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My Friends Little Sister

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I was 13, my best friend Tommy who lived next door was the same age. He had a little sister Jaime who was 11.

Jaime had a huge crush on me. She came over one morning to hang out with me. Tommy had practice that day and couldn’t come over. I played with her in my pool and later I was sunbathing on a towel on the deck. She came and sat next to me. I must say my horny 13 yo self was getting aroused watching her in that bikini.

She asked me if we were going to get married. I pushed on her nose.

“How about we finish school first? So we can get jobs and support ourselves?”, I said

She got excited, “So we are getting married then?”, she asked

“We’ll see.”, I said

She got mad. “When mom says that, it means it’s not gonna happen.” I laughed.

“How could anyone not want to marry someone as adorable as you?”, I asked. I could see her heart melting. She was all starry eyed.

I got up and I picked her up and kissed her cheek. I bounced her up and down and shook her. She was laughing.

I dropped her in the pool. She got out all mad at me. “Jerk!”, she said. I saw, as she was about to hit me, that she had a camel toe. “What is that?”, I asked. I pinched the crotch of her bikini and fixed it. Then I slid my finger down the outside of her bikini crotch. She got excited. “Hey let’s go in the garage!”, she said

I picked her up and cradled her in my arms. She pinched my nose. I kissed her and took her in the garage. I set her down and she pulled down her bikini bottom and showed me her baldy. It was so cute. Her puffy little folds forming a line in between. I touched it and her legs came together. I could tell it made her feel awkward. She wasn’t used to being touched there.

I took out my cock. She stared at it in awe. It looked like her eyes were about to pop out of her head. Her mouth wide open. “Well you can touch it.”, I said.

“This is so cool!”, she said. She was all excited getting to touch her first dick. Her little hands felt down my dick and then she started playing with the mushroom. Squeezing it and separating the folds by my urethra.

Her mom called for her. “Darn it!”, she said. She quickly pulled up her bikini. We were disappointed it had to end.

I picked her up and kissed her and hugged her. “Not like we are never going to do this again. Oh and….uh….I love you.”

She gasped and mouth dropped open again. “I love you too!”, she said all excited. She wanted so desperately to hear me say that to her.

“Go! See what your mom wants and come back.”, I said and patted her ass as she left. She unfortunately didn’t come back.

Tommy asked later if I said anything to his sister. He said she was walking around with a glow. I told him, “I told her I would marry her after we finished school.”

“You better treat her right if you do!”, he joked. “She adores you. God only knows why.” I laughed.

Tommy spent the weekend at his dad’s. I went by Jaime’s house to see if she wanted to hang out and swim. Her mom said, “Well you are a household name around here. You are all my daughter talks about.”, she said and smiled.

“Yeah I was wondering if I could borrow her for a few hours? I need someone to hang out with.”, I said jokingly

“She would love that. She is upstairs in her room.”, she said

I went upstairs and went into her room and surprised her. She jumped up and hugged me. I picked her up and kissed her. She showed me her Barbie dolls and how Ken and Barbie are getting married. “Just like us!”, she said

“OMG what I did I start?”, I thought to myself.

“Get a swimsuit and we can go swimming.”, I said

She came by. My parents were gone so we had the house to ourselves. I closed the blinds and took my swim trunks off and sat on the couch. She stood in front of me and started playing with me until I got a hard on.

“Do I have to put it in my mouth? I told my friend what happened yesterday and she said she does that with her uncle. She puts his thing in her mouth.”, Jamie said.

“Uh hello! WE KEEP QUIET ABOUT THIS!”, I said. I spanked her ass. She hit my leg.

“It is one of my girlfriends! She ain’t gonna say anything!”, she said. I spanked her butt again. She hit me back again. I laughed.

I grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands and squeezed gently. She squeezed my cock head. “I am going to punch your balls!”, she said. I chuckled and kissed her.

“Listen up! In answer to your question: Yes you can suck my dick if you want to.”, I said. She looked at it examined the mushroom. She shook her head.

“I don’t think I will. That seems gross. My friend says it erupts? Is that true? She says he sticks it up her butt too. That is gross.”, she said

I said, “Actually it goes Here. Here and Here.” Pointing to her mouth, pussy and ass.

“Sorry none of those places!”, she said

I pulled her up on my lap and got face to face with her. “What is wrong? Why are you so unwilling to try something new? You might like it.”, I said

“You said ‘If I wanted to’, well I don’t!”, she said.

“You know what? You’re a naughty girl!”, I said. I picked her up and dropped her on the couch. I tickled her and straddled her. I put my dick on her forehead and tapped it. “Naughty!”, I said. She was laughing hysterically. Touching my sack and balls. I got up and moved down and blew a raspberry on her belly. I pulled off her bikini bottom and blew a raspberry on her pussy. Her legs locked around my head. I just started licking. She was trying to get me stop and trying to get away. “It feels icky! Stop!”, she said

“Relax! It will feel good after awhile.”, I said. She tried her best at first but it was uncomfortable for her until she got used to it.

“Can I play with your dick now? I want to watch it erupt!”, she asked

I got on the bottom and she was playing with my cock as I ate her out. She finally got brave and put the head to her tongue. She put the tip in her mouth and was sucking on it.

She wasn’t doing very well. She was mostly reacting to my stimulation. So I started jacking off for her. I was licking away at her clitoris and fingering her. Her tunnel was tight as my finger slid in and out of her. She was moaning. She moved forward and then back, forward and back. I stopped licking and just rubbed her clit. “Oh my god!!!”, she said. “Jacob!..uh..uh..Jake”, she said. She let out a high pitched moan and her face contracted. She dug her fingers into my leg as her pussy became a waterslide. “Ahhhh”, she said her muscles contracted and she just collapsed. She laid down next to me recovering from her first orgasm.

“Did you like that?”, I asked

She got up and got on top of me and we kissed. “You want to see it erupt?”, I asked. She got excited and said she did.

I had her lay down and I hovered over her. I started jacking off as she watched intently. I jacked it hard and in a couple minutes I felt my orgasm coming on. I moaned loudly and pointed it to her face and chest as I came. She jumped back as my sperm shot out onto her. It was all over her neck, chest and belly.

She was pissed. “Ewww! You are nasty! You are a jerk! Why did you shoot that all over me?”, she asked

I laughed. “Calm down! It is just sperm. Taste it. It tastes good to girls!”, I said

She touched it and was bitching and complaining. I took a finger full and put it in her mouth. She opened her mouth like it was going to be totally gross but realized she liked it.

“We are not friends anymore!”, she said angrily. “You are nasty! I am mad at you!”

“I did what you asked me to do. I didn’t think we were friends anyway. Aren’t you my fiancée? Thought we were getting married? Besides I saw you. You swallowed that bit I gave you.”, I said. I tickled her anger away and I apologized to her. I told her I loved her and that smoothed things over.

She cheered up and fun Jaime returned. We showered and got cleaned up and spent the day swimming. I went over to her house and her mom made us dinner. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:5wwo800lfia

    Reminded me of my youth anx the first time Cracksniffer licked my asshole, it was heaven but the cops still arrested him

  • Reply Donald Nickell ID:3zxjmhgw20b

    Love it. My doctor’s friends told me girls today are having their periods at two years old. The world record for a girl to have a baby is five years old.
    [email protected]

  • Reply Papa 2 ID:1e12j248vgrk

    So many start their periods at that young age now!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplt0d

    Yeah cute story but it sounds like she isn’t ready. My friends daughter at 8 almost 9 was ready after her sister instructed her. She is now one horny cum slut. The next door neighbors granddaughter is 11 and she was ready as well. Mater of fact she came on to me even after I told her how old I was.
    So it basically all depends on her, how curious she is and definitely how may hormones she has running through her veins lol!
    Hopefully the story gets more involved in round two when you dump a load in that ass and throat. Spank that ass and make her happy!

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Could have been a much better day if you fucked and bred her

  • Reply Joe ID:1cmw0z3znlxo

    That sounds like a great day.
    I have a neighbor that is like 10 or 11 and they have a pool and she is hot as heck in her bikini

    • Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7d4

      10 and 11 is the new 16 and so perfect to train and fuck! Their so much fun to be with!

  • Reply PervyD ID:1dgd7ubepuub

    Very cute story