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Roisin in the Park

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Adrian and Dan meet an Irish Girl in the local park.

It’s 1973 and myself and Dan were riding our bikes in the Park at the top of my street.

You were not allowed to ride bikes in the park, which was one of many rules we used to break as kids. You weren’t allowed on the hills or in the wooded areas either. There were railings around everything and there were park keepers on duty to make sure people behaved. Although they rarely ventured out of their office, if they did venture out, they were always looking for wrong-doers.

There was one “parky “ (as we called them), Dennis was his name. He was really tall and thin and boy could he run. He spotted me riding my bike in the park once. He was a long way away, right across the cricket pitch behind a whole set of railings. I could hear him shouting at me, so I gave him a two finger salute and took off at full speed. I hadn’t gone more than a few hundred yards when I heard running behind me and a hand grabbing my collar. I couldn’t believe it, he had caught me. All I could do was to laugh and congratulate him on an incredible run.

They just dragged you into their office if they caught you, asked for your name and address, which we always gave false info – they said they would be calling to tell our parents and then escorted you to the nearest park gates, telling you not to come back.

So Dan and I were on the lookout for any parkies as we rode. We didn’t need to worry, they were nowhere to be seen. It was a beautiful sunny day.

After riding all around the park for what felt like hours, we nipped out of the park and bought some snacks from the small shop just over the main road from the park. We then walked our bikes to the play area, which was referred to as “the big swings” in the park where we ate our snacks.

There weren’t too many people around. There was a low hum from the traffic outside the park walls and a few dog walkers and that was it. Whilst we ate we saw a girl about our age approach the play area and sat alone on one of the swings. She kept looking over at us eating and eventually she plucked up the courage to come over.

She was really pretty with long brown hair, striking eyes, lovely rosey cheeks and a really engaging smile. She was wearing a loose fitting t-shirt which had once been white, but the pink flowers had run a bit turning it a mottled pink. She also wore brown corduroy pants and pumps on her feet (pumps being what the Americans call sneakers).

She greeted us quite confidently with “Hi guys” and it was clear she was Irish, “my name is Rosheen” which I have since found out is spelled ROISIN (or something like that). Both Dan and I introduced ourselves. She told us she had moved to the area three weeks ago (she actually said “tree weeks” which made us smile). In fact she was living with her Mum, Dad, and two much older brothers in the road which ran across the top of my street and which led to the park. She said she was 12 yo in a week or so and would be starting at St James’s Roman Catholic School at the end of the summer holidays. That was the school Dan and I went to. So we told her all about it.

After a lull in the chat she asked if she could have a go on one of our bikes. I was fine with that. I warned her about Dennis the Park Keeper and off she went. She was sensible enough not to take my bike out of sight and just circled the playground for a while. She brought my bike back and asked Dan if she could have a go of his. That’s where things turned.

Dan smiled at her and nodded. “Sure” he said, “but you will have to do something for me first. “OK” she said, “what do I have to do”? Dan leaned closer and told her she had to show us her Fanny. She looked confused and said “my what”! “Your fanny, your fanny, you know…” said Dan and nodded towards her. Seeing she was still confused he pointed between her legs and repeated “your fanny”.

It dawned on her what he was on about and she said “oh you mean my foo foo”. Me and Dan cracked up. “Foo foo” we said over and over in a mock Irish accent. She went a bit red and said “thats what we call it back home”

“Well?” Said Dan, “are you going to show us?”

“I can’t show you here, people will see” she said.

Becoming interested all of a sudden, I told them I know a place nearby where we could go without being seen.

Next to the play area was the old Manor House from which the park was created using its grounds and walls. The House was now a municipal art collage and was pretty run down even back then. The other side of the house was a rose garden, and at the end of that garden was a huge bushy wooded area which was surrounded by railings. The local kids had made a gap in the railings which allowed us to slip in with our bikes.

Once inside we couldn’t be seen. I and my mates had used the place as bit of a den where we would hang out. There was tree that we used to climb which allowed a lookout to see if anyone approached but could not be seen themselves.

I said Dan should go first and I would keep a lookout for Parkies or any other kids approaching and then we would swap.

I couldn’t see what was going on down below, but Dan was only a few minutes before he shouted out “your turn”. I climbed down and Dan ascended the tree with a big smile on his face.

Roisin was fully clothed when I got down but she was smiling. She undid the button on her pants and opened up the zip. Underneath she had a little white pair of knickers, white with little pink hearts and a frilly waist band. My cock went from semi to full on hard in seconds. She pulled down her pants and stood there in her lovely little knickers. I went to her, knelt down and took hold of the waistband. I looked up at her, she nodded and I pulled down her knickers to her ankles revealing a fantastic bald pussy. Gorgeous pussy lips and a neat tight slit.

I reached out and touched her between her legs. She jumped, startled and told me Dan just looked but didn’t touch. I asked her if he showed her his dick, she said no. I asked if she wanted to see mine and she nodded shyly. Without hesitation I whipped down my shorts and undies and let my cock spring out. She looked shocked and reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock without asking, which was fair enough.

I took off my t-shirt and put it on the dusty ground for us to sit on and I turned my attention back to her fanny. I got up close and rubbed her clit between my thumb and finger. She didn’t stop me so I carried on exploring her with fingers and tongue. I put my hand up her shirt whilst licking between her legs. Her nipples were hard and very responsive. She thrust her hips forward each time I touched her nipples. I pushed her shirt up, kissing from her pussy upwards until I had my mouth on her nipples and my fingers explored her pussy.

She was getting very wet down there and she didn’t object when I put a finger inside her. There was no resistance and no blood, but her pussy squeezed around my finger. She was rocking her hips back and forward, with legs squeezing tight around my hand. I continued to lick all around each nipple and flicked each solid nipple with my tongue.

She had my dick in her hand, but she wasn’t doing anything with it other than holding it tight and occasionally squeezing it, more in response to what I was doing to her than her making any attempt to pleasure me. I started thrusting in her tight fist.

She was so wet, and apparently enjoying what we were doing, I thought about fucking her. I still hadn’t done that before and this seemed too good an opportunity to miss. I extracted my cock from her hand and my fingers from her pussy. Still kissing her chest, I positioned myself between her legs. She didn’t stop me when I positioned my cock at her entrance, so I slowly squeezed into her. Her hips came up to meet mine and I was balls deep in.

I thrust slowly, but she was thrusting back at twice my speed. I lay down on her and kissed her lips. She kissed me back hard and enthusiastically. Everytime I felt myself about to cum, I stopped moving my cock. She kept going hard. After a few rounds of me stop-starting she orgasmed. There was no mistaking it. She rammed her tongue into my mouth, dug her fingers into my back and her pussy began pulsating. She wrapped her legs around me and I came like a fucking express train. I was grunting and she was gasping not caring who might hear. Dan shouted down “what the fuck are you two doing”, which I thought was a stupid question. I shouted up “yes”, which he didn’t get, whilst thinking that I was doing what I thought he was going to do when he told her he wanted to see her fanny.

We were both hot, sweating and out of breath. I told her she was fantastic and kissed her again. She kissed me back and put her arms around my neck and said “that was lovely” which made me feel great. I started kissing her again when Dan shouted that Dennis was heading our way.

We jumped up, dressed very quickly, grabbed our bikes and darted out of another gap in the railings on the opposite side of the wooded area. Roisin jumped on the back of my bike as we peddled furiously away. There was a gate which led to some residential roads where there was a jigger (entry) which led between the terraced houses and on to Roisin’s road.

Down the street were two rough looking guys sitting on the front of a car when we emerged into her road. She jumped off my bike saying “feck, they are my brothers, take off or they will beat you up”. I started to object, because I wanted to ask her if she wanted to come over to mine later (I was really infatuated with her), but she shouted just fecking go. We started peddling off furiously as her brothers got off the car and headed towards Roisin and us.

We headed down the road next to mine and then made a sharp turn into the entryway that ran between the terraced houses on one road and my road. We reached the bottom and looked back to see we weren’t being followed. We made a right and came out on my street. We crossed my street and went up the side of my house and into my back garden. We went into my house and hung out for a while just to make sure there was no one searching for us.

Dan was asking me what I did with Roisin. I told him and he wasn’t happy. I dunno what his problem was. He had the same opportunity as me. He told me he was too scared and thought she wouldn’t let him. I didn’t know what to say.

I saw Roisin a couple of days later and asked her to be my girl friend. She said “of course”. I was delighted.

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    I’m from America grew up in the 70s never ever heard anyone call sneakers pumps until the 90s when we had shoes with a pump in them made by Reebok

  • Reply NawtyGrandad ID:576cs2oik

    Fuck! That got me hard! Lucky boy to get such a horny girl. I get the idea her brothers had been using her sweet little foofoo (and I actually met a girl who called it that)
    Or nawtygrandad proton.me

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    Cute more please

  • Reply Fred ID:h9alcerd2

    Oh man, that was hot. What happened next? Did you fuck her sone more? What happened when she showed up at school.