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I raped a homeless woman

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I lost my virginity by rapping a homeless woman

Some back round first My names Paul I’m 15 and I have a fairly average cock at 6.5 inches and recently I have been going on walks late at night now just the other night as I went on my normal walk I saw a homeless woman sleeping in an area under the road now I didn’t do anything at the time and I just walked past her but once I got around a mile past her I started thinking about how big her ass was and how good it would feel to ram my hard cock in to her pussy so as I was on my way back I started thinking about how no one would care about some homeless slut getting raped so I dropped down to where she was still sleeping and unzipped my pants and released my rock hard cock and started stroking it to get the tip nice and wet then I got down on my knees right in front of her face the I started to put my tip in her mouth and it felt so fucking good way better then masterbating at Least then I just started to pump my cock in and out to the pont that she woke up and started to squirm but it didn’t mater she couldn’t scream so I just kept plowing her mouth till plastered her mouth full of my cum once I did that she stopped squirming for some reason I took this as a sign for me to keep going so I got on top of her and riped of her pants and I saw just how wet her pussy was I knew she was a total slut I then pushed her panties to the side and got ready to fuck her so i put my head right at the entrance of her hot pussy and rammed it just in I could hear her moaning and screaming from pleasure it was so hot that her nosies turned me on so much that I came so quick but I was still hard so I just kept fucking her until I realized how late it had gotten and I had to head home so after the 4th time I came in her pussy a pulled out and whispered into her ear that she better be back tomorrow

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  • Reply Good deeds ID:1ardd6tkql

    I came across a couple in their late 50s walking through the country side collecting plastic and glass waste for recycling for cash. Gave them a ride to their place. They lived in a shabby wood and tin shack under a bridge.. long story but i struck gold. They had 2 daughters with their own kds living with them. I helped them all find employment and earned their trust and soon i got free access to all those females including the young ones. More pussy than i ever dreamed of

    • Sold family ID:4bn00en3fia

      A wealthy guy passing by in a fancy German car stopped to offer us a lift one rainy day. I was married with 4 children and in fire financial need. He was after my little girls. He was straight forward with my husband about his intentions. We were offered more money than what we could dream off in return for my daughters and I being at his disposal as And when he needed.

  • Reply jackyboy568 ID:8bvve1638k

    Quit writing.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfxid

    Yeah, sstraight ahead dirty and nasty – great!

  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bv4

    Its back ground not back round

    • elana ID:5az0o4ozl

      party pooper