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My 13 Year Old Daughter Teased The Men In My Card Game And Got Fucked 2

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I had been planning a repeat of the gangbang of my daughter at my card game night. I had talked with Cher about doing it and she said she just wanted to do what made me happy. I said this ain’t about just me. I told her she had to want it, too. If not, I didn’t want her to do it. She said she wanted it and was horny just thinking about it. I had been preparing Cher’s ass by using my dick and a butt plug.

I had spoke with my friend Lucas at the gym about it and I told him it included my daughter and other men. He thought about it and said he would love to fuck a 13 year old. I told him it was his big dick my daughter wanted to try. He said he’d love to give it to her. Lucas wasn’t married.

Cher went shopping for an outfit fit for the night of sex. She bought a crotchless teddy with a shelf bra attached. It was purple and black lace. Man she was so hot in it. Her tits just set on the bra like globes for the picking.

She was upstairs when the men came in. Hank couldn’t come due to sick kids. He was pissing and moaning about that. But, Lucas, Mark and Dave were sitting in their chairs. We were playing cards when Cher came down. She was back with that tease attitude and strutted around letting them all get a good look at her. I introduced Lucas and she said, “Hello.” then sat on his lap.She wiggled her but on his dick and said, “You’ve got something really hard in your pants, don’t cha?” He nodded his head, yes.

She got up and spoke to the other guys, then ask, “What would you gentleman like to do to me?” Mark said, “We really wanna fuck you, Cher.” Dave said, “We wanna fuck you all at one time.” She said, “You do huh, well I say, let’s fuck.” John is getting his phone out. He’s gonna video some of this. He’s excited.

Dave, Mark and Lucas clear the table. Dave laid her on the table and offered Lucas first choice at her. He put his dick in her and she sighed. He couldn’t get it all the way in but he was fucking her. He would push it in more and she would wince in pain. John was videoing Lucas’s big dick in Cher’s pussy.
Lucas said, “Maybe it would be better if Mark and Dave do the bottom and Cher can suck me.” So, Dave takes Lucas’s position but he lays on the table and has Cher get on his dick. Mark pulls the butt plug out of Cher and sticks in his dick. Cher had never had a dick in her ass and pussy at the same time. It was an amazing feeling. Lucas walked around to put his dick in Cher’s mouth. She was holding his dick, sucking and licking all she could. Dave is sucking on Cher’s titties.

John was about to shoot his load off just watching his daughter get fucked by three men. Cher looked like she loved being the sex object she was. She loved being used. She loved sex. She also knew her Daddy was enjoying this as well. Dave and Mark were getting ready to cum. She could feel their dicks swelling. Mark grabbed her hips and rammed his dick in as far as he could, when he cum. Dave did the same thing, seconds later. Cher was still sucking Lucas’s dick. She couldn’t believe how big his dick was.
She still wanted to see how much of it she could get in her.

John filmed Mark and Dave’s dicks coming out of Cher and then he got the cum oozing from her openings. Lucas said, “I’m gonna cum Cher, where do you want it?” She just kept sucking so, he cum in her mouth and she swallowed every bit.
Mark helped her up and Dave got up off the table. They said, “Wow Cher, that was fucking great. John ask her what it felt like having 3 dicks in her at once.” She said, “It felt like nothing she had ever experienced but, she felt like a slut and she love it.” Dave said, “Hey, I’ll use you anytime you want.” Mark agreed.

John said, “Cher, I wanna fuck your ass.” He said, “Who wants her pussy?” Lucas said he did. So,, Lucas lays on the couch and Cher laid on top of him. He puts that big dick in her pussy and she moans as he puts it in deep. He ask her if she could take more of it and she said a little. He puts more in and she said,
“Oh gosh, that’s all, it hurts.” John loves hearing her moaning so he sticks his dick in her ass fast and she yelled out in pain. John said, “You’re just a little slut Cher and little sluts get hurt sometimes.” John told Lucas to, “Ram his dick in her every once in awhile and make her yell, she likes it.” Lucas said, “Got it.”

Mark and Dave are watching and Dave’s filming forJohn. John ask Cher, “Is this what you wanted, Cher, men using and abusing your body for their gratification?” “Men that only want to cum in you and fuck your ass, pussy and mouth?” Men that think and treat you like a cum slut.” Lucas rams his big dick in deeper, Cher yells out. John’s fucking her ass good. Mark walks over and sticks his dick in her mouth. Cher starts sucking. Lucas rams in her pussy again, she screams out. Lucas said, “Hey, you wanted a big dick, I’ve got one and you’re gonna take it.” He pushes it in and holds it in. She said, “It’s to big, Daddy.” He said, “I’m sorry honey, Lucas just wants to fuck a pussy that will allow him to get his dick all the way in.” “Men like to cram their dicks in to the hilt.” Lucas keeps sticking it in as Cher cries out. John said, “I’m gonna cum baby, here it comes.” He shoots a big load in her ass. Lucas’s dick is swelling and he cums in Cher’s pussy pushing it in as he does so. Cher grunts until he’s done then sighs a sigh of relief. They get up and Cher said, That dicks too big for me.” The men laugh. Cher looked like she was done. John felt sorry for her s d said, “I think we’re gonna get back to our card game, Cher if you wanna go upstairs.” She was very grateful but said, “I wanna thank you gentlemen for a great night.” They said, ” Thank you, Cher.”

The men dressed, played cards and talked about the night. John thanked them and said he hopes thus will settle his daughter down a little, but I kinda doubt she’ll ever stop teasing men.

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    I really well love reading written underage, TRIPLE penetration stories, and this certainly is one of the best…

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      Oh yeah I love it too I love underage girls

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    We need a really good detailed description of her 13 year old body. I bet her tits are high firm B-cups.

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      I agree fully…