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Lost on the bad side of town

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12 year old Kaylee finds herself at the hands of gangbangers after she gets lost walking through the bad side of town at night.

Kaylee was only 12 years old and yet she found herself being hunted. Tracked and followed through the dirty alleyways on the bad side of town after dark.

She had been in a very bitter argument with her parents about getting a nose ring and after the shouting match had ended with her parents still saying no, Kaylee stomped away from the downtown mall that they were shopping at. She set off down a random road, not even caring where it took her. She was fuming mad. How dare her parents think she wasn’t old enough for a nose ring? Plenty of other girls her age already had their nose pierced. It was un-fucking-fair!!!
It wasn’t until the street lamps flickered on, that Kaylee brought her attention out of her mind and realized that it was basically already night time. She also soon realized that she had no idea where she was.

Kaylee swung around and around searching for any kind of landmark that would point her back to the mall but it was too dark to see anything she recognized. She then. Scanned for any type of business or store that she could use the phone at to call her parents, but she had wandered into a residential neighborhood and the streets were lined with trashy, unkempt houses. She had always been told never to go on this side of town. This is where the drugs and prostitutes ran freely. This is where the majority of the city’s murders happened. This was no place for a 12 year old girl to be alone after dark.

Kaylee chose a direction at random and set off at a brisk pace. Nervous, but certain that she would soon see the bright lights of a corner shop soon.
Nervous soon turned into panic however as she turned a corner and saw a group of dark figures sitting the front porch of a run down house. Kaylee could see the red tips of their cigarettes lighting up in the darkness.
She stopped for a moment and made a right turn down an alley to avoid walking past them. After a minute or so, Kaylee glanced over her shoulder and was horrified to see that the dark figures had left their porch and were now following her down the alleyway.
Kaylee took another right turn into another alley and the moment the building on the corner obstructed her view of the dark followers, Kaylee took off running as fast as she could. She ran several blocks and passed under a few streetlights until she had to catch her breath. Kaylee hid behind a dumpster and peeked around it as she gasped for air. The last streetlight she had run under was 2 blocks behind her, and within moments, the streetlight began to pick up the dark figures as they approached.
One by one they passed under the light and Kaylee got a very good look at them.

Thugs. Criminals. A whole posse of gangbangers. It was evident from their low, baggy pants and colored bandanas.
Kaylee knew that she had to get as far away from them as she could. But she also knew that they knew these streets in ways that Kaylee could never dream.
She had finally caught her breath and was preparing to run again as squinted through the darkness at a moving shadows and that’s when she heard it behind her. The rustle.
Kaylee spun around but it was too late.
“Gotcha ho!” Growled the giant black man.
Kaylee screamed but it was drowned out by the laughter of the rest of the black men. Six of them. All tatted up, wearing their gang colors and sporting shiny grills in their mouths and shiny guns in their waistbands.
“Please! Please just let me go!” Kaylee begged.
“Shut the fuck up ho!” Yelled the one who had her by the wrists. He slammed her down on the cold dirty pavement in the alleyway, which was illuminated by a single lightpost. And in that ring of light in the darkness is where it happened.
12 year old Kaylee. A white, innocent virgin girl from the suburbs, at the hands of hardened gang members.

Kaylee cried and cried as they surrounded her.
One man held her hands above her head while another took out his knife and sliced her shirt open in the front exposing her tiny firm budding breasts that didn’t yet need a bra to hold them. Two guys took off Kaylee’s shoes and socks and started sucking on her toes. One unbuttoned her jean shorts and slipped them off followed by her cute white panties.
When the panties made it down past her hips, that’s when Kaylee became hysterical. She started screaming at the top of her lungs.
A fist with rings on it smashed her in the face dazing her.
Strong hands grabbed her ankles and spread her legs apart.
Her virgin pussy didn’t yet have a single hair on it yet. It was bare as her cute little ass.
Kaylee sobbed uncontrollably as blood poured out of her mouth and eyebrow.
The biggest black man dropped his pants and took off his shirt as he kneeled down in-between Kaylee’s legs.
Kaylee could see his massive black cock shimmering in the light.
The man spit on the end of his dick and then laid on top of her putting his full body weight on her body.
His breath stunk of cheap cigars and brandy.
“Your mine now bitch” he said as he began jamming his cock into Kaylee’s pussy.
Kaylee screamed again as her pussy was forced open by the massive cock.
No condom, no nothing separated her innocence from the violation. He rocked it in and out as he licked her pretty face. He licked her tiny boobs and rubbed his hands up and down her delicate curves.
“Oh fuck it’s such a tight little white pussy y’all!”.
All the other men laughed.
“Oh fuck it’s so tight! Imma bust a nut up in this fucking bitch! Uhhhhhh!!!”
He pushed his hips forward as hard as they would go and pushed his cock as deep as it would go.
Kaylee screamed again as she felt the tip of his dick contract and she felt huge gushes of his warm cum blasting inside her.
“Aww fuck yeah!” He said as he finally pulled out.
“All y’all’s boys!”
The next black man kept on top of her and began raping her fast and hard. Another gush of cum inside her 12 year old pussy.
Then the next one and the next one. Hour after hour passed as Kaylee was raped over and over and over.
They called in more homies who all took turns cumming inside her. Dozens of thugs raping her again and again. Cumming inside her pussy over and over.

Kaylee had no idea how many men had unloaded their balls into her pussy. But she could feel the pool of semen that had flowed out of her pussy and collected underneath her.
She had collected countless bleeding bite marks, mostly on her neck and chest and the insides of her thighs. She cried and cried and screamed the entire time and had no idea when it would end.
Man after man. Each minute seemed to last for hours. Each and every time, she would feel the burst of cum inside her. Not one single condom was ever used.

Kaylee’s body began to get stiff from being held down in the same position for so long. Her arms were numb above her head and her legs seemed almost frozen as wide open as they would go, just so warmly inviting the next man to slip inside her.
Kaylee attempted to estimate how many men had raped her as the night progressed and she made a rough guess that it was somewhere around 30 men but she couldn’t be sure.
She also tried to guess the time, but was unable to do so until she began to see the first dim signs of dawn in the sky.
She knew that the sun was coming up, which meant that she had been raped for at least 10 straight hours.

It was her hope that the men would disperse as the darkness faded into the approaching morning. But her hope was shattered as she heard the thugs discussing their next move.
“Yeah bruh, let’s take her over to my crib. My fam ain’t even gunna be back till next week”, said one of them.
“Bet!” Another one replied.

Kaylee still had a man on top of her, grunting with pleasure as he shot his load inside her pussy.
“Damn girl! You the filthiest slut I ever done. I can’t believe you took the whole neighborhood. Bareback too!” He laid his whole body on her as he finished pumping Kaylee full of his cum. He sucked on her tiny little boobs and stuck his tongue in her mouth, licking her teeth. Then then guys who were talking finally approached.

“Finish up bro, we gotta move this party before it gets too bright out here”, said the man who appeared to be in charge.

The man on top of Kaylee smiled and got off of her. He buttoned up his pants and told Kaylee, “Be seeing you again later today bitch”.
The men who were now holding Kaylee’s arms and legs finally let off their pressure and Kaylee moaned with sore stiff muscles. A car drove up and Kaylee moaned again as they picked her up off the pavement. She began to cry again as they opened up the trunk of the car and threw her into it. It smelled like weed and engine oil and the upholstery had all kinds of sharp, uncomfortable debris in it that dug into Kaylee’s naked body as she laid on it.

She could feel the cum leaking out of her pussy still as she looked up at her captors.
She saw them smiling down at her with their gold and silver teeth.
Right before they closed the trunk of the car, one of the men said. “Bitch. I hope you know that the fun has just begun” and he laughed as he slammed the trunk shut, enveloping Kaylee in complete darkness.

And all Kaylee could hear is the sound of her own sobbing as she felt the car begin to drive away. 30 men in 10 hours. Her virginity gone forever. Her pussy overflowing with the semen of the most despicable men who had raped her over and over.
And it wasn’t over. Not even close.
Kaylee was now the property of the gangbangers. She was now a 12 year old cum dumpster.
And to think, she was once upset about not getting a nose ring.

End part 1

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      Coo story bro. How bout posting it to the website instead of my comment section.

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    Oh !!! I’m so !! so !! sorry Slip&Sliders ! Please accept my sincerest apologies ! I did get you mixed with someone else ! Britney (HUGS & KISSES)

    • Slip& Sliders ID:2atx3wsb0b

      I am relieved that this mix up has been cleared up.
      I am not upset or anything like that. I instantly knew that you had me mistaken for someone else. So I accept your apology.

      S& S

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ek2cqgrlch6

    And he finally returns after so long missed your writing pal. Good work looking forward to part 2.

    • Slip& Sliders ID:2atx3wsb0b

      Glad to be back. And glad I was missed by all you pervs! 😛

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    • Slip& Sliders ID:2atx3wsb0b

      I appreciate your comment. But it seems that most of your comment has me mixed up with someone else.
      Please re-read my comment on Lauras story.
      I never said anything about women being raped because they wore “sexy clothes”.
      I never said anything about the reasons why women get raped at all.
      I never made any sort of implication whatsoever that it was a woman’s fault that she got raped.
      So as far as that part of your comment goes, I have no idea what your talking about. You have my comment mixed up with a different comment.

      As far as the “going to prison vs cutting a man’s cock off” subject, I stand by what I said.
      Violence is not the answer to violence.
      Self defense, yes absolutely.
      But genital mutilation in the form of a punishment is absolutely 100% just as fucked up as rape is.
      Removing a rapist from society is the correct punishment and it’s the correct way to protect people from the rapist.

      S& S

    • Slip& Sliders ID:2atx3wsb0b

      One more thing I want to clear up about your comment.

      My comment on Laura’s story Specifically mentions genital mutilation as being wrong in the form of a decided apon punishment (such as in a courtroom).
      I absolutely agree that women should do everything in their power to defend themselves if they are being assaulted, including using a weapon and aiming for the sensitive or vulnerable places on the attackers body.

      You have taken my comment and added things to it in your head that I did not say. You also disregarded the specific context I used when I spoke of punishment. Punishment and self defense are completely different things.
      Self defense happens during the assault as a way to prevent ones self from further injury.
      Punishment is decided apon and implemented after the assault is over.
      The wording I used in my comment on Laura’s post leaves no room for misinterpretation. I made it clear that I was talking about punishment decided apon at a later time.
      S& S

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    Wow nice start, can’t wait till she is trained to be a good little slave.

    • Slip& Sliders ID:2atx3wsb0b

      I much prefer the initial event. When it’s a fresh one.
      Kinda loses it luster once they are willing and docile.
      But I’ll make part two fresh and exciting, don’t you worry.

      S& S

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