no regrets part6

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It now the early 70’s im 14 years old and my sis is 9 or 10 I stopped going to my sisters room as every time I got up my younger brother kept waking up and asking where I was going but I still managed to see my sister sometimes at night usually it was just to finger fuck her when she was sleeping and wank myself till I came.
I started to think I had a problem as I enjoyed fingering her when she slept
My older sister had grown. her breasts were large and she was curvey but I hadnt touch her since the 1st time
My younger brother was off to school camp for a week so that was good
It was friday night and my older sister had a sports day she usually stays up late but she said she was tired from all the running had a shower and walked into the lounge room to say good night she was wearing a very small set of nylon Pj’s but did have on a dressing gown on
we always kissed each other goodnight but when she kissed me I could see her flimsey PJ’s under the dressing gown later that night I woke up around 1am as usual with an aching hardon,I snuck into the room with my 2 sisters in it but I was drawn to the sight of my older sister laying on her back with no cover over her with her right leg spread at a 45deg angle. the moon was shining through the window and I could see quite well
I went to her bed and just stayed there listening to her breathing she was fast asleep
I reached over and touched her breasts they were huge and had large nipples poking out I played with her nipples for ages I slid my hand down to her pussy it was a mass of public hair not like the 1st time I had felt her up I edged my hand down to her clit she was very wet so I was thinking me playing with her nipples had turned her on I ran my fingers over her lips and started finger fucking her 1 then 2 and then 3 fingers up her
All I wanted to do was fuck her so I got position between her legs moved her panties to one side my cock slid in easy and for the 1st time I was actually fucking a girl in the pussy not as tight as an arsehole but it felt great I only lasted a minute and just as I was pulling out I came all over her panties I cleaned her up as best I could and was about to leave but looking at her nipples again I started playing with them again they fasinated me and soon I had another hardon but I thought I better not try my luck so I got up to leave walked past my younger sister who was laying on her stomach sleeping she only had nickers on so I slid my finger over her bumhole and started to finger fuck her she was wet as then I heard her say im awake and I want your cock in my arsehole I still had a hardon but was not that turned on but just the way she said it made me horny
I pulled down her panties and used her wetness to lub her bum hole I inserted a finger and she started to moan use 2 she said, I pumped my fingers in and out till it wasnt so tight then she said put your cock in me
so I climbed on top and put the head of my cock into her arsehole she moaned as it went deeper’ soon I was up to my ball with no cock left but all she said was deeper deeper so all I could do is go faster and faster she soon came but it lasted a long time or she came a few times im not sure but I was close to coming so I fucked her arse like a jack hammer and came deep inside her
after she said that she just came and came and came….. part 7 soon

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  • Reply Kinzie ID:1i2kovirk0c

    My brother didn’t know about these sex stories
    I read one with him one day.
    I asked if they were real
    Well after reading yours we turn fantasy into reality.
    I was surprised how easy it was for him to take my virginity. It didn’t really hurt.

    Anyway ty for your story

  • Reply Hey, it's time to publish the part 2! ID:40vpmcerb0a

    Good, go ahead with part 7!!