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Teen pregnancy and doggy dick

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Pregnant slut needs cock and her dog fixed that

15 years old and I got pregnant….. how dumb was I?

I was near the end of my pregnancy around 8 months and was horny alot my 3rd trimester. My boyfriend stopped fucking me cause he didn’t wanna poke the baby in my belly.

I was 5ft tall, 110 pounds, c boobs, blonde hair, hazel eyes and my pregnant belly was swollen but cute.

Gus was my family dog and I loved him very much. He was a 3 year old lab mix. My mom found him on the street a few months ago and he’s been ours ever since. He was silly and sexual. He liked to hump alot lol I knew about dogs fucking women and I was intrigued.

One day I was home alone all day and took my chance. I brought him to the back yard and took my shorts off and let him smell my shaved pussy. He licked and then got the zoomies and wanted to play. I took off my shirt and was completely naked outside. We didn’t have close neighbors and my mom was on a trip so I was I knew I wouldn’t get caught. I was so horny for him and his knot.

We played for like 15 minutes and I got on my knees and sat down to rest. He came over to me and I thought let’s get in position and just see what happens. I got on all 4s and arched by back and I thought this is how I got pregnant in the first place lol he came behind me and smelled my pussy and licked. I moaned. He walked away to back inside and I got up and opened the door. He ran to get water and once he was done we went back outside. I once again got into position and he came and jumped on me and on the side and was still wanting to play lol I pushed him off and got back in doggy position and he came up and mounted.

Finally I thought! I lowered my hips a little and he jumped off. I got up and ran and he chased me to another part of the back yard and he jumped on me and I pushed him off and got in position. He mounted immediately and pulled me close with his paws. I felt him poking me and then he found my pussy. He pushed into me and fucked me so fast. I was moaning and was so happy. My belly touched the grass my nipples leaked a little milk. While he fucked me for leas than a minute, his knot popped in and out until it swelled and locked inside of me. I came so good.

He filled me with so much cum and all I could think was he is spraying the baby with his seed lol

I now understood why so many girls and women fuck dogs. Gus was a different dog as well. He loved my pussy. He fucked me daily after this all the way until I the day I went into labor. I like to think he started my labor hehe 😉

I am a forever dog slut now. Once my body healed, he began to fuck me again. He was so sad for those 6 weeks but I did jerk him and gave him some relief. After I healed, he would fuck me while my daughter would be in her crib. I’m now 18 and my daughter is 3. He unfortunately passed away about a year ago and I was very sad.

I plan on getting more dogs and being a slut for them though!

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    Great story,I would love to see you and your dog’s

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    Are you gonna teach your daughter to be a bitch in heat too?

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    Good story. Yes you did the right thing by fucking the dog. Hopefully you’ll find another dog and train it.

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    Top story loved it, I just can’t stop reading these stories, my cunts wet and needs a lot of cocks, Emma.H from Australia.

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    • Torana72 n.z ID:645g3wntd0

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      Hi Emma. Im from CQ love playing with my wife and dogs. She loves it to. Would you and your daughters be interested in a group get together

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      That’s fine John as ware leaving tomorrow and just finished packing, manly the girls gear. I travel light especially when it come to clothes as I haven’t wore underwear since I was about 18, as I love to tease a little nothing wrong with that. I just ware a nice sundress and a jumper if it gets a little cold. If your wife likes k9s she be ok with our little ponies, there so friendly and we have raised them and they know what to do once they smell pussy, Cheers Emma from Australia.