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Baby sitting

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I thought I’d share a story from when I was around 12 (f)
So it started off as a normal day it was me mom and my brother. My mom was a Nurse so she would often have to work night shift and I would have to take care of my brother because he was only around 7 years old but i was ok with it because I would just make dinner and sit him in-front of the tv to watch a movie and I would go to my room.
On this day tho mom got called into work for an emergency in the ward because they were short staffed so I done what I usually do with my brother and went to my room. However I was kind of in the mood to touch myself but I wondered if I was able to lie on my back and bring my ass to my head and try to lick my self (don’t know why I thought this but yeah) so I start and believe it or not I was flexible enough to stick my tongue inside myself. As I was doing this tho my little brother managed to get into my room without me seeing him and came up and poked my vagina with his finger. I was instantly shocked and jolted up but my brother must have thought it was a game and chased me around the room to try and keep touching it. So I jumped on the bed were he couldn’t reach me. But eventually I thought I might just let him touch it one more time and I loved it.
The way his soft little hands were touching me made me so wet, I couldn’t take it much longer so I grabbed his hand and moved his fingers in and out of me and I ended up coming all over his hands.

I know this is pretty messed up but I really needed to get this off my chest and I thought this would probably be the best way. I’m a bit older now but I continued to do stuff like this with my brother until recently.

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  • Reply Tom ID:fzq5zyc42

    Have you ever returned the favor to your little brother

  • Reply Bob ID:ffh2ubrv1

    I would have died for that experience. I wish more girls were like you

  • Reply funpics70 ID:8bvxccfxii

    nice one tell us more

  • Reply OlderMale ID:28xmfpxw43

    I for one would love to hear more about your life!

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    I’d absolutely love to hear more about your adventures

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    You wrote a fine story.
    Maybe you like to share your experiences with me.
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