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Fucked my sleeping cousin

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My 12yr cousin fell asleep because she has this medical thing. I took a chance and fucked her while she slept.

I was in the back garden in my tree house with my cousin, Zoey, she came over in the morning to play because it was really boring, we spend most of the day in the tree house which was quite posh because my dad a pre-made one and assembled it in a small tree at the very back of the garden.

It had proper glass windows and inside was electricity that powered a small flat screen TV and PlayStation and I had a small inflatable camping couch and a mini fridge with drinks and snacks in it, we’re not rich or anything, dad found it in used condition from a local person who didn’t want it anymore.

Anyway, back to the story, so me and Zoey were in the tree house most of the day and even took our dinner in there while we played on the PlayStation, we were sitting next to each other on the inflatable couch and laughing and having loads of fun until she suddenly passed out and collapsed in a heap, it scared the shit out of me but it has happened before, she suffers from Narcolepsy which makes her fall asleep randomly for no reason what so ever, first time it’s happened today though.

She woke up a few minutes later and when she sorted herself out we kept playing the games, then about an hour later she passed out again, I stood up quickly just as she leaned to the side and her arm and head hit my shoulder, I’ve seen her fall asleep loads of times but I’ve never been properly alone with her when it happened.

Before I go any further you have to know that Zoey is fit as fuck, she’s my cousin but I think she’s fully smoking hot, she’s #### and tall for her age, a bit skinny but not like super skinny, she’s got long red hair, pale skin and freckles all over, something about gingers really turns me on.

When she fell asleep she slid forward on the couch a little with her legs still handing over the front and her body leaned to the side on top of it, her legs were open and her small skirt had ridden up her legs, half of her knickers were in view and I could see the shape of her pussy behind them, her knickers were white and they had a small wet patch where her pussy was, looking at her like that made me get hard and I started to rub my cock through my joggers.

I went to the window that was facing the house and checked no one was out there or looking, I pulled the shade down to cover the window, in went a bit dark in the tree house, I kneeled in front of the couch and nudged her lightly with my hand to see if I could wake her up but she didn’t wake up, I waited another five minutes and I just stared between her legs while continuing to rub my cock.

I couldn’t control myself any longer, if ever I was going to have a chance to fuck her this was it, I repositioned myself kneeling on the floor between her feet and I reached up and slowly pulled her knickers down her legs, I paused for a moment when her entire pussy was revealed, she had a small line of ginger pubes above it and it looked really wet and juicy, and it was nice and plump, I fully removed her knickers then pushed her legs apart before fondling her pussy a little then leaning down to taste it.

As soon as my tongue touched her pussy my cock throbbed and bounced inside my pants, so I pushed my pants down and set my cock free, I rubbed it while licking her out, as I rubbed my hands up and down her legs with lust I knew this was it, I was going to fuck her right now, I pulled her a little further towards the edge of the couch and I sat up on my knees.

I tickled her pussy with the tip of my cock and then pushed a couple of times trying to get it in, it went in the crack but I felt resistance, it took a couple more attempts until my cock finally popped in to her pussy, her hole was really tight and dryer than the rest of her pussy, it felt a bit rough as it stretch around my tip as it slowly slid inside, I was a virgin up until now so it was all a new experience for me, it felt amazing, I experienced so many sensations of happiness and pleasure, and that was just with my tip inside her, I couldn’t wait to experience how it felt with it all the way in.

A few minutes later I was all the way in and humping away at a nice pleasurable pace, her pussy had become so much wetter which made it easier to slide my cock in and out, I fucked her while holding her legs under the knees at the sides of my waist, I was smiling at myself because I was so happy and really enjoying her pussy.

She started to groan in her sleep, making grumbling noises, then she suddenly cried out and her arms and legs were shaking, her pussy began to get sloppy and extremely wet, she’d had an orgasm, it was good timing because I was about to come myself, I started pulling her towards me as I pushed my cock inside her at a much faster pace, the inflatable couch was starting to sag inward and it got noisy when our skin rubbed against the plastic, then I ejaculated, I blew my load inside her pussy.

I pulled my cock out and it was covered in water and spunk, and still throbbing a little, I looked at her pussy and saw my spunk dripping out of it, for some reason I felt quite proud of myself and gave myself a high-five in my mind, that was the best experience of my life, I wanted something to remember it by so I took a photo of her pussy on my phone then I quickly pulled up my pants and put her knickers back on her, I left my spunk on her pussy because I had nothing to clean it up with.

I opened the shutter on the window and went back to playing the game, Zoey woke up about 20 minutes later and I was just smiling, I smiled so hard my face hurt, luckily she didn’t realise anything had even happened and we both played the game together for another hour or so then she went home.

As soon as she left I got my phone out and messaged all my mates and told them about it, they were well jealous, didn’t believe me at first but did when they saw the pic of her pussy with my spunk all over it, greatest day of my life man. I’m fucking buzzing.

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    Do a part 2

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    Lets hope she doesn’t get pregnant

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    thats cool