out.

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    Incest sex is way more pleasurable. When my dad first slid his dick in me at the tender age of 8, l been hooked ever since. I used to love when he squirted inside me. It used feel so good & warm. I love when my pussy would milk all his cum up in his sweet baby girl.

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      That’s right, girl. Be an obedient daughter to your dad and give birth to his children

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