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Duck Hump

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Mommy told me not to, but not why, what I was doing was wrong.

I don’t remember when I started humping stuff, let alone what it was first. Just that I liked doing from an early age, and my mom didn’t like me to. So, I hid it from her, but I kept on doing it. It never occurred to me to touch myself with my fingers, or even that it was sexual, because I was completely oblivious of sex. I hadn’t heard of that yet, but eventually I got pleasure out of it, horny, and the urge to find something to hump until I started orgasming from it.

Before that, it was just in my room, when I had it to myself. I didn’t do it in front of my sister either. Too afraid that she’d tell mom, and I’d get spanked. Sending me to my room didn’t do any good, because that left me alone in there, to do it with whatever was hard enough.

It had to be hard, though. Stuffed animals wouldn’t cut it, but it had to fit in between my legs too. So usually it was the corner of my dresser. I had dad move the bunk beds over, close enough to put my feet up on the ladder, and hump it, but then I saw something at the playground.

They had this big plastic duck, on springs so you could ride it, and a saddle on it’s back. I don’t know why they put a saddle on a duck to ride, they had a horse too, but the saddle wasn’t quite right to hump it. Too flat to really grind it in between my legs. I guess whoever designed that playground toy was smart enough to make it so that little girls couldn’t get too much pleasure riding it, but looking at the little bill up front.

It looked like a saddle, only smaller, and it took me a little while to figure out, how to ride it. With my legs up on the handles, sticking out of the side of the head like Frankenstein’s bolts. Bent over the head so I could hold onto the handle, and the spring bent over, so it was real hard to hang on without getting dumped off.

That hurt, because then the spring yanked it up, and jabbed me under the ribs, to knock the wind out of me. I fell down to try and breathe while it just bounced in front of me. Mocking me, which made me so mad, I got up, and kicked it. Broke my toe, and limped home, so mommy could set it in a splint. I got the hang of it, though.

I didn’t think that anybody would see me, riding it backwards like that, and know what I was doing. I was only worried about mommy catching me humping something, but that was the only thing I did in public. It was just perfect, other than the risk of falling off, and even that made it exciting, but not the chance of somebody catching me.

Childishly masturbating, fucking a duck, I didn’t even know I was fucking. That was a wordy dird, nobody was even supposed to say in front of me, but of course I’d heard it. No idea what it ment, it was just a dirty way of saying “Ow!” When mommy cut her finger on the cutting board. Once, she said “Ow, fuck!” Shit too, but I knew that ment poop.

So then, I guess I was about 10, and already starting to get orgasms if I rode the duck bill long enough. It sure took a long time, and most often, I had to stop when somebody showed up. Some kid or other would want to play on the playground, and tell me “That’s not how you ride those. Let me show you.” They’d get up on the horse, and go “Ye haw!” Sometimes, usually if it was a boy, but that was it.

They were just as oblivious as I was, but I started climbing down, as soon as they showed up.
Just to avoid the embarrassment of riding it the wrong way. Then, an older boy showed up, a teenager, and he told me, “I know what you’re doing.”

I was out of breath, and I didn’t even know he was there. Hiding behind the slide to watch me, and listen to me moaning from a fresh orgasm.

“It’s okay,” he laughed, and put his hand on my shoulder, but I didn’t want him to. Touch me like that, he was a stranger, for one thing. “It’s okay,” he patted it again, and I shrugged it off again. “Relax, I’m not going to tell anybody. You want a ride?”

He got on the duck, the right way, but I didn’t even know to check his crotch for hardness. I didn’t see it for quite a while, but he said “Come on,” waved me over with both hands, then said “Let me help you up. You can hold onto me, and with both of us on here, you can get a real good ride. I promise, you’ll love it even better.”

“Oh, kay?” I didn’t see how the ride could get any better, but I did consider the idea that it might be safer, if he held onto me, so I couldn’t all off.

He grunted, “That’s a good girl,” and picked me up. I put my legs up on the handles right away, and he set my right on the bill, where my crotch was already enflamed from just having an orgasm.

I didn’t know I was multi-orgasmic either, or what to call it when I got overwhelmed with love, but that’s what I called it. Love, I even told the ducky I love you, knowing it was just a big piece of plastic. With a metal bar through it’s head, and a spring stuck up it’s butt instead of legs.

He was right about the ride, though. He kept his feet on the ground, so he could push, and shake it so hard that he had to hold me on by the butt. Which was a good excuse to grope, and fondle me, but I was so lost in the moment, and the intense pleasure, all I could do was hold on, and I even liked the way his hands felt, on my butt.

That’s when I realized, he was molesting me, and it was sexual. Stupidly, because they warned us about Strangers, of course. I talked to a stranger, and let him touch my butt, or anywhere that would be covered with your underwear. So, he sexually molested me, but they didn’t tell you that it would feel good. Only uncomfortable.

“Huh!” Then, it hit me. “Uh huh!” Not just my second orgasm, and the first with a real person, but what I was doing, all this time. With my crotch twitching, and trying to suck my panties in. I had a dress on, and he even draped the front of it over the duck head. The same way I did, to hump the bill, with the back hanging off the front. “Uh uh uh uh! Huh, let me. Huh, let me down. Huh, gently. Fuck.” I just said it, and giggled.

“Yeah, huhahah.” He chukled, “Fuck a duck.”

“Is that what fuck means?”

“Not exactly, but.” He looked around, I guess he kept a lookout, since anybody that showed up, and caught us like that would know immediately, at least the kind of thing that was going on, if I didn’t. Unless we’re talking another kid, of course it’s mostly children that showed up, though sometimes with their nanny, older brother, or sister, and parents brought them here to play too.

Then, he fixed his boner, up in his pants. “What’s that?” I pointed, “In your pants?”

“Well, you don’t think you’re the only one that turned on?” I shook my head. “Come on, I’ll show you. You ever seen a dick before?”

“You mean a boy’s pisser?” I nodded. “Yeah, is that your pisser?” it sure looked bigger than any boy’s I’d seen before.

“Yeah, it gets hard when I’m turned on. So, I have to jerk it off of something. We just need to find somewhere private.”

“We could go to my room.” I turned and pointed. “I live right over there, around the corner. You can’t see it from here, but it’s not far.”

“Is your mom, or dad home?”

“Oh yeah. My mom.” She probably doesn’t want me bringing over a boy to hump either, but as soon as I saw it sticking straight up behind his fly, I started putting 2, and 2 together. Here, I’d been going about it all wrong, the whole time, because I didn’t have that piece of the puzzle, but I knew what I had between my legs.

He laughed, “Well, we better come back here, behind the bushes where we can lay down.”

“Yeah,” He undid his pants, and yanked the button open right away, and then he pulled his prick out. “Huh! Lay down quick!” I pulled my skirt up, and say on it, as soon as he sat down. Then, he lay down, and I started humping it frantically. “Huh! This is the best!”

“Slow down! Jesus, you trying to start a fire?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” but my panties were already warm enough.

“It’s okay, but take off your underwear first, and come up here.” He grabbed my bare butt again, only naked under my skirt, and this time his hands were turned around, up side down so he could hold me up. “And sit on my face.”

“Huh! Huhahehihn!” I squirmed, “That tickles!”

“Halh ha!” He grinned, and licked his lips, all the way around. “Well, you have to get it wet first, so now try it on me.” he pushed me down, and held my head.

“I can’t lick inside that.”

“No, put it in your mouth, and suck it. Just pick it up.” he let go of one side, and moved his other hand on top of my head. “Like this.” He held it up, “Go on, it won’t bite.”

“Huh, snh?” It smelled sweaty, and tasted salty when I licked it. “It won’t fit.” I lied, and backed up.

“Okay, I don’t want you scraping it with your teeth anyway.”

“I don’t think I want to do this right now.” I covered up my privates, with my skirt, and dried them because they felt wet, sticky, and gross. “Give me my underwear back.” Now, I was uncomfortable all of a sudden. I’m lucky he didn’t grab me, hold me down, and rape me.

“Okay,” he just threw them at me, and started jerking off, right there on the ground in front of me, but he looked up my skirt again, when I picked up my foot to step into my panties.

“Don’t look, you sick pervert. I hate you, you’re sick, and you better pull your pants up, and leave, before I find someone to tell. You molested me, you’re a sex molester, aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” he finished zipping up his fly. “I know things got out of hand, but you don’t have to tell anyone anything. You don’t want your mom to find out?”

“No?” I didn’t think of her.

“Because you know if you talk to the police, the first thing they’re going to do is call your mom, and she’s going to find out. All about your fucky ducky stuff.” I wondered for years how he knew about my mom, and me humping stuff, but as an adult, I realized it was pretty obvious.

“Okay, but you better leave still, and don’t come back. If I see you here, ever again, I’ll tell on you anyway. I’ll tell everyone, so they’ll all know you’re a BAD MAN!” He ran off so I had to yell. I pointed “YEAH! GET OUT OF HERE YOU BAD MAN! RUN AWAY, AND NEVER COME BACK!”

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  • Reply Mommy

    I love that he wanted her to cum first on the duck. Helping her hump that little pussy to a second orgasm is such a nice way to show her how fun being naughty is

    • Psiberzerker

      I also imagined it was a way to build some Trust. She was distrustful of him, but “Loved” the duck. So, it was also not unlike inviting a “Friend” so it wasn’t stranger/mistrustful little girl.

      Thanks for the feedback.