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I want you to fuck my daughter!

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Anna was kissing me like crazy and i heard Sofie moaning under me and her little body was shaking. Could not hold for 5 minutes before i came in her.

I think im ready to share another true story with you all. Remember, English is not my first language so bare with me.
Im a 50 year old guy living as singel and living my life. Im good looking and does not look like im 50 and 5.98 tall and i go to the gym 6 days a week. My cock is only 7 inch so not as big as the rest in here but i never had any complaints.

So, a few years ago, i think i was 44 at the time i met this woman on the web. Its a community for people who are into BDSM and other kinky stuff. Her name was Anna and she was 34 at the time. She was 5.7 tall and weight about 110 pounds. Very nice and firm body with A cup size breasts. She lived with her 10 year old daughter named Sofie in a diffrent part of our country so we developed a online friendship where we shared our sexual thoughts and depest fantasies. We usually talked on skype and sometimes i even talked to Sofie at a non sexual way. Not at that time.
One dday Anna asked me if i wanted to se Sofie naked. I said sure so Anna took her laptop with her and went into the livingroom where Sofie where watching cartoons. Say hi to Erik Anna said. Hi Erik said Sofie and vaved, how are you? Im fine little one i said.
Anna told Sofie to show med what they had been talking about and Sofie stod upp and started to pose for me in her nightcap. She was laughing and was having fun. Soon she took her nightcap of and stood but naked infront of the camera and started to show her but and pussy for me in al kinds of poses. I was so horny at that time i took out my hard cock and started to wank. Sofie layed down on the couch and put her legs apart and started to slid her finger in her crack. Then she pulls a finger inside. I was so horny and started to remember when i fucked my sister when we where kids.
Anna made a closeup on Sofies pussy and started to lick her and then she turned her face to the camera and said, Erik i like you to fuck her.

We started to organize a trip together and we rented a cabin at a lake for a week. We wanted to be alone and away of any nosy neighbours. I had a long way to drive and when i got to the cabin they where already there and Anna had made dinner. Sofie played with her dolls in front of the fireplace and when she saw me she stod up and ran to me. Hi Erik she said and game me a big hug. I lifted her up and i could almost fit both of her cheeks in one hand. Well dinner was ready and we sat down eating. Me and Anna where having a glas of wine. When we had eaten up Anna filled up our glases and told Sofie to go and have a bath. Sofie ran of to the bathtub and it was a large bubblebath with room for at least the three of us. Anna jumped into my lap started kissing me and told me how horny she was. I stopped her for a moment and said, Anna are we really doing this? She looked me in the eyes and said, why, you got cold feet? Dont worry silly this is not the first time for her. Anna stod up and grabbed my hand and took me in to the bathroom. Sofie where sitting in the bathtub playing with some toys. Anna wispered in my ears to go and check her out. I sat down with Sofie and she smiled, you wanna come and bath with me ske asked. Yes sure in a while my little friend. I put my hand on her shoulder and started to feel her body. I was exploring every inch of her little body, caressing her soft skin. My heart was pumping double time and my cock was so hard it hurted. When my hand finally was down at her pussy i started to slide a finger between her lips. I opened her up and slide a finger into her. Sofie moaned and smiled. Do it again Erik i like it. I fucked her little pussy with my finger for a minute when Anna came towards me, she was totally naked and said come on, its time to get naked. I stod upp and started to take my clothes of when Anna got on her knees and pulled my dick out starting to suck on it. When i looked down on Sofie she was hanging over the edge of the bathtub smiling and watched her mom suck on me. It was such a great moment and i remember how happy i was. The rush through the body was like something i never felt before. I have fucked mother and daughter before but not at the sam time and for what i now, they dont know about eachother. So this was new and i got so aroused.

Anna stopped sucking me and i turned to Sofie. She reached her arm out and grabbed my cock. Her hand was so small and she could not grabb fully around it. I took a step forward and sofie looked at her mom. Go ahead sweetie she said. Sofie started to lick on the top of the top of my cock and the she opened her little mouth and took the tip into her mouth and started sucking. Damn kid you are as good as your mother. I looked at Anna and she smiled and said yes she s a natural.
It was so nice and i started to feel im about to cum so i took my cock out and jumped into the bathtub. Anna jumped in and Sofie jumped up in her mother knee. Anna leaned back to the edge of the tub and lifted upp Sofie so she almost sat on her. I leaned forward and started to lick Sofies little pussy and at the same time putting two fingers in Anna. They where both moaning and after a minute or two i had them both cum. Sofie did not make so much noise i just felt her body started to shake uncontrollingly.

Anna took Sofie out of the tub and went into the bedroom. When o got ther i saw Sofie laying on her back with hr legs wide open and Anna was licking her. Anna looked up and said she was only preparing Sofie for you. I jumped up on the bed and placed myself between sofies legs. I looked down and saw thal smooth little body and that wet little pussy just waitng for me. I looked up in Sofies face and i could se her smiling and her little blue eyes where glittering. I looked down again and saw Annas hand opening that little pussy for me and i pushed my way in. I could only get in half, she was so tight. I started thrusting in and out and Anna stod up to me started kissing me, wispering how she wanted me to fuck her sweet little daughter. Fuck her and make her yours. At that point i was so horny and that pussy was the sweetest and thightest i have never felt. Anna was kissing me like crazy and i heard Sofie moaning under me and her little body was shaking. Could not hold for 5 minutes before i came in her. I pulled out my soaking wet cock and Anna layed down between Sofies legs and started to lick my come as it ran out of her. I was still horny and my cock was like a spear so i started to fuck Anna from behind when she was licking Sofie. Not as tight as Sofie but still a really thight pussy. I told Anna to swich with Sofie.

Sofie was standing on her knees with her head between her moms legs sucking and licking her pussy. Sofies little as, that could almost fit in the palm of my hand was right infront of me. Her little crack half open all wet and juicy. I placed me behind and thrusted me inside her. Sofies head went upp and she screamed. Good girl Anna said, make me proud. She pusched down Sofies head again and i grabbed her cheeks and started to thurst hard in her. Everytime i thrusted in i thought i would split her into pieces. I dont remember time i only remember when i came into her again and then i blacked out. When i woke up Sofie wher spooning me and her mother lay down at the other side facing her. That was the beginning of one of the best weeks in my entire life. We stayed inside for a whole week fucking 7 days and 7 nights. After that we never got together again. Anna and Sofie moved and we lost contact. Maybe im lucky and Anna is reading, i still want you both.

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  • Reply Popparocker ID:1dj322sacca0

    What a pity you guys never got together again

  • Reply Bob in Tulsa. ID:1dj4pk4u7u7d

    There are mothers and daughters out there just like this, but finding them is so fucking hard. I could die happy fucking the both of them just once. If there are any mothers with young daughters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who would enjoy this, let me know.

  • Reply Cappy ID:89csv6s5hi

    You have such wonderful life stories.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Keep writing.

  • Reply Single man ID:s1p2hwhk

    Need to find a Woman like that, so hot lucky guy
    Email if you would like to talk
    [email protected]

  • Reply Wankpervert ID:agxcbi44

    Had my wife wank me whilst reading the story, made me feel as if I was there, absolutely great.

  • Reply Erik ID:bug6cwnwm2

    Thank you Sarah. I dont had alot of young girls but i had a few and those i had im glad i followed thru with them. Its not easy being 50 and trying to hookup young girls. But i do have one. Her name is Cornelia and i used my dog to seduce her. I will tell you about her soon.

    • Cappy ID:89csv6s5hi

      Yes, please tell us about this experience.

  • Reply Sarah ID:3zaqoqglv9i

    Erik what a beautiful story 🥵🔥 I’m glad you’ve had lots of young girls over the years. Share more of your stories they are so special and yummy 🤤 😘💋

  • Reply Erik ID:2y8tpa6340

    I dont understand?

  • Reply Bob ID:7pqjf5vt0a

    Oh wow. A dream cum true. I’d never let them go!

  • Reply jackyboy ID:45xylx7doic

    good stuff!….i’d like you to read my stories and tell me if you like it

  • Reply Wolfe ID:1dc950e9a3gf

    That made my little sissy cock hard. I fucked my stepdaughter and her daughte for a couple years. I think I’ll give her a call. It’s been a while since we fucked.

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      Good morning my sissyfag !!

    • Mike Johnson ID:1et3v7kfxq3v

      I love to hear more about your little sissy cock and your stepdaughter definitely has me turned on while I’m laying here stroking my pedo cock

    • Jon dow ID:1ctyswq2gtmy

      I fucked my step daughter to loved it

  • Reply Steve ID:1fr6b72d2

    Funny that people think stories on this site are so disgusting
    But they come and read the stories
    If you don’t like the stories don’t cum to the site

    • Erik ID:2y8tpa6340

      Steve, i think those people like it as much as we do. If i dont like a book i dont read it. So i guess your right.

    • Erik ID:2y8tpa6340

      Thanks all of you who liked it. I dont have a daughter myself and i envy you all who have and can do this all the time so i have no stories of that. But i like young girls and i have had plenty over the years and i plan on telling a few. Only real incest i have is with my sister and with my moms best friend, shes really close to the family.

  • Reply love itt ID:645g3wvqri

    👏Congrats, you made me cum twice!!

  • Reply hornyy ID:2ljwbhfii

    so fucking hot <3

  • Reply D ID:fzq6mgc8j


  • Reply Anonymous ID:1cv3twmk13yu

    This is literally disgusting you should be ashamed of yourself

    • Erik ID:2y8tpa6340

      Thank you!

    • hornygit ID:1cxzzzo1uc77

      thats stupid saying it disgusting i thought it was beautiful making love to a young thing got me hard