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Mom and I part 1

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Mom introduces me to a life of incest and sparks a deeper relationship between us

My mom had me when she was 13, I waa an accidental pregnancy from mom’s one night stand with one of her teachers. Mom told me that the night she revealed her pregnancy was the night she was kicked out of the house and her teacher had been arrested. It was also the night that she moved on with her aunt.

Aunt Jennie as I called her was a personal chef who had started training my mom on cooking and they worked together side by side. So growing up, I was surrounded by food and had started to learn when I was 4. I never thought it was odd when I would see mom and Aunt Jennie kiss on the lips or see their tongues move into each other mouths. It just seemed normal to me. Even the stormy night when I went to their room because I was scared and walked in on them having sex didn’t phase me, I didn’t know that incest was bad, it looked beautiful to me.

When I was 4 and mom was 17, Aunt Jennie passed away unexpectedly. Mom was destroyed by it and so was I. She was our world. Mom’s parents were Aunt Jennie’s only other family and they wanted no part of the funeral, so her funeral was just us and Aunt Jennie’s clients and friends from the cooking world.

Aunt Jennie had left mom everything, the house, the cars, the business, and the money. O don’t remember ever struggling growing up. With each passing year, I got better at cooking and would go to cook for clients with her. Mom put everything into the business as a way to cope with the loss ans wouldn’t even consider dating. Mom was a gorgeous petite brunette with the most beautiful smile.

I waa 10 when my view of my mom changed completely. I waa starting to have curiosities. Feeling things that I had never felt before, feelings toward girls. I would watch TV and feel funny inside when I saw a beautiful girl or woman, I would feel.it when online and would do searches for models and my favorite actresses.

The night that changed everything, I woke up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Mom never closed her door when she went to bed. As I walked down the dark hall, nearing her door, I heard moaning. I wondered if mom was okay and when I passed her door, I stopped when I saw her. Mom was on the bed, her eyes closed and completely naked. She had a long thing between her legs, i heard a buzzing as she rubbed it on her pussy, her other hand on her breasts. The faster she moved the vibrator, the faster she moved her hips and played with her tits. Then her ass lifted off the bed and she let out a long moan that sounded so happy. Then she pulled the blanket over her naked body and fell asleep.

She had my curiosity after that night. I would lay in bed and wait for the sound of the TV in her room to turn off, then I would wait a few minutes and open my bedroom door carefully. If I heard her moaning, I would sneak down the hall and peek around the edge of her door frame to watch her masturbate, only I didn’t know it was called that at 10 years old. I just knew what she was doing must have made her very happy.

Until I had watched her masturbate, she was just mom. Before I watched her masturbate, seeing her in the morning in her open robe, nude underneath or in her bra and panties had been no big deal. After seeing her masturbate I suddenly felt funny inside when I saw her naked or in her bra and panties. I don’t know why, but at night, in my bed, I was tempted to see what it felt like to touch my pussy but didn’t, I wasn’t ready for that step

It was in my fourth week of watching mom masturbate that it finally happened. I was outside of her room, peeking around the edge of the door. Mom was rubbing her pussy slowly. Then she stopped and sat up, she knew I was there, she held out her hand in my direction. I was instantly scared that I was in trouble. Knowing I couldn’t run to my room, I stood and walked to her bed and took her hand. She knew I was nervous

“You’re not in trouble baby, it is time you learned” she helped me onto the bed. I was on my knees in front of her fully naked body. Mom leaned to me and kissed me softly on the lips. She had never kissed me like this, my first kiss and it was with my mom. Her lips danced against mine lightly. Then her thumb pulled my chin down, opening my mouth. Her tongue slid into my mouth and rubbed against my tongue. I had seen her and Aunt Jennie kiss like this so.many times. It felt so amazing. Mom pulled from the kiss and looked into my eyes

“I was your age when this happened with your aunt Jennie. Ate you ready to learn what I did?: Mom asked, her voice was so tender and loving

“Yes mommy I’m ready” I said, and I was.

Mom reached down and lightly gripped the bottom of my Cinderella nightgown. As she lifted it, I raised my arms and allowed Mom to.pull it off of my tiny body. I was in just my panties now. Her soft hands began to caress my flat chest, her lips moved to my neck. The feel of her hands and lips on my skin felt so good, I felt so loved. Mom lifted my hands to her breasts. They felt so soft against my hands, I glided them over yhe mounds, felt her nipples harden at my touch.

Her lips moved to my flat chest, kissing my skin softly. Her arms wrapped around me and she laid back, pulling me on top of her. Her hands pushed my panties down. I wriggled out of them, I was completely naked with my mom. I was giving her what she hadn’t had since aunt Jennie was here.

Mom rolled until I was on my back on the soft mattress. Mom started to kiss down my chest and down my belly. She was inching closer to my pussy. My heart raced, I was both nervous and excited at the same time. I started to moan from how good this felt. Then her lips kissed my 10 year old pussy and I felt the most exciting feeling shoot through my body. How could anything feel this good. Mom pushed my legs as far apart as they would go. Her tongue began to move between my virgin pussy lips. I moaned louder “Yes mommy yes, I love this, I love you”

Her tongue began licking me faster, her fingers joined in, rubbing my pussy slowly at first and then faster. I was crying out in such joy, the most amazing feelings rushed through my young body. Her lips moved to my tiny clit, licking and sucking it. I felt a feeling I had never known start to build, a feeling that I can’t describe, just completely amazing. I started to cry put that I needed to pee. Mom moaned back that it wasn’t pee, it was my orgasm and not to fight it.

I started crying our louder and louder, the feeling that I was going to explode grew stronger and stronger. When my first orgasm bit, it completely rocked my world and my body. My body froze on place as the orgasm took over, wave after wave of pure excitement and joy. Mom moved up my body and we kissed, she held me as she rolled until she was on her back. I wanted to taste her so bad. My young lips kissed down her body the way that she had kissed down mine. I loved the feeling of kissing and licking her breasts, then sliding down, kissing her smooth belly and closer to her pussy.

I had never tasted anything as amazing g as mom’s pussy, her moans were so happy. I tried my best to replicate how she had licked me. Her hand moved down and she started to rub her pussy as I licked. My tiny fingers massaged her pussy as Iicked. Her moans grew louder and louder and within a few short minutes, cried out that she was about to cum.

I tasted a woman’s cum for the first time that night and loved every drop, even aucking on her pussy to get all that I could. I moved up mom’s body and she held me right as we kissed.

“No school for you tomorrow” mom said as our lips parted. I laid on the bed with my mom, both of us completely naked and now covered with the blanket. I drifted off to sleep feeling happier and more relaxed than I had ever felt

To be continued

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