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Ssbbw mom

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I live with my ssbbw mom in Florida. My mom is 400 pounds big fucking tits a huge stomach and dump truck of an ass and she is 47 years old. I’m 17 i’m in love with fat people it all came from my mom just seeing her tits bounce with every step she takes and her stomach I just want to hug it.

It was a hot summer day in Florida and my mom is wearing short jeans with a tank top her tits are basically out she was cleaning the house and the ac was broken so it was really hot in the house my mom finished cleaning and she went to the couch to relaxI was in my room jerking off to ssbbw porn and I heard my mom cry so I took a moment to get my dick soft abd went over to her I asked what’s wrong she said I’m a fat cow and I’ll always be a fat cow. She said your dad never gave me love because how fat I am and that’s why he left I told her that she is the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen and it was the truth and I had to tell her the truth that I wanted to have sex with her really bad.

I said my mom I have something to tell u I’m in love with u and I can give you the love dad couldn’t give I want to have sex with u she said but I’m your mother and that’s wrong but you said dad never gave you love and I can. She thought about it and said fine we can have sex i went to her started to make out with her she smelled so bad she was sweating all over her body that was so hot I kissed her neck went to her big ass tits i sucked on them I put my neck in between her tits I shoved one of her tits up my mouth. Then I went to her stomach and kissed all over her belly and her belly rolls
I went to her armpits it smelled like shit but I didn’t care I licked her pits I could her tiny hairs on my tongue I had an idea I placed my dick on her armpit and started to fuck it I wrapped her arm around my cock and I humped her armpit.

I took of her shorts and panties and I asked if I can keep the panty and she said of course I saw that her pussy was covered in a jungle of a bush she never shaved I was turned on and started licking her bush until I found her pussy I licked her clit and fingered her she was moaning so hard and she grapped on to my hair and she squirted on me I was drowning in her cum she said that it was her first time cumming in 17 years she had to pee and I told her pee on me she started to piss my mouth was open I swallowed every bit of pee from her I told that I want to fuck her I put my dick in her and she couldn’t stop moaning I could feel her walls inside of her it wrapped around my dick so good we were in missionary. Her boobs were bouncing with every stroke I did I fucked her so good i told her I was about to cum she said cum in me cum deep inside your fat mom. I came so hard there was 6 ropes of cum in her.

She wanted to suck my cock so I went on my back and she placed my cock in her mouth and I felt her warm soft mouth I grapped her head and started fucking her throat there was so much spit abs saliva hee face was covered in spit she choked on my cock multiple times. I told her I’ll be right back and I went to the kitchen and got ice cream and whipp cream. I dumped the ice cream on her ass and started eating it from her fat ass she said it was cold but fucking hot I put the whipp cream on her feet and I fucked her feet with the cream I started sucking her big chubby feet I took all 10 toes in my mouth. She said wanna fuck my ass I said absolutely I got lube from my room dumped the whole bottle on my dick and her asshole and I shoved it in she said it her first time but go as hard as you want I was an animal inside of her ass I couldn’t stop fucking her it was so tight I took out my dick and put a finger in her ass and took it out and licked my finger clean then I placed my dick in her mouth and told her to suck my dick clean from her ass I then placed it back in her pussy and came again in her there was still the load from the last cum still inside of her. She said u are my nasty fuck toy from now on and she said she needed to take a shit but she wanted to shit on my face I agreed and I was on my back and she stood on top of me and shat on me she forced me to eat it and she fucked my head with her ass. I was in heaven I was cuddling her ass while she slept and she said before she slept that I can fuck in her sleep so placed my dick in her ass and there was still shit in there but I didn’t care I fucked that ass and after awhile I feel asleep with my dick in her ass.

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  • Reply Paul ID:7ylvhgj6ia

    I love ssbbw girls ,can I see your mom?

  • Reply Randy oldman ID:1gt0st9o6ic

    You must be so worked up. You did not care and you emptied your nuts. When our brain gets taken over by sex signal from your groin area. It is waist of time fighting it. Mom, old sisters, aunty’s are best to calm the old man hood. Lovely she is getting what she want and you’re the best for her to give her.

  • Reply Mom lovers ID:4pgha2pzm

    Good story I’d want my mom shit on me

  • Reply 6959 ID:63j3cyft0b

    Such a fake story

  • Reply Tiffany ID:7ylren4oic

    If you pay attention to his words their exactly the same shit the son said to his mom in a mom and son sex scene with rachel steele as the mom.bull shit sick story.his mom most likely is the fat bitch like he described.hes a fat fuck himself that wants his mommy.

    • Horny boy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

      Yep this story is trash

  • Reply G.A ID:1ah870kxzri

    Terrible, Terrible, Terrible

    • Andshehadtonoticeallthatcumthatcameoutof ID:7zv2zow20d

      My little sister after school One day came out into the living room and said,u dare me to take my shirt off? I said yes and she was ten and I 12i had an8 in. Cock at 12 years old,no joke.! And when Lisa spread her legs Jackie’s cock”” my sister is Lisa Faye,I’m jack Gregory”” slid right in ,and I was in Love 💕💕 I’m 56 and still in love with her.but we began fucking every day after school and fucked for the next 7 yrs.whenever we could or she would let me I should say.well once I fucked her too long and I had to jerk out and I shot cum all over her..she was terrified she’d get pregnant and wouldn’t let me fuck her for over a month.my mother”” cricket”” real name Mattie,had caught us once but not in the act,I had just pulled my cock out and got it in my pants,but I was still rock hard and my mom stared right at my cock and said get out here Jackie! Lisa just laid there barely got her shorts and panties back up in time..in the kitchen my mother turned on me and pushed me against the wall and grabbed my still hard cock and said,,,, you like fucking your little sister?? I wasn’t I said, she squeezed hard and said your. Hard dick says otherwise..I should tell your dad.and just turned around and walked away.well during the month Lisa wouldn’t fuck me ,my dad went to the hospital for a few days maybe 5 or 6 . on the second day my mom bought home 3 faiths of Seagrams,and I thought cool if she’s good n drunk after school maybe my little sister would let me put this cock in her while mom’s passed out tomorrow after school.NOT what happened,I stepped on a nail, home from school next day…let me stop here to tell you,,,THIS IS ALL!!! TRUE!!! and have many more to tell…. my mother started drinking around the time Lisa left for school as usual but today I was in my room foot up bout nine mom calls me out and says Jackie I know you’re fucking your little sister, how long have you been,? I was getting turned on by her knowing, dick getting hard, and said since she ask me if I

    • Andshehadtonoticeallthatcumthatcameoutof ID:7zv2zow20d

      I loved feeling my young cock pumping my cum up my mother’s hot count while she was passed out and I slid into bed behind her and eased. Her SON’S HARD COCK IN HER and. I believe she was awake. Because. She seen how big her 12yr old son’s cock was. When she caught me fucking my little sister

  • Reply Joel ID:1jybr2qj

    This stink

    • Daniel ID:4pgha2pzm


  • Reply Danny ID:1ddxlw93mg1p

    That is a perfect little fucking whore to gangbang rape will last for years

  • Reply k ID:aflqnhef25u

    This has to be one of my new favorites.

    • Mommymilkers ID:4pgha2pzm

      But why