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My young sexy stepdaughter wants me

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Resisting My 12 yr old Step daughter. Let me know what you guys think

.When my step daughter was 12 years old I noticed she started acting different. I could tell she was already in that horny stage. Back then I would drink and stay up late watching TV while everybody was asleep and she was always awake I would notice that she would come out in her panties and a long shirt and bend over in front of me so that I could see her little tight ass. I would ignore it and act like I didn’t see it and at first I thought she was just doing it on accident because she was so young. So one night I’m in the dining room watching TV and she comes out in these little short and a small shirt that looked like a bra. So she starts talking to me and stands next to me and I’m like what is she doing she grabs my hand and she puts it on her thigh and tells me that she just shaved and asked me if her legs were smooth. I told her what are you doing she just said I just want to see if you think they’re smooth so I rubbed her thigh up and down and said yea they feel great. Then she grabs my hand and put it up her shorts and in her panties and says what about this does this feel smooth she had my hand on her little pussy it was so wet . I told her she needed to go to bed after she left I went to the bathroom and smelled my fingers it’s smelled so good I couldn’t take it I jack off hard . The next week she did it again but this time…

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  • Reply Daddy. Ass ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    Dude dt.leave us hanging.

  • Reply Scott ID:2px1ogoml8z

    Part 2 please

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1dfhux8hb8lj

    Sexually I have always gravitated toward the less than normal activities. The result being that I ended up in the adult movie business for a few months after my divorce. I was in my mid 20’s, sharing an apartment with an older friend who was also in the business.

    His daughter (18 at the time) was visiting and we hit it off almost immediately. She shared my tastes for the kinkier side of sex. One mid-August evening we were sitting in the kitchen (her dad was working on a set) drinking cheap jug wine talking trash. We both had a mild buzz going when a friend of hers dropped in. This is where it got interesting.

    She was a tall, lanky girl, I learned later that she was 15. She kept prancing about the room in her shorts and crop top. My cock was growing in my running shorts. A glance between us resulted in my grabbing the little bitch by the back of her neck, forcing her forward onto the kitchen table. Kim grabbed her hair, the arms to hold her down. With my hand between her shoulder blades, I forced me knee between her thighs to open her up. Her shorts came off with surprising ease, Kim edged my on and my cock found its mark. She was dry and I could not slide in. Poured some wine on her ass crack and that was just enough for me to slam home.

    She squirmed, she whimpered. she begged me to stop. Kim urged me on! Been a while since that happened but I still remember that shaking orgasm as I unloaded (I was so horny that I did not last long) with my balls pressed against her ass.

    I tied the girls hands with Kim’s panties and we took her to the living room. For about 2 hours Kim and I expressed our creatively sick sexuality on her body.

    After we were done, Kim fessed up that the entire thing had been planned and what I thought was borderline rape was actually a fantasy the girls had. In today’s lingo it would be called CNC. Been a long time since that occurred but it seems fresh in my mind.

    And in case you wonder, yes, it really happened

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:2wcj27x7zi

    Give in. Let her seduce you

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  • Reply American Bob ID:1efestgn8yqf

    Way too short. Not worth going thru the pop ups to get to it.

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Too short, lacks any details. Overall a pretty boring story

  • Reply Jd ID:4hv51f49k

    Worst story ever

    • HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

      2nd worse

  • Reply Stf ID:1esdj7w4cbjb

    Luck guy