raped in the elevator

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He came on the elevator, turned it off between floors. All he said holding his knife was “Pull down your pants and bend over, panties too”

I got on the elevator, no one around. I was 26 at the time, slightly chubby, not too bad though I wasn’t ashamed of my body. I had DD cup boobs, and great legs and tightly packed ass. I am a natural brunette with dyed blonde hair on my head. Guys told me I’m pretty, but then they all say that when they want to fuck you. My hair was short back then as I worked long hours and it was easier to deal with. I pushed my button as the doors were closing a hand stuck in between them and the doors opened up. It was a tall guy, I’m only 5ft. 4in, he was over 6ft. He was wearing a hoodie and ballcap, couldn’t really see him too well. I didn’t think anything of it and the doors closed we got halfway between the first two floors and he reached over and turned the elevator off. Now we’re stalled between floors and I turn to look at him.

Right away all I can see is a knife. A big knife in his hand pointed at me. The only thing he said was
“Pull down your pants and bend over, panties too”

Then he pointed the knife closer to my eye. I turned around and he could see my ass as I pulled my pants and panties down. I knew he was going to rape me but I didn’t want him seeing my pussy for some reason. I pulled my pants down to my knees, my panties too, and before I could bend over he yanked me around and pushed me against the elevator wall. My pussy was on display for him, all hairy, not trimmed, I’d not had anyone to shave for in over 6 months. He put his hand between my legs, and rubbed his finger in between my pussy lips. I guess it was to lube me up, once I was wet enough he stuck his big finger in me. Again, all I saw was the huge knife at my eye. He turned me around and just automatically bent over. I knew there was no use fighting, I knew what he wanted and I bent over so I wouldn’t get stabbed or beaten. Then one crazy thought hit me, what if he wanted to rape my butt? I was so afraid i started crying at this, but was afraid to say anything in case he was intending to rape my pussy, and I planted something in his mind about my ass. So I just started a whimper and cry. His hands were cold as he pushed them between my legs, parting my hairy lips. He held my shoulder with his knife hand, and took the other off of me. I heard a zipper, then felt his cockhead at my lips. He worked it back and forth between my lips getting the head wet, then paused at my entrance. Then it happened, I was seeing bright flashes in my brain as he pushed what must have been a very long cock into my pussy. He started pumping right away, through my tears I was actually grateful that I could get wet and it didn’t hurt. It was rough, he was taking long, hard strokes and in less than a couple of minutes he was grunting and pushing into me. I knew it was about to be over. He came and pulled out. I stayed bent over, actually grateful that he didn’t rape me in my butt. I’d only had two guys try that and never got them all the way in. I heard the zipper, then the elevator started. He got off the next floor. I had 6 pushed on the buttons, my floor. I remember being glad that no one else got on after the door closed, I stood up, looked between my legs and saw a lot of white coming out of me. I pulled up my panties, my jeans, zipped and buttoned up. I got off at my floor and went to my apartment. I got one of my douches and stripped naked in the bathroom. In the tub I washed it out of me and took a shower. I did another douche, then went to buy more. That night I did 4 total douches and shaved myself smooth. I went to sleep.

The next day I went to work. I moved soon as I couldn’t be in that elevator again. To this day I hear his voice perfectly – “Pull down your pants and bend over, panties too”

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Story kind of similar to my story. but the guy who had his way with me wasn’t armed and the elevator lost power, so it was dark for me to see my attacker and I was wearing a skirt !!

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    You seemed very compliant. Yes, you loved it. Nothing to be ashamed of. Wonder how many lucky girls he’s raped since?!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1e3y2ckns3du

    Yeah but you were so wet so you secretly liked it, well at least you body craved it more then you. Body wins all the time lol.

  • Reply Suzanne lia trempato. ID:2t45hxxzj

    Awoo jump scare!