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A mom in heat

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I m a thirty six yr old mom wit firm 28 d tits,my son is sixteen I m recently divorced from his dad, I haven t had sex since I kicked his dad out for cheating on me and I had some urges,my son was on summer vacation from school and was helping me with things like mowing the lawn one day he came in from doing that with his shirt off and in his shorts, he was a very fit young man and he stpped to get some water when I came in the kitchen with him, he smiled and asled if I was ok and I looked at him and said that was lonely ad he asked me if there was anything he could do I was wearing shorts and a tshirt my self it was a hot day, I smiled and said maybe he ok and I walked over and stood next to himand I asked him how much he wanted to help me out and he smiled and said I l do anything mom I know its been rough on you. I smiled and I asked him to kiss me and he didand then I whispered in his ear mommy needs you to badly and he asked how as we looked at each other , I was nervous at first,then I slowly got on my knees in front of him and I unzippered his shorts and I started to pull his dick out at first he stopped me and then he let me keep going after I pulled his dick out I was impressed with his size he was almost 9″And I started sucking it and soon he was hard ,I stood up and I lead him to the living room and I smiled and undressed for him he looked nervous and then he undressedand then I laid down on the carpet and spreadgfor him and then I asked him to eat my pussy and he did it felt wonderful, then he positioned himself and slowly slid his dick into me,it hurt a little since I was tight and after he was in he slowly fucked me and then he said he was going to cum and told to do it inside of me and amoment later ifelt him fill me up, he slowly pulled out and laid next to me. I told him he did a great job and I wanted him to do it often with me and he agreedto . A couple of days later he had a friend over and they were in his room talking when I was walking by and he asked me to come in and I did I knew his friend, they parted and I sat with them I was in shortr again my son smiled and he kissed me as he put his hand on my thighat first I didn t know what to make of it and he had me lay back as his friend smiled,then his friend joined in and he started kissing me as my son took off my shortsand spread my legs I felt him start eating my pusst as his friend slid my top up and sucked my tits it was great and then they both undressed and then his friend was hard and he got on top first and slid into me and started fucking me I wanted it bad and soon he cum inside of me and my son had me roll over and he made me do anal which I loved afterward,they both made me feel wonderful

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