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Robbie: Chapter 5: Robbie and Mom

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Robbie finds out that his mother is “maid” for him to fuck.

Robbie awoke later in the morning than usual. This was not a problem as it was Saturday and there was no school. Taking a few moments to stretch and luxuriate in his new body, Robert decided that it was a good time to begin seriously thinking about his situation. His hand idly ran down the flat stomach of the athletic boy. Reaching lower, he noticed the morning wood the boy was sporting.

“Gotta take care of that,” he muttered to himself before beginning his stroking. Today would be a quick one. He needed to think about things but knew from experience that it was difficult to do so with a raging hard on. Encircling his cock with his hand and fingers, he began a rapid pumping motion intended to bring him off quickly. While doing so, he started thinking about Ms. Bounty. He had fucked her three times this week. Twice with Mr. Biggs, each time taking his load of cum in his mouth. He even sucked Mr. Biggs’ cock once. It was quite a pleasant experience.

As he was thinking about Ms. Bounty’s tight pussy, there was a knock at his door interrupting his reverie.
“Honey. Are you awake, yet?” his mom called from the other side of the door.

“Yeah, Mom. I am just getting out of bed,” he called back returning his attention to his hard cock.

Anne was standing on the other side of the door. Something was different about her son. He appeared to be the same sweet boy he had always been, but over the last week he seems to have developed a, well, maturity, beyond his years. She had caught him many times staring at her lustfully. Not that she minded. Ever since that episode in the workout room she had been experiencing shameful and impure thoughts about her own son. Simultaneously, she couldn’t seem to stop herself from behaving in a coquettish manner around him. Nothing too overt that her daughter would notice, but enough that HE noticed. It made her pussy tingle with excitement thinking about the bulge she had seen in his pants that morning outside the bathroom.

Of course, she would never really act on it. But, there is no harm in just being flirtatious and maybe giving him something to stare at with her tight yoga pants and workout bra. Her thoughts were broken by a sound coming from Robbie’s room. It was a familiar sound but she couldn’t quite place it. It was as if her brain recognized it but couldn’t quite remember it.

“Oh, yeah, Mom, suck my cock. Let me cum in your mouth,” came her son’s muffled voice.

Did she really hear what she thought? Now it hit her. The sound she was hearing was her son beating off! He was jacking his cock just on the other side of the door. And he was fantasizing about his own mother! Of course, intellectually, she understood this to be perfectly normal for a boy his age. After all, a mother is a boy’s first love. But, hearing it sent an electric vibration straight to her clit making it demand her immediate attention. Unable to move herself from his door, she listened more intently.

“Yeah, Mom. Oh fuck your pussy feels fucking fantastic. As good as Ms. Bounty’s!”

Ms. Bounty! His teacher! Was he just fantasizing or speaking from experience? Must be fantasizing; after all he had never fucked his mother. ‘At least, not yet.’ Wait! What? Did she just think that? For the first time, she realized that she WANTED to fuck her son. The realization caused her clit to increase its insistence on attention. Without thinking, she snaked her hand down the front of her yoga pants continuing to listen to her son’s fantasizing while stroking and rubbing her own clit.

“Ms. Bounty, eat my mom’s pussy. Yeah, lick it while I fuck your asshole! Yeaaaah! Oh, fuck yeah! I’m cumming, Mom! I’m cumming in Ms. Bounty’s ass! Fuuuuuuuuck!” she heard from his room.

While listening and playing with her own pussy, the excitement drove her over the edge bringing her to her own climax. She placed her other hand over her mouth to keep from making too much noise, but even still, a low moan managed to escape from her as she came and squirted in her tight attire, soaking them through. As she regained her senses, she looked down at herself seeing what had happened and quickly made her way down the hallway to her room to change.

As he finished jacking off to his fantasy about his mom and Ms. Bounty, Robert came violently; ropes of cum flying from his cock landing on his chest and chin. He laid back onto his pillow recuperating. Suddenly, he heard a soft muffled moan coming from the other side of his door. What could that be? Was his mother still standing there? Had she heard everything he said? What caused her to moan? Was it his words that caused her to moan? That would mean she was…

No way! His mom was masturbating on the other side of his door listening to him jacking off! Listening to his fantasy about her and Ms. Bounty! What a development this was. He had noticed his mom being flirtatious with him over the past week, but he was playing cautious and not really doing more than allowing her to catch him staring at her beautiful tits and ass. It seemed to be working. This seemed to prove to him she was probably more than interested in moving their relationship to the next level. The incestuous level. From there, it would be easy to get his sister involved, though he figured that would probably come about anyway.

‘No sense in letting this go to waste,’ he thought to himself as he scooped up his cum from his chest and chin with his fingers. Sticking his fingers in his mouth he cleaned every last drop of his seed from them. Now, to take a shower. Today he was going to begin seducing his mother.

Remembering his earlier thoughts, he decided he would put off trying to figure out how he got here and what to do about it for another day. He didn’t know if this was permanent or temporary so he was going to take advantage of it while he could.

After his shower, Robert went downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. His mother was already there dressed in her usual yoga pants and sports bra. She was preparing pancakes, eggs and bacon for her children. Robert walked up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist hugging her to him so his cock was pressed against her ass crack. In doing so, he became hard but held himself there so she could feel him. Kissing the back of her neck, he said, “Good morning, Mom.” Holding the hug just a moment longer than he should have, he released her and walked over to his place at the table and sat down waiting for his breakfast.

Anne was a bit surprised by Robbie’s actions. He had never hugged her from behind before. And she was certain she could feel him get hard against her ass as he did so. But, when he kissed her neck, shivers ran down her spine. She tried to concentrate on the flap jacks she was cooking but he was making it very difficult for her to do so. She wanted so badly to turn around and plant a very unmotherly kiss on his lips letting their tongues dance with each other as she forced his sweatpants down exposing his magnificent meat stick. She wanted to drop to her knees, take him in her mouth and suck him until he came down her throat.

“Mom, the pancake is burning,” she heard her son cry from across the room. Breaking her thoughts, she looked down to see the burning food she was trying to prepare. Quickly, she scooped the pancake out of the smoking pan and deposited it into the trash can.

Sheepishly, she looked over at her sexy son. “I don’t know what I was doing. Kinda got lost in thought there for a moment,” she chuckled.

“Yeah, I can see,” the boy replied. “Are you okay, Mom?” he asked.

“Yes, yes. I’m fine. Let me start again,” she muttered as she poured batter into the pan. Carefully monitoring her thoughts so as not to get distracted by thoughts of fucking her son again, Anne finished preparing breakfast just as Emily came into the dining room dressed in her pj’s and sat at the table.

The three began eating in unusual silence. Breaking the silence, Emily asked if it was okay for her to go to Beth’s to spend the day with her and their friend Nichole.

“Of course, honey,” Anne stated. “Just be home by dinner.”

Shoving a last mouthful of pancake into her mouth, Emily smiled at her mother and hurriedly left the table calling over her shoulder, “Thanks, Mom!” as she ran to her room to get changed. Within minutes, she came bouncing down the stairs, kissed her mother good bye and ran out the door.

Mother and son continued to eat, each in silent contemplation.

Just as Robbie was finishing his second helping of breakfast, Anne piped up, “Well, Robbie, what shall we do today?”

Robert had to stop and contemplate how he was going to handle this. He instinctively knew his mother wanted to fuck him, but he wasn’t quite certain she was READY to do so. She might still need time to give herself permission to indulge in her lusts. Deciding to play it safe, Robert said, “It’s Saturday. I think I will mow the lawn then maybe go over to Gerid’s for a while.”

Again astonished at her son’s volunteering to do the yardwork, Anne smiled at her son approvingly.
“I think that is a good plan. I will try to get some chores done around the house today.”

Before he could stop himself, Robert blurted out, “In a sexy maid’s outfit, I hope.” Realizing what he had said and thinking he had pushed things too far too fast, he quickly got up from the table saying, “I, uh, better get the lawn done.”

Anne was taken aback by what her son had just said to her. Did he really hope she would wear a sexy maid’s outfit, or was he just trying to be funny? She decided to not respond to the comment, instead saying, “You may have to bike down to the gas station to get some fuel for it. Get some money from me before you go.”

“Sure. Ok. I’ll just get my bike ready,” Robert said heading toward the garage.

‘Come to think of it,’ Anne thought to herself as she began to clear the table, ‘I DO have a sexy maid’s outfit I wore for Halloween last year. I wonder what he would think if he saw me doing housework wearing it?’

After a couple minutes, Robbie returned. “I found the gas can. I just need the money, now.”

“Sure, sweetie, let me just get my purse,” Anne said as she went to the table by the front door to retrieve it. Pulling out her wallet, she took out a $20 bill handing it to Robbie. “You can get yourself a soda or something if you want. But I want some change back, young man.”

Smiling at her, Robbie just nodded his head then ran toward the garage to get on his bike.

Anne continued to clean up the breakfast dishes. While doing so, she could not take her mind off of the maid’s outfit she had. She thought of what Robbie would do or say if, when he came home, he saw her wearing it. It was a very sexy outfit. Typical black with white frills. Cut very low in the front to show off ample cleavage, very short skirt and thong panties exposing her entire ass. She had worn it last Halloween at a party her friend Becca had thrown. Ron, a friend of Becca’s whom Anne had more than a passing interest in, was supposed to be there. She wore the outfit in hopes of him noticing her and perhaps making a move on her. She would have happily accepted his advances and probably would have fucked him right in Becca’s house. Unfortunately, Ron did not show up. Anne never found out why.
‘Oh, well,’ Anne thought to herself, ‘the night wasn’t a total loss.’ She and Becca both ended up naked and fucked by several men that night, including Becca’s husband. And Becca’s brother. Anne had to admit it was quite hot watching Becca get plowed from behind by her own brother as she had her husband’s cock shoved down her willing throat. Anne had cum hard many times over the past several months thinking about that night.

Anne walked into her bedroom opening her closet. There it was, just hanging there begging her to put it on and seduce her son. Taking it from its hanger, she placed it on her bed and removed her workout outfit. Slowly, she put on the dark stockings luxuriating in their feel. She gently glided her finger nails over the sheer fabric delighting in the sensation. Next came the thong pantie, black, of course. She pulled them on making sure the string in back could not be seen in the crack of her ass. The garter belt was slid into place and she locked the clips to her stockings. Then she put on the top ensuring the low cut neckline just barely covered her now hard nipples trying desperately to poke through the silky fabric. She slipped into the skirt, pulling it up just an inch or two too high to ensure the bottom of her ass was clearly seen even when standing straight. Finally, the white apron tied tightly around her slender waist. Examining herself in the mirror, she was a vision of sultry seduction. No man, or boy, could resist the image she portrayed right now.

With a sudden pang of doubt, she began questioning whether or not she wanted to cross this line. Well, to be certain, she WANTED to cross it, but did she DARE to cross it. This would change their relationship forever. What if he really didn’t want to fuck her? What if she tried this and he was traumatized by it? Could she really risk damaging her son’s psyche for her own pleasure? The image of his rock hard bulge protruding from his pants came to her mind, settling things for her. She absolutely HAD to see it, if nothing else. Once that was accomplished, she would read the situation and see where to take it from there.

Going downstairs in her costume, she began to do her housework waiting for her son to return. Shortly, she heard the lawn mower start up. Discreetly looking out the front window, she watched as he mowed the lawn shirtless. At almost 12 he was quite well muscled. Not fully mature, but you could definitely tell he was going to fill out very nicely. Absently, her hand began rubbing her moistening pussy through her panties as she watched him move back and forth across the yard. When he had accomplished this task, he moved to the side of the house, cutting the grass there before moving to the back yard. As she watched from the kitchen window, she reveled in the sinewy movement of his arm and chest muscles. She only wished he had worn shorts so she could see his legs. Idly, she wondered if he had developed hair around his cock yet. Hopefully, she would find out soon enough.

Finishing the back yard, Robert quickly cleaned the mower deciding to leave the raking until tomorrow. It was a beautiful Spring day and he didn’t want to waste it. He wanted to get over to Gerid’s house and see if he could get some young cock and maybe fuck the pre-teen up his boy-pussy. He had to do something to relieve the pressure building up in his balls thinking of his mother in a maid’s outfit. Since the moment he accidently blurted it out, he could do nothing but imagine her dressed as a slutty maid that he would bend over the kitchen table and take from behind. Both her holes. Then end with making her clean his cock with her mouth. He was worried, though, that he had pushed the envelope too far with his outburst. He may have set his plans back a few days or even weeks. But, no matter, he would eventually get into the womb from which this boy had come.

Putting the mower back into the garage and picking up his shirt, he returned to the house through the door between the kitchen and the garage. As he entered, he called out, “Mom, I’m fin…” his voice caught in his throat. He stood dumbfounded for a moment as he took in the vision of his mother dressed in her very slutty maid outfit. She was bent over the table wiping it off with her perfect ass sticking out at him hidden by nothing. It looked as if she had no panties on!

Anne heard her son come in and call out. She knew why he stopped talking so suddenly. The spectacle she was putting on for him would have made the Pope stop and take notice. As she wiped off the dining room table, for the third unnecessary time, she decided it was time to up the ante a little. She pulled a couple of chairs away from the table, got on her hands and knees and began wiping the floor as if something had spilled on it. Spreading her knees apart, she knew she was giving her son a clear view of her panty clad cunt. With all the moisture flowing from her pussy, she was certain he could tell how wet she had become. Her panties were soaking. Drops of her juices were tracing paths down the insides of her thighs. Still, quietly, she continued to wipe the floor with her towel hoping he would come ravish her.

Robert picked his jaw up from the floor and stood gazing at his mother’s cunt as she “cleaned” the floor. Her panties were glistening with her fluids. Walking over to her, he decided to play a game.

“Excuse me, Ms. Maid, have you seen my mother?” he asked.

Catching on to her son’s wishes, she replied, “No, young master. She stepped out for a while. I believe she was going to visit friends. She will be gone for quite a while,” she said seductively.

Robert knew that this was the moment. She WAS ready to cross that line with her own son. He would gladly help her achieve that. But, he was going to play the game his way. He was going to build anticipation. He wanted her to beg him to fuck her.

“Make sure you get the entire floor. I am going to take a shower. When I am done I am going to inspect your work. It had better be clean,” he ordered as he headed upstairs toward the bathroom.

He showered quickly opting not to have a quick jack. He knew that being in this young body would certainly mean lots of erections at any time, even inappropriate times, but he decided he wanted to build up the anticipation for himself as well. Finished, he dried off and walked out of the bathroom stark naked. He found his mother still on her hands and knees cleaning the floor when he entered the dining room.

“It is time for inspection,” he said in a lordly manner. As his mother turned to him, she could not help but gasp at the sight of her son standing there completely naked with a very nice hard on. ‘Well, that answers one question,’ she thought to herself noticing the slight patch of hair beginning to sprout around his almost 12-year-old cock. Her mouth began to water thinking of what it would feel like in her mouth with her tongue gliding across it from head to base. She was certain she was going to know before long. She began to stand when Robbie ordered her to remain on her knees while he inspected the room. He took his time looking into every crack, crevice and corner. As he drew closer to her, he stood right in front of her, his hard cock swinging inches from her face, as he “inspected” the counter tops.

Anne was about to reach out and grab her son’s turgid member in her mouth when he suddenly moved away from her.

“You missed a spot. Over there,” he pointed to a non-existent stain on the floor.

Anne crawled slowly over to it, making sure to keep her ass high in the air as she got on her elbows to scrub where he had pointed. Robert walked up behind her, bent slightly at the waist and slapped her ass with the palm of his hand leaving a very red print there his hand met her pliant flesh. Anne yelped but didn’t stop her “work.”

“That is for missing the stain. See to it you don’t miss another or you shall receive the same again,” ordered the young boy fully getting into his role.

“Yes, young master,” Anne meekly replied. The spanking was unexpected, but she had to admit, it was not unwelcome. Frank, her deceased husband, used to love spanking her during their love making. She enjoyed it when he took charge of her. It seems that her son instinctively knew she wanted to be submissive to him, too. She knew in that moment she would do anything he asked, any time he asked, anywhere he asked with anyone he asked. She was going to be owned by him as his cum slut. His whore. His toy to use as he wished.

Getting on his knees, Robert came up behind his mother’s prone form placing his bare cock in the crevice of her ass cheeks. He bent over her from above and whispered into her ear, “You aren’t scrubbing fast enough. Do you need another slap?”

“No, my young master. Please, I will scrub faster!” she whined at him in mock fear.

Straightening himself, Robert brought his hand back again bringing it down on her other ass cheek again leaving a red imprint of his hand on her buttock. Anne yelped a bit at this one as it was harder than the last. However, she did not stop cleaning.

Robert could wait no more. He reached out grasping the elastic band of her thong panties pulling them down off her sopping pussy to her knees. Lining up his cock with her quim hole, he said, “This is the punishment you get for failing to scrub fast enough and keep my floor clean.” With that, he rubbed the head of his engorged cock against his mother’s very wet pussy lips to lube himself. Then, with one thrust, he shoved his cock into his mothers cunt balls deep.

Anne almost screamed at her son’s intrusion. She was not expecting him to be so rough with her right away. She had expected her son to be gentle to begin then to get rough with her as he got closer to his climax. However, the feeling of his hard boy cock in her pussy felt so damn good, she quickly forgot about gentleness. He was pistoning his cock in and out of her so hot cunt like an experienced man of many years older. She was briefly confused about how he learned to do this when she remembered him talking about Ms. Bounty in his bedroom fantasy earlier this morning. It did not matter. All she cared about at the moment was her son’s cock sliding in and out of her dripping cunt.

Another slap on her ass and she was near the tipping point. He was close to giving her a massive orgasm. When she felt his finger probing her asshole, she, in desperation said, “Yes, young master. Please put your finger in my ass! I need your finger in my ass. Put two in, or three. Make my ass feel as good as your cock is making my pussy feel!”

Without hesitation, Robert slid two, fingers into her ass while relentlessly pounding away at her twat. He had to spit on her hole to make his fingers slide in and eventually managed to work a third finger into her. He found an alternating rhythm that worked well for him. As his cock was coming out of his mothers pussy, he would shove his fingers into her ass. As eh slit into her pussy, he would pull his fingers out. This way she was always having something going into her.

Anne could not believe the pleasure she was receiving from her own son. Not quite yet 12 years old, he knew how to fuck and please a woman more than a man twice of three times his age.

‘Oh, God, never let this stop. It feels so fucking good,’ she thought to herself as her climax was coming to a peak. “Fuuuuuuck Mommy, Robbie! Fuck the hole you came out of! It’s your pussy! Nobody else gets it. Just you! Fuck me, baby! Fuck your mommy’s ass and pussy! Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop! I’m cuuuuuuuuummmmmiiiiiiing!” she wailed as intense waves of sexual pleasure swept over her body overloading her nervous system causing her to collapse to the floor with her son’s cock still pumping into her wanton pussy.

Robert was in heaven. He was fucking his, or rather, this body’s, mother. She was crying out for more and begging him not to stop. Ever! He owned her body and soul now. She was his whore. He knew she would fuck him any time he wanted, now. And he was going to take advantage of that for as long as he could.

Pistoning in and out of her cunny, he felt his own climax approaching. He had to decide whether or not to cum in his own mother’s, or rather, this body’s mother’s, pussy taking a chance on getting her pregnant. He decided he would do so. If she got pregnant, that was her problem, not his. If she didn’t, so much the better. Either way, she was about to get a load from him.

“Please, don’t come in me, Robbie,” he heard her say just as he let loose jet after jet of cum into her waiting womb. It was too late to stop now. He pumped faster and harder into his mother’s pussy while filling it up with incestuous seed. When finished, he collapsed atop his mother removing his fingers from her asshole. He kept his cock in her pussy until it softened and popped out of her.

‘I wonder,’ he thought, ‘if she still wants her change back.’

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