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Robbie: Chapter 4: Robert’s “First” Day of School

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Robert has a Van Halen experience during his “first” day of school.

It had been decades since Robert had attended middle school. Things today were far different than they were back in the 1970’s. To enter the school one had to pass through a metal detector and backpacks were randomly checked for contraband items like cigarettes, drugs or weapons. Police officers stood close by the entrance monitoring the crowded scene with practiced eye. Occasionally a student passing one of the officers would smile and say, “Hi,” to him. The officers politely smiled back and wished the children a good morning.

While in the crowd pressing toward the school’s entrance Robert made certain to stand behind Jessica, occasionally bumping into her ass with his cock or reaching out and cupping her with his hands. When he did this, she would turn to him and smile conspiratorially before returning her gaze forward to keep from pushing into someone in front of her.

Once or twice Robert reached out to his left to grab the thigh of a girl walking next to him. She would grab his hand and push it away. On the third time his hand reaching her thigh, she put her hand on top of his and brought it to her skirt covered pussy for him to grab before hastily returning his hand back to him. She looked at him and smiled then rushed ahead to put her backpack on the table to be searched. Jessica was none the wiser to his dalliances.

Once inside his homeroom, Robert was pleasantly surprised to see his teacher was not some old biddy as he had expected. She was, to be certain, at least 30 years old, which was probably old to most of the children in attendance. But, to him, she was a beautiful young woman, in spite of being more than twice the age of the body he possessed. Ms. Bounty was a buxom woman with the kind of hourglass figure that would make Barbie™ jealous.

Robert fantasized about undressing her in front of the class. Sliding the shoulder of her dress down her arm giving relief to the stretched fabric straining to conceal her bra covered cantaloupe sized breast. Returning to her shoulder, he would slide her bra strap down to meet the dress fabric before moving over to her other shoulder to repeat the process. Once the dress and bra strap had fallen to her elbow, he would continue to lower the top of her dress until it fell away from her encased breasts down to where it was cinched at her waist. Moving down her back, he would quickly undo the fasteners struggling to hold her brassiere closed watching them fly around her arms as the elastic fabric contracted rapidly. Falling to the floor, her exposed breasts on display to the entire classroom of students, the bra would be forgotten as Robert circled in front of Ms. Bounty bringing his mouth to her perky, extended nipples, sucking and licking them while she held his head to her breast with her hands.

Looking out at the students in the class, now watching in amazement, boys with noticeable erections in their pants, Ms. Bounty moans in pleasure. One boy near the middle of the room pulls out his small cock stroking it for her to see as Robert ministers to her nipples. Seeing him do so, other boys also begin to take off their pants to stroke their varying size cocks as girls look on astonished and curious. Jessica, taking her cue from Robert, pulls her skirt and panties off, walks up to one of the boys, removes the rapidly moving hand beating his stiff member replacing it with her own as she guides the boy’s hand to her pussy. She begins to moan as the boy slides his fingers along the crack of her almost hairless pre-teen pussy lips.

“Robert,” moans Ms. Bounty.

“Robert Biman?” Ms. Bounty said a little louder.

Shaken from his reverie upon hearing his name, Robert calls out, “Present,” to the giggles of a few of his classmates. He is staring intently at Ms. Bounty’s tits crying out for release from their imprisonment and does not notice she is looking at him. She knows what he is looking at. The edges of her mouth turn upward in a slight smile as she continues taking roll, calling out the next name on her list. She always found it erotic when she caught a young boy staring at her bountiful tits.

Looks like Robbie is ready for me to assign him some “extra credit” work, she thought to herself as she called out another name. She looked toward the girl who called out, “Present.” She was seated at the desk behind Robbie. After acknowledging the girl with a slight nod, she looked Robbie directly in the eyes and held contact for a brief moment before returning them to her list of names.

It was not lost on Robert when she made brief eye contact. He smiled to himself. It would be fun fucking a teacher. It had been a fantasy of his since he was about the age of the boy whose body he found himself in at the moment. He hoped this was a permanent situation. There were lots of young children and at least one teacher to fuck before the school year ended and summer vacation began. He did not know how many of his classmates he would have contact with over the summer, so he resolved to fuck as many of them as he could before school ended for the year.

Suddenly, a hand slapped him on the arm. Looking over, it was Jessica frowning at him. Evidently she had seen him gazing longingly at Ms. Bounty’s breasts and was not very happy about it.

“Stop it!” she whispered to him.

“Stop, what?” he asked with faux innocence.

“You know what, perv,” she whispered back angrily.

Knowing he had been caught, Robbie simply blushed a bright red and smiled at Jessica before turning to face forward. If he could not stop fantasizing, this was going to be a very long day, he thought to himself.

The bell rang signaling movement between classes for the students. Robbie gathered the books he needed for his first class and rising, headed toward the classroom door.

“Robbie, could you please come here for a moment?” Ms. Bounty asked as he passed her.

“Sure, Ms. Bounty,” he replied stopping at her desk.

Waiting for the rest of the students to finish exiting the room, Ms. Bounty looked at Robbie distantly as if having an internal conversation with herself. Finally, her eyes seemed to focus on the boy and smiling at him, she asked, “Robbie. I saw what you were doing during roll call. Did you like what you saw?”

Knowing it would be futile to lie, Robert replied, “Yes, very much, Ms. Bounty. You have amazing breasts. I would love to see them.”

Taken aback by his brutal honesty, Ms. Bounty was stunned silent for a moment. Without warning, she grabbed Robbie’s hand and put it to her left breast. Reflexively, Robert squeezed the pliant flesh through the layers of clothing. While he could not make out the nipple through her padded bra, he still enjoyed the experience. Enough so that he sprung a hard on in his pants which Ms. Bounty noticed.

“I see you really like my titties, don’t you, young man?” she asked teasingly.

“I was fantasizing about sucking on them when you called my name,” he admitted still giving her breast gentle squeezes.

“Well, I guess I will have to assign you after school detention today for your naughty behavior,” she said to him in a mock stern manner. “Now, get on to your class and I will see you here after school.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Robert replied with a smile. “I will be on time, I promise.”

“You had better be or I will have to give you a spanking,” Ms. Bounty called after him as he walked out the door.

A spanking? Robert contemplated whether or not he really wanted to arrive to detention on time.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. Between gazing at all the pretty young girls in their skirts and dresses and covertly eyeing the boys as they undressed in the locker room for gym class, Robert was on overload by the time he reached Ms. Bounty’s room after the final bell rang. Upon reaching the classroom, Robert opened the door to enter. He was not expecting what he saw!

Ms. Bounty was naked laying on her back on top of the desk as she was being roughly fucked by the principal, Mr. Biggs. Her enormous tits were bouncing back and forth on her chest as he pounded into her pussy with his rather large cock.

Upon hearing the door open and close, Mr. Biggs turned around and seeing the boy said, “Don’t just stand there gawking, boy. You wanted to suck on Ms. Bounty’s tits, now’s your chance!”

Wasting no time, Robert quickly moved to the desk and in rapid motion, latched onto one large nipple. Larger than what he had imagined, they were a bit larger than a pencil’s eraser and about thee quarters of an inch long. As he circled her areola with his tongue, he could hear her moans of pleasure as she shakily said, “Yes, Robbie. Suck momma’s titties. Suck them, boy! Oh, fuck, Brent, your cock feels so good! Pound my hot pussy while this young boy sucks my titties!”

Robert seemed to be on auto-pilot at this point. Before he realized what he was doing, he had his pants around his ankles, his mouth around Ms. Bounty’s nipples and his hand reaching for the space where Mr. Biggs’ cock entered Ms. Bounty’s sopping wet pussy! Once there, he placed his middle and ring fingers on each of her pussy lips spreading them apart for Mr. Bigg’s huge cock which was rubbing against Robbie’s fingers as it plumbed the depths of Ms. Bounty’s cunt.

“You like feeling my big cock, boy?” Mr. Biggs asked rhetorically. “Yes, you do, I can tell,” he answered himself. “Wrap your hand around my cock as I fuck Ms. Bounty, Robbie. Make me fuck your hand as I fuck her pussy.”

Stroking his own cock, Robert obeyed his principal by wrapping his hand around the middle of the man’s thrusting cock, placing it at his teacher’s pussy lips, thumb extended to rub against her clit every time Mr. Biggs thrust inward.

This action had the effect of making his hot teacher moan even more loudly with the pleasure she was receiving from Robbie’s ministrations. Every time he would suck hard on her nipple, a tingle would run straight to her clit which was being stimulated every time his thumb rubbed against it with each thrust of the grown man’s fat cock, sending that sensation back up to her nipples. She began to squeeze and pinch whichever nipple Robbie wasn’t latched onto finally bringing her to her climax.

Wrapping her legs around her adult lover, she screamed out, “Fuck, Robbie, yes! Rub my button! Suck mommy’s titties! Fuck me, Brent! Slam that wonderful cock into my pussy! Make it your pussy! Oh, Gooooooooooood!” Her voice rose in pitch until it could no longer be heard as her body convulsed and pussy contracted around Brent Biggs’ man cock.

“Boy, be ready. I am gonna cum soon. When I do, I want you to open your mouth wide and make sure you don’t spill a single drop. And swallow it all!”

Elated at this scene playing out in front of him and encouraged by knowing there were more perverts like him in this school, the boy pumped at the thrusting cock, suckled on the beautiful tits of Ms. Bounty while running his thumb in circles around her clit.

Soon, Mr. Biggs, between rapid breaths said, “Ok boy… I’m… gonna cum.,, soon. Be ready… boy…”
In rapid succession, Mr. Biggs slams home one last time into Ms. Bounty’s eager cunt, pulls out quickly from both her pussy and Robbie’s hand, turns toward Robbie while pumping his turgid meat stick thrusting it toward Robbie’s face. Opening his mouth as wide as he could, Robbie stuck out his tongue waiting for the gift of Mr. Biggs’ sperm. Hot cum splashed in his waiting mouth as rope after rope of semen found its target of Robbie’s tonsils. When Mr. Biggs finally finished pumping six or seven loads, he looked at Robbie’s open mouth approvingly.

“Now, swallow, boy! Every bit of it!” he commanded.

Eagerly, Robert swallowed the salty gift smiling then opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue to prove his action was completed satisfactorily. Mr. Biggs approved with a wide smile and a pat on Robbie’s head.

“Good boy. Now, Ms. Bounty, I believe the young one hasn’t had his needs met yet. I believe you should handle that,” he said pulling up his pants and adjusting his clothing. Taking a handkerchief from his pocket, he wiped his perspiring forehead as he headed out the door.

Robert looked at his exhausted teacher still laying on the desk, legs spread invitingly.

“Ms. Bounty?” he queried remembering to act a bit shy. “Can I fuck you, now?”

Looking at the young boy’s hard cock, she was impressed with how big it was for his age. Not yet a man sized cock, but one day, that meat would be quite the woman-pleaser. And, from the looks of things, quite the man-pleaser as well.

“By all means,” she panted to the young boy. “My pussy is your pussy.”

Smiling, Robert placed himself between her legs lining up his cock with her abused cunt. He thought to himself, I am going to love this school, as he thrust into her twat balls deep. Without realizing it, he began to hum the tune of “Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen. One of his favorite songs growing up.

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    I especially liked the part where the principal fed Robbie his cum! A very well rounded story where everyone in it gets a little enjoyment.