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Daddy’s special milk

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I’m which a dad convinces his very young daughter if she performs sexual acts with him she get magical milk

Thus takes place when Lisa was 14 young and innocent she had juicy b cups and a small but curvy body she lived in secluded area with her dad.

She remembers her daddy stripping her naked out of nowhere

Lisa sweet come here for daddy please he said from his room she got up running to his room and he was naked she giggled and asked why was he naked and why was there a snake on his body he smiled and told her to get naked and sit directly on the snake

She did and she remembers feeling a tingle and she moaned when he grabbed her hips dry humping her with his hand son her boobs.

She moaned again and asked if daddy’s did this with their daughter and he chuckled and said all the time Lisa.

After a few minutes he came on the bed in front of them Lisa scooped some up and tastes this declaring that she liked it eating as much of her fathers cum as she could.

He told her it was magical milk that every guy could produce and if she pleased them she would get some

She liked that and she let her daddy dry hump her pussy whenever until one he slipped it in.

Daddy it hurts she cried as he slowly thrusted moaning after a while she begin moaning as he begin to go fast pounding his young daughters cunt.

As she cried out and moaned in pleasure he kissed her lips and nipples before pulling out cumming on her tits which he locked and ate up.

It became normal for them to fuck until he came inside of her after he made her take pills everyday he called them magic pills that helped her make daddy’s magical milk so she took them everyday and one day he fucked her ma she came inside they did that more often as she aged over the years they kept fucking sometimes he sold her to other men and she be bloated from all the cum in her.

She moved away form home to college but kept her reputation for being a slut letting everybody fuck her

Thanks to her daddy’s Magicka milk

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  • Reply Custard swallower. ID:1ardd6tkqi

    Lol. When we’re young and naive we tend to believe anything those old perves tell us hey. And theres usually some nice benefit attached to it all like cash or gifts. My grandfather called white custard and when i complained that it didnt taste like custard he would say that it old gets sweet when the girl sucks it very well. Lol. I believed it and did my best to become the best cocksucker on the planet.

  • Reply Random guy ID:s49dg0zl

    Hey Lauren would love to hear more about you let’s email

  • Reply Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20d

    I love bouncing on my daddy’s cock.
    He put a baby in me 2 days after my 13th birthday.

    • Lina ID:58g1hxym2

      you are a good daughter wish i had your dad

    • Steve ID:28y1e2wt0d


  • Reply woody ID:7zv346sc8j

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    I texted you, now ride that cock.

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    Text me so I can ride that cock daddy

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    I live in BUFFALO NY & I’m 31yrs old & I’m a VIRGIN. I would love to fuck your little pussy & rub your breasts

  • Reply Castiel20 ID:145e852um9b

    How old are you

  • Reply Dom Daddy. ID:2mutfpxyhk

    Any one from London.. Message back.
    Dom Daddy here.

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15cm9i

    ALICE – Glad it worked out well for you and did you tits grow big from swallowing the cum. I could not believe that number of 13/14 year olds that could not get enough swallowing once they were told it made their tits grow – maybe it does as a lot of them turned out pretty chesty. But I also think teaching them to cum at 13/14 increases the hormones to the point they develop nicely. And a number of them became face sluts that prefer sucking cock to fucking. My kind of gal. How about yourself – do you cum off sucking cock – my wife does and she got started when she was young too….

  • Reply DaddysLilBaby ID:7z892s9m9b

    Daddy can I sit in your lap and rub my little pussy on your cock?

    • Dom Daddy. ID:1bfepuyz20b

      Always princess.

    • DaddysLilBaby ID:7z892s9m9b

      Mmmm I wanna bounce on daddy’s cock so bad

  • Reply anomalously ID:bpcjnotv3

    How is it to be naked with your dad

    • DaddysLilBaby ID:7z892s9m9b

      I love it. Daddy plays with my little pussy and gets me so wet.

  • Reply Castiel20 ID:145e852um9b

    I think the abuse tag should be added.

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15cm9i

    I have told dozens of young cunts that swallowing cum will make their tits grow and they love to lick it up. Since they usually are at the age they start developing, easy for them to believe that swallowing is what is doing it. Joked about it with a number of them as they got older but most are still cock suckers today and I enjoy using their mouths. Start em young and they will be good at it and keep doing it forever.

    • Castiel20 ID:145e852um9b

      How have you not been arrested yet?

    • Alice ID:5rhtq4kghj

      My gramps used to tell me, I would grow taller, my boobs will get bigger and I will get a glowing skin if I drink jizz. I used to suck him and his friends off until my mom found out and kicked him out of house. They think I was raped but I wasn’t. I loved him and liked everything they did to me.

    • Deadson.com ID:7ylhc2b9d0

      Damn Alice your a hot kinky lil slut I’d fuck you