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Grandma came to visit part 2

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Monday after me and my mom found out about my grandmother relationship with her dad I was getting ready for school. I came out of the shower with a towel on. I went to my room to get clothes and as I went in my room my grandmother was laying on the bed reading a book. She said good morning sweetie and I went over and gave her a kiss and said, good morning grandma. I went to my dresser and got my clothes out and as I was about to leave the room my grandmother said I could get dressed here in the room. I looked at her and said, is it ok because I really don’t feel like going back downstairs. She smiled and said, sweetie I’m perfectly fine. I took my towel off and as I was putting my boxers on my grandmother said, you know the other day when I said I are going to make some girl happy. I said yes and she said, I just didn’t think it was going to be my daughter and granddaughter. I looked at her and laughed as I finished getting dressed. As I was about to leave I gave her another kiss and said, I love you grandma and I see you after school.
All day at school all I could think about was my grandmother. She has huge tits and a plump ass. I wanted to see her naked so bad. When I got home from school my grandmother was watching tv and I put my stuff away and got a drink and sat down next to her. She asked where Nikki was and I told her that on Mondays and Wednesdays she cleans houses so she won’t be home until after 7. I asked her to tell me more about her and her dad.
She said, the next morning I woke up before my dad and made him breakfast and when he came into the kitchen to eat he walked up behind me and put his hand on my butt, just like he would do with mom. I turned and kissed him and said breakfast is ready and I’m making your lunch now. He thanked me and said, you are such a good girl. I just looked at him and smiled. After he left for work I cleaned the house and did the laundry. I changed into one of my dresses and when I was getting the laundry from the clothes line my dad came home. I came into the house and saw him and gave him a big hug. As he hugged me he lifted my dress and grabbed my ass. He smiled and said, so no panties on. I giggled and said well mom doesn’t wear any around the house when she’s cleaning so I figured I wouldn’t either. I then told him dinner will be ready shortly.
After we ate dinner my dad went out to the living room to read the paper and I took care of the dishes. When I was done I went to the living room and I was playing with my dolls. About an hour went by and my dad stood up and took his pants and underwear off and sat back down. I stopped playing with my dolls and went over to him. I asked him if I could play with it and he said yes. I reached out and my hand around it and started stroking him. He then said I could kiss it if I wanted to. I put my lips around it and started going up and down on it. My dad moaned and said, baby you are so good at this. I felt his dick swell up and he had his hand on back of my head guiding me. I remember when he came. I wasn’t ready for it and I couldn’t swallow it all. I had some dripping out of my mouth as he held my head on him. When he was done he let go of the back of my head and I leaned back and started crying. He asked why I was crying and I told him that I didn’t do it right. He asked what I meant and I told him that mom would have swallowed it all. He smiled and said that I did great. I had cum dripping down my face and he stood up and I stood up. He turned me around and unbuttoned my dress and it dropped off on the floor. I stepped out of it and my dad picked it up and turned me back around and cleaned the cum off my face and neck. He then kissed me and said, baby you are beautiful and you did a great job.
I looked at my grandmother and said wow grandma I can see where mom and Nikki get it from. She laughed and said thank you. I asked did anything else happen that night. She said yes, after I cleaned myself up I sat back down on the floor and played with my dolls. A little while later my dad said he was going to bed. He stood up and he had another erection. I followed him into his room and got in bed with him. We were laying together and I was so insistent on making him happy I started sucking him again. He then had me get on top of him he put his dick in me and I started going up and down just like I saw mom do with him. If felt so good. As I was moving up and down, my dad was playing with my tits. God if felt incredible. He was pinching my nipples and I couldn’t take any more. I had 3 orgasms in a row. I was holding onto my dad’s chest and I just kept humping him. He felt so good in me. Then I had another 3 orgasms and I couldn’t go on anymore. I collapsed on my dad and kissed him. He then picked me up and put me on the bed. He rolled me over onto my stomach and pulled me up by my waist. He had me on all fours and I could feel his dick going In me again. But this time he was fucking me like he fucked mom. He was treated me like a rag doll and I was loving it. I never felt any closer to him as I did at that moment. He started grunting and I could feel his dick getting bigger in me. And then he grabbed me by my hips and went all the way In me and he came. He did a couple more pumps and then he held it in me while he bent over and kissed the back of my neck. He said, baby I love you and I said daddy I love you.
I was amazed listening to my grandmother. And I was also horny as hell. I got up to make dinner and my grandma noticed my erection. She smiled at me and asked if I was capable of making dinner and I said, why not. She giggled and pointed at my erection. I blushed and said, well it’s your fault, as I walked into the kitchen.
After dinner my grandmother went into my room and after I cleaned up, I went to the basement. I fell asleep early and when I got up in the morning I headed to the bathroom to take a shower. I had a hard on because I kept thinking about my grandma and how I wanted to fuck her. After my shower I went to my room to get clothes and all I had on was a towel. My grandmother was awake and I kissed her and then walked over to my dresser. I grabbed some clothes and went to head out and she said, why aren’t you getting dressed in here like yesterday. I blushed and she said, you can tell me, I don’t judge. I said it’s not what I have to say it’s what you’re going to see if I dress in front of you. She smiled and said sweetie it’s ok. I looked at her and pulled my towel off. There I was standing naked in front of my grandmother with a thick 8 inch erection. She sat up looked at it and said oh my. She then told me to come sit next to her. I sat down and she whispered. Don’t tell your mom. She then started jerking me off. It felt so fucking good. I look at her and asked if I could feel her boobs. She stopped jerking me and stood up and pulled her nightgown off. It was amazing, she had huge tits with large nipples she sat back down and started jerking me again. I was playing with her tits and then she said. Lay back and let grandma take care of you. I laid back and she leaned over and said cum in grandma’s mouth and she went down on me. It did not take long before I blew my nut. And my grandmother kept her mouth wrapped around my cock getting every bit of my cum. I sat up and kissed her. I said. Thank you grandma and she said, well it was kinda of my fault. I smiled and got up and got dressed. I gave her a hug and kiss before I left and told her that I’ll see her after school.

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    I loved the story and have always wanted to fuck my gran or aunt

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    Such a hot story. I’d love to hear more

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