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Author: Paul

Daughter misunderstood love PT3

So Abbie seemed content with the kissing and touching for a few days and then said she had seen me sucking Amy’s ( my gf ) boobs and if I loved her I would do it to her. No problem... # # #

1016 words | 8 |4.63

Daughter misunderstood love PT2

Sorry the first part was slow. I just wanted to give you the context of how the situation arose. So after a short deliberation I told Abbie, my daughter to open her mouth slightly so... # #

382 words | 3 |4.75

Daughter misunderstood love

I split from my wife when my daughter was young. I used to have her stay with me most weekends and did the normal stuff of watching tv, going to the park etc. Not long after her 10th... #

276 words | 4 |3.85