Smoking can be fun part 3

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Meeting the girls again for a big surprise, a night that is ingrained in my mind forever

I’ve been fucking the hell out of my wife morning and night since I meet with the girl last week, today is going to be a hard one, it’s going to be hard to consecrate on work, and hard to work with a hardon,
Finish work wife picks me home shower food drop the wife off, to the shop to buy beer smokes and condoms the cashier says someone going to have some fun, hopefully i reply,
Waiting at the same spot i picked them up from last week, cock still hard with anticipation, i see them, my heart is racing, cock trying to burst out of my pants, but it’s not the same girls lyn isn’t there, but Rachael the girl that was there when i first met them, Kate and Rachael dressed in there school uniform and May had her primary school dress on,kate once again gets in the front next to me and Rachael and May in the back, kate leans over and kisses me her tongue slides into my mouth her hand on my face slowly moves down my chest onto my lap squeezing my hard cock, hello she says, suddenly May says where is my kiss, I turn my head and she lunges forward and kisses me kate is still stroking my cock, Kate says you might as well give Rachael a kiss, I twist my head and Racheal leans forward to kiss me her lips are soft and wet, she tastes devine, then Kate says that’s enough lets go,
As we drive to the beech again kate releases my cock and takes my hand and places it on her thigh under her school skirt, i look at her and she says i have a surprise for you, what’s the surprise i ask, well she says we all forgot to wear any knickers tonight, my head shoots around to look at her and she slides my hand higher until I’m touching her smooth little pussy, they all laugh, May and Rachael hoist there skirts I can see May’s sweet pussy but I had to adust the rear view mirror to see Racheal’s just a few little hairs but she had quite meaty cunt lips
I managed to park the car without blowing my load in my pants just
Kate said have you brought beer and smokes today, yes i said there in the back somewhere, great she says but turn the car around so my door is facing out to sea, I turn the car around, May says gets the beers and smoke then we can start, I look at Kate and she says what are you waiting for then, my cock is hurting so much tenting the front off my pants, I get the beers and smokes hand them out, kate says come around my side and you can see my pussy better, i rush around the car and open the door, kate swings her legs out, she sits on the edge of the seat and opens her legs, her skirt is still covering her pussy, I kneel in front of her , i slide a hand up either thigh until her skirt is around her waist, her juicy little pussy is spread open I can see her clit sticking out, her sister May is behind her reaching round undoing the buttons on kates shirt to reveal her little breast May starts to punch Kates nipples, what a sight this young schoolgirl legs spread shirt open while her sister play with her hard nipples, she has a smoke in one hand and a can of beer in the other, that image is ingrained in my mind forever, kate says get closer and give it a kiss, I lent forward smelling her sex closer until my lips were against her pussy I kissed and licked and sucked as she rubbed her pussy against my mouth her breathing was heavy I looked up May still pinching her nipples while Rachael french kissed her, with one hand I rubbed her clit while I tongue fucked her my other hand was wrapped around my pulsating cock, then she came over my face
Rachael said my turn lie down on the grass she came over and squatted down on my face while I licked and sucked this sweet young girl she lent forward and started wanking my cock ten seconds later her orgasm hits her she is moaning breathing hard and she slumps down on me her hand still wrapped around my cock, she crawls off my turns and kisses my cum soaked face, that was so good she says better than Kate does it, kate is still sat in the car legs spread fingering herself still smoking and still drinking a beer,
May get over hear i shout only to realise she was behind me her dress was up around her waist with a hand between her legs rubbing her pussy, I say to her so when did you start playing with your self, about 20 minutes ago, well if you want me to lick your sweet little pussy come and sit on my face, in a flash that pussy is grinding on my tongue i reach up and spread her ass cheeks so I can push deeper into her wet little pussy, as I’m eating this juicy pussy Kate comes over and starts wanking my cock I’m moaning into her young sister pussy Rachael sits down beside Kate and starts to kiss her then she grabs my swollen cock and together they wank me off, I can’t hold back any longer and shoot stream after stream of hot cum over my belly at this point May comes she falls forward onto my cum soaked body her head by my cock and she starts licking my spunk up when Kate and Rachael see what she is doing they both bend down and start licking my cock clean.
We all got dressed and sat down to recover, May says can we do it next week again i enjoyed it,
Think it was a yes from everyone at the same time
As Kate and Racheal get in the car i say to May did you enjoy that yes she replied it was much better than when my dad or uncle touchs me at bath time, well sometime you had better tell me what thay do to you, okay she replied promise i say pinky promise she says. What are you doing on Saturday afternoon maybe just you and me could meet up and you could tell me, but don’t tell the others okay 2pm same place

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    Can’t wait for 4

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    Definitely, the younger ones seem to want it more than the older ones