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Carefully manipulating them in to doing it

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Helen and I are the proudest mom’s in the world, we had hoped for years that my son and her daughter would get together.

Helen and I have been close friends since we met at the hospital the day our children were born, we were in the same recovery room, I gave birth to Corey my son and Helen gave birth to Tasha her daughter, only minutes apart.

As we were both single mothers we became close friends and have been for years, and every year we had a shared birthday party for our children because they shared the same birth date, and both Corey and Tasha grew up together we moved in to the same house we the kids were 5, it was only a 3 bedroom house so Helen and I had our own rooms and the kids shared the third, and the room was quite small so they slept in the same bed.

Shortly after their 11th birthday, I caught Corey in the bathroom masturbating, after walking in to the bathroom and seeing what he was doing I quickly closed the door and left him to it.

I had a talk with Helen and let her know what I saw, I suggested it was probably time for us to get a bigger house so Corey and Tasha could have their own rooms, seen as they were now approaching their teenage years and clearly exploring their bodies, allowing them to continue sharing the same bed probably wasn’t a good idea, but Helen had other ideas.

Helen and I have always hoped that Corey and Tasha would one day get together as boyfriend and girlfriend, she wanted to stay where we were and just let nature take its course, she confessed to me that she wanted to see them fucking, I was shocked at first, but then after a long talk she convinced me, and I too wanted to see them doing it.

We set up a hidden camera with night vision in their bedroom and watched for many nights to see what they got up too, but all they seemed to do was play fight and sleep, we did see Corey masturbating under the covers in the early hours of the morning one night but nothing more.

So we tried to manipulate them in to doing stuff, we went out shopping and I bought Corey his first set of boxer shorts, and threw out his briefs and Power Rangers pyjamas, and I sat him down and told him “You’re a big boy now, it’s time you started wearing boxer shorts, and you can wear them in bed too.”

Helen bought Tasha thong-style panties and a nightshirt, and she also told her that she was a big girl and had to start wearing them to bed.

We had movie nights twice a week as a family so we also started choosing teen movies for them to watch, movies that were rated 15 and ones we knew had a lot of kissing and making out scenes in them, we wanted them to see what boys and girls do together, without actually showing them hard-core porn, that would have been too obvious.

After a few weeks we started to notice a slight change in their behaviour, they were hugging and giving each other little kisses a lot more often, so what we were doing was working, but still they didn’t get it on.

So, Helen purchased a bullet vibrator for Tasha, and sat her down and talked to her about sex and how her body is changing and what the vibrator was for and showed her how to use it, I bought Corey some dirty magazines and explained to him that masturbating was perfectly natural and he should never be ashamed of doing it.

Forward a month or so and we saw Tasha slowly getting acquainted with her vibrator, she used it in their room but only when Corey wasn’t there, and Corey continued to masturbate in the bathroom, and on the odd occasion in bed very late at night when Tasha was asleep.

After months of trying to secretly get them to fuck, it looked like it was never going to happen, but then, on a very cold winter night, it finally happened, they did it.

Winter was well and truly here, and unfortunately the heating packed in, not our doing, so Helen and I huddled up in the same bed for the night, after TV in bed for a few hours, it was nearly midnight so we were about to go to sleep when I decided to tune in to the hidden camera one last time, just to check on the kids.

The live feed came up on my TV and Corey and Tasha were sleeping at the same end of the bed, Tasha was on her side with her back to Corey, and he was clearly masturbating, I could see the sheets moving up and down near his waist, I was about to turn it off because I’d seen him masturbating loads of times before so it wasn’t really interesting, but just as I picked up the remote to turn it off, I noticed Tasha lift her head up off the pillow, and she turned on to her back and faced Corey.

They appeared to be talking, then Tasha was feeling around under the covers and Corey was trying to keep her hand away, then they both froze, at first I thought the live feed had crashed, but a few moments later I saw the sheets moving up and down again, and I was in shock when I saw Corey pull both of his arms out from under the sheets and place them behind his head, yet the sheets were still moving up and down.

“Helen. HELEN!!!” I shouted, nudging her because she was already laying down asleep.

“What?” she replied, half awake.

“It’s happening.” I said, eyes glued to the TV.

“What is? – What?” Helen mumbled.

“The kids. Tasha is jerking on Corey’s cock.” I said.

Helen rushed to sit up and look at the TV, “Oh my God. This is amazing. How do you zoom with this thing, zoom in – zoom in.” She said.

I zoomed the camera closer to the bed to get a clearer shot, Corey was laid back relaxed whilst Tasha jerked him off, and she did this for a few minutes, then Corey leaned over, placed his hand on her face, caressing her cheek, and they started kissing, and it wasn’t a peck on the lips, it was proper kissing.

“Aww – is that the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen.” Said Helen, getting all mushy.

“Oh, hang on, what’s he doing now…” I said, as we watched Corey slowly turn, Tasha lay on to her back and Corey laid on top of her, then while still kissing, he took her nightshirt off, “… Oh my god. Do you think…” I said.

“They’re going to do it.” Said Helen, “They’re going to do it!” she shouted.

“Shush! – Not too loud, they’ll hear you.” I said.

After tossing Tasha’s shirt over the end of the bed, they started shuffling around, and we could see Tasha had her legs apart and Corey was between them, then he reached under the sheets, between them, he must have been guiding his cock between her legs, then we saw him swiftly move upwards, he thrust in to her, Tasha leaned her head back, her mouth wide open, and we heard her moan out loud even through the walls, “Oough!”

“They’re having sex.” We both said, and we high fived each other.

It wasn’t long before we could see the sheets rapidly moving up and down as Corey started fucking Tasha, we watched on the TV and listened to their moans and groans through the wall, “Ooh” – “Ungh” – “Argh – Ungh – Oooh!”

Corey’s butt was moving up and down very fast, Tasha’s legs sprung out the side of the bed from under the sheets, and luckily for us the sheets eventually slipped off them and on to the floor, and we could see they were both naked, we watched Corey naked from behind, humping away at Tasha’s pussy.

“Ooh – He’s got a nice tight butt.” Said Helen.

“That’s my boy.” I replied, beaming with pride, “Tasha looks like she’s enjoying this. Look at the way she’s clinging on to him and has her feet wrapped around him.” I said.

“She sure does. Huff – I’m getting a little hot myself. This is steamy.” She said.

We watched them fucking for over 7 minutes until Corey obviously ejaculated, then they came to a rest, a few minutes later Corey picked up the sheets off the floor and pulled them over them both and they lay spooning in bed and went to sleep, looking very-very cute.

Our babies finally did it, and now that they’d discovered what they could do with their bodies together, almost every night since, we watched them fucking in bed, and they got very adventurous, Tasha learnt to give him head, and Corey fucked her from behind quite a few times, in bed, bent over the bed, on the floor, and they even started showering together in the morning, we didn’t have a camera in there but it was obvious what they were doing.

They’re both 16 years old now and have a 2 year old daughter called Chloe, and we’ve moved in to a bigger house but we’re all still together, Corey and Tasha are still fucking quite regularly, and Helen and I are probably the proudest parents in the world.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    Just hope Corey gives it to the bitch right up the asshole soon.

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  • Reply Drachenlord ID:1g69b3e7209

    You are good parents. Why stop at only one child? Go and get pregnant again

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3jsldmj76ia

    I hope you are proud of your accomplishment. Sex is so natural for us sexual human beings and of course a good release makes it all that much better. I love training then since society is so lacking in this department. Masterbation and sex is so natural with no shame what so ever at any age they want to pursue their bodies and desires. I condone and rather insist parents take an active part in their training which is what I certainly do. They should be taught at the earliest age as possible the sooner they can start making informed healthy decisions about sex and their bodies. It is their right as a human being.

    • Hornyboy ID:1eibrywta489

      Maybe have Cory and his daughter play together