Ship wrecked

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I am thenty five athletic body with 34 dd tits, my boyfriend and I was on his boat one day sailing I was wearing my bikini when we hit a reef very hard we were both thrown into thewater, we watched as our boat sank there was an island nearby so we started swimming to it on the way we encountered a shark and and he attacked my boy friend I got away soon I made it to the island and crawled a shore and I passed out from exhaustion, when I finially woke up I found myself in a native hut with a woman caring for me ,she spoke english and asked e how I felt and I said I was ok and she told me I was out for two days.I was still wearing my bikini,I was taken to the chief of the village, I told him what happened and he smiled and told me I was welcomed there in his village. He had acouple of the men in the village take me to a hut and they helped me to set things up,they explained that they had little contact with the outside world so I might be there for a long time, then one of them smiled as he put his arms around me and he kissed me as he caressed my ass it felt good soon the other guy was slide his hand from behind me into my bikini bottom and I felt him massage my pussy I moaned,soon we were over at bed and we were naked I was on my knees,both of these guys were hung at 11″I took turns sucking there dicks hard, then I was laid back and I spread wide one of them ate my pussy while the sucked my titties, I was very turned on by all of this and then the one guy positioned himself above me and he started to slide his cock into me slowly I could feel him going deep inside ofme as I moaned soon he was pushing deep into my cervixwhen he stopped ,then he started fucking me slowly each time he pushed deep into cervix as I moanedi wanted it after a bit I wrapped my legs around him and then I felt his dick swell a little and he pushed very deep into me and then I felt his hot sperm filling my cervix and pussy after he finished he pulled out and his friend came over he had me roll over and I felt his finger push into my ass he had some kinda lube he was using and then as I laid flat he pushed his dick into my ass,soon he was deep inside of me and he fucked me slowly until he was unloading his hot sperm inside me ,after he pulled out the three of us laid there and I told them they could fuck me anytime from now on , they also said it was a custom for some of the young guys to have sex also with single women and I said ok as long as I know in advance and they said they would set it up as needed

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    You certainly didn’t spend any time wondering what happened to your boyfriend. Too busy enjoying getting fucked, you slut!

    • WPB33405 ID:1d5rmqpz28fk

      They also didn’t spend any time of this story either, lol.