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Playtime with my cousins part 5

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I recently turned 12. Jade already left. Now it’s time to introduce my 7 year old cousin, Erika.

I totally missed Jade. Not because we had sex, but we really became close. We would always talk, play, hang out, and do other things. Of course, she would suck me at night or we’ll do the good ol’ 69. Seeing her go kinda broke my heart

I became hornier because of my sexual experiences with Jade. I would masturbate almost every day. I kept thinking about Jade’s sweet pussy. How I pounded that and squirted my sperm inside her. That thought would send streams of cum shooting out of my cock while jacking off.

A couple of days after my 12th birthday, my dad’s brother moved in at my grandma’s house with his family. He lost his job and couldn’t afford a place yet on their own. My uncle was married to an Asian woman. She’s beautiful and quite sexy. They have one daughter and her name was Erika. She just turned 7 years old a month ago. Erika was petite and small for her age, maybe due to her heritage. But she’s pretty like her mom. I don’t get to see much of my cousins from my dad’s side, unlike that of my mom.

I also got taller and my cock also got bigger and thicker. I also got into sports, so I started to shed off my baby fats and got a nice physique. I’m not buff, but just okay.

School had already started and it was fun being with my friends again. I started to have a crush on this girl, but I will not focus on her this time.

My uncle and his wife got a job again, but they had to work double shifts. They were out almost the entire day and would arrive late at night. My grandma couldn’t take care of Erika due to her old age. So my mom told my uncle that I would babysit Erika after school. My mom would just increase my allowance because we’re not going to charge Erika’s dad. I was hesitant at first but I needed the extra money to buy my games.

After school, as soon as Erika saw me getting off the bus she would wave at me to pick her up. She would always have a bag of her clothes and a few toys. I would babysit her in our house.

We got along pretty well. I also introduced her to playing videogames, but chose only those suitable for her age.

One afternoon, I was playing my games and Erika just got up from her nap. She stood beside me and asked if she could play some games. I was almost done and was about to stand up but she quickly sat on my lap and grabbed the controller. She was only wearing her sleeping dress and it was too short. When she sat on my lap her dress pulled up exposing her pink underwear.

She kept bouncing on my lap while focusing on the game. Until she moved backward and her butt was on top of my dick. Her head was right under my nose and I could smell her hair. She hadn’t stopped bouncing until I realized that it was turning me on. I had not seen Erika as a potential replacement for Jade, but her butt crack was soft and started to give me a boner.

My dick was pointed towards my belly underneath my boxers. But Erika kept rubbing her soft and tiny butt to it until it was very hard.

She asked, “What’s that hard thing behind me?” I told her it was nothing. So she kept bouncing and rubbing my dick with her butt. I don’t know if she was teasing me or was actually liking my hard dick poking her. But that felt so good. A couple of more rubbing and I knew I was about to shoot my load. I told her to stand up and I immediately went to the bathroom. I pulled my dick out and after a couple of strokes, I was shooting my cum all over the toilet.

The next day, as soon as we got to the house she told me she needed a bath because her mom forgot to give her one earlier. I told her she could go upstairs and do it.

“But I don’t know how, my mom would always give me a bath”, was her reply. She added “Can you do it for me?” I was surprised, yet a lot of thoughts came rushing through my mind. I told her to go in and I would follow her. I went to my room and changed my clothes.

As soon as I got in the bathroom, Erika was already showering but was facing against the wall. She was fully naked and I saw her cute butt. She was singing while the water from the shower was drizzling down to her body. I told her to turn around and face me. I finally saw her sweet young pussy. It was small and the slit was fully closed. That immediately gave me a hard on.

I stepped in the shower, and turned off the tap. I got some liquid soap on my hands and rubbed it on her body. Her tiny body was amazing and was very smooth and her skin was supple. Both of my hands were all over her body, I gently caressed her towards her chest. Her nipples were a little bit flat but I stayed there for a while. I then moved to her belly and finally her pussy.

I took a small amount of liquid soap and rubbed it on to her pussy. She giggled and she said that tickled. But I just kept touching it. I extended my middle finger a bit and ran it through her slit. She moved back a bit and said that it felt funny. I told her that I was just cleaning her up. I also started to rub her cute butt with my hands. While I was doing that she turned on the tap. I got very wet.

“Oh…why did you do that? I’m all wet now!” I was quite annoyed with what she did. She apologized but just kept splashing me with water. She said maybe I should just take a shower with her since I also stink. Then she was bursting with laughter.

I don’t want to scare her with my raging boner. So when I stripped down, I just walked casually towards her so she would think that it’s normal. My dick was hard and was moving from side to side. She turned around from me, but she would take a long glance at my dick. She was probably curious why we have different parts down there.

She then said “Can you carry me?” I don’t know why she asked that, but I just did what she requested. I grabbed her from her underarms and lifter her up. She wrapped her arms around my body. She was small and it was easy for me to carry her. Then she also wrapped her legs on my waist.

Before she could fully press her body towards me, I put my cock lined towards her cunt. I immediately felt Erika’s soft and warm pussy lips. I started to hump a bit without her noticing because she was busy with the thought that we’re taking a bath together.

I would move my hips up slowly to poke her pussy with my cock. I could feel that its head was sliding in her pussy. I kept humping her and would sometimes tickle her so she wouldn’t notice that I was already rubbing her pussy with my hard boner. But I didn’t penetrated her, just the head of my dick poking her slit. I knew she couldn’t take in my whole cock because she’s too small for it.

The sliding in and out of her hole was amazing. It reminded me of my first time with Jade. But now, I’m here with a totally younger naked girl. I knew I wouldn’t last long. I kept thrusting upwards to push my cock to her cunt.

After a few more humping, I squirted my cum to her hole. Some even shot up to her belly. She felt that gush of hot liquid on her young pussy. She then asked “What was that warm thing?” I told her it was nothing and I just continued to unload my cum on her. I felt some of them trickling down my thighs and hers too.

I put her down and told her to face the shower to rinse off. I checked if there were still some cum on her pussy. When it was all clear I told her to dry up and get dressed. She stepped out of the shower, grabbed her towel, and dried herself off.

I got back to my room and got dressed. She came in and hugged me. She thanked me for giving her a bath. She wanted to take a nap, I told her that she could sleep on my bed. She was ecstatic and immediately jumped on it. A few minutes later she had dozed off.

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