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A freaky Halloween night

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We got drunk and went a bit crazy. We had no inhibitions and raped a boy in the park.

When I and my friend Alice were 12, we spent the first few hours on Halloween night at my house, my parents were out, so we took a bottle of vodka up to my room and got a bit drunk, and we just came up with a really wild idea, we decided to do something really bold and fun.

We were going to go out trick-or-treating dressed as ghosts, so we found an old white sheet and cut it in half, then we made eye, mouth and arms holes and pocket at the front, and we put them on, but with a twist, we were totally naked underneath.

We’d go around to people’s houses and knock on the door, if a woman answered we’d always just say “Happy Halloween.” And take the money or candy, but if a man or boy answered the door, we’d say “Trick-or-Treat?”

If they said “Treat.” We’d lift up the front of our costumes right up above our chests and flash our naked pussy and breasts at them, then say “There’s your treat. Happy Halloween.” And run away.

If they said “Trick.” We’d say “Reach in to my pocket.” The one we’d made at the front of our costumes, but we’d made a hole in the bottom, the men or boy would reach in, and the only thing they’d find is our pussies, “You touched my pussy!” we’d say, pointing at them, then run away laughing.

In between trick-or-treating, we headed to the park to eat the candy we’d gotten, we didn’t really have anywhere to store it, there was a boy on the swing dressed like a skeleton, you know one of those black body suits with a picture of skeleton bones on it.

His costume was really cheap and thin, so thin we could see the lump of his cock underneath it, so we messed with him, “Hey you, come here.” We said, he looked around and then pointed to himself asking if we were talking to him, there was literally no one else there.

“Yes, you. Dipshit. Come here.” We said.

We put our candy down on the bench and then came at him from both sides, we started to touch him, rubbing our hands on his arms, back and chest, being flirtatious, “Do we know you, what’s your name?” I asked.

“Mark.” He replied.

We knew who he was from school, but he didn’t know who we were, “I love your costume.” I said.

“Thanks. Yours is good too.” he replied.

“Yeah, I like it, but it looks like you’ve got a bone missing.” I said, then we started pretending to look, “Collar bone. Chest bone. Rib cage. Hips…..Oh, that’s it… you’re missing a bone right here.” I said, quickly grabbing and squeezing his the bulge in his crotch.

“Argh! – What are you doing?” he screeched.

“Finding your boner.” We joked.

He tried to get away, so Alice grabbed him from behind and pulled him down on to the floor, and she sat on his face, I’m sure he enjoy that, considering she was naked underneath, and he’d just got a face full of pussy.

While Alice was pinning him down, and he was struggling, I tore open the thin fabric of his costume around his crotch and his cock sprung out, it had got a bit chubby from my rubbing, so I kept rubbing it until he got an erection, “I found it. I found his boner.” I joked.

I sat on his legs, leaned down and sucked on his cock, he was swinging his legs underneath me trying to get me off him, but it just made me more determined.

“Alice – Alice. Film this.” I said.

“Why, what are you going to ….” She asked, then she saw what I did, I stood over him, ruffled up the bottom of my costume, and then sat on his cock, “… Holy shit, Mel.” She laughed, then she got off his face, took the phone out of her little drawstring wrist bag and started to film me.

Mark, propped himself up on his elbows and looked at me with his eyes opened very wide, and I kept bouncing on his cock, I didn’t know what I was doing though, I was a virgin, but drunk and just up for anything, I guess all the alcohol in me must have numbed most of the pain because it didn’t hurt much at all, and I was laughing so hard while doing it.

Alice was also laughing while recording me, “Oh my God. That looks so freaky, a ghost riding a skeleton.” He laughed, “How does it feel?” she asked.

“Ungh – Fucking – Its good – Ungh – Fuck! – Ooah.”

“How does it feel getting fucked, Mark?” she asked him.

Mark just slammed his head down on the ground and groaned repeatedly.

“I think he likes it.” Alice said.

“I bet he does.” I said.

“Let me try. Let me try.” Alice asked, so I got off his cock and she handed me her phone, then she got on him while I filmed her.

“Ooh – Ouch – Argh – Fuck that hurts – Argh – Ungh – I can feel it going in – Oh fuck!” she moaned, and she started to ride him, a lot harder and with more confidence than me, “Oh yeah – Oh fuck – Ungh – Ungh –That’s good.” She moaned, “Wahoo.” She shouted.

Suddenly Mark lifted his head, and he groaned extremely loudly, like a wold howling to the moon on Halloween night, and I guess he came.

“Oh my god – he shot his stuff in me.” Alice said, lifting herself off him.

“Eew. You got spunked.” I joked, laughing my head off.

Alice laughed her head off too, then we leaned over Mark, who was still laying on the floor, we waved at him, “Bye, Mark.” We said, “Happy Halloween.” We added as we ran out of the park.

We did a bit more trick-or-treating and then went back to my house, and passed out.

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    Great story got me hard anyone want to talk feel free to message me 0564c06b2804ee45647fa2a53857a93b28ab5d5dc5a0f04c92c24585fb4cff037d

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    That was fucking nice bud

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    Loved it.

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    Sounds like a great way to go to school on a Halloween walk

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    My dougter did almost the same so she went to a school dteesed as a gost and was naked under it and in her school its kinda a game where also childrens parents must come dressed so i came with her and i also made her put a vibrating dildo and a but plug in and when she was coled to talk about something on the stage i put them both to the max so after that we ent home and fucked till the morning wher she had to go to school and she went in a skirt with no botoms so she is kinda a slut at her yung age

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    Wish you were up Kayla lol

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    They can trick-or-treat at my house any day

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    Damn that’s hot. Any of y’all got any social?