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A Cucks revenge

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A Cuck with a newfound pain and anger seeks revenge on his bully, girlfriend, and sister.

This story is from @cuckold2020 I decided to add a little spin to it and try my hand at writing, this is the first time I had ever written and published a story. Chapter 3 and so on is my work. Here is the link to the original.



CHAPTER 1: The sheep

Dread seeped into my eyes. I look at my bully’s stained shirt. The chocolate drink, clearly imprinted on his spotless white uniform.
“You have guts, fag. I’ll give you that,” he said calmly.
“It w-was an accident. I swear–“
He put his index finger in his lips to shush me.
I knew he wasn’t calm at all. I could feel it. The familiar, oppressive atmosphere was pressing down on me once again. I made a mistake. I just wanted to get it over with, and so I was hasty. The drink splashed on Mark’s shirt. Now, the consequences will follow.
Mark raised his hand; I flinched. Thankfully, his arm stopped midway for some unknown reason. I looked at him. I could practically see the gears on his mind turn to think of a better way to make me suffer. His eyes shone as he spoke, “You know what? I have a better punishment for your sorry ass.”
He patted my back gently and said, “You’re not leaving today. Stay in this classroom and wait for the other people to fucking leave. I’ll show you what’s what then.”
And he left. I sighed in relief. It was short-sighted of me to do so, considering the punishment he issued were always worse when I had to wait for it.
I couldn’t help it though. I’d give anything to escape his punches even in the meantime. Well, obviously not everything. But you know what I mean.
“Hey, babe.” Shocked at the proximity of the voice, I immediately turned around at the familiar tone and phrase as it broke my messy thoughts in two. Selena. My girlfriend of two years. I hid my anxiety and smiled as brightly as I could.
“Hi. You got physics today?”
“Nope. I just came to check up on you,” she said, wrapping her arms around me. I wasn’t that tall, so her head easily reached up to my nose. I could smell her hair directly. I was grateful for having a girlfriend so clingy. I was clingy too after all.
But she didn’t know about Mark, my bully. I tried to keep her away from that, and I guess that was successful. She mever caught on. Plus, it wasn’t as if Mark bullied me every day. It was actually worse before. It’s kind of mellowed down a bit this past year. These days, all I had to do was follow his orders to the tee and I usually have nothing to worry about. It helped that Selena usually wasn’t in the same classes as mine.
So was my sister, because they both had the same major. That made hiding things a lot more convenient.
“Listen, are you free later? I was thinking of going out for some street food. It’s been awhile since we hung out,” she said with a smile.
God, I wanted to. But considering the punishment I had to endure with Mark? She might notice something if I decided to go with her after he beats me up. A bruise of some sort. I don’t think he was going to leave it at a single slap or something.
I suddenly gained a sense of clarity. I didn’t have to take it lying down, do I? Why was I adamant on following him and his unreasonable punishments? He had no right to do whatever he wanted to me in the first place. Wasn’t I letting my fear affect my decisions too much?
Should I go?
I took a deep breath and decided.
“Yeah. Let’s go. We haven’t been properly together for a month now.”
Selena beamed; she looked even more beautiful these days. Her skin glowed brighter, for one. Her eyes shined too. Looking at her objectively, you’ll just instant know that she’s a happy woman. Content, satisfied, put-together.
Honestly, I don’t know how I pulled thi gorgeous upperclassman. Selena was way above my league, but she was surprisingly the one who initiated. Two years ago, she confessed and said she liked me. I went to bed pretty high on that fact that day.
And almost every other day after that.
Since then, we’ve been dating casually. We also both agree it was going so great. We haven’t….done it yet. Anything sexual was off the table for us until we were legal. She turned 18 last year.
I turned 18 two months ago. I shook my head at the thought. I’ve been constantly thinking about it since my birthday, but I didn’t want to just ask her. I wanted to do it when the time is right. When the mood was romantic or something. So a date is exactly what we both needed to take the next step.
“Great! See you after class?”
I steeled my heart and replied, “Yeah.”
She hugged me before leaving.
I smiled. I knew my “punishment” was just going to get worse if I stood up Mark, but I’ll deal with that when I have to. For now, I’m going on a date with my beautiful girlfriend. Selena looked so happy. How could I say no to her?
Plus, spending time with her is one of my favorite things to do. My parents loved her. My nitpicky sister loved her too–which is a very rare occurrence. Selena was just perfect for me.
This might even be the day we…make love to each other too. It’s way more important than whatever my petty bully had to dish out.
After class, I headed straight towards Selena’s class. Just outside the door, waiting for her. A girl walked out. It wasn’t her.
“Hey, bro.” She turned to me, surprised that I was there. It was Hanna, my sister.
“You heading home?” I asked.
She nodded in response before asking back, “You’re not?”
“I’ve got a date with Selena.”
“Can I come?” she joked.
I laughed as I said, “Obviously not.”
She rolled her eyes. She was about to say something else when her phone rang.
I watched her expression immediately turn giddy, biting her lip as she replied to the text. Curiously, I teased, “Is that a boyfriend I see?”
Hanna flushed furiously. It surprised me. I’ve never seen her this flustered.
“Wow. I didn’t expect to be right on the mark,” I teasingly joked.
She replied, “It’s not like that.”
“Uh-huh. Sure. Anyway, do you want me to drop you off at home? I got my bike today.”
Hanna seemed to hesitate about telling me something before saying, “Nah. I’m just going to…go home by myself.”
I nodded. That was fine. She probably didn’t want to bother me or something. I asked, “Is Selena here?”
“Yep. She’s about to head outside. Just wait here. Listen, I gotta go.”
She hugged me goodbye and immediately left, almost sprinting across the halls. She seemed fine and dandy at first. I wonder why she seemed hurried all of the sudden.
Exactly as my sister said, Selena walked out shortly after.
“You waited for me?” She asked in a pleasantly surprised tone.
“Obviously. Today, whatever you say goes.”
She giggled, holding onto my arm before kissing me in the cheeks.
We talked to each other about our day for a while before deciding to head out. As soon as we were about to leave, her phone rang. It was a phone call. I didn’t see who it was listed as on her contact. She picked up.
“Who is this?” she asked.
I stood beside her, silent and respectful.
“Oh,” she muttered after hearing the voice on the other end of the call. I couldn’t hear who it was.
She looked at me, panicked. I didn’t know why.
“Okay……I’ll head there, d-daddy.”
Oh, it was her dad.
She hung up the phone and texted who I presumed was still her dad. Selena spoke, still preoccupied by her phone as she looked at it intently, “Babe, I’m so sorry. An emergency came up. I need to be there. I’m sorry. Let’s talk later, alright?”
I was sad about the turn of events. I missed her after all, but it wouldn’t be nice to keep her here. It looked as if it wasn’t up to debate either, so it was probably serious.
I didn’t want to admit it either, but her lack of attention as she talked to me made me uncomfortable. I know it’s selfish to think that way; I didn’t even know what kind of emergency it was after all, but her unintentional disregard for my presence as she continued texting on her phone reminded me of my own insecurities. I never liked being a third-wheel. I constantly craved for someone else’s complete and total attention when talking to me.
Seeing her text as if I wasn’t there, even giggling sometimes (what kind of emergency makes you giggle?), hit deeper than it should have. As if I wasn’t that important.
I asked, partly guilty with my thoughts, “Is your dad okay? Why are you laughing?”
“Yeah, yeah. My family’s fine. It’s just an emergency. I’ll call you later, alright?” As soon as she said that, she tiptoed to kiss me and ran outside, still texting at her phone.
I chuckled. Whatever. She loves me. That’s all I need to know. She’s got family. The same way I got family. This shouldn’t bother me. I checked the time. People were already heading out. Since Selena was busy, I should just get this thing with my bully over with. I had nothing to do anyway.
Thinking about Mark made me realize the turn of events wasn’t bad after all. At least I wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of standing my bully up. The consequences would be much easier to deal with now.
I walked back inside the school and waited for Mark in the designated classroom. There wasn’t anyone else, so I just sat on a chair randomly, sitting up straight and unmoving.
I know it’s pathetic, but I couldn’t do anything out of the anticipation. I tried distracting myself with my phone, or reading a bunch of materials for next week’s classes.
It didnt work.
All I could think about was what he’ll do to me. What exactly was worse as a punishment?
And how was I going to keep it a secret from my sister and girlfriend if it was a “worse” physical beating as I always have?
After an unknown amount of time, the door to the classroom opened. I flinched. Mark stood there, towering over even the tallest people in school; his head, almost reaching the door. My bully has always been big, but he was even taller than his height in my eyes.
He smirked and ordered, “Follow, sissy bitch.”
I did. He led me to the hallways. By now, the school was empty. Most teachers were gone too because it was a holiday. In fact, coming to school today was pretty much voluntary. We did nothing but self- study during the entire day.
I honestly wish I opted not to go.
If I did, this wouldn’t be happening.
We stopped at the lockers. More specifically, an unlocked locker in the side of a hallway. Perhaps due to my experience with it, I knew what was about to happen. He used to do this to me years ago. Did he want to reminisce or something?
Mark smirked, grabbed my collar and said, “You’re going to be quiet in there, alright? That’s your job. For a whole 15 minutes, okay? After that, I’ll even let you out. I won’t even lock the stupid thing as I did before.”
I sighed in relief before nodding hesitantly. If it was just that, then that’s great. It’s not as if being shoved in a locker traumatized the fuck out of me. Sure, it scared me still. But I’ll take that over a beating any day. The scariest part of the typical locker stuff was the uncertainty that you would ever get out. After a certain amount of time in the darkness, you’d start to scream inside, hoping for someone outside to notice you. Perhaps call a friend to get you out if you were fortunate enough to have a cellphone with you.
I had no friends. So one time, when I was locked inside for two entire hours after school, I had no choice but to call my sister for help. That was when Hanna found out I was being bullied. I was so ashamed back then. After that, she kept looking after me anytime she could until I told her it already stopped for a while. I guess she believed it.
Because she never mentioned it again. And I was grateful for that.
Mark grabbed me with his herculean strength and shoved me inside before closing it. I didn’t resist so the whole thing was easier than before. I looked around. It was still just as dark.
I smiled. I had my phone on my pocket. I took it out and turned it on. Light shined directly on my eyes, which made me wince. It took a few seconds before my eyes got used to it. I shrugged. I could play a few games while I’m here.
The thought of recording audio also briefly passed through my mind. I froze.
If he slips up, I can have proof against him.
It got me thinking. I used to think a lot about that, but that was before I found out Mark’s family was a respected shareholder of this privatized, elite school. Whatever qualms I had with him were buried under the other multiple behavioral problems he had within the guidance office. Complaining about him did nothing but exacerbate his bullying. After that, I never tried taking it up to the school anymore. I couldn’t get enough solid evidence where I could just post it on the internet too.
Plus, there was also the issue of Selena and my parents finding out about this if I ever chose to do it.
But if it meant I could stop Mark and cause an actual problem for him? I might just consider going through with it.
For now, I had the opportunity to. A shiver ran to my spine. I clicked on my phone’s recording feature. Mark was probably leaning on the lockers to prevent me from escaping because I could feel a certain weight pressed on it.
I chuckled inwardly. Did he think this was some sort of torture for me? Why would he think this is a worse punishment? I was pretty smug before I heard a voice outside the locker.
“Took you long enough, bitch.”
“I’m sorry. I had to hide things from my brother.”
I froze, completely stunned. That familiar voice struck my head like lightning. I knew who that raspy voice belonged to from a mile away. I lived with that voice–asking me to eat, nagging me to clean my room, calling my name.
“Do I look like I fucking care for your excuses? Just stop opening your fucking mouth without expecting my dick to go inside.”
“You’re a fucking asshole, you know that?” It resounded again. Even if the metal somehow altered that voice, I knew for certain.
It’s my sister.


I could hear Mark smirk as he said, “You love it. Now get to sucking.”
I hear my sister’s knees hit the floor with a thud as hands fiddled at the metal in my bully’s belt. After a few seconds, I hear a woman’s moan sound out, blocked by what I could pretty much assume was my bully’s dick.
I was petrified. Mark really was right. This was fucking worse. I held my breath as several thoughts of mine poured out me, only to be interrupted by the wet sounds of my sister choking on my bully’s dick.
“You like sucking big dick, don’t you?”
I hear my sister’s beautiful voice sound out with a hiss, “I love it.”
Most of the sounds she was making came out all jumbled. I could practically picture her on her knees, bobbing her head on “big” dick like a total fucking slut. It was fucking delirious how she was the one sucking, but the moans were mostly coming from her.
As if she was the one gaining all the pleasure from polishing Mark’s dick. Knobbing on it as she kneeled without question despite his arrogance.
I could tell from my bully’s hisses too that she was reaaally good at it. She was probably blowing him so good according to the sound of her throat, taking his member in–
What was up with my fucking thoughts?
“You guys got started without me?” Another voice sounded out. It took a me a second to recognize that voice. I thought I had gone insane when I realized who it could be.
“I wanna suck cock too.” It whined again.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
“Sister-in-law, you suck cock really good. I keep getting speechless whenever I see you working on cock.”
My head reeled.

She laughed. This whole thing felt like a nightmare. It was surrealism at its core.
Why was my girlfriend in on it?
Why was Selena in on it? What about her dad? Why was she here?
Since when has this been happening between them? My hands clenched.
The wet sucking stopped with a “pop” sound for a moment before I heard my sister ask curiously, “I thought you had a date with bro?”
“I did. Mark called me before we got out though. I made up an excuse and left.”
I heard giggles from my sister’s raspy voice as sounds of cock-stroking reverberated through the metal containers of the locker.
“Bad boy. You wanted two cocksuckers at the same time? You already have a certified deepthroater on her knees blowing you.”
“Can you blame me? I just love it when girls work together. You know I’m a feminist,” Mark replied.
Hanna grunted, “You have a lot of nerve calling yourself a feminist with the way you fuck women.” She didn’t stop stroking.
“Bitch, this dick was tailor-made for women. Big cocks please pussies. I’m pretty sure that’s about as feminist as anyone can get.”
My girlfriend laughed and said, “Can this feminist fuck this throat with a big, warm cock good then? I did abandon a date with my boyfriend for this.”
Words I never heard her speak came out of her mouth one after another.
“Only if you guys display applaudable teamwork first,” he said mockingly.
Soon, I hear her kneel as well. After another second, two sucking sounds from different erotic mouths were constantly resounding around the hallway.
As fucked up as this sounds, with all the betrayal and the gut-wrenching pain, I wondered deep down in the back of my mind how big my bully really was that a self-proclaimed deepthroater can share his cock with yet another woman.
Selena moaned out, “God, sucking your cock is my favorite pastime.” It was like my worst insecurities personified. I hated being the third-wheel, but this was way worse.
I was a fourth-wheel.
I didn’t even fucking know being a fourth-wheel was possible, but I was living it. My girlfriend and my sister was here and somehow, I was the outsider. I was the odd one out no one was paying attention to.
My bully was the wheel being fawned over by two other wheels. God, I sounded fucking dumb.
“Big, fat coooock!” And so did Selena. My ears struggled to hear the girl who sounded completely identical and yet different from my girlfriend.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to make sure, with complete certainty, who the girls were. If they were really my sister. One of the beloved women I love.
And my sweet, cute girlfriend of two years. The girl I hoped to marry someday.
Before I lose my fucking mind.
I banged on the locker, trying to get out. As predicted. Mark was leaning heavily on the entrance, preventing me to go out.
I hear the girls exclaim, “There’s a person inside?”
Mark chuckled and said, “Yeah. He spilled a drink on me today. I’m punishing the sissy nerd. I figured it was hot to let him hear stuff too, so I shoved him inside. He’s probably jerking off. I need you guys to work harder. He’s never had pussy or a mouth before. He probably never will, so let’s give him a show at least.”
I hoped that my sister would stop this from happening. Hanna has made no secret of her hating the act of bullying. She found bullies pathetically petty and childish. My experience with it only served to make her hate it even more. She’d never allow this fucked-up situation to happen, right? My sister was a nice person. Even if she didn’t know who I was behind the locker, she would still try to help.
My hope was run over by a fucking truck when I heard her say, “That’s hilarious.”
Selena giggled as well. As if this situation was funny.
Hanna continued fucking her mouth into my bully’s dick before hissing, almost incoherently, “Did you know my brother was locked into a locker once?”
She remembered. So why wasn’t she doing anything? And why would she mention that? My heart ached.
“Really?” Mark remarked in mock-disbelief.
“Do you know who did it?” he asked. It was you, fucker.
“Nope. He never told me,” she said, disconcerned, before deepthroating my bully’s dick again.
Tears fell through my eyes. Did she feel nothing at all towards my fear and shame in calling her that day? Why would she let this happen to another person if she really cared for what I felt?
Mark also seemed to think the same because he said mockingly in the next second, “You know, this guy in the locker might also have a sister. Don’t you feel bad encouraging this when the same stuff happened to your brother before?” I knew he wasn’t saying it to stick up for me, but a part of me felt empowered when he said that.
My sister didn’t even deign to answer as she kept blowing him with skilled, periodic rhythms. Selena also never stopped sucking.
“Bitch, answer for your hypocrisies. Your brother must’ve felt terrible. This guy in the locker must feel terrible too. Why are you letting it happen?” I hear him ask with a smile.
She removed the big, fat cock from her mouth with a gasp to speak.
“God, you really are a jerk. Jesus. Give it a break,” Hanna said with a grin.
“Say it.”
A moment of silence ensued as Selena kept on sucking. A few seconds passed before Hanna finally spoke, “Sucking your big, fat dick is more important to me than feeling empathy for whoever got shoved in on the locker.” I breathed deeply, an electrifying tingle traveling through my spine, making my head reel.
She said it like she meant it. With every fucking fiber of her being.
I felt my heart break into pieces. Along with my dick from how fucking hard it is.
“Does that mean you love cock more than your cuck brother?”
“Is it my brother behind that locker?” she retorted back, her focus obviously still on the cock. She looked at it as if she was in love.
“Does it matter?” Mark asked gently.
Hanna chuckled, her nose directly on something, inhaling its scent deeply. I couldn’t see. I could only hear her delightful exhale after.
“I guess not,” she said casually.
“That’s what I thought.” He chuckled before ordering, “Now, get back to sucking. It feels weird when someone’s slurping on my fucking balls while my cock is wet and unattended.”
I realized then that my girlfriend was sucking on my bully’s testicles all this time. Somehow, the obscene discovery made it feel even worse. It revealed how deep she’s fallen and submitted.
How far these two have fallen and submitted.
“Anyway. Selena, what’d you tell your guy?” I hear him continue to ask as he enjoyed my sister and my girlfriend’s sloppy loving on his dick and balls, respectively.
My girlfriend chuckled, saying, “I told him daddy called.”
Mark laughed.
“Well, you weren’t lying,” he said.
She exclaimed with her mouth under his scrotum, “Exactly what I thought too!” It was amazing how I could completely understand her diction despite having two whole testicles inside it.
Somehow, imagining the whole scene gave me this morbid curiosity. What the fuck is wrong with me?
“And he accepted that?” I hear my bully carry on this charade. This time though, I found myself intently listening to every word.
“He obviously felt sad, but there’s no avoiding that. I had to come to you.” I hear her kiss something. It definitely wasn’t Mark’s mouth.
She continued, “But I reassured him. I told him I’d call after the ’emergency’ and all.”
“Aww. That’s so cute. I love you guys together.”
I gritted my teeth at his mockery and humiliation. The fact that he would do this implied his total lack of respect and humanity. Was he fucking getting off on this thing, complimenting our relationship’s validity while my girlfriend’s blew him? What kind of person does that?
But what’s worse is how my girlfriend reacted to the whole thing.
She giggled.
Selena fucking giggled like the insult was a compliment to our relationship. She only muttered what I assumed was the word, “Thanks,” incoherently, mumbling around his cock.
I suddenly realized I didn’t know this woman. And instead of being completely turned-off and bewildered at the thought of my girlfriend being completely different than what I had thought her to be…..
….I relished in it. I felt absurdly curious of who she really was. It brought a hint of….novelty I never knew I needed.
“Now, how about calling him right now?”
I stopped breathing.
Selena spoke against the suggestion weakly, “I’d do anything for this cock, baby.”
My stomach dropped at the endearing nickname. Another form of betrayal her mouth uttered.
“But not right now, okay? I love my boyfriend. I don’t want him to find out.”
“So don’t let him find out,” Mark said simply.
She retorted, “Your dick is so big, I couldn’t hide my gags if I tried for a million years, babe.”
Mark asked, stunned, “Who asked you to keep sucking during the phone call?”
Selena grew silent.
Hanna chuckled and stopped blowing the fat cock for a second before mumbling, “He got you there.”
“No, he did not! Stop siding with him, sis. This is your brother!” Hanna begrudgingly huffed.
My bully’s innocent voice resounded, “Nasty slut actually wants to keep bobbing her pretty head on big dick as she talks to her boyfriend. Jesus, even I wasn’t suggesting you to go that far.”
Selena gritted her teeth and said, “You know damn well you do. Stop playing innocent, jerk.”
Mark replied uncaringly, “It doesn’t matter. Are you doing it or not?” After he spoke, the bully seemed to fuck my sister’s throat harder and quicker according to the wet sounds traveling under my skin. Hanna was fully gagging on his dick, sounding (and probably looking) like a fucking pornstar.
I thought of Mark’s words. He didn’t present consequences like he usually did when he gave me ultimatums. It seemed as if Selena instinctively knew she wouldn’t like what would happen if she refused though. Because she agreed after a few seconds of hesitation.
“Alright, alright. I’ll do it, okay? Happy?”
“Hurry up and call him. I wanna fucking cum on your face as you talk. Hold up, I want a phone recording of this too.”
Selena sighed exasperatedly.
“Don’t show it to anyone, alright?”
“Yeah, yeah,” Mark replied half-assedly.
I panickedly lowered my volume in an effort to hide I was here. I knew she was going to call any second.
I was right. Her contact appeared on my phone. Her name in there was listed as “Love.”
I answered.
“Hey, baby,” She said with a smile.
My stomach dropped at this situation. Did she not feel any guilt at all, doing this? Cheating on me as if it was nothing? Greeting me with our usual catchphrase as if she wasn’t having her throat fucked by another guy while we haven’t even gotten intimate with each other? I wanted to tell her that she was a slut. A horrible human being who deserves the worst in life. That I was going to leave her, cut her and Hanna off of my life.
However, my mouth seemed to utter entirely different words contrary to my inner thoughts.
“What’s up, babe?” I said quietly, enough so that they wouldn’t hear me inside the locker, but enough to hear me clearly over the phone.
“I’m with daddy right now. Everyone’s fine. It was just a false alarm. No need to worry. I just…..hmmgh.”
It seemed even more downright erotic hearing her mouth struggle at taking my bully’s cock in with the audio infinitely closer and nearer to the source. She seemed to cover the phone with her hands to prevent me from hearing anything more than the first “gluck” though.
“Sorry. I’m eating. Daddy brought this delicious snack, and I’m gobbling it up.”
I entertained her lies, “Wow. Seems like you’re having a great time.”
“I am. It’s always nice to spend time with family.” She took a “bite” again.
I almost incredulously laughed at her audacity to use her family as an excuse while she sucked a big cock like a cheap, cheating whore.
She said it with so much certainty that maybe she wasn’t even lying at this point. From what that cock’s probably done to her, they might as well be family already.
“I still miss you though, Hold up, I’m taking another bite. It’s so…juicy.”
The phone went silent. What I heard just outside the locker, however, suggested it was anything but. I hear her completely choke on his dick as my bully moans out of pleasure.
“Hanna, help her with the other side. Bob your heads at the same time. My fucking god. It feels like heaven. Slurp on it like fucking ice-cream, sluts.” Mark groaned.
On the contrary, only innocent “eating” sounds filled the phone, with occasional comments from Selena about how tasty it was.
My girlfriend was doing a tremendous job with the voice-acting. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve believed her completely.
“How’s the sausage?” I blurted out subconsciously, my mind completely devoid of anything. Why was I furthering my humiliation, exactly? The question remained unanswered.
Selena didn’t even notice she never told me it was a sausage before replying, “It’s so good. I love the taste, but the texture of the skin and its sheer fucking size? Even better.”
“Size?” I asked her. I knew exactly what she meant. I just wanted to know how she would justify it.
Selena stuttered in panic, “The q-quantity. The serving sample size, baby.”
A thrill went up my spine as I continued asking, “How big is it?”
“So, so big. Fuck. It’s the biggest, juiciest sausage I’ve ever tasted, baby.”
“I’m gonna cum,” I hear Mark say on the other side of the locker.
“Baby, hold on, okay?” Selena said as she muted my phone and jacked off my bully’s dick. Meanwhile, I imagined my sister bobbing her head on his testicles even wilder. Judging from her occasional comments, she probably was.
“Cum on our face, daddy. Cum hard on my fucking face as I bid my boyfriend goodbye.”
My sister seemed to agree as she kept worshipping his testicles and his base with an eager moan.
“I’m gonna fucking cum, you nasty sluts. Stick your tongue out. Yeah….That’s it! S-shiiit–FUCK!”
Selena unmuted as he unloaded his seed on their beautiful faces. Globs of cum spurting everywhere, painting their jovial expressions like a canvas.
“I gotta go. I love you, baby!” She said sincerely.
I imagined her lips, cheeks, nose, and eyes being covered in cum as she smiled from ear to ear, holding her phone up to her mouth, basking on the feeling of being marked as a big dick’s property.
“I love you too.” I really did.
She hung up.
“Fuck, you came a lot. I felt a mini-orgasm when it hit my fucking face. God, I love your creamy cum.” She moaned.
“Clean me up, Hanna,” he ordered. She seemed to eagerly obey because I heard slurping sounds in the following second. My sister was sucking as hard as she could, as if she would die if she didn’t.
As if she needed cock to breathe.
My girlfriend shortly mentioned the recording.
“Don’t show that to anyone, okay?” She muttered after pausing for a second, “Did we look pretty?”
I imagined my sister looking up at him too, curiously waiting for his answer.
“You two look way prettier with my cum on your face. It’s honestly the best makeup for you two in my opinion.”
Mark grinned and asked, “But if you don’t trust me, why don’t we ask the cuck?”
Selena laughed while replying, “My boyfriend thinks I’m beautiful any day. Although I wear your cum on my face almost every date I have with him, so your theory still stands.”
“Oh, yeah. You usually spread it on the water-proof makeup he gave you. That’s so fucking hot. Go on dates more often, bitch.”
Selena replied begrudgingly, “I was. You called me here, asshole.”
Mark shrugged.
“Anyway, take my word for it. Don’t you agree? You guys actually feel pretty when I cum on your faces, right? Women I fuck say that a lot. As the feminists say, that’s all that should matter.”
Hanna chuckled. She remarked honestly, “Yeah. I do feel pretty after a facial from this cock. I take actual selfies with it staying on my face. Honestly, I’d take you over any moisturizing product.” Sounds of her slurping the plentiful white cum on her hands resounded in the hallway. I shuddered. They sounded so in love with his cum. It felt like a scene straight out of a fairy tale.
A fairy tale for me.
A reality for a man like my bully.
“See what I mean?” Mark replied. He said after sighing in pleasure, “Now, how about some real fucking in the principal’s office? There’s a bottle of wine there. And I can lock the door. They gave me a key. Not that you’d care either way.”
Both women eagerly agreed as they headed straight downstairs.
“Oh, yeah. What about the poor guy trapped in the locker?” Hanna asked.
“He’ll manage. Just think about cock, ignore everything else.”
The girls giggled and shyly reprimanded him, as if his sexist remarks were an acceptable, unimportant thing.
I hear their footsteps slowly disappear from the halls.
I didn’t move an inch inside the locker long after they were gone. I only felt my mind return when my phone rang with a notification. I turned it on, my tears protecting me from the sudden bright light from my screen.
It was a message from Mark. Written on it was, “I know you have your phone there. Heck, you probably have a fucking recording, cuck. I suggest you keep that to yourself as a souvenir. Otherwise, your two girls are going to get exposed, and we both know you don’t want that. They may not care for you that much, but you certainly do for them.
And, here’s a picture. Just in case the sound wasn’t enough for you.”
Attached with the message is a picture of my girlfriend and sister, sticking their tongue out, looking happier than I’ve ever seen them before as they allowed the arrogant bully to desecrate their pretty faces with his white, creamy cum.
The sobs I held back suddenly escaped from my mouth.
But I knew. I realized.

(My continuation ⬇️)

the souvenir started a new found fire in my heart.

After what I presumed to be 20 minutes mark finally had come back to let me out.
As he did he placed his hand on my shoulder, “god the little sluts are so fun aren’t they” he said with smirk.
“I’m glad you’re having fun, I’ll see you later Mark.” I said with grit and darkness in my eyes. Mark looked very shocked and even speechless.

That night I got home I ignored Selena’s calls and texts and totally avoided my sister. My parents had left for a short holiday for the weekend leaving the two of us. I couldn’t sleep the anger and rage filled my soul causing me to toss and turn until I eventually drifted off.
I woke up with a painfull smile, I walked into my dads closet where he kept his weapons safe, what I was about to do could potentially put me in jail for the rest of my life but this really was my tipping point. I had been so humiliated and instead of being a fucking doormat I was going to be the one who ran shit. My dad had quite a few guns in the safe but I chose one I had been proficient on that was easily concealable, I grabbed a magazine loaded with Hollow-points.

I got dressed and sat down at the table for a bite when my phone buzzed..
A wicked smirk grew on my face, it was from Mark. “Hey little Cuck, meet me at trail by the park in an hour”
I didn’t want to kill mark I only wanted to scare him, I chose not to put a bullet in the chamber. I was ready I knew what I wanted, I tucked the gun in my waste band behind my back. I decided to leave early and take my time strolling there to let my mind wonder, just then my phone rang. It was Selena, I picked up and she sounded worried “hey you didn’t answer last night is everything okay?” I didn’t want my plans ruined so I played along, “yeah everything’s good I fell asleep after you called last night.” I could hear Selena’s voice hesitate for a second before she finally croaked out “hey I love you, and I would like to hang out today if you’re free.” For a moment I almost believed her innocent voice but the pain and fire washed over me, “I had some stuff come up but I’ll let you know Selena.” Me saying her name threw her off we hadn’t actually said each other’s name for a long time it had always been pet names. Without hesitation I hung up on her as she was halfway saying “I love y-“

I got to our little spot early, an old walking trail that had little to no foot traffic. The city no longer maintained it so it had been more of an over grown thicket. It had been a place of delinquency, a place for horny kids to fuck, and a place where people could meet in private. I had bubbles like a shook up soda bottle ready to explode. I knew I had to keep up my act of fear for mark. He was 6’6 almost built like a toothpick but he obviously had a nice cock to have two girls share it and practically worship it. I was only 5’9 but had somewhat of an athletic build my cock was almost 9 inches but I had been pretty much a virgin only one time my freshman, year this girl Jessica had given me a hand job in the backseat of her car she could barely fit both her hands around it.
I leaned against an old concrete retaining wall when I heard rustling in front of me. “Little Cuck! You must be eager for your ass beating, I don’t think last night was enough punishment.” He slowly advanced towards me. My demeanor was intensifying but I had enough control to hide it and keep the perception of being a bitch.

“You know Hanna and Selena have been glued to my cock for almost a year now, I bet you never even had an idea.” Mark said it like a villain in a movie. He was, he was a villain in my movie. Mark had bullied me for years and I just took it, up until last night I had never felt the purpose or the confidence to stand up but last night he tipped the iceberg. This internal avalanche was mere seconds away from erupting but I had to hold it just a bit longer. “She really does love you, and so does your sister. Too bad they just love this cock more” mark continued his belittling, at this point he was within arm shot of me.

I began reaching into my back and wrapped
my hand around the gun, mark was about to throw a gut punch when I stepped to the side rather quickly and drew the gun on mark. The fear of god filled his eyes, Mark stood with his back against the wall. “Sit the fuck down Mark.” I commanded him he hesitated and slowly lowered himself, his mouth slightly ajar and his face pale. I began my lecture, I began to deal my hand “You really left me feeling trapped within myself mark, made life suck, made it feel pointless.” I said it as if my heart was in my throat. The tables have turned, I began to notice the piss soaking through his blue jeans. I couldn’t help but laugh with hint of evil. “Pl-please don’t do this, Jesus Christ I’m fucking sorry. I went too far this time” mark pleaded looking like the loser now.
no not this time, the moment he revealed how long he had been fucking my sister and girlfriend crushed me into pieces, when he first put a hand on them was too far not just this time. I ordered mark to sit on his hands as I walked closer. Mark began to cry “shut the fuck up bitch” I scolded him my plan was working. “Give me your phone Mark” he tossed it to me quickly, “let’s make a little deal.” I said smiling.

“Whatever you want please, i won’t talk to them again man just tell me what you want.”
Mark still shaking in his piss covered jeans. I continued my lecture, “do you think you deserve this mark?” He stared at me blankly “answer me you stupid fuck!” This newfound power and control felt…Immaculate. “Yes! Yes I deserve this, I’m sorry man” mark cried. “Listen here mark, don’t make me end your sorry life right now, here’s my deal.” I proceeded with the sinister look of thought “first off, if anyone ever hears or finds out about this you and your family are fucked. You have taken everything away from me, I have nothing to lose” i gritted my teeth
“Second off why don’t we have fun yeah?” Mark almost looked puzzled but remained silent. I took the phone and demanded the passcode, mark fumbled with his words before getting it out. “Where’s your file with pictures of my sister and Selena?” I asked sternly. Mark spat out where he kept the folder, the file was absolutely gut wrenching from deep throat videos to back shots of my sister and Selena. Seeing how they were total sluts made my cock stir in my pants I sent myself the file and deleted it off of marks phone. A light bulb clicked in my mind , I’m not gay but I knew exactly how to drive the nail into the coffin. I unbuttoned my pants and cock sprang out slapping Mark in the face. “Go on get to sucking little bitch” mark gulped almost dry before taking my swelling member in his mouth. “Do it right you fucking loser” I pressed the gun to the side of his head as tears flowed from his eyes god could he suck cock though. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you” I chuckled at him with his mouth stuffed he gave a muffled “mhm” I love it so much the power was almost overwhelming. I took his phone and began to take pictures and video of his skill being careful not to show the gun. Mark bobbed his head as if his life depended on it, well he believed it did I put the gun away at this point mark almost seemed as if he was enjoying it, his cock was growing in his piss infested pants as he throating my entire cock more sinister ideas ran through my mind “you know you’re really good at being a little cock sucker mark.” I laughed at him, his face went from pale to red in embarrassment “you know you deserve this right mark?” He replied again with “mhm” I grew angry “take my fucking cock out of your mouth and say yes sir” he did exactly what he was told immediately “yes sir”

He sucked harder and harder before I blew half my load in his mouth and half all over his face, I was still recording and watched him lick it clean off. The video was perfect.
I told him to remember our deal and no one gets hurt and no one will see the video I patted his face and told him to stand up. “Keep in touch big guy I’ll have you over in a bit” he sheepishly began to walk away in defeat with his head hanging.

I hurried home and wiped off the gun replacing everything just how I’d found it. Curious I looked at the file just to see how big Mark really but but it was quite underwhelming only at about 7 inches. Hanna was in her room when it clicked. I walked into her room with a smile “hey sis I have a surprise for you” she smiled back, “oh really what is it?” She asked almost excitedly I told tossed her a blind fold and told her to put it on she did and I lead her down stairs where I began to play the videos of her on the TV screen without audio. I sat her on the couch and kept up my “innocent brother” act, Hanna really did sound curious and excited. It made my cock hard looking at her sitting there like the slut she is. “Hanna what you’re about to see can cause a whole lot of problems for you at school and for the rest of your life.” Her smile dwindled away “you really betrayed me and stole my pride” by this time my cock was fully erect and stuck out near her face, confused and now with a blank look she pulled her blindfold off. She was petrified face as pale as a ghost she stood there In utter silence before she noticed my rock hard member in her face, she leaned away and asked “what the fuck in this” she was breathing scared and uneasy
“come here and suck my cock if you don’t want anyone seeing this” she sat there not moving. “Hanna I’m being serious, you fucking left me in that locker last night, you and Selena betrayed me. FUCK YOU!” The realization and genuine guilt rushed over her like a broken dam.
She began to cry “god I’m so sorry, I’m fucking trash how could I have done this” she sulked with her face in her palms, this only made me more angry truly knowing how long she was sneaking around with mark. I moved towards her grabbing my her face “you want to be a little slut? Okay then” I forced my large cock into her mouth and she began to suck, her eyes glued on the TV as I scrolled through photos and videos “wow you sure are a slut aren’t you?” She kept sucking silently almost struggling because of its size. “Answer me goddamn it bitch!” She flinched “yes, I’m a slut and I’m worthless” she sobbed on my cock just like mark. She looked up at me, god her eyes were almost mesmerizing glistening with tears. “Look at the tv I commanded” I played the video of mark sucking my cock, “from now on if you want to keep yourself from being exposed to the whole school and family, you will obey me and my commands, is that understood?” She nodded yes and looked as if her spirit was broken but seeing the video of mark sucking her little brothers cock caused an orgasm to ripple through her, I face fucked her hard and she struggled “ do you love my cock?” I asked. “yes I love it so much little brother” she said gagging and slurping “how is it sis?” She wasted no time, gasping for breath she said “it’s so big and juicy” hearing her voice on my cock almost drove me to the edge, “I will use you whenever I want do you understand” she nodded almost as if her eyes were pleading for more while her mascara ran down her cheeks
. It sent me I came in her mouth shooting rope after rope after rope, cumming so much she couldn’t swallow all of it quick enough. The cum dribbled on her chin as she scooped it up and sucked her finger clean. Without direction she took hold of my cock again and slurped up the remains cleaning my cock with her wonderful mouth. She sank further into the couch exhausted and ashamed, I scoffed at her angrily “It won’t happen again, you’re right and I deserve everything coming to me” Hanna said with more tears swelling in her eyes, she really did feel remorse. That was one loose end tied

CHAPTER 4: Pretty little Lies

I felt bold a new level of confidence and pride. I could not be stopped. I decided lay down and scroll through social media, just then my phone began buzzing. “What’s up?” I asked, Selena’s innocent voiced chirped through from the other side “hey is everything alright? I feel like somethings a little off with you.” She did actually sound concerned. “Yeah everything’s just fine, why don’t you come over and hang out a bit and we’ll see about going out later.” I acted just as I did the night prior like I suspected nothing.
“Sounds great baby I’ll be over in a bit” Selena exclaimed with passion. Even though I had drained my cock twice already my stomach began to buzz with fire and pain of being betrayed but I was done being the fucking doormat for the world. “Hanna dear sister!” I called out she popped into my room in moments. “Sweetheart” I playfully said “come here please” she did as she was told and right there I stood up and kissed her like she was my lover she tasted amazing as she moaned into my mouthI felt her melt into my arms. I soon broke the kiss, she was drunk with ecstasy not knowing her little brother had it In him to be so ruthless and confident. “Selena will be here in a while, get yourself ready to clean up after I’m done.” Hanna looked at me almost wide eyed her pleading eyes spoke a thousand words but she only managed to croak out a few words “She truly does love you Brandon” her head sank. “How long Hanna?” I said almost blankly, her head tilting “what?” She said with curiosity. “How long had Mark been using you two?” I was growing impatient taking it as disrespect. “I’ve been sleeping with him for almost a year and Selena only began joining us a few months ago, she’s only filled with Lust for mark” her demeanor seemed like she was trying to reason with me.
“To be honest bran, Selena was telling her friends that she was growing frustrated because you hadn’t bothered to make a move or advance your relationship, and one day she saw me after class with Mark she caught me blowing him and she just stared in Awe. Mark seduced her, it was like she was in a trance I tried to stop here but mark threatened to kick my ass and expose me.” A faint feeling of guilt began to trickle over me and then a knock from the front door echoed through the house. I brushed off the guilty feeling and proceeded to the door, Hanna’s eyes looked watery as she coward back to her room. I opened the door and greeted Selena rather shallow. She was stunning I loved her so much but she had done me so wrong like a dog in the streets.
“Are you sure you’re okay baby?” Selena asked sounding like she was walking on egg shells, “Babe I’m fine let’s hang out in my room for a bit and catch up” I said nonchalantly. She nodded with a graceful smile and followed me. “Make yourself comfortable babe, how is everything at home going?” I asked while we sat together on my bed. Though myself and Selena never had sexually explored too much we did make out occasionally and we did participate in light petting outside of our clothes. My mind raced a million miles an hour deciding what I wanted to do with Hanna and Selena. Should I break the news that I know about her and Mark? Should treat her like the slut she is? Well eventually I had planned to do that today but maybe I should play stupid and see how Selena acts, yeah that’s it I’ll play stupid. Selena told me she was good and everything at home was going well. “Selena there is something wrong” I said acting like I was embarrassed, “please don’t mention it to anyone but I have been getting bullied by That guy mark at school, it’s only getting worse I try to do what he tells me but it just gets worse.” I paused fighting every part of me to not cry about my pain but also refrain from laughing because of this revenge trip I’m on.
Selena turned green like she was about the Vomit, she sat there in silence. “And last night he locked me in a locker while he played with some girl,

she sounded familiar but I put my headphones in immediately so I didn’t get a chance to recognize it completely. It went on for a while and i tried banging on the locker and paused my music and by then it sounded like another girl was with them now. I was stuck in there for another hour after that, until he let me out and told me to lose it.” I continued to look down at my feet while I stood there sounded mentally exhausted. I was. Selena sat there in silence “wow I, I had no idea you were going through this…I…” she stammered and trailed off, was she going to admit it? Would she hide it? “I think some of my friends know him I can ask them to talk to mark to get him off you” Selena lied through her teeth still acting innocent.
“Selena, I love you” I told her before I caressed her check and pulled her into a fierce kiss like I hadn’t seen her in forever, shocked at the sudden action her response was delayed but eventually she slowly closed her eyes and began to match his Rhythm. I felt dirty kissing this little slut in the mouth after she had sucked off mark, hatred began to flow through my veins once more as I thought about my sister and girlfriend laughing and bragging about wearing Marks cum all the time and even when Selena would go out with Me.

My switch was flipped, this was a new me, I broke our kiss and with fire and passion in my voice I ordered Selena on her knees “I want you to suck my cock” I said abruptly she was so caught off guard she stared at me puzzled and frightened. I undid my pants and my thick cock plopped out out. Selena was truly speechless her jaw ajar, “Selena I need this right now please” I almost sounded like I was pleading. She hadn’t even processed the situation it seemed like but she wrapped her small hands around my man meat and began to pump it looking and feeling quite robotic. “Oh fuck baby that’s good” encouraging the little slut began to make her wet and tingly “go head babe how does it taste?” Mesmerized, her lips opened wide as she tried to take in my entire cock only making it only a quarter of the length. She started to slurp and gag on my shaft her saliva began to build and she sucked more and more vigorously. “Oh fuck babe you almost look like-“ I paused at the same time turning my phone towards her showing the video of mark sucking my cock. She froze now her face was pale. “Brandon what the fuck? What is this?”

I continued to stroke my cock before jamming my entire length down her throat until she looked like she was ready to pass out before I pulled out for her to get air. “Is this how you like to be treated? Like a fuck toy? Huh? Don’t you stop sucking either” She began to cry while taking my entire cock gagging and slurping “ooh yes! Good girl” Selena has never seen this monster within me but it made her wet, the fear that rushed through her excited her causing her pussy to flow. Her body shuddered, “don’t you fucking cum until I tell you too whore!” She nodded obediently but The words alone forced her to have the most intense orgasm she’s ever had. I pulled Selena up and bent her over the bed and stuck the tip of my thick member at her dripping slit, her pussy looked priceless and perfect. “God I am so sorry Brandon I was wrong I love you so much!” She implored sounding just as Hanna had. I tossed my phone with a video of her laying on her back in front of her, she was getting plowed from mark and halfway through the video Hanna straddled her face. She moaned and winced looking away from the phone.

The guilt was eating her alive just like mark and Hanna she knew she deserved this she knew how wrong she was. “Oh FUCK BRANDON, YOUR COCK IS SO BIG” she cried out loud, Selena was finally fucked silly her warm pussy creamed the cock she was taking. By this point she was squirting all over his cock practically begging for more begging to be slutted out just as mark had done with her but her boyfriends new energy and attitude sent her mind flying into space she loved him and his amazing dick more than her own sorry life. She felt like garbage. Selena was being pounded stupid by a huge cock not even mark could compare. I thrusted deep in her and shot a huge load into her belly letting the cum dribble out nice and slow. Selena collapsed on the bed with her sopping wet pussy. “Hanna! I’m ready for you!” She reported right away dropping down and licking and sucking the sweet juices out of Selena’s womb, she lapped up my cum like the bitch she was. Selena moaned into my bed… god I felt so powerful.

Hanna attacked Selena’s pussy like there was no tomorrow, Selena had 3 more orgasms while Hanna slurped away. “Get up both of you and clean the juices off me” I demanded aggressively. both the girls scrambled tripping over themselves like puppies. They looked like sucking cock gave them life, viciously licking every inch of the amazing cock in front of them. “ little brother your cock taste so good and creamy”

Hanna kept pumping on my dick with her hand and grabbed Selena sticking her tongue down her throat. I knew this was already something they were familiar with it satisfied me but it wasn’t enough. They blew me hard and fast until I came yet again for the 4th time, I was still able to get a couple loads off and paint their faces. I grinned and showed them the picture of the two of them from last night that mark had sent. Both deeply ashamed, Selena cried again while Hanna had that embarrassed look on her face. “You two will no longer have any involvement with mark, or anyone else unless I say otherwise. My cock is the one you should be worshipping.” I sounded like a father that had to teach his kids a lesson. Both girls nodded and looked up at me with puppy eyes.

After everyone was showered and clean, the girls returned to the room without clothes on. As they lay on my bed with me they snuggled close, Hanna nestled her head into my neck and Selena rested on my chest. I could feel my blackened soul and cold heart begin to brighten and once again warm, I wanted to cry, I felt a wave of so many emotions. We laid in silence, I stroked Selena’s hair and caressed Hanna’s shoulder. I think between the two of them they were shocked, scared, and guilty. “What happened anyways bran I mean with you and mark this morning?” Hanna questioned trying to make sense of it all,

“I was tired of not having respect, tired of being bullied. Mark told me he was going to end my miserable life and this morning he told me to meet him on the trail after last night I knew he meant it.” I reminisced, Selena started sobbing “oh my god” Hanna sobbed as well squeezing me tighter.
“So I met with him and he belittled me and then he picked up a piece of ply wood and he told me to take my punishment like the sissy Cuck I am. I snapped fed up with my life but trying to save it so I pulled a gun in self defense and gave him some wise words of wisdom, long story short he was on his knees sucking my cock because he felt oh just so bad about fucking with my whole life.” I finished with a grit to my teeth, once again the girls were silent hugging me close. My cock twitched again, I know I would have little to no cum left in me. Hanna lifted her head to connect our lips together and began kissing profusely. I always thought my big sister was one of the most attractive girls I had ever seen but I never thought I would ever get intimate with her, selena inched up to my face and pulled me away from my sister stealing me away. She kissed me with fire and passion, I could feel her tears on my face like she had finally come home after so long. The kisses subsided and we all fell asleep together. I woke up a few hours later to Selena bobbing her head violently my cock, she loved it and she was going to make sure I did too. Hanna woke up realizing the show, she began to kiss my neck licking and sucking up and down. If felt heavenly

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