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my first time, beautiful girl in college. She was passed out

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I was at a college party, the most beautiful girl was passeed out. Her friends asked me to put her in a bedroom. Couldn’t help myself

I was almost 16, in college very early and younger than everyone. I got invited to a college party by some girls I helped tutor. One was Carole the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. Carol had black hair past her shoulders, thin, great shape, beautiful legs, probably B cup tits and really great ass. She wore a lot of short skirts or dresses. Blouses that were just over her tits, or semi-transparent. She was beautiful and yet didn’t act like it too much. She was 20 and way to old for me, I knew I never stood a chance. I tried with some of the 17 year old freshmen (I was a 2nd year by then) but even they wouldn’t date or have anything to do with me.

At the party I went with about 5 girls, Carole was one of them. They all got really drunk, but Carole got overly drunk. Soon she was passed out sitting up on a couch. The girls asked the guys if there was a room they could lay her down in until they left. They asked if I’d pick her up and carry her there. One girl went with me, she was drunk too. Her name was Mandy, and she was dyed blonde very very good looking, great body and much bigger tits than Carole. I got Carole in the room, laid her down, immediately her leg moved up and her panties were showing. “oooh lookie at the nookie” said the drunk Mandy. The panties were pulled to the side and her black haired pussy was showing. “Ooooh I’ll be you’d like that wouldn’t you Y” they all called me Y which stood for young one! Mandy wouldn’t let it rest, she shut the door to the room. “look at that hairy pussy, mine’s bald, see” with that she pulled up her short skirt and not wearing any panties she showed me her bald cunt. “do I get to see the other side” I asked as I motioned for her to run around. She did and bent over to see her ass. “Anything else you want to see?” she asked. “Well, what about up top?” She wasted no time in opening her blouse and front closing bra and showing me her D cup tits with her pink nipples. She flicked them each with her fingers, and talked about how hard they get.

Then out of no where, she reached under Carole and took off her panties, and lifted her skirt above her waist. Pulling her skirt up again, “Which you like better Y?” My answer was both, and Mandy said that a girl likes to get her pussy kissed, I should kiss Caroles since everyone knew I had a major crush on her. I blushed but she wouldn’t wait, pushing my head down, with hers, she kissed the hairy pussy first, then I did. Then she opened Caroles blouse so I could see her tits. “I’ll leave you two alone for a bit, don’t forget to put her panties back on. “I can’t do that” I said. “It would be rape”

“Who you kidding, first, you want to fuck her, second, she’s such a slut anyway. She’s been fucking since she was 13 and had over 40 cocks. She’s a whore to do it, no one will know”

She left, and told me to be sure to lock the door, but “be quick”. I hate to say it but I was so hard, those two were the first pussies, and tits, and Mandy the first girls ass I’d ever seen in person. I got on the bed, and stuck my cock into Carole’s already wet pussy. It was so damn good, so damn wet, warm and being a first timer; I hate to say about 2 minutes and I came inside her pussy. I hurried up, to wipe up what i could, then put on her panties and close her blouse.

I came out and Mandy sat on my lap whispering to me all night about my being a man now. As my reward Mandy took me to her off campus apartment and into her bedroom. Two of the other girls with us were her room mates with separate bedrooms. When Mandy went down on my she tasted Carole’s pussy and laughed about how I’d done it, she was glad. Then pushing me on the bed, straddling me naked she got on top and I fucked her. I fucked her again that night. In the morning, she announced that I was a man now, except for oral and anal. One of her room mates gave me a BJ. As i was with Mandy in a class that day she told me it was all bullshit about Carole being a whore. She’d only done it twice with one other guy in high school who dumped her after he got what she wanted.

The fallout: Carole realized she’d been fucked, sperm in her cunt and her panties on inside/out. Mandy was very outward sexually in front of her room mates, and Carole. She got it so that they all rode me one night, and carole was the last one. Drunk and smoked up, she took her turn, it was inside her that I came. She panicked saying she wasn’t on any birth control. Luckily I didn’t get her pregnant not when she was passed out or that last time.

After that, instead of working it all out with Carole, she wouldn’t have anything to do with me, not even tutoring her. Many graduated two years more into it, I had already graduated and was in grad school. She and I met up at a research facility where I was writing up papers.

Mandy and I are married now, we have two kids and a great life. Though she still reminds how beautiful Carole was and that it was Carole who got my cherry, even though she doesn’t know it.

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  • Reply Mister Daddy ID:2liqeotm4

    Drunk college girls. They do provide pussy that never resists. Open door, open legs policy. Creaming inside them a lot thirty years ago. Man I miss those days.

  • Reply naughty step ID:54n8kr4sh

    Hot 😛