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I wish it was me – Part 5

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Daddy continued to slowly open my pussy lips with his tongue and started to softly lap up and down my slit. It felt amazing…unlike anything else I could have even imagined, I never wanted it to stop. Slowly daddy applied more pressure with his tongue and focused on the top part of my slit on something that was so sensitive it made me catch my breath until I realized I was no longer breathing. As I gasped for air, I started to move my hips up closer to my daddy’s mouth, urging him to give me more of something, but I didn’t know what. Daddy paused and looked up at me and asked if I liked what he was doing to me. I told daddy I loved it, and I don’t know why it felt so good, but I never wanted him to stop. Daddy giggled a bit and told me I was the most perfect little girl any daddy could ask for and he will lick my pussy forever.

Daddy then moved lower on my pussy and I could feel his tongue become firmer and pressing against me…I felt like something was opening down there and his tongue had made an entry into part of my body. I felt his ridged tongue against the rim and opening of something…did daddy really have his tongue in me? Where was it going? Then daddy moaned and his hips bucked a few times, I didn’t know what happened to him. He stopped putting his tongue in me for a moment and was just breathing hard on my pussy. Daddy looked up at me and said I’m sorry baby girl…I lost control and climaxed myself while I had my tongue in your baby pussy. I made both of my parents climax tonight…and I really didn’t do anything, they must love me a lot for me to be able to do that to them.

Daddy started kissing up my body until he came to my small tits, which he started to lick slowly licking the right nipple while using his hand on the left tit. It felt really good when daddy sucked my nipple, but I couldn’t wait until my breast were as big as mommy’s so daddy would have more of me to play with. Daddy looked at me and said he loved me deeply and going forward he was going to spend more time licking my pussy like he just did. I said I would like that, it felt good and maybe I could try licking mommy’s pussy? Daddy thought that was a great idea and said he would like to be in the room the first time I lick mommy’s pussy.

Daddy moved up the bed until his naked body was covering my naked body, his cock was no longer hard, and it felt wet. Daddy what happened to your cock, why is it soft now? Oh baby girl, I was so exciting by licking your pussy that is when I climaxed, now my cock needs to rest before it can become hard again. Oh, OK daddy, as if I understood. Daddy looked into my eyes as his lips found mine and he parted my lips with his lips and put his tongue in my mouth. I didn’t know what to do, so I let daddy move his tongue around and play with my tongue. Daddy pulled his mouth back from me and explained that this is how lovers kiss, they put their tongues into each other’s mouths. And since he and mommy loved me, we were all lovers and this how we would kiss now on, but only when we were alone in the house. I wrapped my arms around my daddy’s neck and pulled his mouth back to mine, now that I understood how I could love my daddy even more, I wanted to show him how much I loved him and met my tongue to his tongue when our lips met. We stayed like that for a while and I even made daddy moan, and I think his cock started to leak more precum on my leg.

Daddy pulled away and sat up while also putting my head and shoulders in his lap. He looked down in my eyes and just smiled. Baby girl, I love our special time together, I have so much to teach you and you are such a smart eager student, I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter. You need to know that what you and I have, not all baby girls have the same beautiful relationship with their daddies. So, you need to keep our special time together a secret from anyone outside our home. Do you understand? Yes daddy, I’m guessing my friends might be jealous if they knew how much my daddy loved me. Yes, they may be jealous, but more importantly, their daddies would be particularly jealous and might want to ruin our special time and I don’t want that to happen. I nodded my head that I understood, and I agreed I never wanted my special time with my daddy to stop.

Daddy then said I still had so much more to learn, and he didn’t want to overload me, but he did want to go back to our conversation about little girls licking a woman’s pussy, the same way I wanted to lick mommy’s pussy. Daddy said that I can’t be influenced (although, I wasn’t sure what the word influenced meant) by social media, my friends or other sources who try to tell me that girls can’t love other girls and boys can’t love other boys. Daddy said it is perfectly natural to be attracted to people who are the same sex as you and nobody should ever judge me and that our home was a safe place and I was allowed to be attracted to men or women (again, it was lost on me how daddy didn’t associate me with being with girls or boys, rather adults). I asked daddy how do you love a boy? Daddy said that he would explain that later. Then I asked him if he wished I was a boy? He said no, his tastes didn’t lean that way…I’m not sure what that meant, but I was just happy to hear he wasn’t disappointed that I wasn’t a boy. Daddy said he has friends who are men like him who like to love boys, and he understood that and was happy for those friends. But he again told me how he mentioned to me earlier that he was over the moon happy when mommy gave him a daughter and that is all he needed so they didn’t have anymore children. I was so happy to hear daddy say that, but I was also getting really drowsy.

Just then, mommy poked her head in the room to check on us…daddy said he was just about to tuck me in because I could hardly keep my eyes open. Mommy came over to me and kissed me on the lips to say goodnight, and I opened my lips and put my tongue in her mouth, she moaned and put her tongue in my mouth. When we parted our kiss, she smiled and said that was the best kiss I have ever given her.

Daddy then turned to mommy and told her about me wanting to lick her pussy. Mommy looked a little surprised, but daddy said it was my idea after he licked my pussy and I enjoyed it so much. Mommy looked down on me and said that I could lick her pussy anytime I wanted and just the though of it was already making her wet – again, how can I make mommy wet when I wasn’t even touching her? Mommy then said that licking her pussy didn’t take the place of me suckling her nipples, she said she could never give up having her baby girl suck on her nipples, it made her feel too good. Daddy agreed, he loved to watch me suckle mommy like a baby and reiterated that he wanted to be present the first time I lick mommy’s pussy. We all agreed we would be together the first time I lick mommy’s pussy. It was getting late, and it was time for me to go to sleep, mommy took daddy’s hand and told him she needed him NOW…and they left my room.

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  • Reply Logan ID:1cpdlrg94g6x

    Damn…I wish I was your daddy. Reading your stories has my cock rock hard imagining this fantasy to be true… love for us to chat. =)

  • Reply :) ID:41fwlepzk

    Pleeease do not stop here! I looove the grooming and wish it was my childhood.

    • I wish it was me ID:1dfldgjb5kn5

      Me too!