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My sister and I’s Incest Life (Part.2 Insemination)

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After rekindling our relationship, the sex got riskier, more intense, and a lot more intimate and ends with some very sticky consequences.

This is always the hard part about recounting history. Despite remembering certain parts in excruciating detail, other parts fade away. I suppose we can start back at the first time our condom broke.

We were so ready to get started. Making love was quite literally the only thing on our mind. When i brought the condoms home my sister immediately pulled one out and dragged me to the bathroom. Our little brother was happily playing halo reach with some of my buddies, and the step mom was fast asleep. As we get the condom on, she and i lay down on the bathroom floor and i immediately start lining myself up. She grabs my cock and slowly guides it into her impossibly tight 13 year old pussy. I moan into her mouth as we start kissing, both because we cant be too loud, but also because we loved the feeling of making out together. The obscene taboo of it only serving to spur each of us on.

I start pumping her tight pussy deep and slow making sure that my 5 inch slightly upward curving cock scrapes her g spot on every retreat and every insertion. She starts mewing softly into my ear to go faster. Deeper. I comply and notice a sudden wetness on my balls as she tightens her pussy around my cock. Orgasming for the first time from her brother. My own sister just squirted all over her brothers big dick. She didnt know what happened as we were both inexperienced but i did. I told her she must love having me deep inside her cause she just squirted for me. She moaned into my ear “It felt sooooo good b, i want you to fuck me faster.” Now how can a brother say no to that. I start building pace, i feel myself bottoming out at the back of her 13 year old pussy, knowing that im smashing into her cervix, then it hit me… i feel more wetness, this time not on my balls or hips, but my cock. Its getting coated in her underage cum. I almost lost it immediately on realization that the condom broke (which even today, i have a habit of doing so at 27 13 years later.). I push into her cervix one or two more times before i lost it. A thick string of cum shot gunned into her cervix filling the back of her pussy with incestuous cum. I pull out with a death grip on the base of my cock and explode the rest of my cum into the toilet with such ferocity that water splashes up onto the toilet seat. She felt the cum inside her, and said it was burning her insides it was soo hot. She looks as 2, 3, 4, and 5 shots of hot cum shoot into the toilet and expresses shock as to the power of my load.
We didnt even acknowledge the dangerous point in her cycle that she was in, knowing that she only just started getting her periods maybe 2 months before we started our incestuous love affair, and now had her brothers cum swimming in her uterus looking to fertilize her egg.

The next day, we fucked again, and this continued for well over a week. It was getting to be summer time and arizona was already getting 100 degree weather. So after that first week, i was bored, hot, decided to go jump into the community pool. Swimming alone, i get a bit horny. Start jacking off in the pool. After a bout 15 to 20 minutes here comes my sexy as sin sister walking down the path to the pool in her bikini. Her a-b size breasts pert, and perky with little nipples hard from the ac in the house sticking out. She opens the gate and says “hey mind if i join you?”, which of course i reply “no of course not!”. She gets in, we flirt, play around splashing when we suddenly and almost magically come to a loving embrace. She says to me ” So B, I was really thinking about what weve been doing, and i never want to stop. Im falling in love with you! I mean, i already loved you as a brother, but im realizing that, throughout my entire life, youve always been the one thats been there for me. Helping me. Beating up kids that would bully me and generally just sticking up for me when i couldnt stick up for myself. I love you more than a sister loves her brother. I want you to be my boyfriend.” Now for those of you who have had young love like this, you know, words arent a teenage boys strong suit in a majority of cases… I was speechless. I felt so much love for her knowing every word she said was correct. I felt the EXACT SAME WAY… so i did what anyone who loved their partner would do, young or old… i just started kissing her. We made out in the pool and seeing as i was already hard, pulled her panties to the side and gently place my cock inside her waiting pussy. She immediately impaled herself on it. We started fucking deep and slow as we made out and even to this day, i wonder how many people watched or noticed, as a brother inseminated his sister in full for the first time. She was riding me for a good 10 minutes before i broke the kiss and told her i was about to cum… she immediately moaned back “Do it, cum deep inside of me B, I want to feel you explode! Even if i get pregnant i want to be yours!” So i build up pace, and in about a minute im filling my sisters insides as we moan loudly together in public. She said to me “Lets go to the house, dry off, and do it again B.” Knowing that our step mom and little brother were both asleep, we had free reign to once again fuck so we head back to the house. After drying off, were right back to it. All that we say beforehand is i love you.

We start fucking again as i didnt even go limp after filling her pussy full of incestuous baby juice. She starts moaning for me
“Yes oh my god yes, B, Deeper please god deeper”
“Oh my god J, your pussy is soo tight i can barely move. I love fucking your tight pussy”
“Yes B, fuck my tight pussy its yours, whenever you want it!”
“J, im gonna cum again!”
“Yes B, do it, fuck me as hard as you can, I WANT TO GET PREGNANT!”

With that last statement, i came harder than i EVER had in my life! For the second time that day, I pushed into her cervix, and exploded! Filling what i know to be every inch of her 13 year old, impossibly tight pussy. Knowing full well that i was cumming inside of her not once, but twice, during the time at which she was ovulating. When we were in the pool, neither of us even thought about her ovulation window starting that day… Yet after going inside, apparently it registered in her mind at least, that she WANTED my baby and knew it was time to be bred by her big brother. I came deep inside of her, and pulled out, nothing but a white drop of cum stopped up at the end of her pussy. I licked her clit out of impulse and she immediately squeezed my face deeper into her pussy and forced me to lick our combined love juices. This is where she told me, that based on her best guess, she should be ovulating this week. That very likely, we were pregnant…

(As an aside, and i stated this in the first part. This ENTIRE series of events truly did happen and the individual occurrences that im detailing here, are part of both of our memories. What i will say, is that we didnt ask for this to happen. We didnt mean to fall in love. After sexual abuse at the age of 4, my sister subtly changed. She became a sexual entity. A man well into his 30s, raped her with penetration and ultimately, and unknowingly cause the both of us to come closer together than brothers and sisters are technically supposed to. Neither of us to this day regret our love for one another. Though once again, for anyone whom has actually experienced an incestuous relationship… Its not an easy thing to uphold. As cover, we date other people. Sometimes we fall in love, the love between us doesnt go away but it gets more complicated to show and express when there are significant others around. This shouldnt be your fantasy as its an incredibly torturous experience when it happens. Wanting so deeply the love that you show to be accepted by everyone else you love and hold dear, knowing that if you take the risk of being honest… you might face serious shame, legal consequences and worse, lose each other. That said, if any of you have questions as to the specifics, feel free to ask. I will GLADLY answer any questions you have. Just know that i will never expose our names to anyone as i love our secret love affair, that we maintain even to this day.)

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  • Reply Tiffany ID:4j4ti2gm2

    I wish I knew other girls in Arizona like my sister. Loved the story so much! My brother cums in me every time we fuck, but I’m already carrying his baby. Mom and dad think that it’s some boy who moved away but me and Andrew know who’s baby it really is.

  • Reply Dennis ID:1euafugzk8bk

    Omg that was beautiful and hot would love to read more about you and your sister

  • Reply K9Girl ID:4j4ti2gm2

    I want my daddy to fill me with a baby 😀

    • Nattm1898 ID:43ywvs6ia

      I’m sure your daddy wants to fill you to your heart’s desire.

  • Reply BrotherHusband ID:45xyquer8rc

    I definitely appreciate you sharing your story. It really is awful that you can’t express your feelings the way you want. Your relationship is built on love and connection like any other. There should not be anyone that should be able to make you feel bad about what you feel for eachother. Thank you for sharing your story, and I hope you know there are more people that share your type of love and have to hide it as well.

  • Reply 13 year old girl ID:4j4ti2gm2

    This was so hot! Hot second part to the first story! I wanna know about the pregnancy <3

    • Dre ID:y4f9ho744eu

      Would you like to be with an old man I would love to be with a 13 year old agen

    • Brent ID:2vn9y95m1

      My 12 year old cousin Kathy love to watch me put my cock deep inside her little pussy I’d cum deep inside her she loves the feeling of me exploding inside her now we both have sex with her younger adopted sister Steph

  • Reply IncestLover ID:4j4ti2gm2

    Thank you. Yes she did keep the baby, perhaps in the next part but there is a lot of in between to get to. So it might be awhile haha

    • Ben ID:8nx6vimv9i

      Can i have your emil adress?

  • Reply Oscar ID:1d2y4w4xj3wn

    Hey, so hot, so intense, exciting. I’m older almost 2 years then my sister, we were friends, brother and sister yes, but was more than that. We started around 9 her, me almost 11. I didn’t penetret then, I only rub between her pussy lips and came many times. I finally inserted my self in her when she. Was 12. We continued for the next 2 years till she got ready scared of getting pregnant and stopped. Now I’m in my 50th and still have fresh memories. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

    • IncestLover ID:4j4ti2gm2

      It’s torment not being able to love the one you so desperately want to love. Some days I’d rather be in hell than not sleeping next to the love of my life. Our daughter is very special to us both and nobody but us know she’s the spawn of incest.